İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

cases involving   (içeren davalar)

A special court hears cases involving persons under the age of 18.

Peck describes in some detail several cases involving his patients.

Immunity for cases involving flood levees was apparently not addressed at that time.

case involving   (dava içeren)

The team are called to a case involving a suspected suicide attempt.

The case is considered a landmark case involving tribal sovereignty.

In 1986, there was a case involving a change to the City Sanitation Department entrance exam.

incident involving   (olay)

This was the only major incident involving the weapon system.

A filmed incident involving the "tank man" was seen worldwide.

His father died after an incident involving an American soldier.

incidents involving   (ilgili olaylar)

There were also incidents involving arson, vandalism and gunfire.

Only incidents involving members of the NYPD are investigated by the CCRB.

The Commission is aware of two unconfirmed incidents involving water balls.

scandal involving   (içeren skandal)

This event was the result of scandal involving misuse of university phones.

In 2019, the town was the subject of a media scandal involving child abuse.

This defeat was attributed to his involvement in a financial scandal involving Bembridge Harbour.

accident involving

It was the only fatal accident involving Concorde.

On July 20, 1965, Cordero died during an accident involving a plane.

Bhagyamati's mother was killed in an accident involving their fathers.

issues involving

Shaffer worked on issues involving women and art for many years.

There are, however, security issues involving Tor onion services.

Review under Article 62 is limited to issues involving alleged legal errors.

scenes involving

The video contains many scenes involving violence.

The scenes involving hypnosis contain close-ups of Lugosi's eyes.

Varela did find certain scenes involving Marta's scenes difficult.

games involving

Hackett was an official in games involving both teams.

He had officiated games involving the top Eastern powers that year.

Gyandu Park hosts most of the second division games involving Eleven Wise.

often involving   (sıklıkla dahil)

Screenings are often followed by informal discussions often involving the filmmakers themselves.

Sixty-three percent of the inmates are there for non-violent offenses, most often involving drugs.

It is known for its acrobatic and complex maneuvers, often involving hands on the ground and inverted kicks.

events involving

"Out of the Blue deals with recent events involving real people.

The three vow to keep the recent events involving them, Squirrelflight, and Ashfur a secret.

The series centers on events involving Temeraire (the titular dragon) and his handler, William Laurence.

process involving   (içeren süreç)

It discusses a contemplative process involving a "fourfold alignment": 1.

They underwent an elaborate maturation process involving protein cleavage and capsid expansion.

There is a 4-stage, 3-month long judging process involving a board of judges and an audit committee.

involving both

Hackett was an official in games involving both teams.

The contests involving both Pitt and Fox attracted particular attention.

Most members have a complex lifecycle, involving both asexual and sexual reproduction.

involving more   (daha fazlasını içeren)

A massive stadium show involving more than 6000 performers.

A 1,200-plane airborne assault preceded an amphibious assault involving more than 5,000 vessels.

Double date (disambiguation) A double date or group date is a romantic or social activity involving more than one couple.

involving the use

2 reductions involving the use of NADPH and one dehydration creates butyryl-ACP.

This resulted in a new trading culture involving the use of a lingua franca which became Proto-Berber.

A player will also be dismissed if they plead guilty or no contest to a crime involving the use or possession of a Drug of Abuse.

matches involving

In matches involving teams from different league tiers, the team in the lower tier played the first leg at home.

RJ Balaji also hinted that he would not work as a commentator for the upcoming matches involving Chennai Super Kings.

Many but not all second grade matches were played on the same ground used later that day for first grade matches involving the same pairing of clubs.

not involving

New York State Police were also criticized for not involving local law enforcement agencies in the search.

It is the first "SpongeBob" film not involving series creator Stephen Hillenburg, who died on November 26, 2018 from ALS.

Between 1956 and 1963, the Maralinga site was also used for minor trials, tests of nuclear weapons components not involving nuclear explosions.

involving all

As acknowledged by Sima, by May 1940 there were other encounters involving all three men.

The competition started with an initial ranking round involving all 64 archers of each gender.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals is the Oklahoma court of last resort involving all criminal matters.

scene involving   (içeren sahne)

A fight scene involving hero Vishal and Lal was picturised in Dindigul for seven days.

The meeting ends with Holmes narrowly averting a public scene involving the enraged Kitty.

The production then moved to Stockton, California to depict a scene involving Al aboard a train.

project involving

A second major transportation project involving Chocó Department has been proposed.

In the same year, an automation project involving the boilers, turbines and ancillary equipment was completed.

This was a collaborative project involving The Scottish Parliament, International Teledemocracy Centre and the Bundestag ‘Online Services Department’.

research involving

Vaucher is remembered for his research involving the developmental history of algae.

He performed significant research involving the lichen genus "Parmelia" ("Hypogymnia").

This report established a moral framework for the regulation of research involving human subjects.

projects involving

In 2008, Dennen launched two art projects involving the creation of map-based images using mobile photography and GPS tracking.

In the 1980s, several US military projects involving software subcontractors ran over-budget and were completed far later than planned, if at all.

Leiba has also worked on IBM Research projects involving context awareness, mobile and distributed computing, and computer security and access controls.

studies involving

These findings were recapitulated in studies involving civilians with PTSD.

Evidence for related epigenetic changes has come from human studies involving alcohol, nicotine, and opiate abuse.

This property has allowed it to be used for biological studies involving ligand docking, active site detection, and protein folding.

accidents involving

In 2015, number of road traffic accidents involving personal injury was 5,164.

However, there were further fatal accidents involving the steam trams in 1928, 1929 and 1933.

There have been a number of car accidents involving Korean idols being followed by sasaeng fans.

usually involving

Nearly all children have some form of heart disease, usually involving the heart valves.

A more complex style is wildstyle, a form of graffiti usually involving interlocking letters and connecting points.

Elijah has been the subject of legends and folktales in Muslim culture, usually involving his meeting with Khidr, and in one legend, with Muhammad himself.

story involving   (içeren hikaye)

They came up with a story involving a team of Vulcans investigating the Guardian of Forever.

His fate in captivity was described in a romantic story involving him and Theodora Kosara, Tsar Samuel's daughter.

The season featured a whodunit story involving Olivia's murder, and LaRosa was inspired by the 1980s "Who shot J.R.?"

involving several

There were also challenges involving several of the other candidates on Bush's short list.

The Wide Awakes defended the speakers, and a general melee resulted, involving several hundred men.

In 1771 the Dutch navy mounted a larger expedition to the Mediterranean, involving several ships of the line.

match involving

It was temporarily replaced by a match involving mostly southern players which was called North of the Thames v South of the Thames.

Other events that were recorded concurrently with his reign include the origins of Sumo wrestling in the form of a wrestling match involving Nomi no Sukune.

The match involving O'Toole's and Naomh Mearnóg was abandoned while the teams were level after 55 minutes due to a brawl involving players, management and supporters.

storyline involving   (içeren hikaye)

When Watanabe no Tsuna cut off Ibaraki-dōji's arm, there is also a storyline involving Rashōmon.

He criticized the storyline involving Cragen: "I have to admit that I was not a big fan of this premiere.

Dicks called for the BBC soap opera EastEnders to be cancelled following a storyline involving a gay kiss between two men.

involving multiple

Coat colors involving multiple genes often have an unexpected appearance and unique terminology.

Further back, separate crashes involving multiple cars prompted the deployment of the safety car.

The primary goal of each mission is to uncover details about a criminal conspiracy involving multiple parties.

work involving   (içeren iş)

(1883–1884), a work involving forage crop cultivation and economics.

That same year, Yorke left the group to go back to work involving Russia.

Seligman is best remembered for his pioneering work involving taxation and public finance.

wars involving

List of wars involving Japan This is a list of wars involving Japan.

List of wars involving Tunisia

involving teams

In matches involving teams from different league tiers, the team in the lower tier played the first leg at home.

The Alabama Barbecue Championship is an event involving teams from nine states, 75 judges, and roughly 8000 participants.

One-game playoffs are typically held in a neutral venue, often a national stadium especially for playoffs involving teams with large fanbases.

problems involving   (içeren sorunlar)

Some affected individuals also have problems involving the nervous system.

The number occurs naturally in connection with many problems involving asymptotics.

Alhazen solved problems involving congruences using what is now called Wilson's theorem.

matters involving

He is also a bestselling author and host of a television talk show on matters involving family law.

He served as an expert witness in matters involving antitrust, contract disputes, valuation, damages, and trademark infringement for many years.

The "pater familias" owned all the family and its property (including slaves); the "pater" enforced matters involving interference with any property.

deal involving

158 in a single price setting deal involving 1000 shares.

The men were assassinated as they were about to blow the whistle on a deal involving faulty guided missiles.

Knowing Rumple, he doesn't want to make a deal involving the dagger and it leads to a battle that Rumplestiltskin wins.

activities involving

With a registered list of small businesses 73 entrepreneurial activities involving 639 individuals.

During the Syrian uprising in March 2011, Shehadeh participated in many activities involving peaceful resistance.

he was known for organising treasure hunts on and around Peppard Common and many other activities involving local families.

experiments involving   (içeren deneyler)

It has also been utilised for scientific experiments involving imaging sonar.

In the early 1960s, Harvard University was the seat of two experiments involving psilocybin.

There are many criticisms pertaining to experiments involving extrasensory perception, particularly surrounding methodological flaws.

involving many

The marketing of even a single food product can be a complicated process involving many producers and companies.

Wiles' proof of Fermat's Last Theorem is an example of a deep result involving many mathematical tools, including finite fields.

There are allegations of large-scale earlier cover-ups involving many British establishment figures which prevented Ball's earlier prosecution.

controversy involving   (içeren tartışma)

In 2009, a controversy involving Nokubo negatively affected his career.

In May 2010 Greenberg was linked to a controversy involving White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

A controversy involving whether the band was to be taken as a serious rock group developed among critics and fans.

stories involving   (içeren hikayeler)

"Doctor Who Magazine" printed several comics stories involving Davros.

Several other Blish stories involving novel space drives contain the same assertion.

Its journalists seek to break major news stories involving Nashville-area business, politics and sports.

study involving   (içeren çalışma)

Also a study involving stable isotope ratios might include the molecule OO.

Similar results were found in a study involving people with colorectal cancer who were treated with the popular FOLFOX regimen.

A study involving 600 herpes genomes and 2000 caudoviral genomes suggested that an evolutionary relationship exists between these order.

game involving

"Armored Fist" is a tank simulation and strategy game involving both US and Soviet armed forces.

One TSN telecast of a conference semifinal game involving the Raptors was simulcast over the co-owned CTV broadcast network.

Its last known use was for a top-class game involving Sir Horatio Mann's XI versus Mr Stephen Amherst's XI in September 1790.

situations involving

It is defined for situations involving the innocent infringement of a patent.

This is particularly important for single mothers and situations involving partnership instability.

From a very early age Ciokaraine was exposed to different situations involving mothers and their children.

plot involving   (içeren arsa)

His demise apparently came about because of a plot involving Helga and her sister Frakkök.

On Valentine's Day 2006, a plot involving Nicolas Barrel's death drew an audience of 6,329,600.

Nancy traces Coya's parentage and uncovers a sinister kidnapping plot involving both Miss Allison and Rai.