Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

originally intended   (originalmente previsto)

This image was originally intended for the cover.

He had originally intended to shoot the film in colour.

The 17th was originally intended to use RAF Bassingbourn.

not intended   (sin intención)

The goals are not intended to be a curriculum.

Prometheus is not intended as a dashboarding solution.

The work was not intended for public viewing.

intended to provide   (destinado a proporcionar)

It was intended to provide care for 50 patients.

This increase in volume was intended to provide a reservoir of steam.

They are also intended to provide career and employment opportunities.

intended for use

It is intended for use with 5.56 mm rifles such as the M4 carbine.

LORANA is intended for use from land or helicopter platforms for launch.

They are often part of a pressure suit or intended for use with a flight helmet.

intended to make   (destinado a hacer)

Originally, he intended to make a music career.

Organisers intended to make the race finale harder for a peloton to control.

Spanx specializes in foundation garments intended to make people appear thinner.

initially intended

Mary was initially intended to be a guest role for five episodes.

The merger was initially intended to be completed by October 1, 2007.

"The Man Who Played God" was initially intended as a roadshow release for 1932.

never intended

Maria never intended to write anything of her life.

But it was never intended to be huge or even a band.

But I never intended to commit a criminal act.

intended to use

These were intended to use the Keyboard accessory.

The 17th was originally intended to use RAF Bassingbourn.

Boris actually intended to use the body of Rodrigo to win Livia.

intended to serve

They are not intended to serve abroad.

Wat Pho was also intended to serve as a place of education for the general public.

Although intended to serve the Danish mission further north, it accomplished little.

intended to replace   (destinado a reemplazar)

In March 1925 he moved to Ayresome Park intended to replace Ian Dickson.

This was intended to replace the parish church, but that was opened in 1818.

The West Thames Street Bridge is intended to replace the Rector Street Bridge.

intended to help

This was intended to help preserve Native culture.

The move to France was also intended to help with her asthma.

The guitar provides a number of features intended to help gamers become guitarists.

intended to give

This canopy was intended to give the tower a more prominent entrance.

It contains ingredients that are intended to give a sudden boost of energy.

"Albatros" carried a maximum of of fuel oil which was intended to give a range of at .

intended to create

It is intended to create islands and a bordering lake.

McGivney intended to create an alternative organization.

The President of the Republic still intended to create a Ministry in his first term.

intended to protect

This is intended to protect the anonymity of users and publishers.

The blood oaths in the ceremony were intended to protect the ritual's secrecy.

The battery at Aquia also was intended to protect the railroad terminal at that location.

intended to prevent   (destinado a prevenir)

The Fort was intended to prevent further conflict in this region.

This was intended to prevent the IRA from moving easily between the two areas.

Channelization is intended to prevent flooding during normal precipitation events.

primarily intended

The school is primarily intended for nontraditional adult learners.

Today, the archived material is primarily intended for researchers and students in the field of folklore studies.

Encouraged by women in the community, it is primarily intended to deter promiscuity and to offer protection from assault.

intended to take

He intended to take it to a film festival in early 2013.

However, Moe had long intended to take holy orders, and in 1853 he did so.

However, some members intended to take revenge on the emperor's appointees.

intended use

The rustic structure remains in its intended use.

The shape of a rifle stock should be suited to its intended use.

Medical devices vary in both their intended use and indications for use.

intended to become   (destinado a convertirse)

Influenced by his father, Samuel Tai also intended to become a doctor.

He disclosed that he never intended to become an actor, but was "roped in" when he visited India for Easter.

It means "learning place", suggesting that the town is intended to become a significant center for education.

intended to improve   (destinado a mejorar)

They are intended to improve European infrastructure.

Medina Lake has been stocked with species of fish intended to improve the reservoir for recreational fishing.

The lake has been stocked with species of fish intended to improve the utility of the reservoir for recreational fishing.

intended to represent

It is not intended to represent all shows from the tour.

The colours were intended to represent certain Arab dynasties.

It is not intended to represent all shows throughout the tour.

intended target   (objetivo previsto)

Authorities believe that the intended target was the U.S. Capitol.

Layton disagrees, believing the intended target to be Midway Atoll.

A firearm's sights help its user to align the barrel with an intended target.

intended to allow

This is intended to allow the market to dictate production levels.

It is intended to allow for transmission of high resolution data with a low system cost.

This is intended to allow more complex features to be built using the infrastructure.

intended to reduce   (destinado a reducir)

Fire prevention is intended to reduce sources of ignition.

The reforms were intended to reduce the adversarial nature of the process.

The program is free software, and is intended to reduce eye strain as well as insomnia.

intended purpose   (finalidad prevista)

Tires vary enormously depending on their intended purpose.

Overhall this naval force had little success with their intended purpose.

The process of conversion depends on the specific situation and the intended purpose.

intended to promote   (destinado a promover)

Established in 1962, the airport was intended to promote land development.

In this book Hauri outlined a list of behavioral rules intended to promote improved sleep.

This requirement was originally intended to promote good faith and certainty in land transactions.

only intended   (solo previsto)

In 1909 another three engines were supplied, that were only intended for shunting duties.

Secondly, the law of the pursuer is only intended to save a potential victim from imminent death.

It was originally only intended to be issued to the United States bishops, but it soon became public.

intended to bring   (destinado a traer)

It was intended to bring the railway system into the 20th century.

I think Archie's intended to bring a bit of light-hearted humour to the show."

The Fisker Latigo and Tramonto were intended to bring back the lost art of custom coachbuilding.

intended to run

The bidding process intended to run till 31 December 2011.

The coalition intended to run with political parties that are non-religious.

Lonnie Lee Snyder had intended to run as a Tea Party candidate, but was found ineligible to do so in August 2010.

intended to support   (destinado a apoyar)

One new extension, Coarray Fortran, is intended to support parallel programming.

The cupola was originally intended to support a tall spire, which was never built.

The model is intended to support global sharing and reuse of subject authority data.

intended only   (solo previsto)

The application was originally intended only for desktop computers.

Side streets, when built, are mostly intended only for the traffic of their residents and visitors.

It was intended only to run for a short season, but it was such a success that its run was extended.

intended to increase

This merger was intended to increase efficiency.

This method is intended to increase training intensity.

It was intended to increase reliability of the systems running multiple processes simultaneously.

intended to build

Evans Partnership said it intended to build an 11-story, office building.

France intended to build six battleships of the and es, and the Italians four ships.

Whether the state (or Stalin personally) really intended to build this project is not clear.

intended to keep   (destinado a mantener)

The group intended to keep all of the items together as a single exhibit.

This policy was intended to keep seats available for passengers making longer trips.

In 1755 Fort Louvois saw modifications that were intended to keep pace with advances in weaponry.

intended to show   (destinado a mostrar)

The design is intended to show gratitude for a good harvest.

The Act was intended to show that the British government alone had authority in Southern Rhodesia in theory.

It is described as a design study and is intended to show what a hydrogen powered sports car might look like.

always intended   (siempre intencionado)

It was always intended by the writers that the third series would be the last.

Things finally came together when Abe revealed he always intended to take down Strucker.

Harvey Daniels always intended roles to be a temporary scaffold to support students as they learn to talk about books in small groups.

intended to kill

Posing as a responding officer, she intended to kill Chau and Quoc in order to ensure there would be no witnesses.

Absence then explains that she never intended to kill Vicki, but that she used her as bait to lure Batman into a trap.

She was surprised by Smith, whom she attacked with the nearest object to hand, the sealing-wax knife; she had not intended to kill him.

intended audience

The intended audience of this play would have been wealthier than Shakespeare's crowd.

A difference between the two TV series is that "Teddybears"s intended audience is older children.

That way they can be used in advertising campaigns to target their intended audience more effectively.

intended primarily

The publication is intended primarily for younger players and those new to contemporary music.

The C&C Custom 67 "Archangel" is a recreational keelboat, intended primarily for world cruising.

False light laws are "intended primarily to protect the plaintiff's mental or emotional well-being".

intended to return   (destinado a volver)

The pilot intended to return directly o his base to obtain help.

They intended to return the Banathy boys to their parents within a year.

By 2016 he was recovering from the surgery and said that he intended to return to music.

intended to produce   (destinado a producir)

They intended to produce ten films for RKO Pictures.

The machinery was intended to produce giving a speed of .

At first, the new consortium intended to produce one long-range and one short-range version.

intended to carry

The Spartan Three Stage Rocket was a vehicle intended to carry payloads of 1 to 5 kg into suborbit.

It was a ‘trip’ locomotive intended to carry out shunting work and hauling local (short distance) goods trains.

Conroy Virtus The Conroy Virtus was a proposed American large transport aircraft intended to carry the Space Shuttle.

probably intended   (probablemente destinado)

Dvořák probably intended to create another movement, but it was unfinished, only eight bars are preserved.

This amount was equal to de Vere's livery fees and was probably intended to be used as such, but the money vanished without a trace.

This variation was probably intended as a security measure, but ultimately allowed the Polish Clock Method and British Banburismus attacks.

intended to continue

In the meantime, he intended to continue governing.

Trials of the prototype were intended to continue until 2019.

120 of the 400 stations intended to continue airing the show.

intended to go

But I started the way I intended to go on which was to be honest with him.

Prior to the opening of the station, the line was intended to go to Karlshorst in the early 1950s/60s plans.

He intended to go to medical school after graduating but postponed his plans so that he could join the National Guard.

intended to ensure   (destinado a garantizar)

This is intended to ensure procedural fairness and promote effective dispute resolution.

The EU operates a competition policy intended to ensure undistorted competition within the single market.

The policy was intended to ensure that players were only chosen for the side for which they were suitable.

intended to encourage   (destinado a alentar)

It is intended to encourage grit, striving through adversity and taking life's challenges head on.

The award is intended to encourage young writers of an unpublished manuscript that is completed or in-progress.

The award is intended to encourage elder writers of an unpublished manuscript that is completed or in-progress.

intended to establish   (destinado a establecer)

Smith intended to establish the New Jerusalem in North America, called "Zion".

Meares intended to establish permanent fur trading posts on the Pacific Northwest coast.

He stated that the U.S. government intended to establish an embassy in Havana and improve economic ties with the country.

intended to include

Igarashi intended to include a white-collar Japanese worker in the game.

Just Add Water intended to include the cross-save feature between PlayStation platforms.

Sean intended to include on the album the track titled "Control", a track produced by No I.D.

intended to release

The label first intended to release an extended play.

Atari had intended to release versions with 128 KB and 256 KB of RAM as the "130ST" and "260ST" respectively.

The film was intended to release the next year but was shelved after the closing of Empire International Pictures.

intended to operate

The devices were intended to operate until entry into the Venusian atmosphere.

These services were intended to operate to both the City of London and the West End of London.

O’Malley assured the PCL owners that he intended to operate the Angels as a PCL team as had the Wrigleys.

what was intended

This was not what was intended, and De Haan forbade it.

That was followed by what was intended to be a raiding party.

Summer 2015, Fortier began demoing songs for what was intended to be Bang Tango's next studio album.

intended to address   (destinado a abordar)

It is intended to address peak-hour congestion on Northbourne Avenue by encouraging public transport use.

It was intended to address some of the problems of the only general-purpose option then available, the plough.

Birrell introduced the Education Bill 1906, intended to address nonconformist grievances arising from the Education Act 1902.

mainly intended

The L66 was mainly intended for export, but was also sold on the domestic market.

The tankette was conceived as a mobile, two-man model, mainly intended for reconnaissance.

Although it could serve as a textbook, it appears to have been mainly intended as a reference work.

intended to compete

His mother said it was a test and denied that he intended to compete for Russia.

ALCO RS-32 Designated as a "DL721" by ALCO, the 2,000hp RS-32 was intended to compete with EMD's GP20 and GE's U25B locomotives.

The Redwood, often called the "Deadwood" by many ROLM techs because it never caught on, was intended to compete with the Nortel Norstar Key System.

intended to sell   (destinado a vender)

The Healy parents intended to sell their plantation and move to the North with their three youngest children.

In 1990, the museum announced it intended to sell the painting to build an endowment for the purchase of contemporary art.

Taking advantage of the very low borrowing costs, the computer maker intended to sell CHF-denominated bonds for the first time.

intended to raise   (destinado a elevar)

Shuttleworth intended to raise awareness for veterans' issues, such as veteran suicide and homelessness.

The Spirit Train was intended to raise support for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver; many protesters argued that the games were taking place on stolen native land.

The story, intended to raise scandal and arouse interest, described West's live-in love affair with the "bronze boxer" and how she frequently gave Wright hundreds of dollars to gamble.

intended to develop   (destinado a desarrollar)

Cohen and Flax had intended to develop the four sites themselves.

The team stated that they intended to develop the same approach in humans.

At this time the Earl of Home had intended to develop the grounds into terraced housing.

specifically intended

It is specifically intended as a format for novella-length nonfiction literature or long-form journalism.

"Smoke" is unique in that it is Smith’s only large-scale work specifically intended for an interior space.

While many of the pastes listed below may be made particularly spicy or aromatic or not, some pastes are specifically intended to deliver intense flavor rather than bulk.

intended to move   (destinado a moverse)

It was also said that Antony intended to move the capital of the empire to Alexandria.

The initiative intended to move some of the processing originally done on the CPU (e.g.

The Wascopam Mission was sold for $600 to Marcus Whitman in 1847, who intended to move there.

intended meaning

There is confusion surrounding the intended meaning of "post" in the context of "postfeminism".

The practice is discouraged and because flags tend to evoke feelings other than the intended meaning.

There are a variety of possible origins of the "punta"'s intended meaning for the Garifuna dance and music it represents.

intended to reflect   (destinado a reflejar)

His age is intended to reflect his experience and strength.

It is intended to reflect honor upon the ALA as well as upon the individual.

Each sign has a distinctive shape and word cut out in a unique typeface intended to reflect the history and character of the neighborhood.

intended to form

The Outer Circuit Road was intended to form an outer ring concentric with this, but the only substantial part to be completed was the 1.3km-long Easton Way.

Ypsilanti, chair of SPD in Hesse, intended to form a government with support of the far left party Die Linke, the successor of the East German communist party.

In 1974 Morain was in contact with the , and he took part in the "Pour qu’une force s’assemble" process which was intended to form a "left-wing workers'" movement with the ORA at its core.

intended destination

This would fit with the intended destination of Alexander's funeral cortege.

Within three hours the letters had been resealed and returned to the central post office to be delivered to their intended destination.

Hearing that Federal cavalry had been spotted near his intended destination, Littlestown, Pennsylvania, he instead turned towards Hanover in adjacent York County.

intended to cover

It was intended to cover those organizations excluded from the DNCL.

Police theorized that López intended to cover the sign with his blood and brain matter with the gunshot.

This is opposed to a cost-plus contract, which is intended to cover the costs with additional profit made.

clearly intended

This is clearly intended to be the equivalent in his mythology to the Brísingamen.

Dava's design is clearly intended to resemble Robin's, emphasizing the similarities between the characters.

Sparta first responded by sending Lysander with a force of mercenaries who clearly intended simply to restore the Thirty to power.

intended to write

Maria never intended to write anything of her life.

The subjects of immigration, asylum, etc., are important to him, and he intended to write a book with a message.

The stories had to be sweeter than he had intended to write them, and he was asked to scrap passages in Drèents.