internal combustion   (内燃機関)

The novel feature of an entirely internal combustion chamber was used.

Diesel engines are the most efficient car internal combustion engines.

The Kiviter process is classified as an internal combustion technology.

internal and external   (内部と外部)

In general, there are two types: internal and external.

Systems are available for both internal and external applications.

Information also provided to find internal and external resources.

internal affairs   (内政)

By that time he had resigned from internal affairs.

We technically deny involvement in Chadian internal affairs."

In addition, there is a Barbuda Council to govern the internal affairs of the island.

internal medicine   (内科)

Endocrinology is a branch of internal medicine.

Nagi was also a doctor in internal medicine.

He made a special examination of internal medicine in 1985.

internal security   (内部セキュリティ)

It is also performing internal security duties i.e.

It is also involved with internal security.

Armored cars are popular for peacekeeping or internal security duties.

internal combustion engine   (内燃機関)

An internal combustion engine nominally operates on a controlled rapid burn.

The first internal combustion engine buses, or motor buses, were used in 1895.

The smaller internal combustion engine can be designed to run more efficiently.

internal structure

The object need not expose its internal structure.

Each of these areas has a complex internal structure.

It had also damaged the external skin and internal structure.

internal organs

A mantle covers its gills and internal organs.

Its internal organs would be destroyed through intra-anal oils.

If ingested, the sap can cause severe damage to internal organs.

internal conflicts

Around 400,000 Afghans died in internal conflicts between 1990 and 2001.

The government became ineffective because of large scale internal conflicts (e.g.

Britain attacked Brunei in July 1846 due to internal conflicts over who was the rightful Sultan.

internal conflict

I suppose I'm working out some internal conflict".

Due to an internal conflict, Chmielarz left Metropolis in 1999.

In 1485, the fortunes of the Granadan internal conflict shifted yet again.

internal energy

Several devices could be built to store internal energy during accelerations.

This change in energy is called the change in internal energy of a chemical reaction.

Thus the ideal gas law states that internal energy is directly proportional to temperature.

internal combustion engines

Diesel engines are the most efficient car internal combustion engines.

For example, it can be detected in the exhaust of internal combustion engines and tobacco smoke.

This is used in a form of machinery such as internal combustion engines and in thermobaric weapons.

internal investigation   (内部調査)

A three-judge internal investigation committee cleared him, a month later.

Gillard's conduct was the subject of an internal investigation by Slater and Gordon.

After an internal investigation by UNM, it was found the minor was not a recruit as erroneously reported.

due to internal

400 MT/s and 200 MHz external clock) due to internal speed limitations.

The federation declined in the 1050s due to internal struggles ("see below").

Internal carriage on the F-35B isn't possible due to internal space limitations.

own internal

She set up her own internal medicine practice in Harlem in 1981.

The Christian kingdoms were mainly focussed on their own internal power struggles.

Velasio de Paolis decided that they would be better served by their own internal government.

external and internal   (外部および内部)

The clitoris contains external and internal components.

There are two sets of jugular veins: external and internal.

Ecosystems are controlled by external and internal factors.

both internal

Systems are available for both internal and external applications.

These are the wildcard qualifiers, from both internal selections and playoffs.

1997 saw the new numbering format for both internal and external Jetdirect servers.

internal strife   (内紛)

The Türgesh empire collapsed from internal strife.

After internal strife, Dongbuyeo fell, and its territory was absorbed into Goguryeo.

internal storage

It has 512MB of RAM and 8GB internal storage.

The device comes with either 16GB or 32GB of internal storage.

It is offered with 64 GB of internal storage, expandable via SD card.

internal divisions

Capcom has three internal divisions to make games.

In the process, severe internal divisions were generated.

Following his death, MCC was riddled by internal divisions.

internal bleeding

She's unconscious, with internal bleeding and barely breathing."

The prey can survive the attack and die afterwards from internal bleeding or circulatory shock.

In January 2019, Maradona underwent surgery after a hernia caused internal bleeding in his stomach.

internal problems

This and internal problems led to an acrimonious split in 1986.

SK Gaming benched Lincoln "fnx" Lau following internal problems.

However she refused the offer citing internal problems within the party.

internal politics

On 10 September 2019, she resigned from the party, citing petty internal politics.

Hope imposed censorship of newspapers in the Presidency and reporting on internal politics was suppressed.

After Ms. Besant's death in 1933 Ms. Jinarajadasa became more involved in the internal politics of theosophists.

internal improvements

He was an advocate of mercantilism, monopolies, subsidies, tariffs, and internal improvements.

The enlargement of the canals, and other questions concerning internal improvements, received attention.

The "Southern Cause" transcended the ideology of states' rights, tariff policy, and internal improvements.

internal pressure   (内圧)

This steps lead to an increase in internal pressure which eventually breaks through the cortex.

The cyst forms a posterior vacuole, which expands and raises the internal pressure of the cyst.

Exceeding this limit puts the bridge under internal pressure and damages the structure in the process.

internal political

During the last phase of the monarchy, internal political debate centered on the issue of slavery.

The internal political situation quickly deteriorated after the execution of King Khosrow II in 628 AD.

Agreement proved difficult to attain and meanwhile the internal political situation in Portugal deteriorated.

internal walls

The majority of the internal walls are plastered.

The internal walls and ceiling of the vestry are lined with fibro panels with timber cover strips.

The Great Workroom is the largest expanse of space in the Johnson Wax Building, and it features no internal walls.

no internal

The "Rolan's Curse" cartridge has no internal save battery.

In a true monocoque design there is no internal structure left.

This way no internal girders, forming a real chassis, are needed.

internal memory

Appeal more to internal memory and conception.

All pseudo-random number generators have an internal memory or state.

The internal memory and optional MicroSD card slot makes it ideal for listening to music on the go.

internal or external

The MIDI sends the note information to an internal or external sound bank device.

Their internal perception of control refers to their locus of control being internal or external.

Consciousness Consciousness at its simplest is "sentience or awareness of internal or external existence".

internal injuries

One survivor died in the water of internal injuries.

He suffered broken limbs and internal injuries.

Three days later, the girl died from internal injuries.

internal disputes

Moreover, internal disputes in the ANC prolonged the war as consensus on peace was not reached.

He joined Bangladesh Nationalist Party in 2007 over internal disputes in the Bangladesh Awami League.

In 2005 Marurai left the Democrats due to an internal disputes, founding his own Cook Islands First Party.

other internal   (他の内部)

The consequences are usually less severe than injuries involving other internal organs.

All shows, bumpers, billboards, promos and other internal programming must be captioned.

Eggs that are eaten by the rodent form hydatid cysts in the lungs, liver, and other internal organs.

internal market   (国内市場)

In 1994 the internal market was formalised by the EEA agreement.

Labour came to power in 1997 with the promise to remove the "internal market" and abolish fundholding.

In order to maintain and improve the internal market, the commerce collegium was created in the year 1719.

internal selection

TVP opted for an internal selection this year.

This internal selection process would apply to each Spanish Eurovision entrant until 1999.

The British entry was selected through an internal selection, organised by the British broadcaster BBC.

internal exile

The Communists were suppressed and the Liberal leaders went into internal exile.

After the end of his internal exile, they remarried in 1957, divorcing a second time in 1972.

She was sentenced to six years in prison and three years of internal exile within the Soviet Union.

internal party

He worked swiftly to heal the internal party wounds, and to re-establish the non-Labor forces and provide an effective opposition.

He agreed to the holding of legislative and presidential elections in November 1984, which had been preceded by internal party elections in 1982.

Truman also met with Thaddeus Wasielewski, a Polish-American politician who lost re-election due to a bitter internal party dispute over the Yalta conference.

internal power

It used a 1.8 V internal power supply and a 2.5 or 3.3 V power supply for I/O.

It used a 1.5 V internal power supply and a 1.8 or 2.5 V power supply for I/O.

The Christian kingdoms were mainly focussed on their own internal power struggles.

internal control   (内部制御)

This step made him lose internal control; his government broke into several factions.

A vulnerability is a weakness in design, implementation, operation or internal control.

Finally the internal control point formula_8is derived from the previously calculated control points asformula_9

internal struggle   (内部闘争)

His internal struggle to accept and embrace his identity inform the beginning of covering.

Opposing Piłsudski's Coup d'État of 1926, he did not rejoin the army during the internal struggle.

The Clan has split between conservative and progressive factions and the bitter internal struggle reaches its peak.

internal struggles

The party has seen several major internal struggles.

The chiropractic leaders and colleges have had internal struggles.

The federation declined in the 1050s due to internal struggles ("see below").

internal state   (内部状態)

Motivation is an internal state that activates, guides and sustains behavior.

As children develop, they take on more and more responsibility for their internal state.

Stored data are regarded as part of the internal state of the entity performing the algorithm.

internal revenue

He returned to Los Angeles in 1874 as deputy collector of internal revenue.

He was appointed assessor of internal revenue in March 1867 and served until May 1869.

He was appointed assistant United States internal revenue assessor in 1868, serving until 1872.

internal evidence   (内部証拠)

However, internal evidence from his authentic writings suggest that he was raised by Christian parents.

Similar to internal evidence, doctrinal consistency and development are examined against the author's other known works.

Its provenance is unknown but the internal evidence from the script characteristics betrays it to be a late Babylonian copy.

internal structures

All the rear surfaces had steel internal structures rather like those of the wing.

The purpose of this motion is to tear the predator's cuticle and ultimately rupture its internal structures.

No trace of internal structures was found during excavation, the interior of the structure consisting of volcanic ash.

internal review

The Ministry of Defence announced an internal review.

She resigned her position on April 24, 2015, amid an internal review, citing unspecified health issues.

The suspension, put in place to allow an internal review, was lifted by the club as part of this agreement."

internal operations

Modular Battalions main function was internal operations.

Master control and most internal operations are based at KTVB's facilities.

WNYW had already been handling some of WWOR's internal operations for some time before then.

internal space

It occupied a plot of , with around of internal space.

Internal carriage on the F-35B isn't possible due to internal space limitations.

Bogie suspensions keep much of their components on the outside of the vehicle, saving internal space.

internal reflection   (内部反射)

Wardell's conversion to the Roman Catholic faith was the result of a period of deep internal reflection.

Fresnel rediscovered this effect and investigated it by including total internal reflection in a chromatic-polarization experiment.

The phase shift of the reflected wave on total internal reflection can similarly be obtained from the phase angles of and (whose magnitudes are unity).

internal documents

She requested access to the internal documents about the men.

Edell strengthened his case with his access to 300,000 pages of internal documents of the tobacco companies.

In April 2015, Weber met with Aleksandr Torshin, the alleged handler for Russian spy Maria Butina, according to internal documents from Center for the National Interest.

all internal

The rood screen and all internal decoration were removed at this time.

The millet controlled all internal disputes such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and the distribution and collection of taxes.

This requires the Foundation, as lessee, to carry out all internal and external repairs/maintenance to the fabric of Durrow Abbey.

internal components

The clitoris contains external and internal components.

The internal components of the 4B11T engine have been reinforced to withstand high levels of boost.

The MV Agusta racing department led by Andea Goggi polished and lightened many of the internal components, many being made from exotic metals.

total internal   (内部合計)

Narrow aisles were made in the building thus giving a total internal width of about 56 feet.

EEZ+TIA is exclusive economic zone (EEZ) plus total internal area (TIA) which includes land and internal waters.

Fresnel rediscovered this effect and investigated it by including total internal reflection in a chromatic-polarization experiment.