invented the first

Franklin thereby invented the first newspaper chain.

John Fleming invented the first radio tube, the diode, in 1904.

After the war, it invented the first metal drywall anchor in 1947.

invented a new

He invented a new type of musical, with a humorous and "sexy" style.

Instead, they became creative, and invented a new name in honor of their dispute.

In 1951, as a graduate student, Baruch invented a new incubation flask for metabolic studies on tissue slices.

invented and patented

It was invented and patented in 1954 by George H. Royer.

The system was first invented and patented by Richard Peck in 1973.

Rand invented and patented the first collapsible artist's paint tube.

newly invented

Using group of newly invented rockets, the Nazis catapult the JSA into space.

Since dance is to a large extent tied to music, this led to a burst of newly invented dances.

A "pushed" process is based on existing or newly invented technology that the organization has access to.