İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

most interesting   (en ilginç)

1 of the 30 most interesting Twitter users in India.

The keep is the most interesting feature of the fortress.

The women met: "I've read your work: it's most interesting.

more interesting   (daha ilginç)

What they do seems to be more interesting and newer.

The movie gets a lot more interesting in the second half.

It is more interesting and amusing than a mere Autograph.

very interesting   (çok ilginç)

It is very interesting that Kevin Rudd is from QLD.

The contraption is quite a toy and very interesting.

The geographic texture is very interesting.

particularly interesting   (özellikle ilginç)

In terms of its climate Tenerife is particularly interesting.

This makes it particularly interesting Barrax from the point of view of Remote Sensing.

Emmerson Hall, built in 1913, is particularly interesting for the variety of building stones used.

many interesting   (çok ilginç)

It also has many interesting and rare features.

The church has many interesting stained glass windows.

Self-inversive polynomials have many interesting properties.

interesting feature   (ilginç özellik)

The keep is the most interesting feature of the fortress.

An interesting feature of the model proposed for the "M".

Another interesting feature of the hybrot is its longevity.

interesting because   (ilginç çünkü)

Onstage we still kept it interesting because we never wore anything out by rehearsing it to death."

In an interview with MTV News, the singer revealed that the album "is interesting because each song stands on its own.

These poems are especially interesting because they show the coming together of the Canadian setting with the Imagist style.

really interesting   (gerçekten ilginç)

It was push-and-pull, like kids at play, really interesting."

But now, with the advantage of 20/20 hindsight, it is a really interesting time capsule.

It certainly doesn't define him and what the writers have planned is really interesting and authentic."

interesting story   (ilginç hikaye)

An interesting story that he brings up in the book is the "Bakke v. U.C.

So I think there's an interesting story to tell of the pain and struggling.

Fairly interesting story somewhat handicapped by titles written obviously to point a moral."

less interesting   (daha az ilginç)

The website's critical consensus reads, "A more likable Becky Sharp makes for a less interesting movie."

The team also found augmentations and skills to be less interesting than they had seemed in the design document.

Those areas, however, are somehow less interesting for the vertical rock climbers because of the fragility of the more calcareous rock.

other interesting   (diğer ilginç)

These favours usually entail Poirot being supplied with other interesting cases.

formula_14 In addition to the above-mentioned npmi, PMI has many other interesting variants.

He shared other interesting information about himself publishing in the Facebook 25+1 random facts about him.

interesting to see

"The Times" wrote; "It was interesting to see how he managed.

But it’s so interesting to see how sure of themselves people are, talking about this.

Overall, FfA is off to an enjoyable start; it'll be interesting to see where this bizarre group of characters go from here.""

interesting features   (ilginç özellikler)

The estate versions had some interesting features.

This circular crater is slightly unusual for its lack of interesting features.

All of these continued to highlight and narrow down the 125 GeV region as showing interesting features.

interesting example

An interesting example is Thrall (1987).

An interesting example is the coat coloration of the Siamese cat.

An interesting example of complicated history of the region is the "fight" between Christmas beings.