more information   (詳しくは)

They will be updated when more information coming.

For more information visit the Woodland Trust page

The Jobcentre refused to give any more information.

information technology   (情報技術)

industrialization and information technology).

We shall call it information technology (IT)."

This was driven in part by information technology revolution.

information regarding   (に関する情報)

Additional information regarding this species: W.H.

Additional information regarding this species:

provide information   (情報を提供する)

There are wooden markers along the trails which provide information.

They have several sensory organs which provide information to be processed.

The paired antennae provide information about the direction and intensity of scents.

information systems   (情報システム)

Since 2009 she is professor of information systems.

He received an undergraduate degree in information systems.

The library will have book handling and information systems.

personal information   (個人情報)

Outlook Mobile is a personal information manager.

EMRs contain sensitive personal information.

Users don't see any photographs or personal information about any other user.

provides information   (情報を提供する)

A query provides information about an instance.

The charity provides information and education on HIV and AIDS.

Usually, the verb ending provides information about the subject.

new information   (新情報)

This was quite original and new information.

The focus is the new information, i.e.

It also supports medical research by providing new information: "e.g.

source of information   (情報源)

Radio is the main source of information for many Burundians.

Radio is a key source of information, particularly on the outer islands.

In fact, his plays are the main source of information about him and his life.

further information   (さらに詳しい情報)

For further information, refer to external links.

See the β-helix article for further information.

See No-communication theorem for further information.

other information   (その他の情報)

The novels provide little other information.

It featured local news, business reports and other information on Belize.

Eight smaller granite maps arranged below it show other information about the state.

additional information   (追加情報)

For additional information see photo gallery above.

For additional information, see these images.

Middle names provide additional information.

detailed information   (詳細な情報)

He gave detailed information about monetary in Astara.

These pages contain detailed information regarding the phages.

(See "The Wonder Years" article for more detailed information.)

no information   (情報なし)

Homer gives no information about Aegisthus' back-story.

There is no information about the hosts.

80 m hurdles women, but no information on records could be found.

information provided   (提供される情報)

With additional biographical information provided by Andrew Irving.

The information provided led to the location of Evans' body in 2010.

According to information provided by him, his second wife was the widow of Rev.

information available   (利用可能な情報)

That is all information available from contemporary sources.

That is the only reliable information available about Agrypina.

Much of the information available is taken from visitation records.

access to information   (情報へのアクセス)

It's the access to information gender divide.

The digital commons provides the community with free and easy access to information.

Disparate impact may also be reflected in access to information about voter ID laws.

information system   (情報システム)

Management of the information system; 11.

But he especially teaches Network information system for final year.

The library maintains an integrated library information system "E-Lib".

little information   (少しの情報)

He provides little information, though—only grunts.

There is very little information about him.

Throughout the series, there is a little information about them.

providing information   (情報提供)

She agreed and began to help freedom fighters providing information in a more effective way.

The province of Alberta published a booklet providing information on using beaver for stream restoration.

It also trains volunteers from the local organizations in providing information and leading support groups.

information such   (そのような情報)

These might contain fixed information such as a date or state name.

Ancillary information such as past permits may also be shown on a field card.

Spies can then return information such as the size and strength of enemy forces.

information processing   (情報処理)

The institute is studying signal and information processing in the brain.

It is the world's first and only information processing marketing center.

Main focus areas include the mechanisms of information processing and storage.

public information   (公開情報)

The amount Apple pays the FLA in dues is not public information.

Shortly after, all public information about the organization disappeared from the Internet.

Making public information on offshore companies was one of the central amendment to the law.

false information   (虚偽の情報)

All around us we can see the damage done by false information."

"She published false information about what was happening in the district," he claims.

In July 2011 Kifle was ordered to pay £175,000 in damages for publishing false information.

much information   (多くの情報)

After not giving much information, he is released.

The inscriptions are too few to give much information about the language.

Not much information is known about the ritual parts of burying the dead.

gather information   (情報を集める)

George investigates the area to help Nicole gather information about the attack.

Their main task is to gather information about current events as they related to business.

A similar system comprising minstrels is organized by Collan Rosvenir to gather information.

important information   (重要な情報)

Attention is the selection of important information.

In all cases, pedigrees can provide important information.

His diary, found in 1850, is an important information source about Capri.

health information   (健康情報)

Passing the exam results in certification for health information management.

CIHI has a unique mandate to make health information "publicly available" to Canadians.

Everyone involved with documenting or using health information is responsible for its quality.

information theory   (情報理論)

It is now a large field of study, part of information theory.

The concept of entropy plays a central role in information theory.

The 1950s also saw developmental activity based upon information theory.

classified information   (機密情報)

Almost everything about the program is classified information.

First the alleged theft of servers with classified information.

Eyes only Eyes only is jargon used with regard to classified information.

relevant information   (関連情報)

Fearing Red John, the man escaped Jane's custody before giving any relevant information.

The user, upon visiting the site/tool, enters any relevant information like a keyword e.g.

For example, improvement in plastic material barrier allow customers to identify relevant information.

information security   (情報セキュリティー)

There has also been criticism of a lack of patient information security.

Trustwave Holdings Trustwave Holdings is an information security company.

Research shows information security culture needs to be improved continuously.

useful information   (有用な情報)

Only 25% of the cards contained accurate or useful information.

Some are mutator operations, while others simply return useful information about the tree.

This is not to say that we cannot deduce useful information about the visual world from perception.

contains information   (情報が含まれています)

"This article contains information copied from " <BR>

The "Notes" column contains information on each sultan's parentage and fate.

The distance (or cost) matrix contains information about distances of the edges.

yield information   (収量情報)

The place has potential to yield information that will contribute to an understanding of Queensland's history.

valuable information   (貴重な情報)

He said the most valuable information was gained before torture was used.

Citation: Volunteered on a dangerous service and brought in valuable information.

Many are still extant, and provide valuable information about the Cornish language.

information is available   (情報が利用可能です)

No information is available on growth or aging.

No information is available on habitat or host preference.

Little information is available regarding his early years.

share information   (情報共有)

They share information and decide that Nest should leave town.

The Link 4 datalink allowed US Navy Tomcats to share information with the E-2C Hawkeye AEW aircraft.

It mainly reports to the Parliament, but can and does share information with the Government and the public.

news and information   (ニュースと情報)

The station also had an emphasis on news and information.

Radio became the main source of news and information in South Sudan.

Vsauce won a 2014 Webby for People's Voice award for best news and information.

provided information   (提供された情報)

Since the beginning, Bankrate has provided information about interest rates.

It provided information, background stories, culture, politics and news 24 hours a day.

The documentation centre provided information services to all teams and areas of the TRC.

information concerning   (に関する情報)

For information concerning music from James Bond films see

Finally, Daoxuan provides information concerning Bodhidharma's death.

There is some archival information concerning Aslanian's presence at camp Stalag IV-E.

background information   (背景情報)

No other background information is given.

The video opens with background information about the music video.

Little background information has survived regarding the Wilson family.

such information   (そのような情報)

Data is unknown because no agency collects such information.

The release of such information was restricted by the McMahon Act.

HTTP provides ways for browsers to pass such information to the web server, e.g.

amount of information   (情報量)

Some formats such as JPEG achieve compression through small amount of information loss.

Then, it will emit only a finite amount of information encoded within its Hawking radiation.

The vast amount of information available about events is sometimes referred to as the event cloud.

sources of information   (情報源)

Among the sources of information used by the Bureau to locate relatives:

However, it is uncertain how these two sources of information are processed in cortex.

Principle 3 states: "No journalist may be forced to reveal his or her sources of information."

information science   (インフォメーション・サイエンス)

"See the history of information science."

Her academic training was originally in information science.

Today her research is focused on quantum information science.

contact information   (連絡先)

The message contained various required contact information.

These domains failed to show accurate contact information or provided false details.

CQ Press published directories with contact information for the federal government for over fifty years.

all information   (すべての情報)

The Americans then ceased all information sharing.

We welcome all information leading to their recovery.

Some data brokers retain all information indefinitely.

historical information   (歴史的情報)

All his writings are known to contain historical information.

Bell unfortunately does not provide any historical information on the game.

For more detailed regional historical information, visit the Lombok article.

information and communication   (情報・通信)

Modern digital information and communication networks reach all areas.

The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) is a feature of the college.

The driving force of this Internet-based collective intelligence is the digitization of information and communication.

information management   (情報管理)

Passing the exam results in certification for health information management.

The combined company provided customer management and information management products.

No longer was information management a simple job that could be performed by almost anyone.

obtain information   (情報を入手する)

In the script Questor copulates with a woman to obtain information that she is reluctant to impart.

The passengers have the chance to play chess inside the buses and obtain information about the Olympiad.

Private and government investigators may pick through garbage to obtain information for their inquiries.

information services   (情報サービス)

He co-founded IQ Resource, a business media and information services company.

In 1963, Chandler was hired by CBS News as its director of information services.

GM's OnStar subsidiary provides vehicle safety, security and information services.

confidential information   (機密情報)

There was evidence that illegal acquisition of confidential information continued at least into 2010.

During this period, illegal acquisition of confidential information for developing news stories was widespread.

He carried messages, distributed handwritten papers, letters and confidential information to the congress workers.

information between   (間の情報)

He served as a cut-out, communicating information between agents.

This cable shared graphics and synchronization information between the cards.

With the Parker–Sochacki method, information between integration steps is developed at high order.

genetic information   (遺伝情報)

The genetic information transferred is often beneficial to the recipient.

This system provided the first clear suggestion that DNA carries genetic information.

Transmission of genetic information in genes is achieved via complementary base pairing.

following information   (次の情報)

The following information is from "Billboard".

The following information is from the Arnold Hague Convoy Database.

It offers: The following information was gathered for a school project and is missing parts.

information through   (情報)

The server software must then pass this information through to the script somehow.

Obtaining laboratory information through chemical modification which can be utilized to:

The staff group also gathered information through surveys sent to each ESU and each school district.

based on information   (情報に基づく)

Recommendations are based on information from residents and details fact-checked.

This list is based on information from the State Heritage Office's inHerit database.

These allegations were based on information from a whistleblower involved with the Qatari bid.

financial information   (財務情報)

The Legislative Fiscal Office provided updated financial information.

Spanx is a private company and has not released financial information.

The advisers who resigned said the league was unwilling to provide financial information.

exchange of information   (情報交換)

British and American exchange of information continued but their programmes remained separate.

APHL connects US public health laboratories with federal agencies, serving as a conduit for exchange of information.

However, for the 2020 contest in Rotterdam, pigeon holes will not be used, in an effort to modernise the exchange of information.

information related   (関連情報)

The Vitals website provides patient rating information related to Gessler Clinic.

ICLP maintains a web page with information related to ESE and related technologies.

intergator retrieves proactively and permanently new information related to search queries.

sensitive information   (機密情報)

facilitating confidential exchange of sensitive information.

The controversy around the public disclosure of sensitive information is not new.

Unauthorized access is a concern and can result in users gaining access to sensitive information.

available information   (利用可能な情報)

Publicly available information on the unit's activities remains scarce.

Conditioning (probability) Beliefs depend on the available information.

The NCI found that the available information did not prove the regimen had benefit.

all the information   (すべての情報)

Dev had given all the information about Ritu & her family to Anand.

This is all the information that is available about the battle in this district.

In an one-voice format, all the information is read by exactly the same announcer.

information retrieval   (情報検索)

The Ruzzo–Tompa algorithm has applications in bioinformatics, web scraping, and information retrieval.

The components of the experiments were: Together, these components form an information retrieval test collection.

Garfield's work led to the development of several information retrieval algorithms, like the HITS algorithm and PageRank.

information sharing   (情報共有)

The Americans then ceased all information sharing.

This feature supports NCCIC information sharing, development, and web presence.

Another criticism of the theory is its narrow scope, as it pertains strictly to food information sharing.

includes information   (情報が含まれています)

This article also includes information about traditional beverages.

The association's website includes information for patients as well as librarians.

It also includes information on French cultural events taking place in North America.

collect information   (情報を収集する)

This helps the player collect information about how to attack them effectively.

The Captain wanted to sail to Nikolaiev to collect information about procuring supplies.

Painted Dog Conservation uses radio collars to collect information about pack movements.

get information   (情報を入手する)

Pasupathy tries to get information from Janani's grandmother.

17% of Georgians say they get information mainly from the radio.

Users get information from the models by doing certain operations.

technical information   (技術的な案内)

He tutors Billy on the technical information.

The aim to provide technical information to support agribusiness decision makers and governmental policies.

However MBDA has never supplied Serbia or the former Yugoslavia with technical information regarding the Eryx.

accurate information   (正確な情報)

Wood's Prom Concerts, which were notable for their abundance of accurate information.

Perception accurately mirrors the world; animals get useful, accurate information through their senses.

Nenonen was able to provide these people with accurate information on what was going on in the country.

information centre   (インフォメーションセンター)

It is now used as a tourist information centre.

It also has a shop, multiple cafes, and an information centre.

Barlow common also has a private fishing area and information centre.

lack of information   (情報不足)

His existence is open to debate given this lack of information.

In 2014, the encyclopaedia Delachaux and Niestlé underlines the lack of information about this breed, presumed "very rare".

Rather than a flaw in character, error, in Oedipus' case based upon lack of information, is the more complete interpretation.

information on how   (方法に関する情報)

They may also contain information on how income from tithes was calculated and collected.

The new directive included improved information on how to utilize safety signage effectively.

they carry information on how a functional changes when the input function changes by a small amount.

quantum information   (量子情報)

Today her research is focused on quantum information science.

Further applications range from modeling of cortex to quantum information.

It is considered a centerpiece of the development of quantum information theory.

specific information   (特定の情報)

zone, which it will contact for more specific information.

Questions requesting specific information use question words.

See List of trolleybus systems#Africa for specific information.

freedom of information   (情報の自由)

It's a threat to the freedom of information.

The NGO promotes freedom of information and safety of journalists.

It would also ensure freedom of information about government matters.

information gathered   (収集した情報)

The HUD projects all essential flight information gathered by the integrated avionics system.

The lawsuit cites information gathered from documents obtained via a subpoena in the fall of 2007.

The letter contained information gathered by Colonel Charles Pomeroy Stone and General Winfield Scott.

biographical information   (経歴情報)

Various other LPs give no biographical information at all.

With additional biographical information provided by Andrew Irving.

Prepared from biographical information supplied by Robert Lucky in March, 2011.

information relating   (関連情報)

As part of the legislation, all information relating to the U.S.

Early information relating to the day-to-day activities of the institution is sparse.

It features information relating to the team players, history, statistical records and other similar items.

enough information   (十分な情報)

Three such images provide enough information to solve for the topographic image of a sample.

The accidental viewpoint does not provide enough information to distinguish what the object is.

In the case of chromium, there is not yet enough information and hence no UL has been established.

geographic information   (地理情報)

He specializes in toponymy, geography, and geographic information systems.

New Jersey sued in 1997, and subsequently the border was redrawn using geographic information science data.

He directed the efficiencies to the growing demands of the services and commands for geographic information.

information leading   (情報リード)

We welcome all information leading to their recovery.

Jane Hughes processed information leading to the last battle of the "Bismarck".

The Government of Slovakia offered €1 million for information leading to the murderers.

information exchange   (情報交換)

Every information exchange between living organisms — i.e.

But the primary purpose of the meetings is information exchange and discussion across the consortia.

These establishments broke down social barriers and allowed for socialization and information exchange.

information obtained   (入手した情報)

Since then there has been no more information obtained on the whereabouts of Marita.

Often it is street level information obtained by patrol that leads the narcotics officers to drug dealers.

By way of information obtained from Lecter, Crawford and the FBI attempt to track down the killer, Jame Gumb.

information contained   (含まれる情報)

The biological information contained in an organism is encoded in its DNA sequence.

The information contained in the register is publicly available, except if classified.

The Register is open and the information contained therein will be verified and supplemented.

received information   (受け取った情報)

The ship-owner received information from NATO only about the ship's coordinates.

Participants of this study, called judges, received information about a set of employees.

A commander said that the army had received information that many fighters were in the village.

reliable information   (信頼できる情報)

That is the only reliable information available about Agrypina.

According to Ptak, there is no reliable information about Fei Xin's religion.

There is little reliable information about events and development of the city during the closed period.

gathering information   (情報収集)

He began gathering information about her life, followed her career, and wrote her numerous fan letters.

After gathering information on the Ice Cube, Yasuo is confronted by the real Lupin donning the Red Jacket.

Lippmann was the first to widely call for journalists to use the scientific method for gathering information.

private information   (個人情報)

Other private information about Vickerman was also obtained.

These modifications made private information more accessible to the public.

These partners can share private information with their students, such as extra job offers or on-campus events.

information service   (情報サービス) was an IT information service and download website before 2000.

It was released in the US by the Australian government information service.

It has a flight information service (AFIS) and is located above mean sea level.

tourist information   (観光情報)

It is now used as a tourist information centre.

It is a tourist information center in Dan Chang District.

There is a tourist information centre located at Donegall Square North.

digital information   (デジタル情報)

There is a need to upgrade to a digital information economy.

Modern digital information and communication networks reach all areas.

Exabyte The exabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information.

exchange information   (情報交換)

End systems: physical & logical end systems that exchange information 2.

Members ask questions and exchange information using a number of online forums.

Representatives of Member States meet to exchange information and discuss implementation issues.

include information   (情報を含める)

A series of rooms depicts different periods of history and include information boards.

The report would also include information about women's suffrage efforts across the country.

A typical ethnography will also include information about physical geography, climate and habitat.

information center   (情報センター)

It is a tourist information center in Dan Chang District.

It is now an interpretive and information center for the Minneapolis Park System.

The information center is named after Chaim Kahn, the first chairman of the institute.

general information   (一般情報)

For more general information see FARC-EP Chain of Command.

• Select a title to see its linked publication history and general information.

weather information   (天気情報)

After 1927, the weather information was broadcast on Radio Barcelona.

The addition of weather information at Haren, Brussels and Ostend, both in Belgium was notified.

It also provided radio forecasts to more than 250 radio stations and weather information to 52 newspapers.

same information   (同じ情報)

"Lloyd's Register" has the same information.

Her listing in the "Register of Shipping" in 1826 has the same information.

Gabor saw in his atoms a possibility to transmit the same information but using less data.