interactions between   (間の相互作用)

Crick had started to think about interactions between the bases.

Not all co-evolved interactions between species involve conflict.

This result supports an intimate interactions between microtubules and vimentin.

social interactions   (社会的相互作用)

Their social interactions are highly complex.

Destination memory is critical for social interactions.

The characters are well-drawn and engaging and their social interactions believable."

interactions with other   (他との相互作用)

Such interactions can include sexual interactions with other members of the community.

This is the stage where the child will be curious and have many interactions with other kids.

RNA can also have regulatory effects through hybridization interactions with other RNA molecules (e.g.

interactions among   (間の相互作用)

Trends hint at interactions among factors or among observations.

Several attempts have been made to map protein–protein interactions among phage and their host.

The study of photon-mediated interactions among charged particles is called quantum electrodynamics.

drug interactions

The risk of drug interactions is increased with polypharmacy.

Induction or inhibition of these enzymes can cause drug interactions.

As such, estetrol is expected to harbor a low risk for drug interactions.