İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

artificial intelligence   (yapay zeka)

Later, he focused on artificial intelligence.

Enemy artificial intelligence (AI) also was of high quality.

in artificial intelligence and a M.A.

military intelligence   (askeri istihbarat)

He published several articles on military intelligence.

During World War II, he worked in military intelligence.

It is important for air defense and military intelligence gathering.

intelligence officer   (istihbarat subayı)

1955) was a Polish Army major and intelligence officer.

Pelly-Fry served as Arthur Tedder's intelligence officer.

He was also an intelligence officer, theologian and writer.

intelligence agencies   (istihbarat ajansları)

U.S. intelligence agencies continued to track bin Laden.

The order explicitly does not apply to intelligence agencies.

American intelligence agencies also agree with this attribution.

intelligence agency   (istihbarat ajansı)

BIA) is a national intelligence agency of Serbia.

Indeed, he denied ever having worked for any intelligence agency.

During the Second World War, he served the British intelligence agency.

intelligence services   (Istihbarat servisleri)

The intelligence services penetrated the Bremen SPD during 1934.

He works for AXE – a secret arm of the US intelligence services.

intelligence service   (istihbarat teşkilatı)

The organization received military support from the British intelligence service, SOE.

The Pakistani intelligence service had paid a small amount for a tip on his whereabouts.

After going into exile in France, she joined the French Resistance and worked in the intelligence service.

intelligence community   (Istihbarat topluluğu)

Only top members of the U.S. intelligence community were aware of these events.

During this time, it became a significant site of intelligence community activity.

He served in the intelligence community, and was discharged with the rank of major.

intelligence gathering   (istihbarat toplama)

It is important for air defense and military intelligence gathering.

Its loss levied a heavy toll on Israel's intelligence gathering during the war.

DeForest describes the use of the PAS in two aspects of intelligence gathering in Vietnam.

foreign intelligence   (yabancı istihbarat)

He soon begins to realise that both British and foreign intelligence agents are at work.

Exiled Russians gave "the Trust" large sums of money and supplies, as did foreign intelligence agencies.

According to the MI5 website, "foreign intelligence officers acting in the UK under diplomatic cover may enjoy immunity from prosecution.

intelligence reports   (istihbarat raporları)

US intelligence reports indicated that he was killed by US troops in 2001.

Aware of this order from intelligence reports, Churchill urged Wavell to seize the initiative.

Mümin passed intelligence reports from the Greek occupation headquarters to the Ankara government.

signals intelligence   (istihbarat sinyalleri)

Through human intelligence and signals intelligence they determined Ahmad Shah had a force of 10 to 20 fighters.

At 1700 he received signals intelligence (SIGINT) from Colombo reporting the Japanese course at 1400 as southwesterly at 24 knots.

The C-130B-II was distinguished by its false external wing fuel tanks, which were disguised signals intelligence (SIGINT) receiver antennas.

intelligence officers   (istihbarat görevlileri)

Other intelligence officers have also disputed that claim.

The 41 survivors were taken to Truk and interrogated for ten days by Japanese intelligence officers.

XXI Bomber Command's intelligence officers predicted that 70 percent of the bombers could be destroyed.

business intelligence   (iş zekası)

It specializes in business intelligence tools and data visualization.

These days XAP is used for complex event processing and real-time business intelligence for big data.

Management by exception has both a general business application and a business intelligence application.

human intelligence   (insan zekası)

One area that PIO seeks to leverage is in the leveraging of human intelligence.

Computational modeling uses simulations to study how human intelligence may be structured.

One of the practical goals of AI is to implement aspects of human intelligence in computers.

intelligence officials   (istihbarat yetkilileri)

Some suspect that Italian intelligence officials, connected to the regime of Benito Mussolini, conspired in his death.

A February 2015 article by "The New York Times" stated that "American intelligence officials" suspect the SEA is "actually Iranian".

According to senior US military intelligence officials, there were fewer than 100 members of al-Qaeda remaining in Afghanistan in 2009.

gather intelligence   (istihbarat toplamak)

Once inside, they must gather intelligence and clear out the threat.

"Nürnberg" and "Titania" were sent to gather intelligence at Hawaii and raid the cable station at Fanning Island.

The secret services feared that communists would entrap prominent homosexuals and use them to gather intelligence.

intelligence operations   (istihbarat operasyonları)

In 1943, he was sent to China to coordinate military intelligence operations.

It laundered illegal money in drug and arms deals that often financed intelligence operations.

The CNC is authorised to carry out covert intelligence operations against anti-nuclear protesters.

intelligence agents   (istihbarat ajanları)

He soon begins to realise that both British and foreign intelligence agents are at work.

A part of residual coins with the tsar portrait was used by Soviet intelligence agents in secret operations abroad.

However, intelligence agents intercepted a message before the motorcade was to leave, and alerted the US Secret Service.

intelligence agent   (istihbarat ajanı)

The Flagg character was an intelligence agent (claiming to be C.I.A.

His portrayal of the intelligence agent won him the Grand Prize at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

The new town was named in honor of the Soviet intelligence agent, partisan Nikolai Kuznetsov.

intelligence information   (istihbarat bilgisi)

Possessions of the crews of these U-boats had been scattered by the prize crews in the process of searching for intelligence information and evidence of sabotage.

One department collected intelligence information about the military, another handled communication between different barrios and Huk members, and the third arranged for supplies.

According to journalist Bob Woodward, details of the relationship came from highly classified intelligence information supplied to the committee by both the CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

intelligence unit   (istihbarat birimi)

Between 1951-53 he served as senior photographer in a photo intelligence unit in Kimpo, Korea.

He was drafted to serve in the Korean War with an aerial intelligence unit of the U.S. Marine Corps.

A colonel and his special intelligence unit are in possession of vital information, but are prisoners of war.

intelligence collection   (istihbarat koleksiyonu)

This victory is attributed to Bahirji's intelligence collection.

Intelligence services value certain intelligence collection techniques over others.

Albright led studies associated with intelligence collection systems, such as hyperspectral sensors for surveillance, and automatic target recognition systems.

general intelligence   (Genel zeka)

(1998) is a book on the general intelligence factor ("g").

For functions more specific than general intelligence, regional effects may be more important.

But this rise in IQ test scores is not wholly explained by an increase in general intelligence.

intelligence work   (istihbarat çalışması)

In 1917, Williams was sent to France to do intelligence work there.

This requires good police and intelligence work as well as political determination.

UnlikeVan 't Sant, De Bruyne did not have a good grasp on the subtleties of intelligence work.

received intelligence   (istihbarat aldı)

Duncan received intelligence that the French were going to fortify the island of Curzola.

Stricker received intelligence that the British were camped at a farm just from his headquarters.

McClellan received intelligence that Lee was prepared to move and that the arrival of Maj. Gen. Thomas J.

emotional intelligence   (duygusal zeka)

An example of the jangle fallacy can be found in tests designed to assess emotional intelligence.

ToM can be regarded as an associated subset of skills and abilities within the broader concept of emotional intelligence.

New standards-aligned curriculum will encourage important skills in communication, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.

intelligence activities   (istihbarat faaliyetleri)

The Constitutional system of checks and balances has not adequately controlled intelligence activities.

Attempts to accuse anthropologists of complicity with the CIA and government intelligence activities during the Vietnam War years have turned up surprisingly little.

Under the new procedures passed by the U.S. Congress in the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, even the collection of metadata must be considered "relevant" to a terrorism investigation or other intelligence activities.

intelligence sources   (istihbarat kaynakları)

Useful aids in discovering inroads into difficult ciphers was provided by other intelligence sources, e.g.

Western intelligence sources reported that Iranian general Hassan Shateri had been killed in the airstrike.

Jihadist leaders and intelligence sources said foreign fighters had begun to enter Syria only in February 2012.

security and intelligence   (güvenlik ve istihbarat)

He has worked as a teacher, administrator, accountant and as a security and intelligence consultant.

The bill formalizes proper conduct and structures vis-a-vis the national security and intelligence agencies.

Salman bin Sultan has a bachelor's degree in military sciences and attended several courses in security and intelligence matters.

intelligence network   (istihbarat ağı)

O'Donoghue built up an intelligence network and agents which included his future wife, Josephine Marchment.

The city became the destination for Loyalist refugees and a focal point of Washington's intelligence network.

He seems to have a good intelligence network, as he often comes to know of things quickly, but this network has never been discovered.

gathering intelligence   (istihbarat toplamak)

He took part in gathering intelligence about the Anuradhapura air base prior to it being attacked on 22 October 2007.

The film draws many plot elements from the novel, including Japanese gathering intelligence from the submarine's trash.

Each European power had its own so called black chamber, a nerve centre for deciphering messages and gathering intelligence.

military and intelligence   (askeri ve istihbarat)

In March 2016, Joyce emphasized his support for the military and intelligence communities.

The network included Iraqi military and intelligence officers but was penetrated by people loyal to the Iraqi government.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Israel, there has been increased cooperation in military and intelligence ventures.

collective intelligence   (kolektif zeka)

For them, collective intelligence has become a norm.

A collective intelligence factor "c" in the sense of Woolley et al.

This reflects how powerful collective intelligence can be if left to develop.

levels of intelligence   (zeka seviyeleri)

Corvids are above average in size among the Passeriformes, and some of the larger species show high levels of intelligence.

intelligence chief   (istihbarat şefi)

Galvin later spent fifteen months as the 6th's intelligence chief.

It is rumoured that there was rivalry between Bachtiar and intelligence chief Hendropriyono.

US drone strike kills senior leader of al-Shabaab known as Abdishakur, the group's intelligence chief.

naval intelligence   (deniz istihbaratı)

The attack was credited as a "possible" success by naval intelligence.

He was "vouched for" by the Australian director of naval intelligence.

The Corps' relies on its Naval Intelligence Division for naval intelligence.