introducing new   (新しい導入)

There are sometimes problems in introducing new technology.

files) together frequently for fixing defects or introducing new features.

Returning to DDT and introducing new drugs brought malaria back under control.

credited with introducing   (導入で評価されました)

She is credited with introducing all three to the American public.

Häusser is credited with introducing both those styles to Denmark.

Queen Marie is also credited with introducing lentilles to the French diet.

introducing a new   (新しいを導入する)

NASCAR Racing 2 improved upon its predecessor by introducing a new game engine.

They commenced on 15 March, subsequently introducing a new show at 7pm, "The Dirt".

This involved introducing a new clockface timetable with shorter trains running more frequently.

responsible for introducing   (導入を担当)

IBM was chiefly responsible for introducing APL to the marketplace.

He was responsible for introducing Ligurian or Italian bees to Britain in 1859.

She was responsible for introducing the dramas of Juliusz Słowacki to the Kraków stage.

well as introducing   (紹介するだけでなく)

The game introduces new characters, and adds new moves for the older characters as well as introducing new game modes.

Speaking after the fact, he fills in plot details in between the levels, as well as introducing and concluding the game.

The Reform Acts had preserved some of the unreformed borough franchises, as well as introducing new rules for all boroughs.

known for introducing

Luckey Roberts is known for introducing George Gershwin to Jazz.

He is known for introducing the concept "kontrollert sinnsyk", i.e.

Keats is best known for introducing multiculturalism into mainstream American children's literature.

instrumental in introducing

It is also significant that he was instrumental in introducing Indian-style curry in Japan.

Madhur Jaffrey was instrumental in introducing James Ivory and Ismail Merchant to one another.

This book was instrumental in introducing the famed Turkish writer to the English-speaking world.