İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

used instead   (onun yerine kullanılmış)

In some places, sticks are used instead of swords.

The letter "h" is used instead, as in modern print.

Internal stairs were used instead of ladders from .

instead of using   (kullanmak yerine)

instead of using a darning egg.

Bagh instead of using the bus.

Penn surprised Fitch by taking him to the ground instead of using his stand up skills.

instead of just   (sadece yerine)

These days everyone tries to fit in, instead of just being themselves.

In it she encouraged women to study butterflies instead of just collecting them.

Each participant had five seconds to look at a slide instead of just one second.

instead used   (onun yerine kullanılmış)

Treaties instead used terms such as "seat of government."

It was instead used as a munitions depot.

instead of having   (sahip olmak yerine)

What if instead of having them get married, Michael only dreams of getting married?

The main twist this season is instead of having the two traditional tribes, there are three in this season.

It is a positive integer and dimensionless (instead of having dimension of mass), because it expresses a count.

instead chose

Clear Channel instead chose the call sign KTCN for 1130.

They instead chose to resume the match after a twenty-minute delay.

Tiatia instead chose to pursue a career in modeling in her teens and early twenties.

instead decided   (yerine karar verdi)

By the time he was able to marry her, however, he instead decided to become a celibate priest.

Of Jewish birth, she instead decided to voluntarily enter the Jewish Vilna ghetto in September 1942.

He abandoned the idea of entering the clergy in 1735, and instead decided to study at the Paris Law Faculty.

decided instead

The British decided instead to land an army under Sir Ralph Abercromby at Abukir Bay.

Boeing decided instead to pursue a shortened four-engine 747, resulting in the 747SP.

Agnes demanded Włostowic's death, but her husband decided instead to make an example of him.

instead became

Williams instead became known for wearing glasses with a frosted lens.

What started as a hobby instead became a successful campus organization.

In 1989, he chose not to run again, and instead became a judge of Quebec Court.

choosing instead   (bunun yerine seçme)

However, the FTL did not join USI, choosing instead to remain autonomous.

He did not pursue a university education, choosing instead to open a hardware store.

Behrens never lived in it, choosing instead to sell it shortly after the exhibition.

chose instead

1, chose instead to keep the No.

The daughter of a painter father, MacNeil chose instead to work in sculpture.

He was offered a new contract but chose instead to go back to England in 1965.

instead went

The role instead went to Butch Patrick.

The role instead went to Roy Marsden.

Roop instead went down two weight classes to bantamweight and faced Eddie Wineland.

instead using

The EuroStar has no doors, instead using large fabric panels.

Unusually, the deck has no balsa core, instead using solid glassfibre construction.

They rarely come to the ground, instead using their long arms to brachiate through the trees.

instead of going

Other prisoners were burned, instead of going to Fort Monroe as ordered.

It was a really hopeful time, and things were going up instead of going down.

He was then 38 years old, and instead of going in first-wicket-down as he did for his club, batted at nine and 10.

instead only   (bunun yerine sadece)

He instead only recognised five candidates as legitimate.

The station is not staffed, instead only being equipped with a ticket vending machine.

EMD used no such identification, and instead only kept track of the marketing name (e.g.

so instead

from Disney so instead focused on original projects.

We thought it would be a little strange if we gave Godzilla a daughter, so instead we gave him a son".

They found their shells had no effect on the armoured sides of the ships, so instead aimed at masts and rigging.

instead joined

He instead joined up with League Two side Barnet.

In 1906 Ross resigned from the bank, and instead joined the Wheat City Flour Mills Company.

They instead joined the Canterbury Rugby League and Devine followed, converting to rugby league.

instead use

Ebizō had formerly been written as "海老蔵", but the new Ebizō would instead use "鰕蔵".

As even the most massive atoms are far too light to work with directly, chemists instead use the unit of moles.

Some so-called "sawing" illusions do not actually involve a saw but instead use plain blades or blunt dividing panels.

opting instead   (onun yerine seçmek)

In 2016, State Representative Mike Hill did not run for re-election, opting instead to run for State Senator.

Travis declared for the 2018 NBA draft, but did not sign with an agent; opting instead to return for his redshirt-senior year.

The Saudi monarch refused bin Laden's offer, opting instead to allow US and allied forces to deploy troops into Saudi territory.

instead took

Antonucci refused to give it, and instead took the show to Cartoon Network.

From 1966, he instead took the lead on railway-related workers in the union.

As a result, he instead took command of the aircraft carrier on 30 June 1942.

preferring instead   (onun yerine tercih etmek)

Similarly, Chang generally refused to sell his works, preferring instead to gain income through other means.

However, the label has gradually departed from this model, preferring instead to sign production contracts when possible.

Most scholars reject these accounts as no more than hearsay, preferring instead the account given by Attila's contemporary Priscus.

instead opted   (onun yerine seçti)

He lost his state sports scholarship and instead opted for a purely academic one.

When Baer instead opted to fight James J. Braddock, they withdrew recognition of him as champion.

He had waived his right to a jury trial and instead opted to have the case heard solely by a judge.

instead of taking   (almak yerine)

Sonny finds out that Carmel has used a doll instead of taking Kathleen-Angel.

In contra dance, instead of taking one's corner's hand, one grasps the wrist of the next dancer.

He later returns home in a drunken stupor, lamenting that he fought the case instead of taking a deal.

instead focused

from Disney so instead focused on original projects.

Eradication was abandoned in 1969 and attention instead focused on controlling and treating the disease.

It was widely admired, but most historians did not try to replicate it and instead focused on their specialized monographs.

instead made   (bunun yerine yapıldı)

He instead made his way to Essendon, in the 1992 Mid-Season Draft.

Saturday's winner's bracket semifinal was instead made the championship match.

Firefighters instead made firebreaks in the roof on September 12 to prevent further spreading.

instead focusing

In July 2001, ceased deep linking to Ticketmaster, instead focusing on its own ticket offerings.

Milan fell away, instead focusing their efforts on the European Cup, and it seemed that Cagliari would retain top spot.

Anthony Albanese accused union powerbrokers of not listening to the electorate and instead focusing on its own ructions.

chosen instead

Many philosophers have chosen instead to leave some terms undefined.

Subsequently, Charles Asgill was chosen instead, by a drawing of lots from a hat.

In the event, Canterbury was chosen instead of London, owing to political circumstances.

instead signed

He instead signed a contract with Stoke City with a fee of £1.75 million being set at a tribunal.

At the end of the campaign, Rougier was not offered a new contract, and instead signed with Brentford.

However, not long after, it was announced that Jhingan had instead signed for Mumbai for the rest of the I-League campaign.

instead opting   (yerine tercih etmek)

Norfolk Southern instead opting for more SD70ACe Tier-4 credit locomotives.

In contrast to Cuyonon, Ratagnon dropped the schwa /ë/ sound, instead opting for a “u/o” sound.

Bencic did not play again on the junior tour until May 2013, instead opting to focus on professional events.

instead focus   (bunun yerine odaklan)

These names do not use the name "Confucius" at all, but instead focus on the ideal of the Confucian man.

In 1997, Roberts quit graduate school to instead focus on children's music and record his first album, "Great Big Sun".

On November 20, 2009 the comic went on hiatus, with the author writing that she would instead focus on her band, Absinthe Junk.

given instead

If such date is unknown, the date of publication is given instead.

Richie prays that whatever fate awaits him be given instead to Eddie.

Cisplatin ("Platinol") was given instead of carboplatin ("Paraplatin").

instead choosing

He did not seek re-election in 1977, instead choosing to step aside for party leader Sterling Lyon.

He did not plan out in advance what would happen in the series, instead choosing to draw as he went.

ZIPGUN was one of a number of Seattle bands that avoided the prevailing musical trend, instead choosing to play punk rock.

instead sent

He was instead sent to a desk job in the war supplies department.

Tres Way tried for his first career field goal but instead sent it flying to the left.

When the United States government blocked his admission, he was instead sent to a military college in Russia.

instead played

The concert was instead played in the summer of 2009.

He did not make the team and instead played professionally for 13 seasons in the UK, Poland and Dominican Republic.

However, he failed to receive more call-up from U20 nor U21 and instead played for Italy U20 "C", the youth representatives from Serie C only.

instead uses

It instead uses secondary treated sewage water in its cooling system.

Modern fiction instead uses the word "gnomess" to refer to female gnomes.

STORM instead uses immunolabeling of endogenous molecules in the sample with antibodies tagged with organic fluorophores.

instead appointed

Sassou Nguesso instead appointed Ossébi as Ambassador to UNESCO in 2017.

In mid-February 1997, he was instead appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

He was instead appointed temporarily acting governor before the new elections.

instead began

Gates was unwilling to help, and instead began humanitarian aid efforts in Africa and China.

Kenen never complied with the order, but instead began working on public relations for the American Zionist Council (AZC).

Following boundary changes, he instead began representing Lewisham South on the LCC, and in 1948, he became chair of the council.

instead turned

Draper instead turned the letters over to the police.

When she got it, she instead turned the Groac'h into a toad with it.

After World War One the yard stopped manufacturing ships and instead turned to repair work.

system instead

The five-vowel system instead conforms to the prototypical system of the Oceanic area .

Unemployment funds do not pay benefits to sick members, who will be transferred to a municipal social support system instead.

The tax is so high that essentially all beverage manufacturers and importers opt to join the Palpa system instead of paying the excise tax.

instead moved

Some men instead moved on to posts in Imperial administration, especially as procurator.

In 1811, during the French invasion, was instead moved into the Community of Pian di Sco.

After the 2007 season he rejected a new contract and instead moved to Ham-Kam on a Bosman transfer.

instead of making

A very strong B-Der himself, but he is the type that rather be alone instead of making friends.

But instead of making the film interesting, they have only turned it into a long and dreary affair."

It seeks to rearm the military and form a Nordic defense alliance, instead of making Sweden dependent on NATO.

instead of simply

DXC’s key to success was to help people build careers in a supported environment instead of simply providing jobs.

Moreover, instead of simply bypassing the Polish positions, the Russian commander decided to attack them frontally.

that the poles have formula_41, where formula_42 is a fixed value strictly greater than zero, instead of simply asking that formula_43.

instead found

The troops instead found themselves commandeered by Mao Zedong and marched south up into the Jinggang mountains.

Riders instead found themselves engaged in verbal and physical altercations with motorists and police, as well as among themselves.

Captain Henry Darby on "Bellerophon" missed his intended anchor near "Franklin" and instead found his ship underneath the main battery of the French flagship.

instead given

The name Bito was then instead given to one of Fuka's trainees as a ring name.

SGA is only weakly active orally, and is instead given as a subcutaneous implant.

Buland, Larsson and Vestli were later reprieved, and instead given a lifelong jail sentence.

instead ran

Peugeot instead ran a third 905 Evo 1B for the home crowd in the race.

(Bernsen instead ran unsuccessfully for Texas Land Commissioner, losing that race to Jerry E.

Term limits prevented her from seeking a third Senate term in 2006; she instead ran unsuccessfully for Secretary of State.

instead of only   (sadece yerine)

Players were now allowed forward passing in the offensive zone, instead of only in the defensive and neutral zones.

With Saxe-Weimer's army France began involving itself directly into the war, instead of only subsidizing the Swedes.

Part of the Commodore 64's success was its sale in regular retail stores instead of only electronics or computer hobbyist specialty stores.

opted instead

Universal wanted Eastwood to shoot the feature on its back lot, but Eastwood opted instead to film on location.

DiLeo opted instead to return to the Sixers' front office as senior vice president and assistant general manager.

Seeing that this was impractical and would draw Frankish attention to himself, he opted instead for the title of "princeps" (prince).

instead of trying   (denemek yerine)

Most times, accomplished players choose to position balls near their pocket instead of trying to actually pocket them.

He explained that "instead of trying to explain mystical experience," he "tr[ies] to create a context and a vocabulary that maybe gets at [a philosophy] slightly more."

In 1958–59 he played too defensively and surrendered the initiative too readily to Richie Benaud and he concentrated on saving runs instead of trying to get batsmen out.

focusing instead

poems 63 and 64), focusing instead on small-scale personal themes.

They did not often use vases, focusing instead on garlands and wreaths.

The film abandoned the love letters that had formed much of the source material, focusing instead on actions.

instead relying

As designed, it was similar to Twitter, but with no advertising, instead relying on user and developer subscriptions.

It is rare for Japanese rural prefectures to have access to substantial fiscal resources, instead relying upon the national government.

During the two-year period, Marcel was unable to walk unaided for approximately twelve months, instead relying on the use of two walking sticks.


This freed Andreas – instead of soldiering – to pursue a career closer to his heart.

Sunday and Monday did not include a Daily Show – instead a recap of the day was merged into the Sunday and Monday live shows.

So when saying “Bismillahi”, the Lām should not be pronounced with a heavy emphasis – instead, just with the tip of the tongue.

name instead

In September 1833 occurred the first use of "Yorkshire" as the team name instead of "Sheffield".

She chose to exhibit under her full maiden name instead of using a pseudonym or her married name.

The reason was Tsuchiura always called her by her last name, but Mizue called him in his first name instead.

instead faced

Zingano instead faced Raquel Pennington at on October 6, 2012.

Rivera instead faced Costas Philippou.

Minakov instead faced Tim Johnson.

instead of relying   (güvenmek yerine)

The firm also uses a multiple-manager approach instead of relying on a single fund manager for almost all its offerings.

It's possible that the best treatment for Aphasia might involve combining drug treatment with therapy, instead of relying on one over the other.

The 1950s was chosen because the detective could solve puzzles using his mind and knowledge of human nature instead of relying on modern technology.

instead of returning

The state of Arizona sought disgorgement instead of returning funds to consumers.

Some Australians later joined local South African irregular units, instead of returning home after discharge.

He had given a loan of 10 crores to Damania and his friends but they killed him instead of returning the loan.

perching instead only   (sadece tıraşlama)

These birds have very short legs and never settle voluntarily on the ground, perching instead only on vertical surfaces.

perching instead   (bunun yerine tıraşlama)

These birds have very short legs and never settle voluntarily on the ground, perching instead only on vertical surfaces.

beaks instead   (bunun yerine gagalar)

They differ from hawks, eagles and kites in that they kill with their beaks instead of their talons.

They differ from hawks, eagles, and kites in that they kill with their beaks instead of their talons.

instead proposed

Santanché opposed Storace's political line and instead proposed an alliance with the PdL.

Christie instead proposed cutting taxes "across the board," although he refused to say by how much.

NSB therefore rejected taking over the line and instead proposed running a bus service from Tønsberg to Auli twice per day.

instead called

The police instead called in the parish constable for Richmond.

If the likelihood is 100%, then "x" is instead called sufficient.

Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock instead called them mainstream films with transgressive elements.