İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

interaction between   (arasındaki etkileşim)

and/or of the interaction between the human body and the environment.

This rate is being maintained by the tidal interaction between the two stars.

Prymnesin-2 causes hemolysis by direct interaction between toxin and cell surface.

social interaction   (sosyal etkileşim)

This club provided Moravian social interaction to the newcomers.

This is usually done through social interaction with the native speaker.

It is also influenced by Vygotsky’s concepts of social interaction (1997).

human interaction   (insan etkileşimi)

This enables automatic equipment to run without human interaction.

Unlike tertiary storage, it cannot be accessed without human interaction.

Its fraud detection software combines machine learning with human interaction.

interaction with other   (diğerleriyle etkileşim)

Wagner becomes jealous of her interaction with other men.

FHAD1 can be involved in transcriptional regulation through interaction with other transcriptional regulators.

In response to criticisms of poor interaction with other characters in AquaNox, a new dialogue system was added in the sequel.

interaction among   (arasındaki etkileşim)

This is due to an interaction among those members.

These four gauge bosons form the electroweak interaction among elementary particles.

This club was created with the objective of stimulating and deepening the interaction among PRÓ-VIDA participants.

strong interaction

The (aptly named) strong interaction is the "strongest" of the four fundamental forces.

The quarks are held together by the strong interaction (or strong force), which is mediated by gluons.

Leptons differ from the other basic constituent of matter, the quarks, by their lack of strong interaction.

direct interaction

It typically involves direct interaction with a brand's representatives.

Prymnesin-2 causes hemolysis by direct interaction between toxin and cell surface.

Gadd45 disrupts the binding of Cyclin B1 and CDK1 through direct interaction with CDK1.

weak interaction   (zayıf etkileşim)

However, the agent may bind to a receptor with a weak interaction .

The weak interaction even violates CP symmetry but does conserve CPT.

There are three weak gauge bosons: "W", "W", and "Z"; these mediate the weak interaction.

user interaction   (Kullanıcı etkileşimi)

Pairing often involves some level of user interaction.

This user interaction confirms the identity of the devices.

The game has a procedural system with limited user interaction.