research interests   (研究興味)

His research interests concern world politics and Asia.

Yalden listed his research interests as:

Service design is also one of Forlizzi’s research interests.

business interests   (事業利益)

Over the years his business interests have shrunk.

Kennedy has other business interests outside motorsport.

He resumed business interests in Pittsburgh.

interests include   (興味が含まれます)

Kotoinazuma's interests include music and golf.

His other interests include tennis, golf and cricket.

His other interests include musical theatre and travel.

best interests

She was convinced that he could no longer be trusted to preserve the monarchy's best interests.

Parental rights can only be exercised so far as practicable and in the best interests of the child.

Therefore, it is in the queen's best interests to have her own sons raised, and not the sons of workers.

research interests include

His research interests include:

Her research interests include developing and validating climate models.

Her research interests include work-related law and feminist legal theory.

other interests   (他の興味)

Faria left AAPS in 2002 to pursue other interests.

His other interests included anti-slavery work.

His other interests include tennis, golf and cricket.

commercial interests   (商業的利益)

He also had a number of other commercial interests.

He was chairman of their commercial interests from 1894 to 1896.

All eight were decommissioned and seven were sold to commercial interests.

own interests

This means that to an extent managers can pursue their own interests.

He denied using yakuza to pursue his own interests or to mediate their disputes.

Due to this, Boas was granted the independence to think for himself and pursue his own interests.

economic interests

They had combined both political and economic interests.

The ministry also represents the economic interests of Latvia in the European Union.

The author’s economic interests in their work shall be protected by the exploitation rights.

national interests   (国益)

The national interests were always urgent at his heart.

Today the U.S. states that democratic nations best support U.S. national interests.

Local interests triumphed in the medieval ages, just as national interests do today.

interests included

His other interests included anti-slavery work.

Tankerville's other interests included maps and shells.

His interests included rock music and tennis.

political interests

The islands acquired commercial and political interests in the North American colonies.

Her political interests included education, the environment, home affairs, and children.

After his term as lieutenant governor he retired from his business and political interests.

special interests

Among the most powerful special interests in Macau are casinos.

Dr. Polmann's special interests include volunteer work in public schools.

Neither foresaw that in the First World War, all special interests would be expendable".

common interests

Naturally, phenomenology and neuroscience find a convergence of common interests.

The two shared common interests in music and Eastern mysticist culture and quickly became friends.

Guilds arose beginning in the High Middle Ages as craftsmen united to protect their common interests.

personal interests

In 1882, he resigned to attend to personal interests.

Frederick's personal interests include sailing, alpine skiing, flying, and cycling.

This allows researchers to see where an individual's personal interests and values lie.

represent the interests

The party was established in 1887 to represent the interests of landowners and middle class merchants.

The Agency for Aerospace helps to represent the interests of Austrian interests at the European Space Agency (ESA).

The association sought to represent the interests of railway officers as distinct from railway workers more broadly.

private interests   (私的利益)

She was sold to private interests in November.

After the war she was acquired by various private interests.

From 1854 to 1879, private interests conducted almost all rail construction.

financial interests   (経済的利益)

Personal financial interests were also allegedly involved.

O'Malley was chosen to protect the company's financial interests in the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1933.

After the American war with Spain in 1898, New York financial interests increasingly played a role.

represents the interests

As such, it represents the interests of the students within and outside the University.

He is chairperson for City Sikhs, a charity which represents the interests of progressive Sikhs.

The organization represents the interests of builders and developers of housing and commercial projects.

protect the interests

Spanish law allows nominated consumer associations to take action to protect the interests of consumers.

The branch was founded in order to protect the interests of Muslims of Sandžak, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

It was also connected with an increasing modification of local customs to protect the interests of local merchants.

love interests   (恋愛)

The roster of potential love interests swells to 19 characters in later titles.

Carpenters female backup dancers do the same thing with their love interests and the same thing happens.

In March 2012, Jennylyn Mercado and Rhian Ramos were announced to be Revilla's two of three love interests.

representing the interests

Founded in 1998, the UAC is an umbrella organization representing the interests of African immigrants throughout the country.

For a time, Roman women could argue as advocates in courts but a subsequent law prohibited them from representing the interests of others.

De Rossi is honorary president of "I Diritti Civili nel 2000", a civil-rights organization representing the interests of women and children.

musical interests

Zappa's mother encouraged him in his musical interests.

We’re just showing off a different side to our musical interests.

While in France, he met singer Mireille, who encouraged his musical interests.

pursue other interests   (他の利益を追求する)

Faria left AAPS in 2002 to pursue other interests.

", while Michael Swaim left Cracked to pursue other interests.

In 1998 Andy Dickins leaves the band to pursue other interests.

security interests   (担保権)

According to the IDF, aid to Syrian civilians was motivated by both conscience and security interests.

The area of borane chemistry was growing rapidly, in part due to the Cold War and national security interests.

The armed forces are charged with protecting the Czech Republic and its allies, promoting global security interests, and contributing to NATO.

main interests   (主な興味)

His main interests were in the area of deep sea research.

One of Lieberman's main interests is making kinetic sculptures.

His main interests were the theory of numbers and recreational mathematics.

vested interests

He also said he would tackle "vested interests", citing energy and rail companies.

Al-Sane strongly defended Olaim and alleged that vested interests were behind the attacks on the minister.

There is also a focus given to the alleged vested interests of countries in the region, particularly France.

mining interests

Supporters of the Act accuse mining interests of, "crying that the sky is falling."

He was a member of Uruguay's Colorado Party, and was, for many years identified with the country's mining interests.

A consequence of the 1917 Russian Revolution was the nationalisation of mining interests in the former Russian Empire.

whose interests

Gomez, whose interests include both history and geology, converted the magazine to a geological research facility and exhibition centre.

The Colours Committee comprises teaching staff whose interests within our total curriculum are wide and whose experience is considerable.

It was around this time the Germans entered the region, whose interests were peaked due to news reports from Speke, Grant, and Stanley's travels.

similar interests

Both parents passed similar interests on to their children.

Users can also join teams, which enables them to compare themselves against people with similar interests.

This artist is sometimes confused with August Wilhelm Ferdinand Schirmer, who had similar interests, and belonged to the same era.

scientific interests

By the 1890s, her scientific interests centred on mycology.

He had a wide range of scientific interests in the field of biology.

Shufeldt's scientific interests began during his years in surgical practice.

corporate interests

He also became a large stockholder of the Pennsylvania Coal Company and Long Island Rail Road among insurance and other corporate interests.

With American corporate interests firmly rooted in Cuba, the U.S. tariff system was adjusted accordingly to strengthen trade between the nations.

UK government officials met with BP and Shell officials before and during the invasion to discuss corporate interests and perspectives on Iraqi oil.

local interests

Soon tensions appeared between him and local interests.

The lowest level road is tertiary and serves local interests.

But local interests prevailed again, in spite of Cromwell's presence.

rights and interests

At that time, no social group could defend its rights and interests.

Both the abbot and the farmers of Appenzell wanted to protect their rights and interests by joining the new Swabian League.

The owner's use of the property must, however, respect the legally recognised rights and interests of other members of society.

academic interests

He pursued many academic interests.

He had academic interests in German poetry and lieder, Romantic German literature, especially E.T.A.

His principal academic interests are social theory, political economy, social identity, and East Asia.

promote the interests   (利益を促進する)

Through the BWF Nthaile sought to promote the interests of labourers and his own Bakgalagadi ethnic group.

In 1834, Sir Benjamin d'Urban became governor and was anxious to promote the interests of the indigenous people.

The Union des Houillères françaises was formed in 1840 to promote the interests of the national mines and defend their common interests.

interests of all

Sparta and Athens had a leading role in the congress but interests of all the states played a part in determining defensive strategy.

Questions were often raised as to whether BNP councillors could adequately represent the interests of all of their local constituents.

Energywatch was charged with protecting and promoting the interests of all gas and electricity consumers in England, Scotland and Wales.

range of interests

E L Barnwell also had a wide range of interests.

In addition to the arts, Sidney had a range of interests.

His range of interests was broad, as he even studied Hungarian.

shared interests

With Iran, we need to focus on our shared interests.

Mary Putnam Jacobi, shared interests of hers, including pediatrics and neurology.

Among their shared interests were music – she loved classical, and he loved jazz.

against the interests   (利益に反する)

This is a deeply anti-Macedonian act, but also an act against the interests of the Albanians in Macedonia".

In none of the examples given above was the original bid deemed to be against the interests of competition.

It was intended to protect the inherited territory of the counts against the interests of the archbishops of Cologne.