İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

educational institutions   (Eğitim Kurumları)

Vazhoor have a number of educational institutions.

The city has a variety of educational institutions.

Some of the educational institutions in Puri are:

financial institutions   (finansal Kurumlar)

Cryan was head of UBS's financial institutions group.

16 out of 50 financial institutions faced bankruptcy.

Nine financial institutions received funds on October 28, 2008.

other institutions   (diğer kurumlar)

This letter opened up many doors in the SvFF and other institutions.

Like the other institutions, the Parliament's seat was not yet fixed.

Casinos and other institutions for gambling might also be monopolized.

education institutions   (eğitim kurumları)

It is one of India's oldest education institutions.

Alexandria has a number of higher education institutions.

Greater Cleveland is home to several higher education institutions.

institutions such   (kurumlar böyle)

To accommodate the union, institutions such as the law and national churches of each remained separate.

Subsequently, art institutions such as the Groninger Museum began to acquire garments from the designers.

The ADDM, jointly with other institutions such as the Barcelona City Council, created the Foundation in 1996.

academic institutions   (akademik enstitüler)

Hafun has a number of academic institutions.

It was established by big names in academic institutions.

It is a centre of academic institutions and other offices.

institutions of higher

Notable institutions of higher education include:

Sønderborg hosts several institutions of higher education.

Downtown is home to three institutions of higher learning.

higher education institutions

Alexandria has a number of higher education institutions.

Greater Cleveland is home to several higher education institutions.

Her books are widely used as textbooks in higher education institutions.

cultural institutions   (kültürel kurumlar)

The following cultural institutions are based in Lamego:

There are several cultural institutions in and around the city.

Australian Jewry has a number of important social and cultural institutions.

public institutions   (kamu kurumları)

Family administrations now became public institutions.

1 among public institutions and tied for fourth overall.

11 among public institutions and tied for twenty-first overall.

research institutions   (araştırma kurumları)

Nagoya is one of the top research institutions in Japan.

It receives scientific support by a variety of German and foreign research institutions.

He developed a good reputation and made initial contacts with universities and research institutions.

religious institutions   (dini kurumlar)

The confiscation of religious institutions continued unabated.

Among active religious institutions, it typically lasted 4–6 months.

The vaqf is a traditional source of financial support for all religious institutions.

institutions including

The test is supported by more than 700 institutions including the California State University system.

She founded several institutions including Norland Place School and, most notably, the Norland Institute.

In late 1970s, he immigrated to the United States and held positions at several institutions including IBM Research.

private institutions   (özel kurumlar)

Elementary schools are run by public and private institutions.

The remaining 3% was owned by private institutions and individuals.

and also share the services of Lusa to various public and private institutions.

state institutions   (Devlet kurumları)

The committee's decisions bind state institutions.

To perform Security and Protection tasks in state institutions.

They were often used by state institutions and communist party officials.

government institutions   (devlet kurumları)

Later in the day, the military dissolved all government institutions and set a curfew.

Ramanatham – Tholudur are well served by government institutions like schools, post office, etc.

It has often ruled against government institutions at various levels (particularly local councils).

political institutions   (Siyasi kurumlar)

The city's political institutions and the university were all handed over to the Huguenots.

This decision, however, did not mandate that the republic's political institutions would also move.

This economic growth is further expected to shape the political institutions in China in the future.

various institutions

Today, it is used as a motto by various institutions, including:

Many segments have been given to various institutions in the world.

After the end of the conflict, he worked in various institutions in Paris.

social institutions   (sosyal kurumlar)

Many opinion makers say the situation in all American social institutions is the same.

The 26-year-long civil war has ravaged the country's political and social institutions.

The Italian government helped a number of medical and social institutions in Azerbaijan as well.

international institutions   (uluslararası kuruluşlar)

domestic and international institutions, academic and commercial institutions).

When it did not find a buyer it started to approach international institutions.

This steady economic progress has earned Armenia increasing support from international institutions.

several institutions

She served several institutions in various capacities.

Sønderborg hosts several institutions of higher education.

The city is home to several institutions of higher learning.

member institutions

The following is a list of member institutions:

There are 65 member institutions:

The members of committees are representatives of the countries and member institutions.

democratic institutions   (demokratik kurumlar)

The Magonid clan was compelled to compromise and allow representative and even some democratic institutions.

Massoud created democratic institutions that were structured into several committees: political, health, education and economic.

Massoud created democratic institutions which were structured into several committees: political, health, education and economic.

many institutions   (birçok kurum)

There are so many institutions under this diocese.

During this time, so many institutions founded under the diocese.

Education occurs in many forms for many purposes through many institutions.

following institutions

The following institutions are home to chapters of Rho Alpha Sigma:

It is or has been the official motto of the following institutions:

Alumni of the following institutions are eligible for affiliate membership:

such institutions

The term Western Reserve lives on in such institutions as Western Reserve Academy and Case Western Reserve.

Swift donated large sums of money to such institutions as the University of Chicago, the Methodist Episcopal Church, and YMCA.

After the war, it has continued to operate such institutions in the United States as Agudath Israel of America, and in Israel.

institutions include

Major institutions include:

Other educational institutions include a nursery school and a kindergarten.

Educational institutions include: First Avenue Elementary School, Dr. William.

medical institutions   (sağlık kurumları)

Citizens with a short-term health problem must send to medical institutions for treatment at the expense of the state budget.

The first professional medical social workers in England were called hospital almoners, and were based in medical institutions.

Allen strengthened the company's links with medical institutions, particularly Guy's Hospital where he was elected to its Physical Society.

institutions around   (etrafındaki kurumlar)

The ENSAIT has a partnership with more than 300 institutions around the world.

The University has international exchange ties with 25 institutions around the world.

Yeungnam maintains sisterhood relationships with various institutions around the world.

both institutions

At both institutions he recorded winning records.

Many members have served in both institutions.

At their peak, both institutions had enrollment of over 2,000 students.

number of institutions   (kurum sayısı)

Caldwell has been associated with a number of institutions, notably including:

A number of institutions founded by members of Singhania family bears his name.

Tough first began teaching music technology at a number of institutions in California, including UCLA.

institutions across   (farklı kurumlar)

Classes are held at specialised educational institutions across India.

The use of the Albanian language serves as the primary language of instruction in all academic institutions across the country.

Since the outbreak of civil war in 1991, there have been local efforts to re-establish educational institutions across the country.

charitable institutions

Pratt gave much of his time and wealth to Baltimore’s cultural and charitable institutions.

In his last years he made considerable donations to a large number of charitable institutions.

The Committee rules impose to give the net proceeds of each edition to charitable institutions.

scientific institutions   (bilimsel kurumlar)

There is active cooperation with the archives and scientific institutions.

The magazine is available to universities and various scientific institutions.

mainzed is a joint initiative of six scientific institutions to promote digital methodology in the humanities and cultural sciences in Mainz, Germany.

tertiary institutions

Collectively, these are sometimes known as tertiary institutions.

Many students undertake tertiary institutions in Namibia and abroad.

Others included co-operation with RTHK, HSBC, tertiary institutions, etc.

governmental institutions   (devlet kurumları)

Many colonial buildings in the area are preserved and can still be seen today as governmental institutions.

The company focuses on delivering fintech software solutions to institutional clients and governmental institutions.

In Paris, the Persians express themselves on a wide variety of subjects, from governmental institutions to salon caricatures.

local institutions

Australian Town and Country reported: "In his electorate he has been always associated with the progress of local institutions.

To this effect, FESF coordinates field implementation projects for the students in partnership with local institutions around the country.

Often local institutions manage archeological museums with roman or arab artifacts, as well as others dedicated to local customs, crafts or trades.

different institutions

Previously working as principal in different institutions.

The clocks at different institutions are regularly compared against each other.

Five different institutions run football schools, attended by 1,000 children each year.

art institutions

In total, the Broads have pledged roughly $1 billion to Los Angeles art institutions.

Subsequently, art institutions such as the Groninger Museum began to acquire garments from the designers.

Midtown is known for its art institutions, cultural attractions, institutions of higher education, and dense form.

national institutions   (ulusal kurumlar)

Each summer, he attended major national institutions.

The City of Brussels is the location of many national institutions.

Nigeriens consider this date to be the founding of their national institutions.

banking institutions

The other banking institutions are Canara Bank and Federal bank .

Central banking institutions are generally independent of the government executive.

Malom Service Co-operative Bank and the Women Co-operative Bank are the main banking institutions here.

institutions throughout

Mireille Perron has taught at several institutions throughout her career.

Other material was transferred to other institutions throughout Germany, some of which was also destroyed.

Party members occupied positions of authority in all officially recognized institutions throughout the country.

partner institutions

The library has focused on curating traveling art exhibitions with partner institutions since 2008.

The Scotiabank website includes a list of countries and partner institutions where the fee will be waived.

The programmes offer scholarships to students with outstanding academic results and staff to study or do research at the partner institutions.

other educational institutions   (diğer eğitim kurumları)

The village includes several schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

The latter came to be known as the "Pangeion" or "Bangeion" or "Baggeion" () and has been used to house universities and other educational institutions.

This list also includes other educational institutions providing higher education, meaning tertiary, quaternary, and, in some cases, post-secondary education.

institutions within

These cultivars are purchased through development institutions within nearby urban centers.

The State University of New York (SUNY) operates three institutions within the city of Buffalo.

The latter are invited from Norwegian and foreign institutions within various joint research projects.

new institutions   (yeni kurumlar)

His "new institutions" altered the relations between the monarchs and the Hungarian lords.

The urban educational and cultural opportunities of Aarau were extended through numerous new institutions.

Andrew introduced a new policy for royal grants, which he called "new institutions" in one of his charters.

institutions and organizations   (kurum ve kuruluşlar)

Temkin's work is held in the permanent collections of several institutions and organizations.

Almost 70% are books and periodicals, donated by individuals, institutions and organizations from around the world.

Many of these institutions and organizations present the most current research and practical outcomes at annual community college conferences.

other financial institutions   (diğer finansal kurumlar)

The Federal Reserve Banks then distribute it to other financial institutions in various ways.

They do not protect banks or other financial institutions as these are protected by the Banking Police ("Bancarios").

In the 19th century State Street became known as Boston's primary location for banks and other financial institutions.

individuals and institutions   (bireyler ve kurumlar)

Membership is open to interested individuals and institutions.

Most of Caldwell's paintings were purchased by individuals and institutions in Illinois.

During the two weeks visit she met with mostly individuals and institutions of the religion.

higher educational institutions

Currently, there are no higher educational institutions in the city.

Around 130 higher educational institutions in India are using Impartus video platform.

The higher educational institutions were predominantly German, but beginning in the 1870s, language shifts began to occur.

training institutions

He established schools and a number of cities, as well as training institutions and technical schools.

Given the lack of training institutions until late 1945 (with the foundation of the Indonesian Military Academy).

Increased anti-terror efforts were marked by the marchpast of armed forces basic training institutions and personnel involved in counter-terrorist operations.

major institutions   (büyük kurumlar)

All the major institutions were located there, as was the fleet and most of the army.

This remains, to date, the only collaborative project between these two major institutions.

They supported the gradual osmosis of anthropology curricula into the major institutions of higher learning.

institutions as well   (kurumlar da)

Because of its potentially unprecedented size, the BNC required funds from the commercial and academic institutions as well.

Burke claimed that Bolingbroke's arguments against revealed religion could apply to all social and civil institutions as well.

He is also closely involved with a number of charitable institutions as well and is a Patron for Government Employee Engagement.

organizations and institutions

Jewish organizations and institutions were forced to disband.

Over its 84-85 year existence, it honored more than 2,500 organizations and institutions.

The newsletter includes articles by NWHN board members, staff members, and contributors from diverse organizations and institutions.