remained intact   (そのまま残った)

But for nearly forty days they remained intact.

The pagoda remained intact until 1925.

Except for the loose hold over Lanka, the rest of the empire remained intact.

still intact   (まだそのまま)

Some of its original architecture is still intact.

Only the tail of the plane was still intact.

The projection booth is also still intact.

largely intact   (ほぼ無傷)

The original defensive systems are largely intact.

Until about 2008, the station was still largely intact.

The fishing industry survived largely intact.

remains intact   (無傷のまま)

The spire atop the building remains intact.

The swimming pool mural remains intact.

When detonated, the fuze/grenade body assembly remains intact.

remain intact   (無傷のまま)

Many of these low-quality recordings remain intact.

The stone foundation piers and dam currently remain intact.

Even if the nest has collapsed, some eggs may remain intact."

left intact

The pairing was left intact and rescheduled for this event.

The title "No Problem" was left intact.

The pairing was left intact and rescheduled for July 22, 2018, at .

relatively intact   (比較的無傷)

In addition, the tramway run is relatively intact."

Despite the artillery bombardments the position remained relatively intact.

It has historic significance as a relatively intact complex of rural buildings.

intact example

It was deemed "notable for its association with the White Mills resort complex and as an intact example of a rural doctor's office and residence."

Designed by noted Brisbane firm, Lucas and Cummings, Architects, the building is an excellent, intact example of their work and of modernist design.

Cathedral Church of Christ the King is of State significance as an intact example of the culmination of architect John Horbury Hunt's ecclesiastical ideas.

substantially intact   (ほぼ無傷)

A checking station at the road remains substantially intact.

The aircraft had crashed on Koolpinyah Station, where it was later discovered substantially intact.

The old town, a World Heritage Site, though in ruins, is still substantially intact, while a small modern settlement lies outside its gate.

most intact   (最も無傷)

The most intact portion of the outer wall is along the eastern edge.

The rim, where it survives, is the most intact along the northern half.

The most intact portion of the rim is a small arc along the eastern side.

mostly intact

The interiors of the medieval kitchen and keep are mostly intact.

The 1883 renovation largely kept Qaitbay's structure mostly intact.

The main grottoes are mostly intact with the exception of many of the smaller-Buddha's heads.

survived intact   (無傷で生き残った)

The libretto, by Ottavio Rinuccini, has survived intact.

Given that shielings were built as temporary structures, few have survived intact.

Few have survived intact, but some of the towers remain, having now lost their jibs.

kept intact

The runways were kept intact and tidy by regular mowing of their unique wattle grass.

Wherever possible, territorial formations were to be kept intact and not dissipated as garrison troops, which were to be provided by the Special and Extra Reserves.

There are still those, however, who prefer the fruit since it can last all winter long with its fragrance kept intact while its clean and white pulp looks like marble.