first isolated   (最初に分離された)

Vulpinic was first isolated from lichens in 1925.

Cocaine was first isolated from the leaves in 1860.

DNA was first isolated by Friedrich Miescher in 1869.

isolated from soil   (土壌から分離)

"Terrilactibacillus laevilacticus" has been isolated from soil in Thailand.

"Streptohalobacillus salinus" has been isolated from soil from the Qaidam Basin in China

Janibacter terrae Janibacter terrae is a bacterium from the genus of "Janibacter" which has been isolated from soil in Korea.

isolated populations   (孤立した集団)

There are also isolated populations in southern China west through Yunnan.

The Blue Mountains doubletail grows in isolated populations in the Blue Mountains.

Remaining populations survive in isolated populations, mostly in headwater streams above natural downstream barriers.

more isolated   (より孤立した)

Convents tended to be more isolated and less centrally controlled.

Some are quite close to each other, while others tend to be more isolated.

However, more isolated political movements have also adopted a collectivistic framework.

isolated areas   (孤立したエリア)

Only a few Protestant villages remained in isolated areas.

The oil brought new wealth and new people to the most isolated areas.

Invariably these are built in isolated areas, with heavily fortified defenses.

relatively isolated   (比較的孤立している)

They were relatively isolated from slaves and worked to preserve their free status.

For most of his time in the mountains, he worked alone and was relatively isolated.

It lies to the northeast of the crater Harding, but is otherwise relatively isolated.

isolated location

Wanapan lies in a very isolated location in Suriname.

A major problem for Signal was getting freight to the isolated location.

Because of its somewhat isolated location, the LaBelle post office was discontinued in 1914.

few isolated

An extremely rare disease of which only a few isolated cases are known.

In a few isolated sections of Europe, a rather savage male combat dance survives.

West of Camelford station are a few isolated dwellings and the village of Delabole.

most isolated   (最も孤立した)

The oil brought new wealth and new people to the most isolated areas.

And in many countries, the poorest, most isolated groups are being left behind.

It remained for long time one of the most isolated village in the province of Bologna.

geographically isolated   (地理的に孤立している)

The Eastern Apoi tribe is small and geographically isolated.

The district is geographically isolated from the capital of Logar.

It is geographically isolated, occurring only in Zambia’s South Luangwa Valley.

isolated from other   (他から隔離)

Viruses in this group have been isolated from other cases of encephalitis, diarrhoea and sewage.

The VPC can be configured on demand and allows one VPC user to be isolated from other VPC users.

This mountain range is completely isolated from other mountain areas and is surrounded by lower lying land.

isolated population

There is also an isolated population on the Atherton Tableland.

Just one isolated population near Mud River farm is about miles from the coast.

The paisas have been considered an isolated population, and therefore different.

isolated communities

The isolated communities are often culturally and linguistically diverse.

His zealous followers, also persecuted, formed isolated communities in Tigray.

Today, the situation has quieted but the tension remains, especially in very isolated communities.

became isolated

Under attack, the men at the point became isolated, and some were captured.

Marine organisms on both sides of the isthmus became isolated and either diverged or went extinct.

The town became isolated when the Great Northern Highway was cut to the south and east of the town.

increasingly isolated

In addition to his alcoholism, Chapman became increasingly isolated, suffering from loneliness and depression.

His influence and moral authority for the West diminished as he became increasingly isolated and critical of Western individualism.

Although he continued to be lauded for his work, Einstein became increasingly isolated in his research, and his efforts were ultimately unsuccessful.

isolated area

VT 315 proceeds to the east, running through a generally isolated area, and ending at VT 30 in East Rupert.

It lies in an isolated area south of Lac de Mauvoisin at an altitude of 2,462 metres, at the foot of Pointe d'Otemma.

Because of this isolated area along the southern edge of the Tsaus Plateau they called this species Lithops hermetica.

completely isolated

Japan was not completely isolated under the "sakoku" policy.

The Housemates are completely isolated from the outside world.

Vanikoro became completely isolated.

not isolated

The plutonium experiments were not isolated events.

The people of Tsankawi were not isolated.

This practice was not isolated and many new converts to Islam used it in Medina.

isolated island

This has been evidenced in numerous instances, in isolated island populations.

Kalsoy, like Svínoy, is a comparatively isolated island, in that no bridge, tunnel, or causeway links to it.

Svínoy like Kalsoy is a comparatively isolated island, in that there are no bridge, tunnel or causeway links to it.