İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

interior design   (iç dizayn)

It is awarded to the best interior design in a film.

Patriz Huber was responsible for the interior design.

interior and exterior   (Iç ve dış)

and features excellent shots of the interior and exterior (B/W).

The car also takes interior and exterior styling based on the 2014 Hyundai Aslan.

The scene is the interior and exterior of Yohyō's snow-covered, straw-thatched hut.

interior designer   (iç mimar)

Her sister is interior designer Elena Karaman Karić.

His wife, Kelli, is an interior designer.

Before working in fashion, Janković was an interior designer.

interior walls   (iç duvarlar)

The interior walls are decorated by painted ornaments.

Further memorials adorn the interior walls.

The interior walls are richly decorated with baroque carving.

interior minister   (içişleri bakanı)

In December 1930, Zhang became acting interior minister.

He was the advisor of caretaker interior minister Ziyad Baroud.

Mai Ahmad Fatty is the interior minister of the current government.

interior decoration   (iç dekorasyon)

The interior decoration has partly survived till today.

Built in 1853, St Hilary church lacked interior decoration.

The rich interior decoration was mostly lost in World War II.

interior features

Its interior features pink Tennessee marble.

The interior features notable stencil work.

The interior features an octagonal rotunda.

interior space

The interior space is from floor to ceiling.

As of 1997, the structure was reported to have only of interior space.

The carports of several residences have been enclosed to provide more interior space.

exterior and interior   (dış ve iç)

The exterior and interior were redesigned.

The work on the exterior and interior was completed in June 1927.

Their exterior and interior appearance was designed by MBD Design.

interior floor

The interior floor has a low ridge in the northern half.

The interior floor contains no features or impacts of note.

Parts of the interior floor of Darwin have been resurfaced.

interior spaces   (iç mekanlar)

Movable dividers were used to define the interior spaces.

The interior spaces had vaulted roofs.

Doors are generally used to separate interior spaces (closets, rooms, etc.)

interior trim   (iç döşeme)

Most of the interior trim has been replaced.

Bench seats were fitted front and rear trimmed in Rayon and "Elastofab", and two-colour interior trim was standard.

In the 1996–1997 models interior trim, including the dashboard, was changed, and a new 2.5-liter diesel ("VM41") engine was fitted.

interior ministry   (içişleri bakanlığı)

Khalqists controlled the Ministry of Communications and the interior ministry.

He concurrently held other committee-level posts, and left the interior ministry in December 1931.

As the interior ministry of India, it is mainly responsible for the maintenance of internal security and domestic policy.

interior scenes

Some interior scenes were filmed at The Swan Hotel in Southwold.

Most interior scenes are shot in the adjoining purpose-built studio.

In December the production moved to Vinohrady's A-B Ateliers for interior scenes.

interior decorator

He worked as an interior decorator and in real estate and insurance.

Mann married the interior decorator Florence Sabine-Pasley (known as Dolly Mann).

His father was Daniel Dosamantes who was a builder, interior decorator and painter.

interior art

The interior art has been mostly transferred.

Laura Roslof was given the task of creating interior art for this.

Cover art was by Jeff Easley, with interior art by Arnie Swekel and Glen Michael Angus.

original interior

The house retains virtually all of its original interior detailing.

The Trust classify the original interior work as "restorable as a theatre".

Thus, little of the original interior remained when work for the museum began.

leather interior   (deri iç)

The 2800 offered full leather interior, power windows, and power sunroof, which its price of $6,874 reflected.

Limited 2.0T models receive all of these options as well as a heated leather interior, sunroof and other features.

Named after a perfume by Nicolas de Barry it was called "Blue Lagoon", and was available with either Alcantara or leather interior.

new interior

The type also features tail fuel tanks, revised engines, and a new interior.

Tateno asked an Italian friend, Alexsandro Bencivenni, to design a new interior.

The TTx also features a built-in pulse oximeter, a new paint scheme and a new interior.

interior designers   (iç mimarlar)

The Cubist vocabulary was poised to attract fashion, furniture and interior designers.

Ram 1500 interior designers used different types of hammers as inspiration for interior designs.

The contestants are 12 up-and-coming interior designers competing for a luxury apartment at Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

interior retains

The interior retains some bar fittings that date back to c. 1900.

The hotel interior retains much of its early and later 19th century woodwork.

The interior retains elements of its earlier eras, including an open fireplace.

interior contains

The interior contains many works of art.

The interior contains vinyl or cloth seats and the Uconnect 3 5.0BT radio.

The interior contains a gallery which extends around three sides of the church.

church interior

The church interior was completely renovated in 2007.

The painting of the church interior was renovated in 1976-77.

In 2002 paintings by Valentino Vago were added to the church interior.

interior includes

The interior includes original Federal-style fluted mantles.

The interior includes a pulpit from 1627 and a 13th century font.

The interior includes coloured marble and a replica of the Parthenon Frieze.

interior layout

Some people say that the interior layout of La Pedrera comes from studies that Gaudí made of medieval fortresses.

This allows the owners to change their minds at will and to modify, without problems, the interior layout of the homes.

Regalian properties refurbished the building in the late 1980s, to designs by Hildebrand & Clicker architects, providing today's interior layout and more facilities.

interior decorations

Constantin Hansen completed interior decorations on doors and panels.

Among the interior decorations are a number of paintings from the school of Solimena.

According to the RKD he was the teacher of Aert Schouman and was known for interior decorations.

interior wall

Particularly along the western face, the interior wall displays some terraces.

The rim is generally circular, but has an outward bulge and a wider interior wall to the west-southwest.

The interior wall decoration is simple, but there is a beautifully curved coffered ceiling lightly decorated in blue and gold.