İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not inform   (bilgilendirme)

He suggests the baby to be named Sarathy but does not inform about the short life.

At this time he did not inform them that he had already begun filming "Citizen Kane."

Raghavendra agrees to the condition but does not inform this to Chinna as he will not agree.

inform the public   (halkı bilgilendirmek)

The Foundation's mission is to help HIV-positive people and inform the public about HIV and AIDS.

General Motors has published principles regarding the environment and maintains an extensive website to inform the public.

The Ministry of Public Health provides an annual report to inform the public of advancements in Afghanistan's health sector.

required to inform   (bilgilendirmek gerekiyor)

Police are not required to inform a person of their right to decline the search.

Parties and electoral alliances were required to inform the CEC of their participation in the election and submit the corresponding documents by 6:00 pm on November 14.

As a general rule, the Federal Government, if asked, is required to inform the Bundestag that the Federal Security Council has approved a given armaments export transaction or not.

did not inform   (bilgilendirmedim)

At this time he did not inform them that he had already begun filming "Citizen Kane."

However, upon request from the DHS, Swift did not inform its workers about the coming raids.

Hammonds did not inform Smith of this second search, violating the Faculty of Arts and Sciences' email privacy policy.

inform the relevant   (konuyla ilgili bilgilendirmek)

Concurrently, parties and federations intending to enter in coalition to take part jointly at an election are required to inform the relevant Electoral Commission within ten days of the election being called.