İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

informally known   (gayri resmi olarak bilinen)

The house is still informally known by students as "J's".

They were informally known as West Germany and East Germany.

The whole complex is now informally known as the "old Galeão."

known informally   (gayri resmi olarak bilinen)

In this role it is known informally as the "guardian of the treaties".

Indeed, the American Association was known informally as "the beer and whiskey league".

The dwarf planet was known informally as "DeeDee" until it was given its official designation of .

informally called   (gayri resmi olarak arandı)

They are often informally called n-words and t-words.

Big-band arrangements are informally called "charts".

Element 137 is sometimes informally called feynmanium (symbol Fy).

informally referred   (gayri resmi olarak sevk)

It was informally referred to as "The Pentagon of Europe."

Sometimes the city is informally referred to as ' by people from Alexandria (; ).

Torrin sits on dolomites, informally referred to collectively as the "Durness Limestone".

used informally   (gayri resmi olarak kullanıldı)

The term city is still used informally for all large towns.

The term computer mouses may be used informally in some cases.

When the term BMI is used informally, the units are usually omitted.