İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

own interpretation   (kendi yorumu)

Mix the City invites people all over the world to create their own interpretation of Tel Aviv.

He also did his own interpretation which is displayed outside the Fratton Park stadium in Portsmouth.

Eggermont explains this anamoly by theorising that Ashoka had his own interpretation of the "Middle Way".

literal interpretation   (gerçek yorum)

(Not all interpreters agree with this literal interpretation of the chronology of Revelation, however.)

This perception is based on a literal interpretation of Dyson's original short paper introducing the concept.

Calvin took a literal interpretation of chapter 1, but allegorical view of chapter 2, a position echoed by some modern interpreters.

open to interpretation   (yoruma açık)

Highballing, like most of climbing, is open to interpretation.

The definition of a bookkeeper is broad and wide and open to interpretation.

The ending is open to interpretation as to whether Rowe survived the stabbing.

new interpretation   (yeni yorum)

His thesis presented a new interpretation of the Sanskrit inscription of Dinoyo of CE 760.

Her book brought about a whole new interpretation on pesticides by exposing their harmful effects in nature.

This is now known as "new interpretation" but it has been mentioned by P. Sraffa in 1930 and by Kenzo Yukizawa in 1974.

modern interpretation

This monitor is a modern interpretation of Kakejiku.

The concept of the album was to show the group's matured charms through a modern interpretation of "Pandora's Box".

In 1967, Larkum developed the first modern interpretation of the distribution of algae in relation to their pigmentation.

interpretation of quantum

One's reality can be mind-dependent under this interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Resolutions of the paradox have important implications for the interpretation of quantum mechanics.

Duffieux was also interested in philosophy, music, and the meaning and interpretation of quantum theory.