invited to join   (に招待されました)

The Khalkhas were invited to join, but they refused.

All are invited to join their shipmates in "Subvets".

The CCF was invited to join the coalition but refused.

invited to participate   (参加するように招待された)

He was invited to participate on the H.O.R.D.E.

In 2015, Vos was invited to participate in the X Games.

In 1998, Majerus was invited to participate in Manifesta 2.

invited to play   (遊びに誘われた)

Merle Haggard was invited to play at this reunion.

He was also invited to play in the 2018 Senior Bowl.

In 2011 he was invited to play for Bulgaria Davis Cup team.

invited to perform   (実行するように招待)

They were invited to perform in Paris.

After a trip to Portugal, she was invited to perform in Mexico.

She was invited to perform on the show after posting songs on MySpace.

not invited

He was not invited on the MCC tour of South Africa.

Only Eris, goddess of discord, was not invited.

invited to attend

They are invited to attend Gabriel's second burial.

Relatives and friends invited to attend.

was invited to attend the first meeting, but boycotted it in protest.

invited back   (招待された)

Ward was invited back to Vietnam by U.S.O.

The students were invited back for a seventh year in 1997.

Clare was invited back to play the role on a regular basis signed to longer contracts.

invited to take

Public were invited to take part in this stoning.

Eighteen teams were invited to take part in the race.

Seventeen teams were invited to take part in the race.

then invited

He then invited the crowd to participate in painting.

Wigman then invited her to stay in Dresden in the summer of 1934.

She was then invited by a modeling agency to work professionally.

invited to speak   (話すように誘われた)

At another meeting, Douglass was unexpectedly invited to speak.

He has been invited to speak at over fifty international conferences.

He has been invited to speak on panels and in interviews about his work.

invited to become   (に招待されました)

In 1638, he was even invited to become a cardinal in Madrid, refusing the offer.

In 1832, Jabez Tunnicliff was invited to become the minister of Cradley Baptist Church.

In November 2014 CCGs were invited to become co-commissioners of primary care in their area.

invited speaker   (招待講演者)

She is regularly an invited speaker at scientific conferences.

The invited speaker is always a past contributor to the journal.

In 2002, he was an invited speaker at ICM in Beijing (Algebraic Cobordism).

invited guests

The group included church members and their invited guests.

Each meeting features two papers by members or invited guests.

This show is attended by invited guests but is often open to the general public.

invited to give

In 2003, he was invited to give a talk at the first Amaz!ng Meeting.

Local residents were invited to give their views on a new vision for the area.

In December 2014, Liu was invited to give a lecture in Madison University, USA.

invited to compete

The following year four artists were invited to compete for the commission.

Skiers from Uzbekistan were invited to compete at the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

In this season, two teams from the oceanic region were also invited to compete.

teams were invited

Twenty-five teams were invited to start the race.

No qualifying took part, but teams were invited.

Eighteen teams were invited to take part in the race.

later invited

She later invited them to help launch the Becket Arts Center.

"FareWel" was later invited to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2001.

Healey was later invited as a guest on the BBC program titled "The World this Weekend."

often invited   (しばしば招待される)

She is often invited to sing at the New National Theatre Tokyo.

Roz is often invited to join Martin's poker games, which his own sons are not.

Her mother-in-law felt sorry for her because of this and often invited her to her residence.

invited to sing

Finally in 1927 she was invited to sing in Paris.

She is often invited to sing at the New National Theatre Tokyo.

Foreign guests may also be invited to sing or say works from their land.

invited to present   (プレゼントに招待)

The Secretary of State is invited to present this award.

In 2012, he was invited to present his collection during Paris Fashion Week.

The two remaining bidders, CISE and SAUR, were then invited to present second-stage bids.

invited to work   (仕事に招待された)

Arif Babayev was invited to work on television.

Additional 60 specialists from Styria were invited to work at the plant.

While in the Netherlands, he was invited to work at the Ingrid Rolema Artistic Foundation at the Hague from 1980 to 1981.

invited to appear

Xenia Jankovic is regularly invited to appear at international festivals across the globe.

In December 2002, he would be invited to appear with Sherman Hemsley on Carnival Cruise Lines.

The theme of that week's episode had its contestants performing his and Westlife's music; Filan was invited to appear as a guest judge.

invited to teach

Elders (senior preachers) from Lapland are invited to teach.

In 1969, he was invited to teach in the Theater Department at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

A parish elementary school was built not long after and the Felician Sisters were invited to teach at the school.

players invited

Several players were among the 60 players invited to the 2013 NBA Draft Combine.

Harris was one of twelve USC players invited to the 2009 NFL Scouting Combine that season.

Simons was later named one of the 69 players invited to the 2018 NBA Draft Combine that year.

invited all

He invited all Gabonese, regardless of previous political affiliation, to participate.

invited to submit   (送信するように招待されました)

In April 1985 promoters were invited to submit scheme proposals.

State Parties are invited to submit Periodic reports every six years.

Finally, all four bidders were invited to submit revised technical proposals, accompanied by financial bids.

invited to visit

Favored PAFA students were invited to visit and use his studio.

He Tianjian, Xie Jun and Peng Zhaoqin were invited to visit USSR.

He was invited to visit Russia for the wedding of Duke Anthony Ulrich of Brunswick.

subsequently invited

Marvel subsequently invited him to join its writers program.

Sveio Municipality was subsequently invited as a member of the planning committee.

They were subsequently invited to sing in the 2008 BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

regularly invited

He regularly invited speakers such as Philip Berrigan to speak on campus.

Xenia Jankovic is regularly invited to appear at international festivals across the globe.

As a pianist, he is regularly invited by many contemporary music festivals and Canadian orchestras.

band was invited

The band was invited to the Inaugural Parades of Richard Nixon in 1969 and Ronald Reagan in 1985.

In 2015 and 2016, the band was invited to tour Slovenia on behalf of The U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana.

In February 2001, the band was invited to play an acoustic concert on Lithuanian national television.

frequently invited

Wieloglowski frequently invited there various fortune tellers and other persons who claimed magical abilities.

She is frequently invited to talk shows and interviews to speak in favor of prostitution and the adult film industry.

She began her career in the troupe of the Opéra de Lyon then, from 1984, was frequently invited to play at the Opéra de Paris.