installed capacity   (設置容量)

The total installed capacity of MCL is 8.6 lakh tons.

The total installed capacity of MCL is 6.2 lakh tons.

The installed capacity of the plant is 950 megawatts.

system was installed

In 1998, the SP-521 combat data system was installed.

In 1974, an automated circulation system was installed.

The flotation system was installed by EuroTec Canada in 2013.

newly installed

A Vishnu Dhurga idol was newly installed.

This alteration, coupled with the newly installed casement windows was in the Second Empire style of architecture.

In 1815 Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, and the newly installed Bourbon king Louis XVIII took the restoration in hand.

installed along

Porous tubes are installed along a mortar course.

A telephone system was installed along the line for use in dispatching.

Ubuntu Touch can be installed along with Android, allowing dual booting.

total installed   (インストールされた合計)

The total installed capacity of MCL is 8.6 lakh tons.

The total installed capacity of MCL is 6.2 lakh tons.

The six units have a total installed capacity of 1020 MW.

organ was installed

A new 3 manual Lammermuir pipe organ was installed.

The Frobenius organ was installed in 1955.

installed during

An artificial turf field was installed during the summer of 2010.

A central heating plant was installed during the 1980s renovation.

The fixture had been installed during STS-134, the previous shuttle mission.

total installed capacity   (総設置容量)

The total installed capacity of MCL is 8.6 lakh tons.

The total installed capacity of MCL is 6.2 lakh tons.

The six units have a total installed capacity of 1020 MW.

not installed

Air conditioning is not installed.

Old Ebbitt's famous mahogany bar was not installed in the new location.

A Tactical Towed-Array Sonar System was planned but it is not installed yet.

installed a new

In 1986 ZAZ together with Comau installed a new production complex.

After Zelaya fled, the U.S. government installed a new puppet regime.

In 2011, the Brontë Society installed a new plaque at Anne Brontë's grave.

first installed

Floodlights were first installed in 1955.

The clock was first installed in 1822.

Guns were first installed here in 1864 to protect Esquimalt Harbour.

system installed

Only that section had the new signalling system installed.

More than 400 F-15Cs and F-15Es will have the system installed.

The #52 had a standard fuel system installed in October 1966 and was rerated to 5000 horsepower.

installed between

It was not until 1897 that a telephone line was installed between Cape Pembroke lighthouse and the police station.

CTC was installed between Frankton Junction and Taumarunui from 1954 to 1957 as well as Te Kauwhata-Amokura in 1954.

Thereafter, streets were platted and drainage ditches were installed between Western (2400 west) and Pulaski Road (4000 west).

originally installed

When the statue was originally installed it was gilded in gold.

These lines were originally installed over the Atglen and Susquehanna Branch.

Legend Shri Ramanath Deity was originally installed 3000 years B.C by Rama at Rameshwar.

installed outside   (外に設置)

No blocks are installed outside this area, however.

Both statues were installed outside the Darryl J.

They are ceramic mosaic on cement sculpture and installed outside the museum.

then installed

Umako then installed Emperor Sushun on the throne.

He then installed it in Shri Sode Vadiraja Mutt.

A smaller, more reliable garrison was then installed.

installed around   (周りに設置)

A tabernacle from Belgium was installed around 2011.

He also designed several rotundas for the new customs barriers installed around Paris between 1785-89.

Doylestown Central park has several fitness stations installed around the park along the walking trail.

installed the first

The company installed the first circular saw ever seen in Bristol.

The fort installed the first anti-submarine net in America in February 1917 stretching to Fort Wool.

In 1979 it installed the first ATM Bancomático in the country, which was also the first in South America.

engine was installed

A 650 cc engine was installed to create the Norton Manxman.

In some countries, such as Canada, it varied by what engine was installed.

A high pressure engine was installed to circulate a current of cold air chilled by eight tons of ice.

guns were installed

Six anti-aircraft guns were installed as well.

The guns were installed in 1884.

permanently installed

His collaborative art project "Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop" is permanently installed at the World Workers Museum in Steyr, Austria.

The history of mobile phones can be traced back to two-way radios permanently installed in vehicles such as taxicabs, police cruisers, railroad trains, and the like.

The D1 & D2 are portable EFISs that include a true AHRS and are suitable for use in any aircraft (including certified aircraft) as long as they are not permanently installed.

later installed

Houghton moved to Sweden with Malmö in 1974 and two years later installed Hodgson at Halmstad.

The TTC later installed a permanent tribute to Honest Ed's on the concourse level in a passage leading to the streetcar/bus platforms.

This was later installed in St. John's Church, Buckley in Flintshire, and then moved to St. Anne's Church, by Goetze and Gwynn in 1999.