Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

love interest   (interés amoroso)

She is Larten Crepsley's love interest and ex-mate.

Kiyoko asks her love interest "Are we just friends?

Bibinba is the primary love interest of Kinnikuman.

public interest   (interés público)

The magazine folded in 1937 due to a lack of public interest.

consideration of the public interest.

Blake had harmed the public interest.

special interest   (interés especial)

She had a special interest in speaking disorders.

Of special interest are lactic acid bacteria (LAB).

In high school she had a special interest in mathematics.

interest rates   (Tasas de interés)

Second, increase interest rates dramatically.

He often financed the machines with high interest rates.

3) Lower interest rates – all the way down to 0 per cent.

expressed interest   (interes expresado)

They expressed interest in putting out our last LP.

Roane State coach, Randy Nesbit, expressed interest.

NJT has expressed interest in the line.

interest rate   (tasa de interés)

The interest rate on the loan reprices every six months.

According to the tablet, the interest rate was set at 2.5%.

The average interest rate for a private loan in 2017 was 9.66%.

particular interest   (Interés particular)

The formation of stars is of particular interest.

Of particular interest are pure sinusoids, i.e.

Beryllium mirrors are of particular interest.

no interest

Initially, Demeulemeester showed no interest in fashion.

Then the US army found it but once again it held no interest.

Zwilling said the church had no interest in selling the property.

conflict of interest   (conflicto de intereses)

The major issues here concern conflict of interest.

Banks has pointed to a conflict of interest.

Directors can have no conflict of interest.

great interest   (gran interés)

The royal couple took great interest in their staff.

Their exhibitions were a success and a great interest.

"Sirene" had been of great interest in 1930s.

developed an interest

He developed an interest in geology and astronomy.

At age 13, he developed an interest in computers.

At an early age, Peploe developed an interest in cinema and art.

keen interest   (gran interés)

Local guardians there after took keen interest.

She has had a keen interest in performing from a young age.

Poe had a keen interest in cryptography.

little interest   (poco interés)

This species is of little interest to fisheries.

However, he had little interest in military affairs.

Arne showed little interest in writing concert music.

renewed interest   (interes renovado)

renewed interest in musical cinema.

In 17th century England, there was renewed interest in Magna Carta.

In 1972 she revived her career due to a renewed interest in her work.

controlling interest

He later bought a controlling interest in Prince Sports.

Moller–Maersk Group, in which he held a controlling interest.

In 1980, HBOG bought a controlling interest in Roxy Petroleum.

took an interest

The police took an interest in his sudden demise.

He also took an interest in moths and silkworms.

Zügel took an interest in Eckenfelder's economic situation.

interest groups

McCain and his interest groups spent just $49,507.

McCain and his interest groups spent just $6,565.

McCain and his interest groups spent just $159,222.

lack of interest   (falta de interés)

But lack of interest from the ROCAF eventually killed the program.

He feigns a lack of interest; there is an underlying tension in their relationship.

Those who spoke with Karmal during this period noted his lack of interest in politics.

strong interest

Piperno studied guitar and has a strong interest in music.

She exhibited a strong interest in dance from a very early age.

She has a strong interest in jazz, improvisation, and new music.

interest in music

"Red Rocks kick started my whole interest in music.

Mykle also had an avid interest in music all his life.

From an early age Nie Er displayed an interest in music.

romantic interest

The romantic interest was provided by Yakub.

Priscilla also unsuccessfully pursues a romantic interest with Duke.

Cloud as the romantic interest.

lost interest

Thus it was themselves, and they rapidly lost interest.

The sport's popularity fell and the media lost interest.

He lost interest in the IBU, which caused it to collapse.

expressed an interest

Ten member states expressed an interest in the case.

No other NBA teams expressed an interest in Francis.

Michaels has expressed an interest in writing.

points of interest

Northern Arizona has various points of interest.

Among points of interest there are: Sieciechów

Other points of interest include the following:

national interest   (interés nacional)

They have to pursue the national interest.

In 1969 it was declared a historical artistic monument of national interest.

In practice, however, they do occasionally press for their national interest.

conflicts of interest

Personal conflicts of interest faced by journal staff are individual.

As a result, , authors often fail to declare their conflicts of interest.

The ICJME recommendations require peer reviewers to disclose conflicts of interest.

early interest

She developed an early interest in song and dance.

Hayne showed an early interest in the plant world.

Miller showed an early interest in photography.

best interest

Thus, SAPs are unnecessary given the state is acting in its best interest.

"It is in the best interest of the organization that the worker have the information."

First aid involves making common sense decisions in best interest of an injured person.

growing interest

Whilst in Berlin, Simon Rattle encouraged her growing interest in conducting.

The young people have shown a growing interest in German language in recent years.

Young people have expressed growing interest in the issue of cheetah and other wildlife conservation.

showed interest

Thirteen parties showed interest in the contract.

From childhood, Jorge showed interest in art.

Early in his life, Lessing showed interest in the theatre.

historical interest

This remark on Plato is not of merely historical interest.

The compound has been of academic and historical interest.

As such it is only of historical interest.

general interest   (interés general)

They also refer themselves to the general interest.

Duzhe Duzhe () is a biweekly Chinese general interest magazine.

They also publish general interest non-fiction titles under Gill Books.

much interest

He had much interest in historical legal cases.

His novel "Dokuzuncu Hariciye Koğuşu" gained much interest.

During Wade's working years, he also focused much interest on his pro-bono work.

interest include

Points of interest include: Other map sources:

Other points of interest include the following:

Other countries which have also expressed interest include Iran and Belarus.

common interest

Both organisations cooperate on issues of common interest.

Fiji has championed causes of common interest to Pacific Island countries.

Barsalou and Bouvard shared a common interest in medicine and herbal remedies.

personal interest

Both as Overseer and parent Symmes had a personal interest: his son Zechariah junr.

William D. Puleston, took a personal interest in so-called language students like Miyazaki.

Second, he was also driven by his strong personal interest in Chinese language and culture.

areas of interest

Three main areas of interest rapidly developed.

Liang's key areas of interest are law, popular culture and content piracy.

He was the friend of many specialist authorities in his areas of interest.

increased interest

With increased interest, annual team competition began in 1964.

The Tonya Harding scandal in 1994 increased interest in figure skating.

The route has led to an increased interest in cycling in the Preston area.

interest in politics

However, he failed, and lost his interest in politics.

After 1880 Harrison began to lose interest in politics.

Around the same time, he began to pursue an interest in politics.

lifelong interest   (interés de por vida)

Christie had a lifelong interest in archaeology.

As a youth he bred pigeons, a lifelong interest.

A lifelong interest of Hinds was cycling.

active interest

Hall took an active interest in women's rights.

Allen took an early, active interest in politics and civic affairs.

He "took an active interest in the founding of Letchworth Garden City."

interest in art

He early expressed a talent and interest in art.

Mattison showed an interest in art from an early age.

From childhood, Jorge showed interest in art.

research interest

Her research interest focuses on malaria in children.

Globevnik's main research interest is complex analysis.

His research interest is in elliptic curves.

main interest   (interés principal)

His main interest, however, was sports and music.

His main interest was the influence of nutrition on aging.

Away from the racecourse his main interest was drag hunting.

historic interest

It has considerable value for its research and historic interest.

The study has been described as "of considerable historic interest in human genetics".

Nearby are an early 18th century house and a former smithy, also of historic interest.

interest group

McCain and his interest group spent $13,332,086.

Has the federal government become its own special interest group?

Baker was part of the CP/M special interest group within the club.

considerable interest

Copacabana is surrounded by pre-Columbian ruins of considerable interest.

While Marconi's demonstration raised considerable interest, little more was done with his apparatus.

With that being said, a considerable interest to cultivate microalgae has been increasing in the past several years.

sold his interest

Tellem sold his interest in the franchise in 2016.

Bricklin sold his interest in Yugo in 1988 for $20 million.

In 1995, he sold his interest to Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

media interest

The trial attracted significant media interest.

She said her children also found the media interest difficult.

This was a very rare procedure and attracted considerable media interest.

increasing interest

Judah takes increasing interest in the beautiful Iras.

The 14th century saw increasing interest in the Buddha nature texts and doctrines.

Privacy, data protection, and identity theft have become issues of increasing interest.

revival of interest

This led to a revival of interest in Henry's compositions.

The 1960s and 1970s saw an international revival of interest in Vertov.

Their approval is believed to have sparked a revival of interest in these forms.

area of interest

Each profiling tool has its own focus and area of interest.

His other area of interest was the systematics of coelenterates and cnidaria.

His main area of interest is transcranial magnetic stimulation and motor control.

interest among

Early daguerreotypes of Poe continue to arouse great interest among literary historians.

Marketing campaigns have also used such claims to raise interest among curious audiences.

In 1965, WXPN-AM started airing popular music shows, stirring interest among the students.

places of interest

There are various places of interest on the island.

For a longer list, see places of interest in Bursa.

are the places of interest.

more interest

This created more interest in the dictionaries.

Of more interest is the set of four keyboard sonatas.

He displayed more interest in agriculture than in statecraft.

take an interest

He also began to take an interest in botany.

Around 1900 they moved together to Haugesund and began to take an interest in shipping.

Cray encourages her to take an interest in the outside world and forms a budding friendship.

scientific interest

Middridge Quarry is a site of special scientific interest.

Another who cited it out of scientific interest was Thomas Bradwardine.

In addition, there are four sites of special scientific interest on the estate.

attracted interest

The essay attracted interest in Sontag.

He also attracted interest from Italian Serie A side Cagliari.

His performances on the world stage attracted interest from various clubs.

local interest

They centralised power and bought the loyalty of local interest groups.

A lack of local interest in the agricultural course meant that it did not last long.

With no local interest, Vancouver moved their AHL franchise and it became the Syracuse Crunch.

interest payments   (pagos de interés)

Investors received annual interest payments equal to 5% of their actual paid-in capital.

Royalties from the 25 albums generated the cash flow that secured the bonds' interest payments.

Greece went off the gold standard in April 1932 and declared a moratorium on all interest payments.

interest because   (interés porque)

Karst sites are of interest because of the biological communities they contain.

His history is of particular interest because it appears to intertwine with that of the Trojan War.

The compound is of scientific interest because of its high nitrogen content and explosive properties.

high interest

Odell's sighting is of especially high interest.

He often financed the machines with high interest rates.

They provided loans, called "dadon", at a very high interest.

interest in science

It honors Goldwater's keen interest in science and technology.

Although a lawyer by trade, Wedderburn had a keen interest in science.

When she was in school, she developed her interest in science and mathematics.

deep interest

This confirmed the public’s deep interest in the subject.

His father had a deep interest in traditional Bengali music.

He had a deep interest in agriculture.

s interest

Pandey’s interest towards journalism started at young age.

Wade’s interest in photography developed sometime before 1890.

This sparked Kishi’s interest in migrating to the United States in 1906.

attracted the interest

His performances attracted the interest of clubs from the Football League Championship.

After many years here he attracted the interest of several Norwegian Premier League clubs.

The show only ran three weeks, but his performance attracted the interest of a Hollywood agent, Harold Hecht.

pay interest

The credit instrument normally requires the debtor to pay interest and extends for time periods of 30 days or longer.

Separate special-purpose entities—rather than the parent investment bank—issue the CDOs and pay interest to investors.

Separate special purpose entities—rather than the parent investment bank—issue the CDOs and pay interest to investors.

s interest

Pandey’s interest towards journalism started at young age.

Wade’s interest in photography developed sometime before 1890.

This sparked Kishi’s interest in migrating to the United States in 1906.

showed an interest

He showed an interest in aviation at an early age.

He showed an interest in comics during grade school.

Mattison showed an interest in art from an early age.

human interest

Her speciality is filming human interest stories.

A fandom can grow around any area of human interest or activity.

Erasmus wrote both on ecclesiastic subjects and those of general human interest.

shown interest

Hollywood had shown interest in Welles as early as 1936.

Several countries have shown interest.

Several record companies had by now shown interest in signing him.

new interest

I think the second playthrough will hold a whole new interest."

Even a photo book of nudes only caused a small ripple of new interest.

This was not just a new interest but one that became a central concern.

greater interest

"Detinue sur trover" is of greater interest in tort because it covers a more general field.

King James I of Scotland (1394-1437, reigned 1406–1437), took a greater interest in naval power.

Simon's initial introduction to music was through the drums, but later showed greater interest in the piano.

took interest

At the age of 63, Steinman took interest in poetry.

Hamley took interest in animal welfare.

Rudolph took interest and decided to pitch her to record labels.

point of interest   (punto de interés)

The DS touch screen was a primary point of interest.

A rare historic Jewish cemetery is another point of interest.

The low win rate of ACC teams in general was another point of interest.

mutual interest

The band felt that this mutual interest would help shape their musical direction.

The two had been friends for five years when they discovered a mutual interest in music.

The two became friends largely due to their mutual interest in the theory of the pagan witch cult.

vested interest   (interés adquirido)

She had a vested interest in what happened on slave ships."

One of the first to take a vested interest in organized horse breeding was Count Johann XVI (1540–1603).

Throughout the years, many prominent members have kept a vested interest in the events and operations of Phi Delta Theta.

ownership interest

Niles Trammell, a former NBC president, held a 15 percent ownership interest in WCKT.

In the reorganization, the Kearns-Tribune Corporation retained a 35% ownership interest until 1970.

While Cumulus operated the CMP stations, they initially held only a minor ownership interest in them.

interest in photography

His interest in photography began at a young age.

Miller showed an early interest in photography.

Wade’s interest in photography developed sometime before 1890.

low interest

Restoration of historic buildings is encouraged including a low interest council Heritage Loans Scheme.

Ct. case found that a mayor could apply for a low interest loan if it was available for the citizens also.

In 2012 NHH borrowed £250 million by a bond issue at a record low interest rate for the sector of 3.78 per cent.

special interest groups

Only 3% of complaints were made by corporate entities and special interest groups.

Mancur Olson founded modern research on collective action and special interest groups.

At the outset of his tenure, Marlon is apathetic and corrupt, riding in the pockets of special interest groups.

real interest

He started his business career as a used car dealer, but soon found out that music was his real interest.

However, "unanticipated" inflation leads to lender losses as the real interest rate will be lower than expected.

Some accounts of why low real interest rates can be causing misallocation and low productivity build on his idea.

financial interest   (interés financiero)

Those in a position to benefit have a financial interest in seeing the status quo continue.

He maintained a considerable financial interest and a friendly connection with his successors.

Donald A. Smith and Norman Kittson were unofficial silent partners with a significant financial interest.

majority interest   (interés mayoritario)

In 1998, Rokke sold a majority interest in Brooks to J.H.

His family sold the majority interest in the toy store in 1963.

He purchased majority interest in 1902 and owned the team until late 1903.

resurgence of interest   (resurgimiento de intereses)

Retrofuturism is a current resurgence of interest in Atomic Age design.

A brief resurgence of interest in the 19th century did not lead to a revival.

Trait theories became justified, and there was a resurgence of interest in this area.

interest and principal

The CDO is "sliced" into "tranches", which "catch" the cash flow of interest and principal payments in sequence based on seniority.

The proceeds from the sale of the bonds are passed to the borrower and similarly, interest and principal payments are passed directly to investors holding mortgage bonds.

interest in acting

Azim expressed his interest in acting at a very young age.

As a child, Mallette showed an interest in acting and singing.

Ali then developed an interest in acting even after his parents disapproved.

rate of interest   (tipo de interés)

The demand for money depends on the rate of interest!

It is a function of the rate of interest.

This allows local governments to secure credit a low rate of interest.

primary interest   (Interés primario)

His primary interest was the nexus of art/the creative process/psychology.

In this case the primary interest is in the vertical motion of the Earth's surface.

In an earlier version of the script, Bobby James' primary interest was song-writing.

takes an interest

Fuhrmann also takes an interest in freshwater diatoms.

However, Tim takes an interest in Smash.

Mrs Coulter takes an interest in Lyra and invites her to stay in her home.

commercial interest   (interés comercial)

Its derivatives, copolymers and oligomers, are of commercial interest.

Jones, however, was measuring neutron flux, which was not of commercial interest.

They were generally set up in cities with some sort of German commercial interest.

significant interest   (interés significativo)

The plant of significant interest is Autumn Lady's-tresses.

Of significant interest of the site was a large 80 m long, 4-12.7 high burial mound.

Depswa had generated some significant interest around a number of major record labels.

academic interest

They are, however, subjects of considerable academic interest.

Because whatever our opinions, they would be of purely academic interest”.

More recently, mobile wireless sensor networks (MWSNs) have also become an area of academic interest.

own interest

Nugent stood in his own interest, however, and was returned.

Thus the activities of millions of people, each seeking his own interest, are coordinated.

Barrett also painted (in oils) for his own interest and experimentation, particularly country and mountain scenes.

interest in writing

Arne showed little interest in writing concert music.

Michaels has expressed an interest in writing.

From childhood, Ms. Frances expressed an interest in writing.

topics of interest

Users may also add additional topics of interest.

"All topics of interest to the Comanches were discussed".

The Associates also sponsor a forum on commencement week-end on topics of interest to alumni.

showed little interest   (mostró poco interés)

Arne showed little interest in writing concert music.

Academics showed little interest in this topic until recently.

On the other hand, Potho showed little interest in the castles in his territory.

international interest

The announcement caused international interest in the story and was covered widely.

All the international interest on the Championships has now led to official national championships all over Europe.

The street and the bus depot became a place of international interest as a result of the Beatles' song "Penny Lane".

lose interest

After 1880 Harrison began to lose interest in politics.

Most lose interest in school and show a decline in academic performance.

By then only a handful of students were still having sit-ins and local residents were beginning to lose interest.

new love interest   (nuevo interés amoroso)

Nia Wells is LA's Deputy District Attorney and Hondo's new love interest.

Darryl's new love interest.

For the fourth season, Tapping requested that Magnus would be given a new love interest.