research institute   (研究所)

The OIB is an interdisciplinary research institute.

A missionary research institute was established in 1989.

He proceeded to study traffic accidents at a research institute in Indiana University.

religious institute   (宗教研究所)

It is a Catholic religious institute.

Sisters of St Rita The Sisters of Saint Rita are a Roman Catholic religious institute.

A group of nuns from the religious institute of the Religious of the Sacred Heart (R.S.C.J.)

training institute   (研修所)

Industrial training institute was opened in 2007.

There is also an Industrial training institute.

In 2014 MITI was upgraded to an advanced training institute.

educational institute   (教育機関)

In the year 1922, he founded an educational institute.

The main educational institute is Thangal Secondary School (TSS), Vadakkangara.

Shree Rameshwari Higher Secondary School is the main educational institute of Ghodagaun.

institute offers   (研究所の申し出)

The institute offers 3 training courses as full-time.

The institute offers the following courses:

The institute offers both full-time and part-time programmes.

institute located   (研究所)

NIOM was established in 1972, as a joint Nordic institute located close to Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo.

The Nature Institute The Nature Institute is a research institute located in Ghent, New York that was founded in 1998.

Westwood High School (Michigan) Westwood High School is a four-year educational institute located in Ishpeming Township, Michigan, USA.

institute was founded   (研究所が設立されました)

The institute was founded as by A.

The institute was founded by British conservative Benjamin Harnwell.

The institute was founded in 1983 by Erhard W. Fischer and Gerhard Wegner.

institute of higher   (高等研究所)

Bury College Bury College is an institute of higher learning for ages 16 and above.

In the United States, a certificate may be offered by an institute of higher education.

Found in 1918 by Chandra Shumsher, it is the oldest institute of higher learning in Nepal.

institute was established   (研究所が設立されました)

The institute was established on November 29, 1957.

A missionary research institute was established in 1989.

The institute was established in July 1998 by founder Er.

education institute   (教育機関)

In the 1940s the University of Sarajevo became the city's first secular higher education institute.

The Eritrea Institute of Technology is currently the biggest higher education institute in the country.

Child Development Center: 6 Government education institute: There lies more than 10 government education institute.