island platform   (島のプラットフォーム)

Most stations consist of a single island platform.

1 central island platform, 2 perimeter platforms.

This station has two tracks and one island platform.

small island   (小島)

many small island groups surround its beaches.

Riis originates from the small island of Mors.

ʻAtā ʻAtā is a small island in the Tongatapu group of Tonga.

main island   (本島)

On the republic's main island, gusts reached at Le Morne Brabant.

Five of the districts are located on the main island, Grand Cayman.

Itô was born in Hokusei in Mie Prefecture on the main island of Honshū.

largest island   (最大の島)

The island is the 82nd largest island in Norway.

The largest island of the Cyclades is Naxos.

The largest island is also called Valaam.

island platforms   (島のプラットフォーム)

The station has two island platforms on its B2 floor.

The 2 island platforms are on the 3rd level.

The new station has two island platforms with three tracks.

around the island   (島周辺)

The two varieties overlap around the island of Bali.

The moat around the island itself can hold of water.

The story circulated around the island quickly.

island off

Masirah is an island off the east coast of Oman.

This version would be set on a fictional island off the coast of New York.

Ist (island) Ist () is a small island off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

entire island   (島全体)

Bastia remained the capital of the entire island.

The entire island has a permanent population of 182.

Rice later sold the entire island to the government.

uninhabited island   (無人島)

The uninhabited island has a land area of or .

Each tourist resort is situated on an uninhabited island.

Helen Island Helen Island is an uninhabited island in Nunavut, Canada.

across the island   (島を渡って)

Filipino is also a common language across the island.

Support declined for Nelson Obuder's MEP party across the island.

As Christophe retreated across the island, he slaughtered and burned.

off the island

Joe Team could force the Cobra forces off the island.

All three were caught in coastal waters off the island.

He has to get off the island and continue his adventure.

island nation

No deaths or serious injuries were reported within the island nation.

The 1974 invasion of the Turkish army divided the island nation into two.

The LLCC started interacting with the northern coast of the island nation.

island located

Kulubnarti is an island located around southwest of Wadi Halfa.

Grinda Grinda is an island located in the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden.

Haenke Island Haenke Island is an island located in Disenchantment Bay in Alaska.

island group

58 Squadron RAF west of the Scottish island group.

South Andaman is the third largest island in the island group.

The Zadar Archipelago extends to the southeast of the island group.

island platform serving

Rikuchū-Noda Station has a single island platform serving two tracks.

The station had a single ground-level island platform serving two tracks.

The platform for the Hibiya Line is an island platform serving two tracks.

single island

Most stations consist of a single island platform.

The single island platform is flanked by two tracks.

A single island platform is on the B3 level.

throughout the island

Tortoises can be seen throughout the island.

The species lives throughout the island.

English is widely used throughout the island, as a common language.

whole island

They let us have the whole island to ourselves.

About 17% of the whole island is classified as woodland.

They occupied the whole island by June 24.

nearby island

The strait is named after the nearby island Nærøya.

Queen Eagala- The queen of Warbler, a nearby island.

The divers were landed with their SBs on the nearby island of Gangsøy.

island during

Many Dominican families left the island during this period.

It is set on a remote Scottish island during the late 1930s.

Argentina did not attempt to occupy the island during the Falklands War.

single island platform

Most stations consist of a single island platform.

The single island platform is flanked by two tracks.

A single island platform is on the B3 level.

left the island

He later left the island and went on to Canada.

Soviet forces left the island on 5 April 1946.

Many planters subsequently sold up or left the island.

large island

There is a large island on the Lågen where the river splits.

The large island of Skogerøya lies on the western side of the fjord.

It is located just off the eastern coast of the large island of Magerøya.

visited the island

John Cabot reportedly visited the island in 1497.

Captain Cook visited the island in 1773 and 1777.

Godzilla also visited the island occasionally.

near the island   (島の近く)

Dolphins, seals, turtles and other large animals may be seen near the island.

The majority of the homes on Crane Island are located near the island's shore line.

Accommodations reserved for the permanent staff are located near the island's center.

barrier island   (バリア島)

It is the southernmost barrier island in New Jersey.

Consequently, Sapelo island is an example of a tidally-influenced barrier island system.

Sapelo Island Sapelo Island is a state-protected barrier island located in McIntosh County, Georgia.

artificial island   (人工島)

This artificial island is known as "Passport Island" or "Middle Island".

Sacca Fisola Sacca Fisola is an artificial island in the Venetian Lagoon.

A smaller, artificial island, Swinburne Island, lies immediately to the south.

island groups

many small island groups surround its beaches.

The languages of various island groups show changes in consonants.

They are one of the island groups which constitute the Aegean archipelago.

volcanic island

Basse-Terre is a volcanic island.

It is a volcanic island composed of an active stratovolcano, Mount Michael.

Tafahi is a volcanic island and has the typical cone shape of a stratovolcano.

leave the island   (島を出る)

It is also the first Metro line to leave the island.

When Hubbard and Irwin protested his terms, Aury threatened to leave the island.

President Prío did nothing to stop the coup, and was forced to leave the island.

island near   (近くの島)

There is a small island near the eastern shore called Deowongo Island.

The bulk of the film was shot on Izu Ōshima (an island near Japan) instead.

It is located on an island near Kanyakumari next to the Thiruvalluvar Statue.

island lies

The island lies 23 kilometres south of Haparanda.

The island lies within the Anatolian Plate.

The island lies to the south of the larger Brownsea Island.

island became

Subsequently, the island became a vacation destination.

The island became a rest stop for whalers starting in 1823.

The waters surrounding the island became a DNR Aquatic Reserve in 2007.

island called

Tongoa and Epi islands once formed part of a larger island called Kuwae.

Within Bely Island's wide eastern bay there is a long island called Bezymyannyy.

Twin Island is in turn attached to another former island called Two Trees Island.

island chain   (アイランドチェーン)

It caused little impact in the island chain.

These people had migrated north along the Caribbean island chain.

In ancient times, the island chain was often referred to as "the Fortunate Isles".

remote island   (離島)

Many pirates search for his mountain of gold hidden on a remote island.

Jimmy Sparks lives with his uncle, Dr. Bob Brilliant, on a remote island.

Recently first described in 1996, it is found only in this remote island of Australia.

island is located

The island is located near Kring Point State Park.

The island is located southeast of Vasikkasaari.

The island is located off the coast of Jävrebodarna.

island is part

The island is part of Yakutat City and Borough.

The entire island is part of Diglipur Taluk.

The island is part of the municipality of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges.

each island

With separate rail networks, one car was required for each island.

These are the festivities of island patrons saints of each island.

Wastewater and refuse systems are an individual concern for each island.

island between

A river island between the two towns is under Croatian control, but is also claimed by Bosnia.

Just above the lock are some visitor moorings and a pub, on an island between the lock and the weir.

The island between the dams contains a public park with hiking trails, picnic tables, and scenic overlooks.

tropical island

The player works in a marine zoo on a tropical island.

The flora of Aruba differs from the typical tropical island vegetation.

Northeastern trade winds keep this tropical island relatively cool and dry.


Qeqertarsuaq means ‘the big island’ in Kalaallisut.

The next morning the island’s dog is found dead.

Fleuret) attended to the island’s defence throughout the War.

between the island

There is a narrow channel between the island and Arrow Rock.

He therefore kept "Porcupine" between the island and Ragusa.

A reef lying between the island and Anguilla can make access more difficult.

island s

The next morning the island’s dog is found dead.

Fleuret) attended to the island’s defence throughout the War.

Gasping and in shock they make their way to the island’s pier.

when the island   (島が)

Georgiou was born on Cyprus in 1951, when the island was still a British Crown colony.

The church was first consecrated in 1685 when the island's fortifications were completed.

This descriptive title did not change when the island's trading fell under Dutch state authority.

island was named

The island was named after the nation of Brunei.

The island was named after Lieutenant Richard Bowen RN.

The island was named on July 30, 1631 by Arctic explorer, Captain Luke Foxe.

rocky island

This small rocky island was once a place of execution.

The island of Korkeasaari is a rocky island.

Donn is then buried on a rocky island which becomes known as Tech Duinn.

desert island

They wind up on the same desert island as the other castaways.

The Straw Hats travel to Alabasta, the desert island and home of Nefertari Vivi.

The three begin rowing, eventually spot a desert island and land there as castaways.

island itself

The moat around the island itself can hold of water.

The series was filmed on Sark island itself, the setting of the book.

The island itself was cut off from the mainland after inundated roadways.

island country   (島国)

Geography of the Cayman Islands The Cayman Islands are a British dependency and island country.

Iceland () is a European island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Players begin having seized power of the Caribbean island country of Tropico, where they rule as "El Presidente".

island platform connected

Omoto Station has a single island platform connected to the station building by an underground passage.

island arc

During the Devonian, Chaitenia, an island arc, accreted to Patagonia.

This island arc separates the Andaman Sea from the main Indian Ocean to the west.

The subduction zone forming the South Sandwich Trench lies to the east of the island arc.

island include

Seabirds breeding on the island include little penguins and silver gulls.

Fossils found on the island include hadrosaurs, plesiosaurs, and mosasaurs.

Some of the villages on the island include Sandvika, Borøkilen, Utgårdstrand, and Snarsund.

private island   (プライベートアイランド)

Herron Island is a completely private island.

Fortune Island was once a private island owned by Laurentina Pestano.

The couple have invested in a $20 million home built on a private island in Miami.

island platforms serving

The elevated station has two island platforms serving four tracks.

The station consists of one side platform and two island platforms serving five tracks.

When it was located on the ground level, Nagai Station had two island platforms serving 2 tracks each.

island nations

the price in Iceland is 5.54 cents per kWh while in some island nations it is 40 cents per kWh.

As the only shortwave radio station in New Zealand, RNZ International broadcasts to several island nations.

In many island nations such as those of the Mediterranean, South Pacific and Caribbean, tourism is central to the economy.

deserted island   (無人島)

She wants to divorce him, tired of living alone on a deserted island.

Set on a deserted island, it is scheduled for release March 20, 2020. ""

On the deserted island with the surviving crew, Judy managed to find a fresh water source saving them all.

island is home   (島は家です)

The island is home to many bird cliff nesting areas.

The island is home to the Shompen people.

The island is home to a large number of Denmark's round churches.

new island

In 2007, the existence of a new island was announced.

In December 2011 construction of a new island was completed.

A new island platform was created between September 2006 and July 2007.

offshore island

It is a Baffin Island offshore island in Hudson Strait.

For a brief period in the 1790s, the British tried to establish a rival foothold on an offshore island, at Bolama.

Bali is a major world surfing destination with popular breaks dotted across the southern coastline and around the offshore island of Nusa Lembongan.

neighboring island

Its neighboring island Mykonos, came in fifth in the European category.

During the 1800s, the nearby Bjarkøy Church on the neighboring island of Bjarkøya was torn down and without a church.

But what triggered the economic boom of Iloilo in the 19th century was the development of the sugar industry in Iloilo and its neighboring island of Negros.

island within

Omar produced upwards of of rain on the island within a 24‑hour span.

Third it was the name of a village that stood on an island within the estuary.

The Isola di Capo Passero is a small island within a short swim of the shores of Portopalo.

visit the island

Western tourists began to visit the island.

Most visit the island for short periods and work from hotels.

The DENR would only allow for 19,000 tourists to visit the island daily.

island lying

It is a tiny island lying just off the eastern shore of West Sound, Orcas Island.

Aspronisi Aspronisi (Greek: Ασπρονήσι) is an uninhabited island lying within the Santorini caldera.

Dutch Island (Rhode Island) Dutch Island is an island lying west of Conanicut Island at an entrance to Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island, United States.

larger island

The larger island of Austra lies about east of Leka.

Tongoa and Epi islands once formed part of a larger island called Kuwae.

The island lies northeast of the larger island of Bubaque, across a narrow strait.

former island

The Scotsman is also remembered in his former island home.

Kuwait has nine Islands (ten including one former island).

The northern half of Ellis Island is composed of the former island 1.

isolated island

This has been evidenced in numerous instances, in isolated island populations.

Kalsoy, like Svínoy, is a comparatively isolated island, in that no bridge, tunnel, or causeway links to it.

Svínoy like Kalsoy is a comparatively isolated island, in that there are no bridge, tunnel or causeway links to it.

heat island

Concrete is a contributor to the urban heat island effect, though less so than asphalt.

In central Tokyo, the summer monsoon enhanced by sea breeze is heated by the urban heat island.

January averages , with temperatures in the suburbs slightly cooler due largely to the urban heat island effect.

island before

Tangan-tangan was present on the island before 1905.

It moved northwestward, crossing the island before turning to the northeast.

Ludwig and Hagen spend months on a desert island before Ludwig dies in his son's arms.

inhabited island   (無人島)

the most remote inhabited island in the United Kingdom.

The only inhabited island is Willis Island.

It is the second largest island in Lake Biwa, after Oki island (Oki-shima, an inhabited island).

onto the island

and a group of Native Americans moved onto the island.

The Royal Free School of Fermanagh was moved onto the island in 1643.

One of Pell's descendants, Joshua Pell, moved onto the island in 1743.