internationally recognized

He is an internationally recognized expert in privacy law.

Catalonia is internationally recognized for its fine dining.

Founded in 2005, its beer has been internationally recognized.

nationally and internationally   (国内和国际)

It also airs nationally and internationally online.

Beda has been showing nationally and internationally.

Zimmermann won several awards nationally and internationally.

internationally known

French Polynesia is internationally known for diving.

Iron Grip holds many patents, and is internationally known.

Richard Galliano is an internationally known jazz accordionist.

internationally renowned   (国际知名)

He was an internationally renowned author and scholar.

It is also home to the internationally renowned Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Robert McDuffie Robert McDuffie is an internationally renowned violinist.

internationally acclaimed

Hemke was an internationally acclaimed saxophone artist.

The bestseller is the internationally acclaimed Radka Toneff.

It has been home to many internationally acclaimed films and directors.

internationally recognised   (国际认可)

An internationally recognised symbol for the acre is ac.

Some internationally recognised films have come from Ghana.

Some female players have become internationally recognised.

known internationally

It became known internationally as the Green Line.

She is known internationally as the "godmother of New Taiwan Cinema".

He is well known internationally for the MTV reality series "Are You the One?

released internationally

The movie was released internationally in 2017.

It was her first record to be released internationally.

"Showcase" was also released internationally.

toured internationally

The People Show has also toured internationally.

He has toured internationally with Midnight Oil.

and the Checkerboard Lounge, and toured internationally.

internationally famous

Nias is an internationally famous surfing destination.

The Guernsey cattle is an internationally famous icon of the island.

Some are internationally famous.

competed internationally

Knockwood has also competed internationally at the Pan Am Games.

He competed internationally in freestyle and medley swimming events.

Leccardi competed internationally on the advanced novice level in 2014.

domestically and internationally   (国内和国际)

Stevens' work has been exhibited both domestically and internationally.

MDB provides services for B2B and B2C clients both domestically and internationally.

Their music consisted of jazz rock, and was recognised domestically and internationally.

became internationally

She became internationally recognized when she began her concert career.

As the Vaisala radiosonde became internationally renowned, the demand for them increased.

Hungarian hussars became internationally recognized, being a prime example of light cavalry.

exhibited internationally

Acea has exhibited internationally, solo and group.

Since then, Alan's original paintings have been exhibited internationally.

O'Banion has exhibited internationally in both solo and group exhibitions.

locally and internationally

As of June 21, 2019, Gerry's Grill has already 117 branches locally and internationally.

Gertner has expanded the Tokyo Smoke brand locally and internationally with eight stores.

The design of the library won a number of awards for its architecture, locally and internationally.

internationally released

(internationally released as The Police Serve the Citizens?)

Happy New Year Buon Natale... buon anno (internationally released as Merry Christmas...

Tempest (1958 film) La tempesta (internationally released as Tempest) is a 1958 Italian drama film directed by Alberto Lattuada.

internationally important

It is internationally important for its bird life.

The archive is an internationally important collection.

There are internationally important populations of meadow pipit and stonechat.

performed internationally

She has performed internationally and won numerous awards.

They have been performed internationally.

They also performed internationally at Baybeats 2015 in Singapore.

recognized internationally

His scholarship and teaching were recognized internationally.

The city is increasingly recognized internationally as a gourmet destination.

Ha has been recognized internationally for his pioneering work in biophysics.

played internationally

"My Star" was played internationally thereafter.

He played internationally for the England amateur team.

The game featured both matches played at Hogwarts, and matches played internationally.

distributed internationally

The series is distributed internationally by Netflix.

It had a total of 105 episodes and was distributed internationally.

"Titans" is currently being distributed internationally on Netflix.

internationally successful

However, dramatic movies were more internationally successful.

This is the first time internationally successful "Hollywood Squares" format was adapted in an Indian language.

It released music by several internationally successful artists such as Beny Moré, Orquesta Aragón and La Lupe.

well as internationally

This, coupled with the railroad, allowed products to be shipped all over Chile as well as internationally.

Nowadays, many army doctors are studying in public health master's degree locally as well as internationally.

"Coronation Street" is made by ITV Granada at MediaCityUK and shown in all ITV regions, as well as internationally.

compete internationally

At sixteen, she started to compete internationally.

University students compete internationally at the World University Games.

Both men had decided to compete internationally in snowboarding during the same year.

broadcast internationally

America Celebrates Israel’s 50th", broadcast internationally by CBS.

The show was also broadcast internationally on Channel's international distribution.

The Show was also broadcast internationally on Channel's international distribution.

internationally through

NIDA delivers hundreds of short courses every year across Australia and internationally through NIDA Open and NIDA Corporate.

Kim Soon-duk also went on international speaking tours to raise awareness internationally through her testimonials and artwork.

Gormé was successful in the Latin music market and internationally through albums she recorded in Spanish with the Trio Los Panchos.

competes internationally

He competes internationally for Nigeria.

Anić lives in Korčula, Croatia, but competes internationally for Slovenia.

She competes internationally for the France women's national basketball team.

internationally accepted

An internationally accepted lexicon is Terminologia Histologica.

However, dendrimer is currently the internationally accepted term.

The SWEBOK has become an internationally accepted standard ISO/IEC TR 19759:2015.

most internationally

The most internationally known dance in Peru is the Marinera Norteña.

HIM and Nightwish are some of Finland's most internationally known bands.

The most internationally acclaimed Hindi film of the 1980s was Mira Nair's "Salaam Bombay!"