İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

became involved   (dahil oldu)

Through this, Andy became involved in charity runs.

He became involved in a fake art scandal in 1910.

Ward became involved in local politics very quickly.

actively involved   (aktif olarak dahil)

Osborne was actively involved in Calgary politics.

He was actively involved in the Temperance movement.

Dr. Kato is still actively involved at Zenshuji.

heavily involved   (yoğun katılım)

He comes from a family heavily involved in motor-sport.

Alabama was heavily involved in the American Civil War.

Belmont was heavily involved in Thoroughbred horse racing.

not involved   (dahil değil)

He was not involved in any major policy decisions.

The fifteen-year-old Ottaviano was not involved.

Dr. Kugler is an analyst and is not involved in politics.

become involved   (dahil olmak)

Peacock has become involved in the St. Louis startup scene.

Toni and David become involved in helping political refugees.

Drumm would become involved in the industrial broom industry.

get involved   (dahil olmak)

Don and local miners get involved, saving the day.

And you don't get involved any deeper than that.

It starts slow, but once you get involved, it grows on you.'

people involved   (katılan insanlar)

He appears not to care for any one of the people involved here.

The police in Turkey arrested around 20 people involved in the attack.

They found 50 people involved in the original film and chose to use 18.

got involved   (dahil oldu)

Mwila got involved in coaching from an early age.

She also got involved in a drama called "Eat Already?

He practiced law in the island until he got involved in politics.

businesses involved   (yer alan işletmeler)

, there were people employed in the primary economic sector and about businesses involved in this sector.

The MPOB requires all businesses involved in the palm oil industry to be licensed through the organisation.

, there were 9 people employed in the primary economic sector and about 4 businesses involved in this sector.

directly involved   (doğrudan dahil)

"Not a single German" was directly involved," he added.

Ivens was directly involved in labour activism during this period.

Near the end of 1968, Adams got more directly involved in the struggle.

more involved   (daha ilgili)

Dave becomes more involved with Kim over time.

Some rolling code systems are more involved than others.

European customs are now more involved in market surveillance.

romantically involved

They are soon romantically involved, in secret.

Eventually, she became romantically involved with Fox.

Comic Book Guy and Agnes become romantically involved.

involved in several

Irwin was also involved in several media campaigns.

In 2008, Cloutier was involved in several projects.

Black (1936), the company was involved in several mergers.

involved in politics   (siyasete karışmak)

He was involved in politics in his university days.

Adampour was involved in politics from an early age.

Since 2014 he has been actively involved in politics.

involved in many

Prosper was also involved in many real estate dealings.

During the 13th century, sorcery was involved in many deaths.

He has been involved in many challenging real estate transactions.

deeply involved   (derinden dahil)

Lissauer was deeply involved in music from an early age.

Within 2 years, he was deeply involved in student politics.

By 1854 Russia has been deeply involved in the Crimean War.

becomes involved

She becomes involved with a group of boy scouts, who is led by Ken Warren.

Involuntarily Anna becomes involved in an amazing and dangerous adventure.

becomes involved with Sonny's sister Courtney Matthews (Alicia Leigh Willis).

closely involved   (yakından ilgili)

illumos remains very closely involved with OpenZFS.

From the beginning, he closely involved employees, e.g.

In retirement from hurling Coleman remained closely involved in the game.

involved in various   (çeşitli ilgili)

They often disagree over the risk involved in various properties.

GUMSA is involved in various other activities throughout the year.

Members of Acorn are involved in various community service activities.

becoming involved

Niall Quinn revealed his regret at becoming involved in the Saipan incident.

Patarkatsishvili announced that he was considering becoming involved in the bid.

Despite becoming involved in hockey, Turner was still primarily a baseball player.

involved some significant   (bazı önemli)

1712 in music The year 1712 in music involved some significant events.

1665 in music The year 1665 in music involved some significant events.

1664 in music The year 1664 in music involved some significant events.

parties involved   (ilgili taraflar)

In this way, Ānanda had pleased all the parties involved.

for example parties involved will make a commission out of the transaction.

Contracts implied in fact are ones that the parties involved presumably intended.

getting involved   (dahil olmak)

Traditionally, that has meant getting involved in local churches.

She also started getting involved with queer and feminist porn movements.

Porretta wasted no time in getting involved with the entertainment industry.

companies involved

Production companies involved in the series include MVMT.

Production companies involved with the series include A24.

Production companies involved with the film include SunnyMarch.

often involved   (sıklıkla dahil)

Many wounds were open fractures and often involved damage to bones.

For example, flavin and heme cofactors are often involved in redox reactions.

Throughout the series, Rose and she are often involved in the same activities.

work involved   (ilgili çalışma)

The work involved laying, testing and burying some of control cable.

Despite the work involved, Satterthwaite had three uninvolved coders.

Nassar's earliest work involved copying embroidery patterns from books.

all involved   (hepsi dahil)

The five 1892 cases all involved black Africans.

Unfortunately, all involved are captured by a group of Russians.

However, the Umpires themselves are not all involved in the corporate aspect of Urban Umpires.

remained involved

His two daughters remained involved in both businesses.

In Munich Renate Lepsius remained involved with the party.

Billo remained involved in the RSL.

very involved   (çok ilgili)

Ioana Petcu-Colan is also very involved in chamber music.

As a lawyer he was also very involved in Tunisian sports.

Endel Ruberg was very involved with youth.

gets involved

Trumbo turns up and gets involved in a saloon brawl.

Munnu gets involved in the conspiracy of killing Bunnu.

And he gets involved in all this espionage.

involved in local

Ward became involved in local politics very quickly.

Traditionally, that has meant getting involved in local churches.

Deenihan later became involved in local politics as a member of Kerry County Council.

involved in numerous   (sayısız)

He was also involved in numerous children’s charities.

He is involved in numerous social and charitable causes.

Christy was also involved in numerous learned societies.

increasingly involved   (giderek daha fazla dahil)

He also became increasingly involved in nationalist politics.

As the fighting continued, the Yen family became increasingly involved.

Over this time he became increasingly involved in college administration.

everyone involved   (katılan herkes)

The problems were really coming at the inexperience of everyone involved.

Wayne later described this ironic episode as a "cosmic joke" on everyone involved.

It is important that everyone involved knows that I do it solely for my pleasure."

still involved   (hala dahil)

He is still involved in motor sport, most recently in GT Racing.

In dreams, sensation is still involved, but in an altered manner.

The family of Chirag Ali are still involved in running the Ashram.

genes involved   (ilgili genler)

Most genes involved affect ion channels, either directly or indirectly.

Mutations in several genes involved in the G2/M transition are implicated in many cancers.

This overcomes the effect of drugs that reduce the expression of genes involved in replication.

case involved   (söz konusu dava)

The case involved is "Anne Anderson, et al., v. Cryovac, Inc., et al.".

The case involved Dr. Emily Stowe, one of Canada's first female doctors.

The case involved an Aboriginal Chief named Edward Jim of the North Saanich tribe.

individuals involved

Most of the individuals involved have moved on to other companies or efforts.

The two or sometimes three individuals involved move in tight circles around each other.

This can be compounded by the weak social status and position of the individuals involved.

involved in other   (diğer ilgili)

The team of Plate, Sommer and Faust was also involved in other projects.

Apart from his main bands, Grohl has been involved in other music projects.

Remaining population are involved in other types of farming and local business.

project involved

The project involved replacing some of Elkhart County Road 6.

The project involved two stages.

The project involved community archaeology, and more than 60 volunteers took part.

wrestlers involved   (ilgili güreşçiler)

The show featured various professional wrestling matches with different wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds or storylines.

others involved

My apologies to others involved with the film.

Wilder-Smith and others involved in the Karl-Heim-Gesellschaft (i.e., the Karl Heim Society).

The cottage had been searched by police looking for evidence of others involved with him in abuse.

teams involved

Group C consist of the 4 teams involved in the 2015 S.F.C.

The game was scored as a no-contest for the teams involved.

Before each match the rules had to be agreed by the two teams involved.

involved in all

And he gets involved in all this espionage.

The electromagnetic force is also involved in all forms of chemical phenomena.

Rajeev believes that Maddy is getting involved in all this because of their rivalry.

officers involved   (ilgili memurlar)

Jurisdiction is also determined by the officers involved.

None of the officers involved in these women’s deaths were convicted.

He sued the police officers involved and filled a 100 million taka lawsuit against the government.

proteins involved

Exposure to cigarette smoke impacts proteins involved in DNA methylation.

Cytokines are a family of secreted proteins involved in immunoregulatory and inflammatory processes.

later involved

Neal was later involved in a relationship with magician JB Benn.

The division was later involved in a massacre of Albanian partisans.

But by self-education he became a theologian and was later involved in ecumenical movement.

process involved

The process involved public nomination and voting for the new name.

The process involved public nomination and voting for the new names.

processes involved

As a material scientist, Hsiao has focused on understanding the fundamental processes involved in the crystallization of polymers.

He was a close friend of Charles Darwin, and contributed significantly to Darwin's thinking on the processes involved in evolution.

What follows is a chart displaying a fairly typical fugal outline, and an explanation of the processes involved in creating this structure.

aircraft involved

The aircraft involved with this accident was PK-LLC.

The aircraft involved was an ATR 72-212 with MSN 391.

The aircraft involved was AV-11 "Spirit of Washington".

became more involved

The company became more involved internationally as Europe became more reliant on imported metals.

As fighting escalated between 1982 and 1986, the F-14s gradually became more involved in the battle.

As he became more involved in the independence movement, the government started keeping a close watch.

first became involved

Healy-Rae first became involved in politics in the 1960s.

Krebs first became involved with motor vehicles at the Elmore Manufacturing Company.

Callely first became involved in politics in 1985 when he was elected to Dublin Corporation.

currently involved

She is currently involved with the Scout Association.

He is currently involved with multiple technology start-ups in India.

She is also currently involved with the ArtSpeaks Project, a Sault Ste.

personally involved   (kişisel olarak dahil)

Bokassa himself may have been personally involved in some of the killings.

Louis was personally involved in the assault and burning of the town of Vitry.

He overcame this by being personally involved in battle, in the manner of a Macedonian king.

involved the use

Other pranks involved the use of animal costumes.

Retaliation involved the use of a denial of service attack.

The third and most advanced method involved the use of mortar.

mainly involved

They were mainly involved in the salt trade.

He was again mainly involved in colonial and foreign policy issues.

People are mainly involved in business, teacher and are in Nepal police.

involved in developing   (geliştirmeye dahil)

Faculty and staff are actively involved in developing Institute policies.

Some became leaders in their own right and others were involved in developing towns.

Marcel Bich was involved in developing the production of inexpensive ballpoint pens.

different wrestlers involved   (katılan farklı güreşçiler)

The show featured various professional wrestling matches with different wrestlers involved in pre-existing scripted feuds or storylines.

involved in both

His two daughters remained involved in both businesses.

Rothman was critically involved in both of these facilities.

From 1893 he was involved in both the Reichstag, as well as the Prussian State Parliament.

primarily involved

George Cahill Jr. was primarily involved in the metabolic research.

These enzymes are primarily involved in steroidogenesis and detoxification.

The company is primarily involved in real estate and the oil and gas industry.

issues involved

There are safety issues involved in kite-flying.

We badly need work on these problems that will clarify the issues involved.

She has put a strong emphasis on the health issues involved with the U.S.-Mexico border.

involved in research

All departments are actively involved in research in their specific fields.

It is a global collaborative network involved in research, awareness, and patient support.

became romantically involved

Eventually, she became romantically involved with Fox.

Phillips and Wareham became romantically involved and eventually married in 2007.

They reportedly became romantically involved around Lin's birthday in January 2016.

women involved   (katılan kadınlar)

MAOFESW had 11,000 women involved in the group by 1905 and 37,000 by 1915.

Many women involved in music were noblewomen or were from families of other musicians.

At first the women involved came from Hawaii, but later, women from the "mainland" were brought in.

not directly involved

Miles was not directly involved at Wounded Knee and was critical of the commanding officer.

He is the only one of the main characters who is not directly involved with the acting business.

Although Lim was not directly involved in the protest, he was recognized as one of its architects.

involved in another   (başka biriyle ilgili)

He has also been involved in another 6 European championship medal winning teams.

Sharkey was involved in another controversial fight when he faced Corbett on November 22, 1898.

From 1869-1872, Galán was also involved in another newspaper called "La Voz de Pueblo," in Maztalan.

involved in political

She became involved in political activities at the age of 16, when she joined an platform.

She became involved in political and feminist theatre as well as collective writing which was flourishing at that time in Quebec.

He was born into the aristocratic governing class of Mytilene, the main city of Lesbos, where he was involved in political disputes and feuds.

involved in creating

As a result, Arondeus also became involved in creating forged documents.

They have also been involved in creating social activities and political freedom movements.

Later he was also involved in creating "Bureaucracy" as a parody of events in his own life.

men involved

Both men involved in the incident were removed from the house.

Traditional clothing for men involved cotton kilts and leather sandals.

One of the men involved also received an official pardon by President Bill Clinton.

forces involved   (ilgili kuvvetler)

Therefore, these structures experience all the characteristic Interbilayer forces involved in that regime.

Ukrainian forces involved in the recapture included the Azov Battalion, whose flag flew in the city in early August.

With no Islamic forces involved as in Java and Sumatra, upper-caste PNI landlords led the extermination of PKI members.

technology involved

An understanding of the technology involved, and the theory behind it became necessary.

1931 in science The year 1931 in science and technology involved some significant events, listed below.

The people living in the south and southwest were hunter-gatherer groups, whose technology involved only minimal use of metal technologies.

became heavily involved   (ağır bir şekilde dahil oldu)

"[H]e became heavily involved in the Socialist community and left wing student politics.

During this time, a government ran program, the Writers' War Board, became heavily involved in what would be published in comics.

During its early period, the Society became heavily involved in Expo '67, and the post-Expo exhibition that followed named Man and His World.

involved more

The new book also involved more contributions by other field ornithologists.

He pointed out that it would not hurt if Powerwolf involved more creativity in their work.

His assignments in recent years have involved more sleuthing than wildlife photojournalism.

involved in social   (sosyal medyada yer almak)

Where the church is involved in social care it should be in the vanguard.

Mookhey is involved in social and charitable causes for the underprivileged.

All her life she was involved in social and charitable organizations and activities.

allegedly involved   (iddia edildiği gibi)

Personal financial interests were also allegedly involved.

He was allegedly involved in stock market manipulation in 2013.

Winfrey was allegedly involved in a second drug-related love affair.

costs involved

Indigenous governments are reluctant to take on the ongoing costs involved.

This particular pattern is predicted because the costs involved in mating for each sex are distinct.

It was estimated that the extra costs involved in taking this route amounted to one-third of the total costs.

became increasingly involved

He also became increasingly involved in nationalist politics.

As the fighting continued, the Yen family became increasingly involved.

Over this time he became increasingly involved in college administration.

intimately involved   (yakından ilgili)

Both these brothers were intimately involved in the slave trade.

Norie-Miller was intimately involved with the civic life of Perth for many years.

Cleese was intimately involved in the creation of the stage version from the beginning, including in the casting.

players involved

On the basis of numerous interviews, Schofield presents the political players involved.

The "Daily Advertiser" declared that the six players involved were the "best in England".

The defensive players involved are said to be stunting or trading, or sometimes to "have a game on".

involved in community   (topluluğa dahil)

Around 2002, La Fe began to get involved in community housing.

The evening inspired people to get involved in community projects.

He has always been involved in community service, much of which is through the Rotary Club of Zamboanga City.

involved in making

There are two steps involved in making a choice to purchase.

These finds hint at the cost involved in making peace with the Vikings.

John Milton, Sr.'s business owned many properties and was involved in making loans.

involved with several

Troy was involved with several charitable bodies.

In addition, she has been involved with several charities.

Besides he is involved with several local and international organizations.

longer involved

Mercer is no longer involved with Monolith Drums.

While no longer involved in the agency's day-to-day operations, he stayed in touch with the company.

Thereafter, Lee Scott Sr. was no longer involved in raising his sons and would often miss scheduled visits.

became actively involved

Off the field, Porcher became actively involved in the community.

After rising to prominence, Ruby Lin became actively involved in commercial work.

Clyne himself became actively involved in Child's search, and was in correspondence with him.

not been involved

He had not been involved in any of the activities to that point.

The majority of abortion opponents have not been involved in violent acts.

Briggs persuaded the court that she had been present but had not been involved.

company involved   (ilgili şirket)

Universal Television was the production company involved with the pilot.

The production company involved with the film was slated to be National Geographic Studios.

She is the owner of Lukasko Group, a private company involved in trading copra and wet cocoa beans.

no longer involved

Mercer is no longer involved with Monolith Drums.

While no longer involved in the agency's day-to-day operations, he stayed in touch with the company.

Thereafter, Lee Scott Sr. was no longer involved in raising his sons and would often miss scheduled visits.

groups involved

Loebsack has generally scored high among interest groups involved in civil liberties.

Two of the main groups involved in organizing this were Muni Social Strike and Muni Fare Strike.

There are two groups involved with making the problems, the 'creating problems' group and 'checking over the problems' group.

involved several

Many of these trials involved several hundred defendants.

The tour involved several skirmishes within the Kiwi party.

Preparation of the gut for clothing involved several steps.

having been involved

He was, however, deeply suspected of having been involved in Sancho's murder.

He was governor of Cognac, after having been involved in the last campaigns of the Seven Years' War.

Chechen rebel authorities, including president Aslan Maskhadov, denied ever having been involved in any such swap.

highly involved

The firm has been highly involved in the food sector.

Mr. Vioreanu is highly involved in clinical research.

He was highly involved in musical productions and programs at both schools.

involved in planning

Functionally, the cerebral cortex is involved in planning and carrying out of everyday tasks.

At that time there was media speculation that Davison was involved in planning Varian's death.

Most senior officers involved in planning and executing the operation later evaluated it as a success.

involved parties

Ensuring compliance of involved parties is a challenge.

The key element that makes such situations "Mexican standoffs" is the equality of power exercised among the involved parties.

The child cannot be the age of fifteen or older, unless again it is custom or the usage is applicable to the involved parties.

involved in drug

Bond goes to Holland to kill an IRA hitman involved in drug smuggling.

Diplomats and officials involved in drug smuggling have benefited from diplomatic immunity.

Flunitrazepam is a drug that is frequently involved in drug intoxication, including overdose.

factors involved

CREBs are transcription factors involved in the formation of long-term memory.

The main factors involved in the development of dry socket are discussed below.

There are several factors involved in producing different pitches on a brass instrument.

risks involved   (içerdiği riskler)

The risks involved in this advocacy are inevitable.

Due to the risks involved, put writing without holding covering cash is rarely used alone.

The risks involved for both generators and distributors have led to vertical re-integration.

involved the construction

This involved the construction of two unconnected railways, both entirely located within Italy.

The whole 115 km-long project involved the construction or renovation of 57 railway and 23 road bridges.

The plan involved the construction of freeways, expressways and the upgrade of certain aspects of the public transport system.

then involved

The country was then involved in the Thirty Years' War."

The division was then involved in the Battle of Voronezh.

He was then involved in a feud with The Mobile Homers in DCW.

workers are involved

According to census survey report 2011, 97.57% workers describe their work as main work and 2.43% workers are involved in marginal activity providing livelihood for less than 6 months.

According to census survey report 2011, 57.39% workers describe their work as main work and 42.61% workers are involved in marginal activity providing livelihood for less than 6 months.

Many of these high risk workers are involved in potentially life-threatening situations and must demonstrate their ability to protect employees and their clients from harmful situations.

both involved

They were both involved in the museum planning and design.

"Crash" magazine deemed "Killed Until Dead" both involved and highly entertaining.

His uncle Marty, and his cousin, Teddy Doherty, were also both involved in ice hockey.