Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

introduce new   (presentar nuevo)

Senate can also introduce new school rules to be voted on.

Instead it would introduce new ghosts, characters, and mythology.

For each formula_2, introduce new variables formula_3 where formula_4.

first to introduce   (primero en introducir)

He was the first to introduce the seven-hole flute.

Kellogg was the first to introduce prizes in boxes of cereal.

The company was the first to introduce the glow in the dark bicycle.

introduce a new   (presentar un nuevo)

San Jose: The Sharks introduce a new black alternate jersey.

As a result, Asquith was forced to introduce a new third Home Rule bill in 1912.

In most cases, the main aim is to introduce a new trait that does not occur naturally in the species.

plans to introduce   (planea introducir)

It plans to introduce the multicamera tool.

In 2019 Toyota revealed plans to introduce an EV HiLux within six years.

Sales were strong, and the company discussed plans to introduce more similar stores in the future.

helped introduce   (ayudó a introducir)

Grenadier's father helped introduce him to the instruments and music theory.

In 1996, Ordesky helped introduce U.S. audiences to Jackie Chan with the break-out hit "Rumble in the Bronx".

He axed the majority of the Di Marco family and helped introduce popular characters such as the Slater family.

used to introduce   (solía presentar)

"That" is rarely used to introduce a non-restrictive relative clause in prose.

As the series progressed, it was used to introduce other heroes to the Valiant Universe.

The song was used to introduce the "I Saw You Coming" sketches in Harry & Paul from series 2.

not introduce   (no presentar)

GM hinted that they will not introduce more Volt-based plug-in hybrids.

She does not introduce new elements or forms but transforms what is already in the site or in the space.

If players follow MAPNASH, the order of moves is relevant even if it does not introduce asymmetries in information.

decided to introduce   (decidió presentar)

In 2016, producers decided to introduce a family for the character.

Fresnel, in contrast, decided to introduce polarization into interference experiments.

They later decided to introduce his wife, Priya (Menik Gooneratne), to create a family unit.

introduce legislation   (introducir legislación)

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer stated he would introduce legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

The British Government initially attempted to introduce legislation to give prisoners the right to vote.

It passes on legislation typically introduced by the president although it also can introduce legislation.

introduce themselves   (Que ellos se presenten)

Many parasitic bees use mimicry to introduce themselves into the nests of their hosts.

Correspondingly, Romanians occasionally introduce themselves with their family names first, e.g.

They introduce themselves as Emma Garcia (a third wife of David Garcia Sr.) and David "Anthony" Garcia III.

attempted to introduce   (intentó introducir)

Mukherji has attempted to introduce innovation to her Rabindra Sangeet performances.

In Van Beuren, Gillett attempted to introduce the rigorous quality standards of Disney.

Voere attempted to introduce caseless ammunition to civilian shooters in 1991 with the VEC-91.

attempt to introduce   (intento de introducir)

Vogler represented an attempt to introduce a villain, a move urged by Fox.

The ministry is chiefly remembered for Gladstone's first attempt to introduce the Home Rule Bill for Ireland.

Initially, there was little resistance to the attempt to introduce elements of Nazi ideology into church doctrine.

introduce more   (introduce más)

GM hinted that they will not introduce more Volt-based plug-in hybrids.

Failure of a levee system would introduce more saltwater into the Delta.

Sales were strong, and the company discussed plans to introduce more similar stores in the future.