İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

features interviews   (özellikler röportajlar)

It features interviews and live performances.

It features interviews with bands, celebrities and professional athletes.

It features interviews with Chris along with his close friends and family.

several interviews   (birkaç röportaj)

Also included are several interviews and a great part of his published poetry.

Dolving has in several interviews stated that he considers himself an anarchist.

He has also expressed in several interviews that he is a fan of Masashi Nakayama.

includes interviews   (röportajları içerir)

It includes interviews with Hofstadter about his work.

The film includes interviews with Vietnamese and American widows.

It includes interviews with CBS News correspondents and other newsmakers.

series of interviews

In 1977, he granted Frost an exclusive series of interviews.

The film ends with a series of interviews of Charles Manson and the attackers.

"They wander in," Peer told Lillian Borgeson during a series of interviews in 1959.

featured interviews

It often featured interviews with people of interest to the youth of the time.

This short-lived program largely consisted of music videos but rarely featured interviews.

The show featured interviews with celebrities, subject matter experts and members of the public.

included interviews

The video included interviews with Goodman and others.

The episode included interviews with Reason, Suffa and Trials.

The two-disc album included interviews, live tracks, and studio outtakes.

conducted interviews

Renee Young and Charly Caruso conducted interviews from the red carpet.

He also conducted interviews for the magazine programme "Picture Page".

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation conducted interviews from the hotel room.

based on interviews

DFD is a system created by analysts based on interviews with system users.

All four of these books are based on interviews with Engelbart as well as other contributors in his laboratory.

"Aftershocks", a 1991 play by Paul Brown, is based on interviews with members of the destroyed "Newcastle Workers Club".

featuring interviews

In October 2011, Gould launched, a video podcast site featuring interviews with successful Internet entrepreneurs.

"Autism Every Day" is a documentary featuring interviews of parents with mostly negative opinions about autism and their situations.

It is a documentary double album featuring interviews, press conferences, snippets of original or orchestral versions of Beatles songs with voice-overs.

media interviews

She also referred to SAFE13 in media interviews.

Several media interviews happened at about 10:45 UTC.

Sebastian did a number media interviews in the week the song was released.

well as interviews   (röportajların yanı sıra)

It includes music in Cornish as well as interviews and features.

DVD extras include trailers for films in the Tomie series, as well as interviews with the director and cast.

Discussion largely centered on water cooler topics as well as interviews with various guests, mostly from the entertainment industry.

interviews conducted

The show was surreal and satirical, with odd interviews conducted with unsuspecting members of the public.

Instead, the interviews conducted by the flamboyant Brüno character drifted towards the topic of homosexuality.

In August 2012, on the basis of screening interviews conducted with UNHCR, only 2,715 of the refugees were determined to remain entitled to refugee status.

stated in interviews

Ab-Soul has stated in interviews that he highly influenced the song.

Joubert has stated in interviews that he considers quadruple jumps to be important for the future of figure skating as a sport.

Campbell has stated in interviews that the band's name was a sarcastic riposte to the popularity of mainstream boy band pop at the time.

celebrity interviews   (ünlü röportajlar)

It also features movie and music reviews, TV listings and major celebrity interviews.

During his short stint with Nigezie he set up its 24-hour program schedule, and organised celebrity interviews.

In 2009 she launched her blog Khanversations to recap her humorous celebrity interviews and was selected as a video blogger for Samsung at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

many interviews   (birçok röportaj)

He also made many interviews of veteran militants for posterity.

The students gave as many interviews as they could to television networks.

Among many interviews, he also wrote a report for the magazine  (April 2012).

exclusive interviews

The series features Esfandiari performing street magic on the Las Vegas strips along with exclusive interviews.

The magazine contains exclusive interviews, production information, and behind-the-scenes features, complete with color photos.

Hosted by Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy, it features exclusive interviews and field packages in the podcast’s signature style.

including interviews

The show focuses on hip hop, British rap, grime, and Afrobeats, including interviews with musicians.

The film is about a Jewish same-sex marriage of two lesbians, including interviews with the Rabbi and various family members.

According to ABC, the movie is based on the ""9/11 Commission Report" and other sources", including interviews and news accounts.

radio interviews

During his journey, he did several TV, newspaper and radio interviews.

Korner gave one of his last radio interviews to BBC Midlands on the "Record Collectors Show" with Mike Adams and Chris Savory.

She made more than 100 radio interviews and dozens of television appearances in Australia and Japan as well, including "Where Are They Now?"

numerous interviews   (çok sayıda röportaj)

On the basis of numerous interviews, Schofield presents the political players involved.

In numerous interviews, the Lutz family claimed they were followed by what was at the house.

In his retirement Henderson gave numerous interviews with BBC Radio 4 and BBC Four on his Notting Hill past.

through interviews   (görüşmeler yoluyla)

The film, like Morris' other works, is unnarrated and the stories are told purely through interviews.

this is a process of identifying individual's skills and interests through interviews, observations, and conversations.

Engineering posts are filled through the Engineering Services Examination, while technologists are selected through interviews by UPSC.

various interviews

DJ Shadow promoted the album through various interviews and press appearances.

In various interviews, Pravind stated that he has lived a political life since birth.

Rare color footage was also used at the time for various interviews including ones with MTV.

later interviews

However in later interviews he denied hiring Čongrády.

In later interviews, he mentioned his father's alcoholism as the reason for the breakdown of their marriage.

In later interviews, Jonathan Frid admitted this was all part of the character's success, "... the lies he told to himself."

gave interviews

She seldom gave interviews and was generally very introverted.

He often gave interviews recalling memories of his famous friends.

He gave interviews addressing sexual liberation for gay and straight people, in which he freely spoke about oral and anal sex.