private investors   (個人投資家)

This makes professional vaulted gold accessible to small private investors.

In 1962, the Jakarta city government and several private investors formed PT.

In May 2016, Accomable secured £300,000 seed funding from undisclosed private investors.

group of investors   (投資家のグループ)

Pontiac was founded in 1818-19 by a group of investors.

In 1982, a group of investors bought and restored the two structures.

In 1882, a group of investors bought the mill and formed the Grafton Worsted Company.

foreign investors   (外国人投資家)

The foreign investors only owned a combined 20% stake.

The ISX opened to foreign investors on August 2, 2007.

Previous legislation (1997) made no specific inclusion of foreign investors.

institutional investors   (機関投資家)

It is wholly owned by private and institutional investors.

Larger institutional investors also grant the board proxies.

That meant that only institutional investors could afford it.

other investors   (他の投資家)

However, the other investors pressed on.

Cascioli had bought out the other investors to gain full ownership of the brewery.

The island was purchased by Dr. Edwin C. Lunsford, Sr. and two other investors in 1953.

investors including

Money was raised from 70 investors including the New South Wales Film Corporation.

The company raised $8 million from investors including Kleiner Perkins and BBG Ventures.

In October, 2013, It received $12 Million in Series A round from investors including Yahoo!

angel investors   (エンジェル投資家)

It received funding of $2 million from angel investors.

Spool raised over $1 million from angel investors in January 2012.

The company was founded in 2011 and backed by Keiretsu Forum angel investors.

potential investors   (潜在的な投資家)

Commitment of funding from potential investors was being sought.

Once this intelligence has been gathered, the agent will formally market the deal to potential investors.

This canal has never been built in part because of political instability, which scared off potential investors.

new investors

The program stopped accepting new investors in 1995.

It was sold to new investors in 2007 and performance has improved since then.

Meyer had financial problems with this movie and the new investors decided to cast actor Jan-Michael Vincent.

local investors

Lemanski led a diverse group of mostly local investors which bought the building in 2017.

The small processing and service sectors are largely dominated by just a few prominent local investors.

The small processing and service sectors that do exist are largely dominated by a few prominent local investors.

investors led

The collection was later purchased by another group of investors led by Mark Zaplin, of Santa Fe.

In 2009 Puget Sound Energy was sold to foreign investors led by Macquarie Group, in a leveraged private equity buyout.

BankServ was founded by a group of investors led by current CEO David Kvederis, a former senior vice president of Wells Fargo Bank.

individual investors

The balance came from AXA, Shell, Delta Lloyd Group and around 150 individual investors.

Miso first received seed funding in May 2010 from individual investors and Google Ventures.

This allowed individual investors to bid on the price of the stock, and allowed all investors equal access.