İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

community involvement   (toplum katılımı)

During the early Ummayad period, there was more community involvement.

Despite its remoteness, Rainbow prides itself on community involvement.

Precision Camera is also known for its community involvement initiatives.

alleged involvement   (dahil olduğu iddia edildi)

Francisci's family has denied his alleged involvement in organized crime.

In 2008, France requested his extradition for his alleged involvement in the 1980 Paris synagogue bombing.

Apang was arrested on 24 August 2010 for alleged involvement in 1000 crore Public Distribution System scam.

direct involvement   (doğrudan katılım)

Bhatkal is accused of direct involvement in over 10 separate bombings in India.

This recovery of territory reinforced hopes for resolving other territorial problems without direct involvement in the war.

Unett was forced into retirement in 1988 when a back injury he suffered in a shunt ended his direct involvement in motorsport.

political involvement   (politik katılım)

Sivarraajh political involvement begun in 2004 as member of MIC.

She married later that year and ended her political involvement.

The Council frowns on political involvement, as it would tear them apart.

denied any involvement   (herhangi bir katılımı reddetti)

BBS denied any involvement and condemned the attack.

Flores has denied any involvement in the disappearance.

The Giuliani campaign denied any involvement with the ads.

active involvement   (Aktif Katılım)

He maintained an active involvement in rowing right through to his fifties.

Citi Peka offers funds and the active involvement of Citi employees as project volunteers.

His active involvement with politics came with the creation of the London County Council in 1889.

no involvement   (katılım yok)

He had no involvement with later entries in the series.

That's when [he had] no involvement at all."

The Marist Brothers then had no involvement with the school.

military involvement   (askeri katılım)

Charles Lindbergh was an outspoken isolationist and critic of U.S. military involvement against Nazi Germany.

In July 1941, Roosevelt ordered Secretary of War Stimson to begin planning for total American military involvement.

On the other hand, Republican voters were split, with 48% opposed to the U.S. military involvement and 47% supporting it.

involvement in politics   (siyasete katılım)

Besides their singing careers, both Sinatra and Kobzon used their popularity towards an active involvement in politics.

Jay-Z expounds on his relationship with Barack Obama and his involvement in politics, as well as his thoughts on the Hurricane Katrina.

Due to his involvement in politics, he has also written some papers on the connections among mathematics, politics, elections and scientific reasoning.

denied involvement   (katılım reddedildi)

Beishline denied involvement in the additional deaths.

The suspect denied involvement, and charges were soon dropped.

"Sophisticated" hackers were linked to universities in China, Beijing again denied involvement.

s involvement   (s'nin katılımı)

Bite marks on the victims were also presented as evidence of Spence’s involvement.

The club’s involvement in GAA Scór is an extension of its own regular internal Scór sessions.

The Ames Free Library in North Easton, MA benefited greatly from Mary’s involvement and care.

s involvement   (katılımı)

Bite marks on the victims were also presented as evidence of Spence’s involvement.

The club’s involvement in GAA Scór is an extension of its own regular internal Scór sessions.

The Ames Free Library in North Easton, MA benefited greatly from Mary’s involvement and care.

government involvement   (hükümet katılımı)

Despite this, there has long been speculation and suspicion of government involvement.

It would not entail nationalization but could involve government involvement of some sort.

The party's economic policy advocates a focus on the private sector, and decreasing government involvement in the economy.

personal involvement   (kişisel katılım)

But his personal involvement nearly led to his undoing.

Roosevelt's personal involvement in selling the plan managed to mitigate this hostility.

After his June 3, 1968 shooting, a reclusive Warhol relinquished his personal involvement in filmmaking.

first involvement   (ilk katılım)

A Scotsman, Watt's first involvement in football came with the 3rd E.R.V.

Johann Wilhelm Ritter's first involvement with science began when he was 14 years old.

At the time of her first involvement, she was attending San Francisco State University.

suspected of involvement   (karıştığından şüpheleniliyor)

The conquistador, who was the commander of the San Xavier and San Sabá presidios in central Texas, was suspected of involvement in a murder.

In addition, following the attack the Egyptian army also patrolled the area to search for the militants who were suspected of involvement in this attack.

Members of Ansar al-Sharia have regularly taken part in protests in Tunisia against perceived blasphemy and have been suspected of involvement in a number of violent incidents.

without the involvement   (katılım olmadan)

The development of the hovercraft would also not have taken place without the involvement of the NRDC.

This law gave the government—and in practice, Hitler—the right to make laws without the involvement of the Reichstag.

In 1999, "The Kingdom", a sequel to "Kingdom Come" written by Waid but without the involvement of Ross, was published.

possible involvement   (olası katılım)

The FBI later investigated Cunanan's possible involvement.

However, the use of bicycles and triggers suggested the possible involvement of Indian Mujahideen.

One candidate was removed from the election list in relation the possible involvement in the washing of "dirty money".