İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

inspired many   (çok ilham verdi)

ALGOL 60 inspired many languages that followed it.

Sufi spiritualism inspired many Bengali Muslim writers.

The beauty of famed courtesans has inspired many a song.

inspired to write   (yazmaya ilham verdi)

Just as Bates had been inspired to write her poem, Ward, too, was inspired.

Prince said he was inspired to write the rock song while listening to John Lennon.

He was inspired to write this work by news that arrived of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

partly inspired   (kısmen ilham verdi)

It is also partly inspired by the anime series Attack on Titan.

It was partly inspired by Brexit.

"Jabberwocky" may have been partly inspired by the legend of the Lambton Worm.

song was inspired

The song was inspired by the British 1980s Punk rock era.

Mendes said that the song was inspired by the Manchester Arena bombing in May 2017.

According to Anderson, the song was inspired by Daisy Chainsaw vocalist KatieJane Garside.

heavily inspired

1 sonata was heavily inspired by this work.

The gameplay of "Thrust" was heavily inspired by Atari's "Gravitar".

(Santa Cruz-area station KPIG-FM was heavily inspired by the legacy of KFAT.)

partially inspired

This is partially inspired by Sibelius' 7th symphony.

This episode was partially inspired by Miller's comics.

Settle, was partially inspired by "Beavis and Butt-Head".

directly inspired

The track was directly inspired by The Cure song, "The Love Cats".

The resumption of the northern enterprise, opposed by Rupert and directly inspired by Digby, led to nothing.

Most of his songs were in Piedmontese language and were directly inspired by French chanson and chansonniers.

inspired to create

She was inspired to create this type of set after a trip to South Africa.

Lead organizer Christine Land was inspired to create the event back in 2000.

He was inspired to create Political Wire by a print Wall Street Journal column called Washington Wire.

name was inspired

His name was inspired by that of his dam Offshore Boom.

Her pen name was inspired by Britney Spears.

The name was inspired by Drum Corps International's "Summer Music Games" moniker.

inspired in part   (kısmen ilham aldı)

It was inspired in part by the Alan Turing Year.

It was inspired in part by William Morris' Red House.

Those sessions led to "Bad Witch", a studio album inspired in part by David Bowie.

inspired other   (diğer ilham verdi)

Prodhomme's success quickly inspired other chefs.

The ballerinas inspired other forms of art.

The quartet has also inspired other works.

film was inspired   (film ilham aldı)

The film was inspired by the Dos Palmas kidnappings.

The story of the film was inspired by the 1991 American film "What About Bob?"

The story of the film was inspired by the 1991 American film "What About Bob?".

loosely inspired

The film is loosely inspired by the true events.

It is loosely inspired by Baz Luhrmann's 1996 film "Romeo + Juliet".

It is named after—and loosely inspired by—King's House in Salisbury, England.

inspired several

Delphic themes inspired several graphic artists.

It has also inspired several other programming languages.

The Wilsons' story inevitably inspired several ghost stories.

largely inspired

The book was largely inspired by the work of the Brandt Commission on "North–South relations."

Sebastian Garcia among other authors repeat the tales, all of them largely inspired by the cited codex of 1714.

It is thought that Frost's own writing in "The Welchman" was largely inspired by the writings and speeches of William Cobbett.

later inspired

The same novel later inspired a 1937 film.

The engine later inspired the A-50 and subsequent engines.

His martyrdom later inspired Pritilata.

design was inspired

The design was inspired by the old Henninger Turm.

Oliver Jang's design was inspired by Jang Dongwoo.

ARU's design was inspired by IU (singer).

film inspired   (filmden ilham aldı)

The film inspired controversy on its release.

The short film inspired other filmmakers to try the technique.

O'Sullivan has said his love of silent film inspired the look.

inspired the creation

This journey inspired the creation of her piece, "My Brazil".

Baseball has also inspired the creation of new cultural forms.

Davis also inspired the creation of DC Inner City Excellence in Washington, DC.

work inspired   (esin kaynağı)

His work inspired a whole generation of Kitikmeot carvers.

Darwin's work inspired William James's functionalist approach to psychology.

His work inspired Dorothy L. Sayers to undertake her translation of "The Divine Comedy".

became inspired

Podgórski became inspired by the use of the game nim in the film after reading about its principles.

During the '64 race he became inspired to challenge the times set by the tea and wool clipper ships.

Dominic became inspired into a reforming zeal after they encountered Albigensian Christians at Toulouse.

song inspired

The song inspired the German experimental rock band Can.

The song inspired Steve Gerber's naming of Richard Rory.

The song is a fast, uptempo song inspired by a "classic metal" sound.

inspired to become   (olmak için ilham verdi)

He was inspired to become a writer at the age of 7 by his aunt and uncle, who lived with the Tofflers.

He was inspired to become a Christian while listening to one of Luis Palau's radio broadcasts in his car.

He was first inspired to become an actor after seeing Laurence Olivier's 1948 film performance of "Hamlet".

title was inspired   (başlık ilham aldı)

The title was inspired by an ex-boyfriend who had a breakdown.

The album's title was inspired by the Jay Z song "Beach Chair".

The film's title was inspired by the line, "Bring me my Chariot of fire!

album was inspired

The album was inspired by an Anne Briggs EP titled "The Hazards of Love".

The title of the album was inspired by Graham Greene's 1951 novel "The End of the Affair".

The album was inspired by considering the time when his daughters will leave out on their own as adults.

probably inspired   (muhtemelen ilham verdi)

As its name indicates, the Franzbrötchen was probably inspired by French pastries.

Milk is probably inspired by Caspar Milquetoast, a comic book character remarkably similar to him.

The map probably inspired the Greek historian Hecataeus of Miletus to draw a more accurate version.

music inspired

This music inspired musicians across the continent and eventually worldwide.

Her 2010 album, "Back2Back Palz", features these two singles, as well as 11 country music inspired songs.

Guillaume's music inspired Claussell's own album and Guillaume was part of a team associated with Claussell who worked together on many productions.

works inspired

Among other works inspired by the Furley case is Thomas Hood's poem "The Bridge of Sighs".

Some have simply used the title while others have created new works inspired by the original.

She began painting geometric works inspired by the favelas; her later work became more abstract.

inspired a number   (bir numaraya ilham verdi)

The group has inspired a number of actions.

Du Bois inspired a number of authors, including Drusilla Dunjee Houston.

Parker inspired a number of fictional characters in several plays of her day.

inspired the name

This term apparently also inspired the name of the alternate history book list, "".

Courtney's parents run a real estate business, which inspired the name of the band.

The eagle became a symbol of the company and inspired the name of American Eagle Airlines.

songs inspired

This features a range of songs inspired by Cornwall.

She wrote songs inspired by her life experiences, one song being titled "Make It Through The Race."

The band formed in 2011, with early songs inspired by the band members' Korean-Americans background.

divinely inspired   (İlahi ilham)

Some considered them divinely inspired, others rejected them.

While divinely inspired, the text stills consists of words in human languages, arranged in humanly recognizable forms.

Tigay argued that this concern reflects several premises and aims: (1) The Teaching is divinely inspired and authoritative.

often inspired   (genellikle ilham)

His playing is broadly sourced and often inspired".

The casting of a new Doctor has often inspired debate and speculation.

It is often inspired by science fiction themes and man/machine relations.