initial release   (初回リリース)

ProjectLibre's initial release was in August 2012.

The initial release was "Ella Fitzgerald 1935–1937".

The date in brackets is the date of initial release.

initial public   (初公開)

The initial public offering took place in June 2014.

Sodak made its initial public offering in June 1993.

The initial public release of JGraph was in May 2002.

initial public offering   (新規株式公開)

The initial public offering took place in June 2014.

Sodak made its initial public offering in June 1993.

The firm also had an initial public offering.

initial success   (最初の成功)

Napoleon's initial success sowed the seeds for his downfall.

The attack at 03:30 hours on 8 June had little initial success.

This initial success did not hold.

during the initial   (最初の間に)

Great is seriously damaged during the initial battle in the series.

There were many difficulties during the initial phase of production.

The user journey during the initial days of 2014 through the app was:

initial phase   (初期段階)

At the initial phase, it included only College of Computing.

There were many difficulties during the initial phase of production.

After this initial phase, the medication may be reduced in dose or frequency, e.g.

initial stages   (初期段階)

During the initial stages of World War II, No.

Embu City is in its initial stages of design and construction.

In its initial stages of training, it closely resembles the FSA method.

initial training   (初期訓練)

Its initial training course was Radiology Technician.

His initial training was in Sanskrit.

He received his initial training in the Jamaican Defense Force.

initial design   (初期設計)

Tokarev is said to have come up with the initial design.

Its initial design was protected under US Patent D106,918.

Following the initial design of ATM, networks have become much faster.

initial plan   (初期計画)

The order for the attack and initial plan were issued 17 November 1942.

The initial plan of the infrastructure is to cater "1500 students" into "44 classrooms".

ITV's initial plan to broadcast the programme an hour earlier at 6pm was blocked by Sky.

initial period   (初期)

This initial period is from the 8th to the 10th century.

The garden was referred to as the Veld Garden during this initial period.

The War of 1812 marks the end of the initial period of white settlement in Ohio.

initial run   (最初の実行)

An initial run of 300,000 copies was printed.

The initial run was limited to 1,000 copies.

The repackaged show was cancelled partway through its initial run.

initial conditions   (初期条件)

The initial conditions are lost forever.

Forces determined by the initial conditions of the water (e.g.

The first reward formula_24 can be used to reset the initial conditions.

initial state   (初期状態)

The final state of "N"() becomes the initial state of "N"().

The image shown depicts the initial state of a P system with three membranes.

The arrow into the Locked node from the black dot indicates it is the initial state.

initial investment   (初期投資)

Before the production closed, it recouped its initial investment.

Davies provided the initial investment to create and launch Drivers Republic.

In November 2012 the company Traveloka announced its initial investment by East Ventures.

initial construction   (初期建設)

The initial construction project had been rushed.

The reason for the initial construction of the logo is contested.

A number of alterations have taken place since the initial construction.

initial plans   (初期計画)

The initial plans were to erect a cottage in the middle of the backwaters.

Many of the initial plans featured narrow networks of doctors and hospitals.

In 1864 initial plans were drawn up, and William Lambie Moffatt was appointed architect.

initial version   (初期バージョン)

The initial version in 1992 used a formant-based speech synthesiser.

The initial version was followed by a Mk II but without change of capacity.

Each song in the database is visible in the initial version and in a semi-edited version.

initial stage   (初期)

At the initial stage will be set up to Rp 6 billion .

Thus, HKCEE was the initial stage of University Entrance Examination.

All sides did however, at an initial stage, value the unity of union.

initial contract   (初期契約)

His initial contract will run for three years.

His initial contract was for five-years at a salary of $95,000 a year.

The initial contract involved flights to Milan, Rome, Zaragoza and Porto.

initial production   (初期生産)

Their initial production was "The Pearl of Paradise".

The initial production stages repeated the Hoerni's planar process.

An initial production base will be built in Changshu, a county-level city close to Shanghai.

initial years   (初年度)

The services were free in the initial years.

During its initial years, it had a circulation of around 10,000.

The initial years of self-government were difficult and unstable.

initial attack   (初期攻撃)

The plant was now marked by smoke from the initial attack.

Instead, the initial attack was thought of as a large-scale raid.

Richard O'Connor led the initial attack against the Italian camps.

initial development   (初期開発)

The initial development was split into two phases.

The initial development kit from Atari included a computer and manuals.

The project was in initial development in early 2015 but failed to start.

initial idea   (最初のアイデア)

He is credited with the initial idea that there should be a university in Bristol.

The initial idea of a team-owned regional sports network was first proposed in 1999.

The initial idea for the project dates back to 1996, with construction beginning in 1998.

initial broadcast   (初期放送)

The initial broadcast of "Normal" attracted 5.23 million US viewers.

Reviews of this episode at the time of its initial broadcast were mixed.

It was watched by an average of 7.32 million people on its initial broadcast.

initial work   (初期の仕事)

While at Los Alamos National Laboratory her initial work involved hand calculations.

However, he rewrote and illustrated the initial work before presenting it to the court.

Smith enlisted his neighbor Martin Harris as a scribe during his initial work on the text.

initial funding   (初期資金)

It was founded on 24 January 2006 with an initial funding of $30 million.

The initial funding was reportedly £26 million, including 60,000 Ether raised.

In 2016, the pavilion received $10 million in initial funding toward a future renovation.

initial reports   (初期報告)

While initial reports suggested that he would produce "Achchamundu!

According to initial reports, all forty seven survived, and there were no serious injuries.

Its initial reports of an armoured advance was initially discounted by ANZAC Corps headquarters.

initial goal   (最初の目標)

The initial goal was to capture Carentan, Isigny, Bayeux, and Caen.

The campaign's initial goal of $100,000 (USD) was reached in 14 hours.

The campaign was successful, raising over $600,000 more than the initial goal of $36,000.

initial publication   (初版)

The book has remained in print since its initial publication.

The years indicate the initial publication date for each book.

The initial publication of "Hyperion" met with lukewarm or hostile critical response.

initial position   (初期位置)

Following the change, the accent shifted to initial position.

For each initial position, we follow the particle as it traces out its orbit.

Then the supply of housing will shift back to its initial position (SH1 to SHo).

initial cost   (初期費用)

The initial cost of the line was about 45 billion rubles.

The initial cost would be between 600 million and 1,14 billion Euro.

However, construction work started in 2005 at an initial cost of 4,900 million.

during its initial   (その初期の間に)

Controlling the missile during its initial launch and climb was a difficult problem.

The band was one of the defining hardcore punk bands during its initial eight-year run.

"La Notte" grossed 470 million lire ($752,000) in Italy during its initial release in Italy.

initial meeting   (最初の会議)

Present at that initial meeting were volunteers of the newly created charity.

He was one of the speakers at the initial meeting held to discuss its foundation.

One of the first orders of business at the initial meeting was the selection of a name.

initial group   (初期グループ)

Also part of the initial group were J. P. Nasvytis, J. Deltuva and A. Matukonis.

On 13 July 2018, the initial group stage draw bar the U21 invited clubs was announced.

initial value   (初期値)

The initial value of the index is 100 points and binds to the date of the 14 September 1993.

For example, consider the simple dynamical system produced by repeatedly doubling an initial value.

This initial value can probably be provided from the navigation message and the intersection of sphere surfaces.

initial capital   (当初の資本金)

Air Kerala plans to raise 200 crore through equity as initial capital.

This public investment fund has an initial capital of about $300 million.

Furthermore, about one-third of that initial capital had been loaned to Murray.

initial order   (初注文)

An initial order for 900 units was placed.

The initial order was for 30 units and then increased to 60.

The initial order was reduced from 700 to an actual 300 units produced.

initial letters   (頭文字)

The initial letters are written in red and blue.

The initial letters in red; iota subscriptum.

The initial letters in red, the ink is brown.

initial assault   (初期攻撃)

Banning joins the White House's defenders during Kang's initial assault.

After the initial assault, the Red Sticks regrouped and defeated these troops.

RCLs landed troops, vehicles, and stores following the initial assault landings.

s initial   (イニシャル)

"U-373"s initial patrols were fairly routine.

The company’s initial focus was issues of less than $75 million.

Garvey’s initial interest in the United States started as a child.

initial focus   (最初の焦点)

NQ Mobile's initial focus was the China marketplace.

The company’s initial focus was issues of less than $75 million.

Its initial focus was Fezeka Secondary school in Guguletu, Cape Town, South Africa.

initial concept   (初期コンセプト)

This group put together the initial concept and pitch for "Epic Mickey" in 2003.

The initial concept was to make a disjointed and slapstick racing game in the likeness of "Wacky Races".

The album's title is meant to reflect Inori's character, including how her initial concept was based on a goldfish.

initial response   (初期対応)

DART supporters have also noted that the initial response (i.e.

Roces' initial response was "Ang bata naman iyan" ("He is too young").

Despite a lukewarm initial response, Jake and Geoffrey bond over competitive facts.

initial airing   (初期放映)

Air dates refer to the episodes' initial airing (i.e.

In its initial airing on FX, "Teddy Perkins" aired commercial-free.

Upon its initial airing, it was seen by households, or of the available audience.

initial launch   (初期打ち上げ)

Since its initial launch, "That’s So Gloss!"

Controlling the missile during its initial launch and climb was a difficult problem.

To date, no calendar has been successful enough to continue beyond its initial launch year.

initial report   (初期報告)

The police were criticized for their initial report of the attack.

The Washington State Department of Licensing's initial report did not include information on the penalty."

Its mass number was uncertain between 243 and 244 in the initial report, but was later established as 243.

initial proposal   (最初の提案)

This is the last stage that Nolan acknowledged in his initial proposal of the stages of growth in 1973.

The initial proposal proposed that the line would eventually continue onwards via Mandal to Kristiansand.

The initial proposal for production of what would become the AMC Eagle came from Roy Lunn, the chief design engineer for AMC Jeep.

initial reaction   (初期反応)

Martinez's initial reaction was to avoid reading the emails.

The initial reaction to Howe running the "Novascotian" was poor.

Kim's initial reaction to Dave is "phroar, I fancy a bit of that".

initial interest   (最初の関心)

Garvey’s initial interest in the United States started as a child.

Her initial interest in textiles stemmed from her mother's weaving.

Despite their initial interest, Track seemed unsure of their next move.

initial successes   (最初の成功)

After these initial successes, however, the Xhosa experienced a series of setbacks.

After these initial successes they encountered greater resistance, and so passed over to Mindoro.

s initial   (のイニシャル)

The company’s initial focus was issues of less than $75 million.

Garvey’s initial interest in the United States started as a child.

The court’s initial decision no longer has any legal impact or effect of any kind.

initial appearance   (初期外観)

The film received slightly above average reviews during its initial appearance at various film festivals.

Despite "Blue Velvet"s initial appearance as a mystery, the film operates on a number of thematic levels.

About the book, he wrote, "For readers hoping for an even-handed assessment, the initial appearance is not promising."

initial condition   (最初の状態)

or "Does the long-term behavior of the system depend on its initial condition?"

The direction of change of formula_7 over time depends on the initial condition formula_8.

Because of energy conservation, only the states with the same energy as the initial condition are accessible.

initial investigation   (初期調査)

After the initial investigation, the police failed to control disclosure of information and speculation about the crime scene.

During the initial investigation following the discovery of the main ossuary chamber within the cave, another tunnel containing three passageways was found.

Police focused on Edwards during their initial investigation because he was at Abusharif and Klein's residence on March 16, 2007, during the search for Klein.

initial attempt   (最初の試み)

During his initial attempt to infiltrate the church, Ted runs into Klaus' sister Uta.

An initial attempt in 1994 to transform the site into a Jewish religious centre failed.

Makarios escaped an initial attempt to capture him at the Archbishiporic in Nicosia, and fled to Paphos.

initial consonant   (初期子音)

all of the syllable other than the initial consonant), according to different authors.

For the object, the initial consonant is suffixed: "tu" "I", "tut" "me"; "ki" "he", "kik" "him".

After the initial consonant or consonant cluster comes the syllabic nucleus, which is one of the vowels listed above.

initial and final   (初期および最終)

Just because the initial and final documents are not bitwise identical does not mean there is information loss.

The path integral reproduces the Schrödinger equation for the initial and final state even when a potential is present.

Originally, MTA products required a few hours for the initial and final setting, which is uncommon in dental materials.

following the initial   (最初の)

RCLs landed troops, vehicles, and stores following the initial assault landings.

The superficial vein may continue to be hyperpigmented for several months following the initial event.

Further protests were held at U.S. diplomatic missions and other locations in the days following the initial attacks.

initial attempts   (最初の試み)

These quartets are a huge step forward from his initial attempts.

Vardon's initial attempts to obtain a fresh election were unsuccessful.

Despite initial attempts to conceal it, news of the emperor's death quickly spread.

initial contact   (最初の連絡)

The initial contact from DDT is on vegetation and soil.

Their initial contact was during those intense moments of hiding though without any interactions.

Most commonly, chat rooms or social networks are used to make initial contact with possible victims.

upon its initial   (最初に)

"Mama" was largely ignored by the music press upon its initial release.

The film garnered positive reviews upon its initial festival screenings.

It was a popular success as well, selling 60,000 copies upon its initial publication.

initial season   (初期シーズン)

Page Productions, and the initial season of the Chicago Lyric Opera.

Competing in the SCCA Trans-Am Series, Drissi won Rookie of the Year in his initial season.

In 1974, he guest-starred in the initial season of Michael Landon's NBC family western drama, "Little House on the Prairie".

despite initial   (初期にもかかわらず)

Conflict soon ensued, however, and despite initial setbacks, Alfonso prevailed over Raymond.

The program switched to malathion, but despite initial successes, malaria continued its resurgence into the 1980s.

It soon turned out that Gertson was not a real person despite initial claims by FanSided former Editor-in-Chief Jim Cavan.

initial reluctance   (初期不本意)

Despite his initial reluctance, Brody procures the list.

In 2012, Daniel Berilla was included by Townsend despite some initial reluctance by the producers.

She was asked by the Times to write the Personal Health column, which she began in 1976 despite her initial reluctance.

initial announcement   (最初の発表)

It sold out within eight hours of the initial announcement.

The IBM RT had a varied life even from its initial announcement.

The album's release has been postponed several times between its initial announcement and its eventual release.

initial draft   (初期草案)

After her initial draft, Takayama submitted a revised version on October 14, 1974.

The initial draft of the plan was accepted at the Quebec Conference in August 1943.

Traditionally, a manuscript changes between the initial draft and final publication.

initial treatment   (初期治療)

It is a reasonable initial treatment for high blood pressure.

Beighton was placed in a medically induced coma and required 36 pints of blood during his initial treatment.

A tonic and/or follow up treatment may be required if the animal does not appear to be responding to the initial treatment.

initial step   (最初のステップ)

This initial step is then of course tightly coupled with manipulations in 3D.

As an initial step "Compañías de Vanguardia" (Vanguard Companies) were created.

Thus, the initial step corresponds to "k" = 0, the next step corresponds to "k" = 1, and so on.

initial batch   (初期バッチ)

A total of 15 of these aircraft were part of the initial batch of 30 aircraft produced by Northrop.

The initial batch of 24 (K1078 - K1101) entered service in August 1925 with 24-seat bodies on new chassis.

Dynetics was awarded a contract to deliver an initial batch of 70 SGMs in June 2017, with plans to buy up to 1,000.

initial fee   (初期費用)

Pay Up began his stud career in 1937 at an initial fee of 250 guineas.

In order to use the system, users need to register and pay a 10 zł initial fee.

Middlesbrough signed Aliadière on 19 June 2007, for an initial fee of £2 million.

initial research   (初期研究)

Nubri and Gyalsumdo also appear to be closely related, based on initial research.

Most of the initial research on groupthink was conducted by Irving Janis, a research psychologist from Yale University.

After the initial research project the charity expanded this technology to all 197 individuals it supports in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

initial resistance   (初期抵抗)

After initial resistance, the terms were eventually accepted.

There was some initial resistance to the country music format.

Despite much initial resistance, the area has been free of street peddlers since that time.

initial discovery   (初期発見)

Rainbow has had a number of visits since its initial discovery in 1994.

BrickerBot.3 was detected on May 20, 2017, one month after the initial discovery of BrickerBot.1.

Since the initial discovery of the plagiarism of Clowe's work, LaBeouf's other work has come under scrutiny.

initial purpose   (最初の目的)

The initial purpose of developing the techniques was to enhance the wild population that was being depleted by commercial fishing.

CESRA's initial purpose was to promote the development of a European instrument for solar radio observations, the Joint Interferometer Project (JIP).

Earlier newspaper profiles of Yamashita, however, state that the initial purpose of his visit was to teach Asian spatial design at Prairie State College.