Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

not initially   (không phải ban đầu)

"Pinocchio" was not initially a box office success.

The VRU did not initially own or run the Melbourne Rebels.

Zhao became resentful of them, but did not initially react.

initially planned   (dự định ban đầu)

HRC had initially planned to send out about 300 kits.

Filming was initially planned to start in autumn 2014.

The mall was initially planned to be renovated in 2014.

initially used   (ban đầu được sử dụng)

It was initially used as the stadium of Real Jaén.

It was initially used as the stadium of Real Betis.

The cars were initially used on the Piccadilly tube.

initially released   (ban đầu được phát hành)

Dink initially released 3 EPs in the early 1990s.

The Union automobile was initially released in 1902.

It was initially released alongside "Getting Heavier".

initially called   (ban đầu được gọi là)

At that time it initially called "Yuanjue Temple" ().

At that time it initially called "Jianyuan Temple" ().

At that time it initially called "Stone Stele Temple" ().

initially refused

Hall initially refused, and the opera was withdrawn.

She initially refused, but agreed after being asked in person.

Many news organizations initially refused to publish the information.

initially intended

Mary was initially intended to be a guest role for five episodes.

The merger was initially intended to be completed by October 1, 2007.

"The Man Who Played God" was initially intended as a roadshow release for 1932.

initially worked

He initially worked as a writer and became a director.

She initially worked for the ABC News "Nightline" program.

Barks initially worked as an inbetweener.

initially known

She was initially known legally as Maria Karniloff.

The school's sports teams were initially known as the Rebels.

At that time in history it was initially known as "provincialism".

initially named

This battery was initially named Willis' Battery.

They initially named their settlement Dorchester.

It was initially named Toriizaka46 before it was changed.

initially thought

It was initially thought to be and .

Colonel Everton Conger initially thought Booth had shot himself.

It was initially thought of as another way of transporting tourists.

initially developed

It was initially developed in Germany.

The library was initially developed under the 2006 Google Summer of Code.

DCM was initially developed for testing hypotheses about neural dynamics.

initially played

The station initially played no vocalists.

Following his accident, he initially played wheelchair rugby.

Kreutz initially played for the Cal Poly Mustangs women's soccer team.

initially only   (ban đầu chỉ)

The P1 GTR was initially only available to P1 owners.

Abraham Lincoln initially only called for 90-day enlistments.

The CPC6128 was released in August 1985 and initially only sold in the US.

initially assigned   (ban đầu được giao)

Evans was initially assigned the jersey number 84.

The Navy initially assigned Ross to the Fleet Weather Center at Pearl Harbor.

On entering service, "Vampire" was initially assigned to the 4th Destroyer Flotilla.

initially served

"Shamrock" initially served on the Downs station.

Ishikawa Takuboku initially served as editor.

The school initially served solely ninth grade students.

initially reluctant   (ban đầu miễn cưỡng)

Eva is initially reluctant but then agrees.

The Bain Capital team was initially reluctant to invest its capital.

She is initially reluctant but is encouraged by her mother to attend.

initially set

Knights are initially set up on each player's first .

The show was initially set to be released in March 2018.

He initially set up business at Curtiss Field in Long Island.

initially announced

Six dates were initially announced.

The game was initially announced at E3 2017 as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive title.

When it was initially announced, there was an invitation to Democratic speakers.

initially considered

First dated to 500–600 BC, this was initially considered the earliest writing in Mesoamerica.

She was initially considered the leading candidate for the post, as the preferred choice of U.S.

The election was initially considered too close to call, but Paradis won by a significant margin.

initially published

Marvel initially published "Conan" every two months.

Barankov's claims were initially published in a blog.

Kafka's stories were initially published in literary periodicals.

initially scheduled   (dự kiến ban đầu)

Adanza was initially scheduled to face Haigang Huang.

The series was initially scheduled to air at 10:45 p.m.

It was initially scheduled to be released on 22 March 2019.

initially made

The attack on the fort initially made little headway.

The Latins initially made an incursion on Roman lands.

Strong winds initially made containing the fire difficult.

did not initially   (ban đầu không)

The VRU did not initially own or run the Melbourne Rebels.

Zhao became resentful of them, but did not initially react.

He did not initially sign with the team.

initially formed

The Legion was initially formed of the following battalions.

The AERMIC was initially formed in 1991.

Steig initially formed the group to back folksinger Tim Hardin in 1966.

initially operated

The service was initially operated on a charter basis.

Jacobs Brothers initially operated theater concessions.

The Oberurseler route was initially operated with steam.

initially wanted

He initially wanted to become a journalist but turned to acting while at university.

Reed initially wanted to be either Miss America, a veterinarian, an actress, and entertainment attorney.

Wang Wujun was relieved to get to leave Heng Prefecture, and once he exited the city, initially wanted to flee to Zhang.

initially reported

Two people were initially reported killed.

Blake initially reported that a 3 Sqn R.E.8 may have shot down Richthofen.

It was initially reported that 24 passengers had died; the figure later rose to 25.

initially consisted

It was founded after 1558 and initially consisted of two half-farms.

The cast of the tenth season of "Top Chef" initially consisted of 21 contestants.

It was published every Saturday and initially consisted of four pages and cost one penny.

initially supported

The "Telegraph", edited by Duff Green, initially supported Jackson.

These initially supported speeds from 16 MByte/s to 33 MByte/second.

In the 2005 leadership election, she initially supported Kenneth Clarke again.

initially based

All squadrons were initially based at Ouagadougou.

The new venture was initially based at Denham Studios.

This branch was initially based at Hasankeyf (Ḥiṣn Kayfā).

initially rejected

He was initially rejected as he had not completed high school.

Summer initially rejected the song after becoming a born again Christian.

It was initially rejected on the grounds of creating panic or spreading defeatism.

initially established

It was initially established with 100 inductees.

It was initially established on the grounds of Iowa State College.

The administrative unit was initially established by Federal Law No.

initially built

He initially built his agency using a direct mail promotion.

They initially built a chapel and cemetery at Tejgaon, five miles from Dhaka.

As initially built, the middle driver was blind to facilitate tracking on curves.

initially offered

King Saul initially offered David his oldest daughter, Merab.

The institute initially offered only Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

The role initially offered to Genelia was subsequently taken over by Pooja.

initially proposed

The program was initially proposed in 1964.

Astbury initially proposed a kinked-chain structure for the fibers.

Teller and Wood initially proposed their own BMD system, Project Excalibur.

initially started

He initially started in the position of Manager of Artist Development.

Overtime initially started as a different sports-focused project within WME.

They initially started to manufacture buggy neck yokes and other carriage parts.

initially did

Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt), who initially did not believe in her gift.

One-pocket initially did not require a rack, it was originally played with just three balls.

Manuel was raised by his mother and step-father and initially did not differ from other village boys.

initially successful

Although initially successful, the plan backfires later.

While initially successful, the campaign ultimately failed.

Though initially successful, the new Zunbil was able to defeat them.

initially created

The reservoir was initially created in 1937 by the construction of Wild Horse Dam.

It was initially created ahead of the 1871 election and abolished at the 1886 election.

The Mayi-Mayi Simba group was initially created in 1964 during the ‘Lumumbist rebellion’.

initially held

Auditions were initially held in 9 major cities.

Tokyopop initially held the American rights to the "Sgt.

Scheiter initially held a temporary research professorship.

initially believed

Irwin initially believed he only had a punctured lung.

Jillian Tamaki stated that she was influenced more by ukiyo-e than she initially believed.

The police initially believed the deaths of Asher Palmer and his son were accidental and a result of driver error.

initially denied

This was initially denied in 1995.

Maga initially denied its existence, and to this day details are unclear.

Fritz initially denied being the papyrus' owner, but later admitted to it.

initially designed

The ASW-600 was initially designed in the 1980s.

It was this task for which Colossus was initially designed.

It was initially designed by engineer Joseph Strauss in 1917.

initially not

The two brothers were initially not very close.

The systems were initially not powerful enough to drive starter motors.

The locomotives were initially not numbered, but named after places in Sudan.

initially focused

He initially focused on "World of Warcraft" videos.

NSC initially focused on the bond market.

initially opposed

As expected, the cathedral chapter initially opposed the deal.

However, it was initially opposed by a majority of the existing business owners.

Sir Guy Palmes initially opposed King Charles I and later became an ardent Royalist.

initially studied

At St John's College Lewis initially studied classics.

Dieltiens grew up in a musical family and initially studied piano.

As a young man, Schachter initially studied Art history at Yale University.

initially expected

Service was initially expected to start in the 1990s.

The Summit was initially expected to be held in Riyadh.

The event was initially expected to take place in Dublin.

initially did not

Lee Scanlon (David Cubitt), who initially did not believe in her gift.

One-pocket initially did not require a rack, it was originally played with just three balls.

Manuel was raised by his mother and step-father and initially did not differ from other village boys.

initially included

Its members were initially included in genus "Sabella" by Grube in 1851.

The Hereke Imperial Factory initially included looms producing cotton fabric.

It initially included three bases of operation, at Half-Die, Jeswang, and Yundum.

initially began

The Judean Civil War initially began after the conquest of Gaza around 99 BCE.

Theresa Wayman initially began learning piano as a child, aged 10, in Eugene, Oregon.

He initially began a career as a sportscaster and reporter in Maryland and West Virginia.

initially received

However, the film initially received mixed reviews from critics.

The game initially received few reviews, but was given mild critical praise.

"Stuart Little" initially received a lukewarm welcome from the literary community.

initially refuses

Gavin, hurt and still in love with her, initially refuses.

Maggie asks Frankie to train her, but he initially refuses.

They added that Chloe initially refuses because she wants to behave professionally.

initially described

The condition was initially described in 1950.

Hubbard initially described Dianetics as a branch of psychology.

Blair initially described her as a "fun, feisty and foxy sort of character".

film was initially   (phim ban đầu)

The film was initially banned in Australia by the OFLC.

The film was initially slated for release on 23 March 2017.

The film was initially titled "New York Beat", referencing the music.

initially took

He initially took the drag name Arianna St. Claire.

Filming initially took place in Montreal and Nova Scotia.

Work on the game initially took place at home on older PCs.

initially trained

He was initially trained in the sarangi by his father.

He initially trained as a goldsmith.

She initially trained as a nurse, and has worked as a family therapist.

initially appeared

She initially appeared before Kouji during the collapse of the Liebe Delta.

It initially appeared as a serial in "The Strand Magazine", with illustrations by Spencer Pryse.

"Zippy the Pinhead" initially appeared in underground publications in the 1970s before being syndicated.

initially available   (ban đầu có sẵn)

It was initially available in just sedan and coupe versions.

The 29050 was initially available with clock rates of 25, 50, and 75 MHz.

The game was initially available for MS-DOS, and later ported to the Macintosh.

initially conceived

It was initially conceived as webzine exclusively for a teen demographic.

The restaurant was initially conceived by architect Bernard Khoury in 2001.

It was initially conceived of as a media analytics company to track viral content.

initially joined

Stevenson initially joined Ayr United on a 28-day loan in October 2006.

Street initially joined Television New Zealand (TVNZ) in 2006 on a six-month internship.

He initially joined with the company in order to learn more about his passion, collecting.

initially produced

The blow-out initially produced 5000 m³ of mud flow per day.

It had 10.5:1 compression and initially produced 61.2 bhp at 11,000 rpm.

The play was initially produced on Broadway by The Group Theatre in 1937.

initially met

"Sociobiology" was initially met with substantial criticism.

"Monkey Grip" initially met with a mixed reception in Australia.

The band initially met whilst at university in Guildford, Surrey.

initially given

Numbers were initially given an 'S' prefix.

The blazer was initially given to students of class 10 and students of the Junior College only.

The series was initially given an order for two seasons, the second of which is currently in development.

initially located

It was initially located at Selwyn Market Street, Accra.

The college was initially located in the Panbazar area of the city.

It was initially located at Deptford for most of the sixteenth century.

initially found

He initially found it difficult to compose.

He was initially found guilty of conflict of interest for a transaction of Rs.

Ten pieces were initially found; the largest fragment weighed and smallest was .

initially placed

They initially placed manual laborers in temporary jobs loading cargo.

Therefore, Egypt’s Nahla Ramadan, who initially placed fifth, came fourth place.

Thomas initially placed it in the genus "Promops", naming it "Promops trumbulli".

initially sold

The device initially sold for ¥1999 in China.

Act-On initially sold through alternate channels, but later created its own sales team.

JOY Hosiery initially sold reasonably priced hosiery, lingerie, and foundations in a wide variety of styles.

company initially   (công ty ban đầu)

The company initially fared well under Cheung's stewardship.

The company initially used Junkers F.13 aircraft on that daily route.

The company initially moved to Dronningens Tværgade and later to Nørre Søgade.

initially founded

The company was initially founded in cooperation with Fjord1.

Morrison Homes was initially founded in Seattle in 1905 by C.G.

He initially founded Fresh Express, which was acquired by Wahquita Brands.

initially led

After the Nazi's seized power on January 30, 1933, the ministry was initially led by Alfred Hugenberg.

It was initially led by Ben Purse, a piano tuner, while, during the 1900s, its secretary was Thomas Summerbell.

"Eater" was initially led by co-founders Leventhal and Steele, who had the titles "Head Eater" and CEO, respectively.

initially signed

44 countries initially signed the agreement on 21 March 2018.

A. R. Rahman was initially signed in to compose music for the film.

The band were initially signed to Sham 69's Jimmy Pursey's JP Productions.

initially tried

Officials initially tried to cover up the incident, saying they had thwarted an assassination attempt.

Lim initially tried to pass the stains off as candle wax, but when challenged claimed they were chicken blood.

He landed with most of his weight on his left leg, saying that he felt pain but initially tried to play through it.

initially launched

This update was initially launched in Thailand.

The network dates back to 1952, and was initially launched using WIBC talent.

The brand initially launched with 4 cigars (El Morro, El Principe, La Fuerza, and La Punta).

initially provided

The plan initially provided stimulus for the German economy.

The bank initially provided a $560 million construction loan on the mall.

Funding will be initially provided from a Yen 120 billion ($US 1.4 billion) soft loan from JICA.

initially agreed

The US initially agreed to bring the issue before the International Joint Commission.

Emperor Dezong initially agreed, but soon wanted to make Pei Yanling Ban's successor instead.

Eventually, it was agreed that Limoges would play in the NM1 rather than the NM3, as initially agreed.

initially ran

A great success, "Der Graf" initially ran for 299 performances.

Initially launched in 1987, the series initially ran through 1995.

He initially ran as part of The Right Wingers, but withdrew from the mandate.

initially part

SR 74 was initially part of SR 11, defined in 1918.

He is initially part of the brotherhood of renewal.

Albeit, they were initially part of the Blues.

initially equipped

Jasta 79 was initially equipped with Pfalz D.III fighters.

The squadron was initially equipped with the Cessna T-41 Mescalero.

It was initially equipped with three Douglas DB-7s and twenty-three Douglas P-70s.

initially designated

The 100-ton vehicle was initially designated a heavy tank.

It was initially designated the 6933rd Radio Group Mobile.

It was initially designated the "Stabswache" ("Staff Guard").

album was initially

The album was initially self-produced and self released in 2006.

The album was initially released for free as downloads on the internet.

The album was initially released on vinyl in 1968 on Verve Forecast Records.

initially claimed

Byers initially claimed the knife had never been used.

No militant group initially claimed responsibility and no demands were made.

Curran initially claimed the meeting had been coincidental but later admitted that it had been prearranged.

initially declined

Springsteen's management initially declined any comment.

Flournoy initially declined Pushmataha's offer and offended the chief.

Although he initially declined, pressure came from other countries and Watanabe agreed.

initially written

She was initially written as a lesbian, but was revised as bisexual.

", which was initially written as a sort of response to the track "Whoa!"

The story was initially written in 1995–96 as a feature film script aimed at adults.

although initially   (mặc dù ban đầu)

Thus, he made his debut in drawing, although initially, he mainly drew billboards.

The storm never affected land, although initially there was a slight threat to Clarion Island.

FBI agents went there and, although initially reluctant, authorized a preliminary investigation.

initially stated

This specimen was initially stated to indicate a length of .

Officials initially stated that 4 people were killed by smoke inhalation.

The material base created was that initially stated as the project's goal and indeed of good quality.

initially introduced

The character of Josh was initially introduced as a bad boy of sorts.

It was initially introduced by Carlton & United Breweries in the 1970s.

In the books, the character is initially introduced in 1996's "A Game of Thrones".

initially titled

The film was initially titled "New York Beat", referencing the music.

The novel was initially titled "Meltdown" during the manuscript stage.

The film was initially titled as "Ramajayam" before retitled as "Rishi".

initially settled

It was initially settled by Turks and later by Muslim Albanians.

The area was initially settled in 1839, with the town laid out in 1849.

The Arabs initially settled in the garrison towns rather than on scattered estates.

initially remained

Control of the executive initially remained with the Governor General.

Italy initially remained neutral, although it had an alliance with Austria-Hungary.

After the outbreak of World War II, he initially remained in command of "Königsberg".

initially lived

They initially lived in South Gate, California.

The family initially lived in Germany.

William initially lived in Deptford, but subsequently moved to Kent.

initially hesitant   (do dự ban đầu)

Although initially hesitant, Shailendra Babu agreed to produce the film.

Chaplin was initially hesitant about accepting but decided to return to the US for the first time in 20 years.

Shroff was initially hesitant to do the film because he did not want to get typecast in the elder brother role.

initially struggled

He initially struggled with the cultural change.

Dallas initially struggled on both sides of the ball.

The Ravens initially struggled with a record of 4–7 but managed to finish with an 8–8 record.

initially working

Célico moved to El Nacional in 2006, initially working with the youth setup.

Two years later, he became a publicist for Union Theatres, initially working as an assistant to Gayne Dexter.

Sunderland's athletic career formed the base for a broadcast career, initially working as a volleyball commentator.

initially sought

Franco initially sought support from various groups.

He initially sought out William deMille.

Hall initially sought to appeal to the State Council of the LCL.

initially came

Lighting initially came from candles and oil lamps, with heating by coal fire.

The four siblings initially came together as a musical unit in 1979 to record "Children Playing in the Streets".

During the Second World War Guadeloupe initially came under the control of the Vichy government, later joining Free France in 1943.

initially referred

The attack was initially referred to as an accident.

The station was initially referred to as 'Chard Joint'.

The settlement was initially referred to as "the newe towne".

initially buried

She was initially buried in an unmarked grave.

Johnston was initially buried in New Orleans.

He was initially buried in the Basilica di Sant'Agostino.

initially became

She initially became engaged to her boyfriend, Tony, though the couple split up.

She initially became famous for playing the main role in the religious drama "Ivanna".

She graduated from Freedman's in 1896 and initially became a private nurse in Washington.