İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

musical influences   (müzikal etkiler)

Brookes cites Usher and Drake as his musical influences.

Among her musical influences, she credits Leontyne Price.

Her other musical influences are John Farnham and Beyoncé.

influences include   (etkiler arasında)

Other major influences include: Robert Johnson, R.L.

Her influences include Vidya Balan.

Her influences include Bill Viola, Andrei Tarkovsky, Antoni Tàpies.

major influences   (büyük etkiler)

Other major influences include: Robert Johnson, R.L.

When asked, he often cited Gale as one of his major influences.

He cites Michael Schenker and Randy Rhoads as major influences.

cultural influences   (kültürel etkiler)

The Andes Mountains form a north-south axis of cultural influences.

The most important cultural influences came from the Chinese culture, and from Islam.

The culture is predominantly a mixture of West African and British cultural influences.

early influences

Among his early influences were Jeff Buckley, Oasis, and Blur.

Donnie Walsh described these early influences as follows: "Jimmy Reed.

Moufang's early influences were space, technology, and, of course, music.

influences included

Her other influences included Bo Carter and Memphis Minnie.

His influences included Frankie Paul, Tenor Saw and ragga DJ Supercat.

He noted: Other influences included the Charlton Comics artwork of Jim Aparo and Steve Ditko.

main influences   (ana etkiler)

He once cited Duke Ellington and church as his main influences.

His main influences are Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore and John Sykes.

His main influences at that time were Tuff Jam, EZ and the Dreem Teem.

influences such

It includes influences such as Argentinian tango, Gypsy swing, and Indian ragas.

They shared influences such as the Beach Boys, The Strokes, The Who and The Beatles.

They performed songs by some of Yung L’s musical influences such as Damian Marley and Jay-Z.

other influences   (diğer etkiler)

That is, all other influences act "through" them.

Her other influences included Bo Carter and Memphis Minnie.

It is instead believed that other influences on his government led to the relative success of his rule.

rock influences

Stylistically, the album explores electropop with minor rock influences.

Stench is a harmonica player blending country-blues and punk rock influences.

Tritt's musical style is defined by mainstream country and Southern rock influences.

foreign influences

It also focused on foreign influences.

Al-Qaeda ideologues envision the removal of all foreign influences in Muslim countries.

Another use is for so-called "Voodoo dolls", even though such dolls are the result of foreign influences and not based in historic fact.

music influences

The band is known for blending global music influences, classic soul, dub and psychedelia.

Arashk albums also incorporate Arabian and Iranian music influences blended with rock format.

Her father was one of her most important music influences and she and her family often sang together.

biggest influences

King often mentioned Jennings as one of biggest influences.

His biggest influences were works by Oscar Wilde and Knut Hamsun.

Their biggest influences have been Joy Division, Nick Cave, and Кино.

outside influences   (dış etkiler)

Some outside influences encouraging the use of coins is undeniable.

When an individual is on the path of growing a company, many outside influences can pressure them to perform a certain way.

Ito's music is mainly inspired by images from the game rather than outside influences; however, he never played the games themselves.

environmental influences

In this manner, genetic differences between plants were separated from environmental influences.

However, shared environmental influences often decrease to near zero after adolescence but do not completely disappear.

This observed co-occurrence is partly due to genetic and environmental influences shared between these traits and anxiety.

strong influences

and Husker Du were strong influences on 'Ex Genius'.

The language is High German in origin, but has strong influences of American English.

The setting displays strong influences from the movies "Blade Runner" and "Streets of Fire".

influences including

They have cited influences including Black Flag, Crass and Conflict.

Writer-director Brian Jett cited influences including Dustin Hoffman drama "Straight Time".

The music is a fusion of diverse influences including Daft Punk, Phil Lynott, Audioslave, Metallica, David Bowie and Radiohead.