instrumental music   (インストルメンタル)

Highland High School has an instrumental music program.

Songs and instrumental music from other sources are used sparingly.

He has written instrumental music and music for instruments and computer.

instrumental version   (インストルメンタルバージョン)

It was an instrumental version of the Doris Day hit.

He has performed an instrumental version at concerts.

An instrumental version of the song was also included as track 13.

instrumental in establishing   (確立に尽力)

James Naismith was instrumental in establishing college basketball.

Kochhar was instrumental in establishing ICICI Bank during the 1990s.

He was instrumental in establishing the Queanbeyan Bowling Club in 1934.

instrumental in bringing   (もたらすことに尽力)

The co-op was instrumental in bringing stonecut image art to the area.

He was also instrumental in bringing the 25-year-old war in Angola to an end.

Jones was instrumental in bringing Brennan to Hawaii during his sophomore year.

instrumental track   (インストルメンタルトラック)

The song was a cover of ABBA's 1976 instrumental track "Arrival".

The instrumental track "Y.R.O."

The Calrad mics that I used on the instrumental track were model DM-21"".

instrumental in helping

Chitre, he was instrumental in helping Ambedkar during the Mahad Satyagraha.

Her aunt, Katharine Hepburn, was instrumental in helping Houghton launch her career.

Wallace's trip to Bali was instrumental in helping him devise his Wallace Line theory.

instrumental role   (道具的役割)

He also played an instrumental role in securing the charter for the Georgia Railroad in 1836.

Goel played an instrumental role in winning the bid to host 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

While at UCSF he played an instrumental role building the fields of magnetic resonance and molecular imaging.

instrumental in developing

Philomé was instrumental in developing Obin's artistic style.

Theo was instrumental in developing his elder son Mathis's artistic talent.

Amari was instrumental in developing the 24/7 “Radio Classics” channel for Sirius/XM.

played an instrumental

He also played an instrumental role in securing the charter for the Georgia Railroad in 1836.

Goel played an instrumental role in winning the bid to host 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

While at UCSF he played an instrumental role building the fields of magnetic resonance and molecular imaging.

vocal and instrumental

The CD contains a vocal and instrumental track for all three theme songs.

The single contains vocal and instrumental songs of the opening theme, "Say It!

He is the author of "Anthem of Wikipedia" - a piece for a soloist, vocal and instrumental ensembles.

instrumental album

He released his first instrumental album "Muted" in 2003.

In 2011, Alias released the instrumental album "Fever Dream".

In 2012, they released an instrumental album "Beats For Brothels, Vol.

instrumental tracks

These instrumental tracks include "Rad Dudeski" and "Don't Call Me Ashley".

"Apocryphon" is the first album by The Sword to feature no instrumental tracks.

Afterward, the members only performed the instrumental tracks to certain recordings.

instrumental versions

Many instrumental versions have been recorded of this song.

Fan-made instrumental versions of the songs have been used in later episodes.

Among serious recordings, instrumental versions far outdistance the vocal ones.

instrumental in founding

Whipple was instrumental in founding the American Board of Surgery.

Some of these women were instrumental in founding the Berlin Women's Center.

Dave King, owner of Triple Crown Sports, was instrumental in founding the league.

instrumental in creating

He remains instrumental in creating a music scene where young upcoming artists can thrive.

She was instrumental in creating a theater company including her "GL" castmates performing other works.

She was also instrumental in creating women's spaces and was known for her advocacy of lesbian relationships.

instrumental in getting

In 1766, Etter was instrumental in getting Adams elected as a select man of the town.

Kularatne was instrumental in getting the institution registered as a separate school on 1 November 1924.

It was named after the New York state senator who was instrumental in getting the funding for the stadium.

instrumental in securing   (確保の手段)

A few years later, Greenough was instrumental in securing a government post for Coleridge during his period in Malta.

At the Battle of Sourton Down on 25 April, his ambush of Hopton's troops was instrumental in securing the Royalist defeat.

Broad was instrumental in securing the $50 million deposit from the project developer that opened Grand Park in summer 2012.

instrumental in setting

John Beloff and Joshua Snyder were instrumental in setting it up.

He was also instrumental in setting up the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia and was its founder and Chairman.

Rai was instrumental in setting up the India Infrastructure Finance Company and was also on the Board of this company.

instrumental works

The majority of Salieri's modest number of instrumental works also date from this time.

Later, Engelsberg primarily composed church music together with several instrumental works.

These remain his most famous instrumental works and have also been adapted for wind quartet.

instrumental pieces

The couple of instrumental pieces add more embellishment" giving a rating of 2.5 out of 5.

Subtitled "A Journey in the Key of Space", it is a collection of instrumental pieces, weaving synthesizers and various background sounds.

Craig Safan composed cues for the film's original score, however, the film tends to rely on actual songs as opposed to instrumental pieces.

instrumental piece

The Ox (instrumental) "The Ox" is an instrumental piece by the Who.

Sometimes the term canzonetta is used by composers to denote a songlike instrumental piece.

Grohl wrote an instrumental piece for the meeting, which he pledged to include on the band's next album.

instrumental ensemble

In 1601 he took over the job from Girolamo Dalla Casa as head of the instrumental ensemble.

Since 2010 the artistic director is Leonardo García Alarcón and conductor of the instrumental ensemble is Guy Van Waas.

He was a key figure in the development of the instrumental ensemble at the basilica of San Marco di Venezia (St. Mark).

instrumental and vocal

It features instrumental and vocal material by American singer/songwriter Laura Veirs.

He composed over 1100 instrumental and vocal works influenced by his Ukrainian heritage and the baroque.

Some of the musical features used are reminiscent of "L'Orfeo", written slightly earlier for similar instrumental and vocal forces.

instrumental rock

"Lucifer Rising" is primarily instrumental rock with an otherworldly orchestral feel.

The Spotnicks The Spotnicks is an instrumental rock group from Sweden, who were formed in 1961.

By contrast, the second album of rival instrumental rock band The Ventures was an all instrumental one.

instrumental in organizing

He was instrumental in organizing the World Baseball Classic in 2006.

Jacob Hutter was instrumental in organizing these into what became known as the Hutterites.

Daniel was also instrumental in organizing the Lynchburg-based Virginia and Tennessee Railroad.

instrumental accompaniment   (器楽伴奏)

Lyric could also be sung without any instrumental accompaniment.

It is a stripped back track with minimal instrumental accompaniment.

Therefore, Byzantine music remained monophonic and without any form of instrumental accompaniment.

mostly instrumental

The band's music is mostly instrumental.

They specialised in rock music, mostly instrumental versions of pop and classical pieces.

Shalabi Effect Shalabi Effect is a mostly instrumental band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

instrumental part

The first trailer of the film also used the instrumental part of "Challa".

The league was founded in 2006-2007 with Woods playing an instrumental part in its formation.

He played an instrumental part as Leeds were promoted to the Football League Championship after finishing second in League One and thus earning automatic promotion.

instrumental in introducing

It is also significant that he was instrumental in introducing Indian-style curry in Japan.

Madhur Jaffrey was instrumental in introducing James Ivory and Ismail Merchant to one another.

This book was instrumental in introducing the famed Turkish writer to the English-speaking world.