Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

inside and outside   (dentro y fuera)

All men are allowed inside and outside of the cage.

This includes piping inside and outside of buildings.

There is a fitness center inside and outside the mountain.

located inside   (ubicado dentro)

It is located inside the Singalila National Park.

The temple tank is located inside the premises.

ROI is located inside a small radio quiet zone.

both inside   (ambos adentro)

It was in stark contrast to the old church, both inside and out.

It is noteworthy for its unique use of colors both inside and outside.

Similar motifs are seen both inside and outside, at the platform level.

just inside   (justo adentro)

It stands just inside the main entrance to the estate.

Route 10 continued to Kenilworth, just inside the District Line.

A road surrounds the Alert Area just inside the security fence."

placed inside   (colocado dentro)

A small glyph placed inside another is called an "infix."

The grenades were placed inside hollowed out orange peels.

To play, a picture card is placed inside a larger word card.

trapped inside   (atrapado adentro)

Priya is trapped inside, having been crushed by falling debris.

The girls park the car and make sure that no one is trapped inside.

Hansen, who enjoyed the outdoors, felt trapped inside his workplace.

found inside

The Abbey is found inside a private walled estate.

Charcoal and stonehammers were found inside the tip.

No bird remains were found inside the engines.

inside the top

It spent a total of thirty weeks inside the top 10.

It spent a total of 20 weeks inside the top 50.

Then in the next two races, he finished inside the top 7.

inside forward   (dentro hacia adelante)

His regular position was as an inside forward.

His regular position was at right-half or inside forward.

He could play at centre and inside forward.

inside the building

Since 1993, a restaurant operates inside the building.

There are showers and changing rooms inside the building.

What happens inside the building drives the way the outside looks."

inside the city

Only the last was actually inside the city walls.

Snowfall inside the city of Los Angeles is rare.

Deriades drives the Bacchantes inside the city walls.

inside the house

While Harper is inside the house he hears gunshots.

He and Makoy then come back inside the house.

He assures that nothing will be boring while he's inside the house.

inside the church

However there are Democrat supporters inside the church.

There are no aisles, and inside the church is a hammerbeam roof.

As the explosion happened, multiple people inside the church began to panic.

back inside   (volver adentro)

After five years, more than half are back inside.

He and Makoy then come back inside the house.

With other students, they were instructed to go back inside.

place inside   (colocar dentro)

These five matches took place inside an 18-day period.

This bombing was unprecedented, as it took place inside Israeli territory.

This song's shooting took place inside the fort at Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.

deep inside

He dived down deep inside the river.

However, deep inside him there is a certain element of dignity and nobility.

These particles are very small and can bury themselves deep inside the lungs.

inside the final

She started slowly, but took the lead inside the final furlong and won by two lengths from Jaljuli.

Starting the 15/8 favourite, she took the lead inside the final furlong and won by half a length from Sunlight.

Ridden by Piggott Humble Duty took the lead inside the final quarter mile and drew well clear of her opponents.

hidden inside

The authorities later discovered more than 700 pounds of cannabis hidden inside the truck.

Choribdongi whispered to Wang Janggun that his sister was carefully hidden inside an old writing box.

The tape-recorded message was usually hidden inside an everyday object such as a bicycle, typewriter, or toy.

people inside

There were about fifty people inside.

The police charged the people inside the Sweet house with murder.

The roof then came crashing back down and buried two people inside.

up inside

The roof is also tiled, and held up inside by crown posts.

John Stewart walks away, torn up inside by his failure at Xanshi.

It also can be set up inside an available building instead of the tents.

still inside   (todavía dentro)

The clerk, still inside, phoned the police.

He wasn't aware that Bob was still inside, and thought that the suit was on fire.

As he writhed on the ground in pain, the car exploded with his daughter still inside.

inside linebacker   (apoyador interno)

Burks entered training camp slated as a backup inside linebacker.

Before the 2013 season, Hall was moved from defensive end to inside linebacker.

He switched from the outside to inside linebacker position for the Redskins' defensive scheme.

built inside

Another studio of about was built inside the Tomis cinema.

There were clear rules how houses could be built inside the bastide.

The studios were built inside a former church that had been deconsecrated.

inside the park

There are no stores or gas stations inside the park.

He also has an inside the park home run.

In 2004, İzmir Museum of History and Art was established inside the park.

get inside

Visitors are allowed to get inside each aircraft.

So at least I could get inside the casting agents again."

He wanted to get inside the school.

inside or outside   (dentro o fuera)

All shipping vessels could have egg masses, inside or outside the ship.

Whether inside or outside matters little, the same will continue to speak, support, play.

This prevents any part of a hand being crushed near the hinges – either inside or outside.

inside the temple

According to some writers, he raped Cassandra inside the temple.

The eight idols adorning the pillars inside the temple are of ashta Lakshmi.

The temple has three water bodies located at various places inside the temple.

inside the body

These vibrate to produce sound inside the body.

It was stabilized by iron bars inside the body.

The field is therefore zero at all places inside the body.

go inside

Bulletman and Bulletgirl go inside the shack.

Val and Doc go inside and subdue the men.

The inside of the pagoda is solid, and one can not go inside.

inside information   (información interna)

Jason LaCanfora gives leaguewide updates and inside information.

They typically act on inside information with cooperation of a police official.

By secretly giving inside information to the Komnenoi, Maria was an invaluable ally.

lead inside   (conducir adentro)

She started slowly, but took the lead inside the final furlong and won by two lengths from Jaljuli.

Starting the 15/8 favourite, she took the lead inside the final furlong and won by half a length from Sunlight.

Ridden by Piggott Humble Duty took the lead inside the final quarter mile and drew well clear of her opponents.

inside right

His regular position was as an inside right.

The balcony shelters the carport's entranceway and its pedestrian entrance on the inside right.

inside left

He began his football career playing as an inside left for Wadsley Bridge.

Tindill was top scorer with 18 goals scored while playing mainly at inside right and inside left.

Because Ronnie Rooke, the club's player-manager, was established at centre forward, Taft played at inside left for Bedford.

fit inside

The blow caused so much bruising that Todd's foot could not fit inside his cricket boots.

CLTs are able to fire other small munitions able to fit inside the -diameter, -long tubes.

The smaller "heel" at the base of the bullet was sized to fit inside the brass case at approximately .430".

locked inside

Suddenly the door to the tunnel closes and they are locked inside.

Michael is locked inside the home with "Nithya" curiously looking at him.

Selbit's assistant was locked inside a closed wooden crate and could not be seen.

inside the country   (dentro del pais)

He was one of the first Syrian activists inside the country to speak to the Media using his real name.

Currently the main task of the Chadian military is to combat the various rebel forces inside the country.

In 1964 CSLA claimed that they had organized the return of 4,000 Angolan workers, to build CSLA organization inside the country.

pressure inside   (presión dentro)

This lowers the pressure inside the mouth, sucking the prey inside.

The air pressure inside the bulb needs to strike a balance between too low and too high.

Some motorcycles allow adjustment of pre-load by changing the air pressure inside the forks.

inside the cell

The algae live inside the cell, in the cytoplasm.

Austin and Rock had a stare down inside the cell and traded blows.

Others possess a single flagellum that is kept inside the cell wall.

situated inside

These are actually situated inside the crest, above the eye sockets.

The Office of the Chief Minister is situated inside Komtar in George Town.

As a result, a problem arose, due to the burial vaults being situated inside the city.

inside the box

Every Peter Millar shipment includes a signature mint inside the box.

The little boy got the surprise toy that was inside the box he asked to open it.

Although instructed not to look inside the box, she opens it, and Psyche is overcome by a never-ending sleep.

inside the fort

Their squad leader goes inside the fort to recon and is captured.

This song's shooting took place inside the fort at Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.

There is nothing inside the fort other than dead corpses of the children and women"!

inside the main   (dentro de la principal)

It stands just inside the main entrance to the estate.

Instead, these weather reports are done from inside the main news studio.

A portrait of Dr. Munson hangs inside the main lobby of Munson Medical Center.

inside the walls

By the 15th century, the church stood inside the walls of the city.

The large rectangular building is 110.5 m long inside the walls, and 33 m wide.

The abbey was transferred to inside the walls of the Dominican convent of preachers, built in 1221.

held inside

For most of its lifetime, the pebble would be held inside its "life jacket".

Females are held inside a log to stimulate the fighting males with their pheromones.

This was the first ever professional rugby league match to be held inside County Durham.

inside the car

The fakir is almost killed while he is inside the car.

The color tone inside the car varies depending on the railway operator.

living inside

There were these huge culvert pipes and all the migrants were living inside culverts.

According to the CIA, an estimated total number of people living inside Afghanistan was 31,822,848.

This event is called "endosymbiosis", or "cell living inside another cell with a mutual benefit for both".

stored inside

Some Logitech peripherals allow a receiver to be stored inside.

The sculpture was stored inside the private studio of its artist, Jonas Roces.

Documents classified as "Secret" were securely stored inside two large vaults.

live inside

The algae live inside the cell, in the cytoplasm.

live inside the sponges, feeding almost exclusively on the worms.

Six sand tiger sharks, 5 sandbar sharks and over 1000 fish live inside this tank.

goes inside

She goes inside and sees Otto who's smiling warmly.

Rahul goes inside and sees Anu climbing a ladder.

Bugs goes inside while Elmer hops out the window.

inside the cave   (dentro de la cueva)

The average temperature inside the cave is about 3°C.

Many bones could be found inside the cave.

While she was inside, her lantern blew out despite no breeze inside the cave.

outside and inside   (afuera y dentro)

The perigon is densely hairy on the outside and inside by crooked trichomes.

He organized demonstrations outside and inside the Soviet Embassy and at public events involving Soviet officials.

Pressure from both outside and inside the Dutch Reformed Calvinist church helped reverse apartheid in South Africa.

inside wall

Brad Keselowski made a narrow escape, squeezing past and nearly grazing the inside wall that borders pit road.

The two paired anchors are connected within the left ventricle, pulling the outside wall into contact with the inside wall.

The optical chamber ("camera ottica") has an optical system that projects to an inside wall a view of the town through mirrors and a prism.

space inside

There is a space inside for storage.

The usable space inside this mosque is on the first floor and on the second floor.

The engine was moved forward in the chassis to provide better space inside the cab.

inside each

Visitors are allowed to get inside each aircraft.

November 3, 1915 – Both teams fumbled inside each other's 10-yard line in this 0–0 game played at EIU.

The city consists of several transparent domes, inside each of which the climate is carefully controlled.

set inside

The Kent storm cellar was built as a cover set inside the farm's barn.

The game appears to be set inside a holographic simulator, like the holodeck on "".

Frequently they had sharpened stakes set inside them as an extra obstacle to attackers.

housed inside

The main school building is housed inside Sct.

The primary mirrors are housed inside a “cell” which protect the mirrors.

The electronics were housed inside the "Warm Electronics Box" inside the rover.

weeks inside

It spent a total of thirty weeks inside the top 10.

It spent a total of 20 weeks inside the top 50.

It spent 4 further weeks inside the top-ten.

area inside

Instead, it maintains a staging area inside the data warehouse itself.

The first area inside the entrance contains two shell hoists which serves the south gun.

Embankments would have been built on the sands, with the area inside of these reclaimed.

inside the prison   (dentro de la prisión)

The nun agrees and they mate inside the prison secretly.

There are limited refreshment facilities available in the Visits Hall inside the prison.

Simonsen told the warden there was a disturbance inside the prison and that someone had been knifed.

inside the vehicle

Its infantry can fire their personal weapons from inside the vehicle.

The weapons station is controlled by an operator viewing a monitor inside the vehicle.

A standard TOW ground mount is carried inside the vehicle which enables the TOW system to be deployed away from the vehicle.