İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

fully integrated   (tamamen entegre)

In 2009, France again was a fully integrated NATO member.

In Shenzhen, he fully integrated into the local lifestyle.

Africans and Englishmen fought side by side and were fully integrated.

integrated circuits   (Entegre devreler)

semiconductor devices, such as transistors), and integrated circuits.

The latter includes essential design software for integrated circuits.

The MOSFET made it possible to build high-density integrated circuits.

integrated circuit   (entegre devre)

I wasn't trying to make an integrated circuit".

It is an integrated circuit layout design protection law.

This led to the development of the monolithic integrated circuit chip.

integrated development   (entegre gelişim)

In Concurrent Engineering an iterative or integrated development method is used instead.

In 2001 Delphi 6 became the first integrated development environment to support web services.

He has also adopted a rural village in Raichur, Karnataka for integrated development of the village.

vertically integrated   (dikeysel olarak entegre)

CFS produces vanillin and ethyl vanillin using fully traceable vertically integrated production.

Smithfield began buying hog-farming operations in 1990, making it a vertically integrated company.

The new couture house became a part of "a vertically integrated textile business" already operated by Boussac.

racially integrated   (ırksal olarak entegre)

For the first time in World Series history, a racially integrated team played.

Unusually for its time, the Sailors' Home was racially integrated (see Lascar).

He created one of the U.S. armed forces' first racially integrated bands, "The Wolfpack".

more integrated   (daha entegre)

The Rabbit 4000 again adds more integrated peripherals.

ANIMA asks readers to imagine a healthier, more integrated relationship between humans and nature.

Plants are more integrated; but sometimes parts of a plant can survive independently of the original plant.

first integrated

Among the first integrated systems using EDI were Freight Control Systems.

Dr. Wickwire organized the first integrated concert to happen in Baltimore.

In January 2013, Boeing delivered the first integrated battle station (IBS) equipped B-1.

integrated system

The integrated system began on 14 December 2008.

Central Asian countries (excluding Turkmenistan) were included to the integrated system in 2001.

It involves an integrated system that manages the delivery of comprehensive healthcare services for enrolled patients.

integrated approach   (entegre bir yaklaşım)

Johnson is known for introducing Green Plans, an integrated approach to protecting and managing natural resources, to the United States.

The Muziris Heritage Project set a precedent in India for adopting an integrated approach to heritage conservation and regional development.

He advocates an integrated approach to the teaching of biology at both high school and college level, which he has elaborated in an interview.

integrated within

The museum is integrated within Borobudur Archaeological Park inaugurated in 1983.

Mobile recording Truphone’s voice and SMS recording is integrated within the network infrastructure.

Since 1976, the Azores is an autonomous region integrated within the framework of the Portuguese Republic.

integrated development environment   (entegre geliştirme ortamı)

In 2001 Delphi 6 became the first integrated development environment to support web services.

GNAT Pro includes the GNU GCC based GNAT with a tool suite to provide an integrated development environment.

It has been broadly adopted by programmers and is a key part of the Eclipse integrated development environment.

well integrated   (iyi entegre edilmiş)

XMMS2's media library is well integrated with the playlist.

The various international training programmes are not well integrated.

The SGV services are well integrated with other public transport and tourist services.