major influence   (主な影響)

Samuel Butler was a major influence on his fiction.

May's work was a major influence on David Low.

His father exerted a major influence on his education.

strong influence   (強い影響)

Ritter had a strong influence on Richard Strauss.

Huxley, who had a strong influence on Samuel Alexander.

The disco sound had a strong influence on early hip hop.

great influence   (大きな影響)

It also had great influence in England and France.

Indian (Hindu) thought had great influence on Weil.

His ideas had a great influence on post-Archaic art.

political influence   (政治的影響)

However he completely lost his political influence.

Monks and temples began to gain political influence.

They held large fiefs, and retained great political influence.

significant influence   (有意義な影響)

This had a significant influence on both India and China.

He wielded significant influence in Ibn Saud's government.

Another significant influence on Brian's work was Burt Bacharach.

sphere of influence   (影響範囲)

Ashe is revealed to be a demon, and New Port City his sphere of influence.

Sülde Tngri's primary sphere of influence is protection from mortal enemies.

The islands came under the UK's sphere of influence in the late 19th century.

considerable influence   (かなりの影響)

Savery had considerable influence on the Bosschaert dynasty.

He also exerted considerable influence upon the German educational system.

After her retirement from racing she had considerable influence as a broodmare.

important influence

Promoters also have an important influence on activity.

The magazine was an important influence on Welsh literature.

Protestantism also has had an important influence on science.

power and influence

As a result, al-Jundi's power and influence rapidly declined.

He set about extending his power and influence with unexpected ambition.

During his reign, he extended Tarabay power and influence to Sanjak Nablus.

profound influence   (深い影響)

Sapir had a profound influence on Whorf's thinking.

Kierkegaard had a profound influence on psychology.

These have had a profound influence on Western society.

influence upon

Leucippus, the founder of atomism, was the greatest influence upon him.

He also exerted considerable influence upon the German educational system.

The New Mutants returned to Asgard due to magical influence upon one of them.

cultural influence

While on hiatus, Lee began to grow as a cultural influence.

Four periods of cultural influence have occurred, animist, Hindu, Islamic, and Western.

It was part of a cultural counter-offensive, intended to free Chile from American cultural influence.

growing influence

By the sixth season, Dryer's growing influence had won him the role of executive producer.

However, Stephen Thomas believed it to be indicative of the growing influence of remixes in music.

Through "Marmik", Bal Thackeray campaigned against the growing influence of non-Marathis in Bombay.

through the influence

In her own words, she had become a better Christian through the influence of Vivekananda.

Largely through the influence of Blackstone, this broader formulation became influential in American law.

It was through the influence of Nobilior's son Quintus that Ennius subsequently obtained Roman citizenship.

direct influence

This will give Turkey strong direct influence over EU policies.

It was under the direct influence of a similar organization in Vienna.

The term formula_4 is a random variable representing all other factors that may have direct influence on wage.

influence within

Christian Universalism continues as an influence within Unitarian Universalism.

Roszel quickly gained influence within the church by exhibiting "flaming zeal and strong talents".

Soviet army advisers and NKVD agents also exercised considerable influence within the new armed forces.

used his influence

He used his influence to strongly, but unsuccessfully, oppose Catholic Emancipation.

Scruggs used his influence to get the US government to accept this claim and get involved.

Despite listing 12 grapplers that she would work with, Wolfe used his influence to get her frozen from NWA members.

much influence

However, Casso wielded as much influence as Amuso.

In fact, Puritanism had much influence on the "Nadere Reformatie".

Proposed electoral reforms also held much influence over the election.

influence of alcohol

When asked if he was under the influence of alcohol said "I guess, barely."

And then with the influence of alcohol, or some accident, everything falls.

His father often abused him, especially while under the influence of alcohol.

whose influence

Kant is a figure whose influence is marked in both continental and analytic/Anglo-American philosophy.

The valley is also settled by descendants of United Empire Loyalists whose influence continues in the area.

Only during the Ming dynasty was the School of Mind revived by Wang Shouren, whose influence is equal to that of Zhu Xi.

shows the influence

This vegetal allegory shows the influence of Aristotle.

His work also shows the influence of the Flemish tradition.

His style shows the influence of C.P.E.

spheres of influence

The two kingdoms sometimes divided their spheres of influence.

As Singapore and Taiwan, both territories were under different spheres of influence.

At this time Britain and France were extending their spheres of influence in Southeast Asia.

more influence

This story shows more influence from Straparola.

The city gained more influence and grew considerably.

(Iran gives the ulema much more influence and also has a religious police.)

little influence   (少しの影響)

It was not widely read and had little influence.

Disraeli was early to call for peace, but had little influence on events.

The United Kingdom felt it would have little influence with just one vote.

undue influence

Wayne's mentor John Ford showed up uninvited and attempted to exert undue influence on the film.

Sir Simon Burley was found guilty of exercising undue influence over the king and was sentenced to death.

But unlike others who wrote that Pelet had undue influence over the marshal, Fririon minimized the aide's role.

early influence

Dolly Parton also credits Maddox as an early influence.

This early influence dramatically shaped his unique playing style.

Nietzsche was an early influence on the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke.

large influence

It has large influence in the consequent world order.

Diophantus' work has had a large influence in history.

The Lecoq approach to theatre remains a large influence on the company’s work.

lasting influence   (永続的な影響)

But Vaishnavism left a lasting influence on him.

Color Me Badd has had a lasting influence on R&B music.

On 11 July, the "Night of Erasmus" celebrates the lasting influence of his work.

show the influence   (影響を示す)

His works show the influence of James Whistler.

Folktale motifs also show the influence of Chuckchi culture.

The following pictures show the influence of his teachers Löffitz and Diez.

greater influence

A relative, Betty Davidson, was an even greater influence.

The taxonomy is considered to have a greater influence internationally than in the United States.

However, she is thought to have been a greater influence on the political development of her sons.

no influence

to have no influence over the market price).

That is not to say that AIPAC and others have no influence.

The "bourgeoisie"… held no influence.

big influence

Similarly, he was a big influence on Doyle Dykes.

This series had a big influence on the literary world.

His mother was a big influence on his religious thought.

greatest influence

Among the Creeks, his greatest influence was on Francis.

The neighborhood had its greatest influence at the time of the Nasrids.

Leucippus, the founder of atomism, was the greatest influence upon him.

social influence   (社会的影響)

These weights provide a measure of social influence.

Groups we value generally have more social influence.

Sociological research has shown that social influence can undermine altruistic activity.

not influence

It can not influence the other judicial candidates.

These spins were cut from the show as they did not influence the outcome.

Singer has said his financial relationships do not influence his research.

positive influence   (ポジティブな影響)

He was a positive influence for many student-athletes.

In turn, she is a positive influence on those around her.

I just wish I could have been more of a positive influence."

powerful influence

Though he was not recorded, his blues playing made a powerful influence.

The presence of U.S. seapower exerted a powerful influence; the crisis subsided.

In the years following Oto's death, Adelaide exerted a powerful influence at court.

musical influence

Presley's earliest musical influence came from gospel.

Daniel named Miri Ben Ari his major musical influence.

Neil's brother Tim was an early and important musical influence.

foreign influence

Bulgarian communists also deemed Catholicism a foreign influence.

This would eventually turn Korea into a hermit kingdom to limit foreign influence.

Chad's greatest foreign influence is France, which maintains 1,000 soldiers in the country.

influence during

Yet Garvin's stature as a man of letters masked his declining influence during this period.

Developers of the indie PC strategy game "Darwinia" cite "Chaos" as an influence during its early development.

Sarkozy has denied wrongdoing and rejected suggestions he was a Libyan agent of influence during his tenure as president of France.

influence among

A Catholic, she had great influence among the Lombards for her virtue.

She has been a significant influence among libertarians and American conservatives.

His influence among his people was limited, and his character not free from tarnish.

increasing influence

He gained increasing influence with Marie de' Medici.

Landau was disturbed by the increasing influence of non-Talmudic sources on the Jewish community.

It was coming under increasing influence from the 1920s European idea that form should follow function.

huge influence   (多大な影響)

Rural cooperatives had a huge influence in political area.

Particle board has had a huge influence on furniture design.

Robert Boyle was a huge influence throughout Mather's career.

main influence   (主な影響)

Eastlandah cites Maya Angelou as his main influence.

Jennie cited Rihanna as her main influence and role model.

It is also the main influence of go-go, a subgenre associated with funk.

heavy influence

Bill Hicks has always been a heavy influence on Tool's albums:

It was under the heavy influence of these narcotics that mothers would give birth to their children.

The light and atmosphere of southern France also proved to be a heavy influence on Cao Dam’s paintings from this period.

influence through

In marriage, a male often developed his sphere of influence through his wife.

The dam was Segula, a broodmare who has had influence through her female descendants.

It is known for its simplicity of shapes and its Mediterranean influence through the use of white on the walls.

factors that influence

Diener identified three factors that influence the relationship between income and SWB.

There of course are factors that influence a personality and these are called the determinants of personality.

There are variety of biotic factors that influence invasibility such as, competition, diversity, predation and disease.

s influence

Owens’s influence was immense during the 1970s especially in respect to the kind of portraiture that shows the middle class."

The accompanying catalogue stated:"Bacon’s influence threads through his [Clark's] works, reappearing even in his conceptual pieces.

Priyanka even manages to change the principal using her brother’s influence, and she hates the sight of Raghu, whom she considers a creep.

enormous influence   (多大な影響)

He had gained enormous influence but did not shift any major decisions.

Pollienus Auspex was a man who wielded enormous influence in the imperial court.

He probably tutored the artist, Johann Theile, and had an enormous influence on him.

bad influence

Over Goring he was considered a bad influence.

Nat disapproves of their friendship, as she thinks Rosa is a bad influence.

I don't see how any type of music would have any bad influence on people when it's only music.

biggest influence

Letterman's biggest influence and his mentor was Johnny Carson.

Rapper Drake said that the singer has had the biggest influence on his career.

Napoleon's biggest influence in the military sphere was in the conduct of warfare.

negative influence

This negative influence can be seen in the economic theory of comparative advantage.

Homer fears that John will have a negative influence on his son Bart and decides to ensure Bart's heterosexuality by taking him hunting.

Wein explains that he is no longer exerting negative influence upon Lushati and also explains the events that led up to his change of heart.

able to influence   (影響を与えることができる)

This defines a "future horizon", which limits the events in the future that we will be able to influence.

Jim Deetz was able to influence the use of technology in the field of archaeology, making the profession much more accurate.

From this power base within the city, they were able to influence even those popes who had not been their direct candidates.

s influence

Owens’s influence was immense during the 1970s especially in respect to the kind of portraiture that shows the middle class."

The accompanying catalogue stated:"Bacon’s influence threads through his [Clark's] works, reappearing even in his conceptual pieces.

Priyanka even manages to change the principal using her brother’s influence, and she hates the sight of Raghu, whom she considers a creep.

maritime influence

The climate of the region is mostly continental with some maritime influence from the Atlantic Ocean located more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) to the west.

The conquest also made it possible to extend the Han Empire's power projection and maritime influence to further develop trade relations with the various kingdoms in Southeast Asia.

The maritime influence causes a narrow temperature range resulting in summers averaging around in daytime temperatures, considerably lower than inland areas on the same parallel on the Iberian Peninsula.

primary influence   (主な影響)

APL was the primary influence on John Backus's FP.

The band's primary influence was Damnation A.D.

French singer Piu Piu also called it a primary influence.

influence public   (影響力)

This policy would later influence public schools in England as well.

From its inception, one of the goals of the series was to influence public policy.

How You Can Help Prevent Nuclear War, that provided tools for readers to influence public policy and elections.

key influence

The film Dawn of the Dead is stated as a key influence on the image.

Disco was a key influence in the development of electronic dance music and house music.

The semiotics of gender plays a key influence on the way in which signs are interpreted.

influence and power

Meanwhile, they grow in influence and power.

These connections added to his influence and power in the region.

He was enthroned when the city was at the height of its influence and power within the Roman Empire.

influence throughout

Robert Boyle was a huge influence throughout Mather's career.

Over time the Haugean movement increased its influence throughout the country.

He had a large political influence throughout the state, especially in Mumbai.

influence on later

They came to exert profound influence on later writings about Epicurus.

David Ricardo's ideas had a tremendous influence on later developments in economics.

Aristotle was an important influence on later medical writers in Greece and eventually Europe.

continued to influence

The O'Kellys continued to influence appointment of the prior.

Pascal continued to influence mathematics throughout his life.

He continued to influence the daily affairs of the PAD after his succession.

influence how

Researchers learned that genes influence how these disorders manifest and that they tend to aggregate in families.

These flags can be used to influence how a program behaves, since they often indicate the outcome of various operations.

In winemaking, the duration of maceration or skin contact will influence how much phenolic compounds are leached from skins into the wine.

economic influence

Lincoln presided over the expansion of the federal government's economic influence in other areas.

Unlike Yugoslavia or the USSR, China had less economic influence on Albania during Hoxha's leadership.

The decline in the income from the wakafs resulted in the diminishing economic influence of the Arabs.

decisive influence   (決定的な影響)

Residents have a decisive influence on the club or a series of events.

Hayek said of his experience: "The decisive influence was really World War I.

Its cycles of growth and melting were a decisive influence on global climate during its existence.