many instances   (很多实例)

In many instances it was considered a mental deficency.

The jointed arm is replaced in many instances with a flexible shaft.

In many instances, the "message" within the song was simplistic or banal.

several instances   (几个实例)

There are several instances where pronouns cannot be omitted.

However, UNITA forces fought alongside FAZ forces in at least several instances.

There were several instances when women entered the camp, thus entering "male" space.

other instances   (其他情况)

No other instances of BrickerBot.4 were seen since.

There are other instances of mounted infantry predating this.

Numerous other instances exist.

few instances   (少数实例)

In a few instances entire families were wiped out.

There are a few instances of unreduced , in some words.

This version diverges from the novel in a few instances.

most instances

In most instances the cryogenic cycle is followed by a heat tempering procedure.

In most instances, the dogs do not wear any equipment (collars, vests, booties, etc.)

The presence of SS troops was a common element in most instances of all-out resistance.

both instances

Notably, both instances were with fledgling teams.

In both instances, Peter Davison was billed second.

St Lawrence qualified for the 10,000metres in both instances.

all instances

The rest of the binding process is similar in all instances.

Subsequent to this change, all instances of "*e" were replaced by "a".

In all instances, Ballesteros has never confirmed nor denied the rumors.

rare instances

In rare instances, this opacity is congenital.

In rare instances, a B unit will run at the front of a train.

In rare instances, nerve damage may lead to loss of feeling in the toes and a tingling sensation.

instances when

There were two instances when the blockade nearly turned violent.

There are, however, instances when they are considered near equivalent.

There were several instances when women entered the camp, thus entering "male" space.

numerous instances

This has been evidenced in numerous instances, in isolated island populations.

The numerous instances in which rape or murder is morally affected by social context call this into question.

There were numerous instances in sastras and puranas of women getting married again after the death of their first husband.

such instances

Slovak tends to match South Slavic in such instances, e.g.

In such instances, the player can restart the level with all characters again.

Clare also explores the experience of having one's beliefs challenged, and how to handle such instances.

multiple instances

Today, the gang has been responsible for multiple instances of brutality.

On the other hand, some ADTs cannot be meaningfully defined without assuming multiple instances.

The film followed the novel closely, with multiple instances of dialogue taken directly from the page.