İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

input and output   (giriş ve çıkış)

Each Data store must have input and output flow.

For input and output interrupts, almost any solution works.

Punched cards were used for input and output on the IBM 650.

input data   (veri girişi)

LITTLE_R's improvement again makes it easier for users to input data.

Usually, two C structs will be defined, one for the input data and one for the output data.

This is wrong because, this power increase allows working with large input data (big data).

input signal   (Giriş sinyali)

The input signal to an LTI system can be expressed as a function, formula_52.

The input signal is coupled through capacitor C1 to the base of transistor Q1.

A 'non-inverting' amplifier maintains the phase of the input signal waveforms.

input voltage   (Giriş gerilimi)

Typically, as the input voltage increases, progressively more diodes conduct.

This causes negative feedback, and the output voltage tends to follow the input voltage.

A non-zero value for "h" means the output voltage affects the input voltage, that is, this amplifier is bilateral.

sensory input   (sensör girişi)

This was a form of extended sensory input.

The spinal cord is the pathway for sensory input to the brain and motor output from the brain.

Sensory-motor map In robotics one often combines external sensory input and motor kinematics.

user input   (kullanıcı girişi)

The edges of the mask are defined by user input, aka.

Virtually all personal computers use a keyboard and mouse for user input.

The interpreter continues to read space-delimited words from the user input device.

energy input

Reducing unwanted heating or cooling energy input.

Various sources of energy input and output are continuously measured.

The vast majority of this energy input comes from fossil fuel sources.

input impedance   (giriş empedansı)

Up to the MHz range only "discrete" properties need be considered; e.g., a terminal has an input impedance.

Bilateral amplifier input impedance depends on the load, and output impedance on the signal source impedance.

This was often necessary in the early days of bipolar transistors, which inherently have quite a low input impedance.

input method

These monitors use touching of the screen as an input method.

The X-Fi2 features a full touchscreen user input mode, unlike the original's keypad-esque input method.

Most if not all modern implementations use standard keyboard layouts, with special mappings or input method editors to access non-ASCII characters.