Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first issue   (primer problema)

The first issue was given a November release date.

The first issue was published on 15 September 1915.

Reception to the first issue was mostly positive.

without issue   (sin problema)

The marriage ended in divorce in 1979, without issue.

Wentworth died without issue in November 1747.

He had: i. Adrien, who died without issue; 2.

issue dated   (problema fechado)

In the issue dated 12 October 2011, there was another revamp.

In the issue dated 28 January 2012, "The Beano"'s cover changed.

It entered the UK Dance Chart at number 39 in the issue dated 23 January 2010.

final issue   (problema final)

The magazine released its final issue on 5 July 2011.

The final issue was published on 3 April 1971.

500 (Dec. 2003) and lasting until the final issue, No.

major issue   (problema mayor)

Piracy was a major issue at the time of the game.

Fumes coming across the deck were a major issue in .

, motion sickness is still a major issue for virtual reality.

special issue

"The New York Times" deemed the special issue "trailblazing."

It is published four times a year, including one special issue annually.

It's the first special issue celebrating the magazine's 65th anniversary.

last issue   (ultimo numero)

The last issue was published on the 21 August 1865.

The last issue was published on February 3, 1952.

The last issue was published in July-August 2014.

each issue

The cover art for each issue is drawn by E. M. Gist.

Frank Quitely illustrated each issue's cover.

The masthead of each issue declared Swinton's purposes: 1.

bond issue   (emisión de bonos)

The bond issue also provided for a new running track.

In 1951 a bond issue to finance development of the land was voted down.

A $4.5 million addition, funded through a 2004 bond issue, was opened in August 2007.

issue was published

The last issue was published on the 21 August 1865.

The last issue was published on February 3, 1952.

The last issue was published in July-August 2014.

second issue

The second issue identifies this Kid Flash as Bart Allen.

In the second issue, "The Spawn of M.C.

Parker's first piece for the magazine was published in its second issue.

address the issue   (hacerse cargo del problema)

The statement did not address the issue of contaminated beef.

SUN aims to address the issue of nutrition as well as raw hunger.

Haggard would address the issue on his next album, "Branded Man".

no issue

Sampson was twice married, but had no issue.

They were divorced in 1953, having had no issue together.

The two were married but with no issue.

died without issue

Wentworth died without issue in November 1747.

He had: i. Adrien, who died without issue; 2.

She died without issue on 27 November 1882.

took issue

Fans and contemporaries of Lee took issue with his portrayal.

Islamic fundamentalists took issue with the Communist party in power.

The two English actuaries took issue with Wright's use of the net level premium method.

important issue

This was an important issue in those days.

According to Oumarou Idani, there is a more important issue.

This was an important issue for most earlier series of the show.

same issue

The same issue caused problems for bus drivers for many years.

Both designs though suffered from the same issue, the main armament.

In the same issue, "Cash Box" also shows the single as a new release.

political issue

Urdiales' case became a political issue for a short time.

Their presence and status constitute a major national political issue.

In the early 1990s, republicanism became an important political issue.

not issue

Other vendors do not issue refunds for Windows licenses.

The Extension School does not issue I-20s for the F-1 visa but the Summer School does.

These do not issue automatic linefeeds, which must be supplied by the software application separately.

serious issue

How to pay for it remained a serious issue.

But with so much else to do, that's hardly a serious issue."

Cutting of the flooded forest to make room for farming is also a serious issue.

male issue

Louis Günther II died in 1681, without male issue.

Her male issue went on to inherit the manor.

He died on 4 October 1928 at age 76, without male issue.

raised the issue

The Vietnamese side raised the issue of political trust.

The attorneys for Chiles first raised the issue of jurisdiction.

She first raised the issue with the Education department in 2011.

main issue   (tema principal)

All other differences emanate from this main issue.

Salt water intrusion is the main issue in this area.

The drinking water is no more main issue in this place.

every issue

Starting in 2008, a free DVD has been bundled with every issue.

Orson Scott Card's name has been attached to every issue released.

Approximately 1,500 copies of the "Campus" are printed every issue.

issue of whether

Also, "there's the issue of whether art can be properly represented on the Web.

The issue of whether to keep the bridge or to demolish it divided the local community.

Controversy surrounded the issue of whether the cross atop the dome until 1915 should be replaced.

became an issue

This authoritarianism became an issue in the 1980s.

Turnovers became an issue, however, as the team began struggling.

By 1967, however, difficulties with Ruffin became an issue for the group.

standard issue

The standard issue handgun of the unit is the Glock 17.

An example of this is the US Army's M4 carbine, which is standard issue.

The M67 was issued in lieu of the standard issue Carl Gustav for these armies.

resolve the issue   (Resuelve este problema)

Quest added that they were working to resolve the issue.

The concept of the Keynes effect arises from his attempts to resolve the issue.

Later that day, everyone arrives at Gustav's restaurant to try to resolve the issue.

key issue

Recoil is also a key issue in rifle stock design.

Control is a key issue in reality therapy.

In these elections, a key issue was the allegation of corruption.

per issue

The typical print run was 10,000 copies per issue.

With "Versus" there are two 10-page stories per issue.

It has a national circulation of 8,000 copies per issue.

controversial issue   (tema controversial)

Human rights in Guinea remain a controversial issue.

New composition is a controversial issue within sean-nós song circles.

Political funding was yet another controversial issue surrounding the electoral reform.

addressed the issue   (abordó el problema)

Simon Cowell addressed the issue at the start of the programme.

Brigham Young definitely addressed the issue (Discourses of Brigham Young, sel.

He directly addressed the issue in August 2010, in an interview with Brian Williams.

not an issue

Retrospectivity was not an issue in that case because the alleged offences occurred after the "Charter" entered into effect.

But Kutty instead tells her that it is not an issue to him and tells her to continue loving Arjun and he would never stop loving her.

A senior "Post" official said that, "This is not an issue of government interference or press freedom per se...This is simply an internal organisational matter."

contentious issue   (tema polémico)

The classification of birds is a contentious issue.

The discovery of nanotubes remains a contentious issue.

The nature of the elections in Iran have been a contentious issue.

issue during

Health care policy became a very hot issue during the Barack Obama presidency.

PEI will hold another referendum on the issue during the next provincial election.

Gillibrand's legal representation of Philip Morris was an issue during the campaign.

issue appeared

The last issue appeared in July 2003 as a double.

The inaugural issue appeared in the fall of 1969.

The first issue appeared on November 7, 1914.

single issue

Ballots were printed in a single issue of the magazine.

Yet it was more than single issue agrarian interest party.

The 1998 and 1999 catalogs were combined into a single issue.

third issue

The third issue (Nov./Dec.

Additional criticism fell upon the delays between the second and third issue.

The third issue, which was ready for the compositor, was seized by the police.

health issue   (problema de salud)

if you have health issue, you will take bath ponds near to temple.

Reproductive coercion is considered a serious public health issue.

Obesity in Ukraine Obesity in Ukraine is a health issue in Ukraine.

issue date

Conversely, an antedated cheque has an issue date in the past.

The origins of the POW/MIA issue date back to during the war itself.

The box set sold more than 500,000 physical copies on its issue date.

issue was released

The issue was released officially on July 21, 2010.

The first issue was released on January 3, 2018.

The first issue was released on April 24, 2019.

following issue

Jardine, is known to have had the following issue:

The following issue, David Stevens accompanied Frank.

In the following issue, another note says, "Azrael comes and goes."

next issue

179 (November–December 1968) and his first formal appearance was the next issue.

The next issue, "People Power" saw the return of Optimus Prime, as a Powermaster.

The next issue, Bruce Glassner accompanied Frank, and quit upon his return to Chicago.

central issue

The history of the universe is a central issue in cosmology.

The question of who may vote is a central issue in elections.

The 2011 Norway attacks were not a central issue of the campaign.

rights issue

This covering demand is the civil rights issue of our time.

Nadir had Cornell sell a rights issue, raising £2.76 million.

A new rights issue raised SEK 30 billion to keep the company afloat.

discuss the issue

The General Synod is set to discuss the issue.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said the government would meet to discuss the issue.

The secretary had informed Wilson of this asking for a special meeting of the clubs to discuss the issue.

address this issue   (Haz frente a esta cuestión)

Diamond is considered the best option to address this issue.

Sohrabi is one of the sole author who has tried to address this issue.

To address this issue, he promised that a higher VAT and higher income tax rates were being considered by his government.

did not issue

They were stamped or inscribed with: During World War II, the Red Army did not issue metal dog tags to its troops.

The New Yorkers, though not particularly organized, called their activities "Dada," but they did not issue manifestos.

Over the course of the day, Fox News altered the contents of the story and the headline, but did not issue corrections.

issue before

The US initially agreed to bring the issue before the International Joint Commission.

Bradley had preferred they resolve this issue before revealing their work to the public.

In the end, the US failed to mobilize Congress to pass the issue before the next Congressional recess.

issue when   (problema cuando)

This is a particular issue when rebreather equipment is involved.

It is especially an issue when applied over multiple amplifying stages.

His jealousy becomes an issue when he tries to control Chrissie and she ends their relationship.

chart issue

In Canada, the song debuted at number 26, on the Canadian Hot 100 chart issue date October 6, 2012.

After staying out for a week, the song re-entered at number 60 on the chart issue dated October 27, 2012.

On the chart issue dated November 10, 2012, the song rose to number 25, becoming the "Greatest Gainer" of the week.

social issue   (problema social)

He declared: "Communism is a social issue.

Youth unemployment is a growing social issue in the Maldives.

Further she said, ""Yeh Hai Chahatein" deals with another social issue.

issue came

The first pilot print issue came out in 2006.

The first issue came out on 23 June 2008.

The issue came to trial in 2009.

issue featured

For example, the March 1898 issue featured his analysis of the Rice Gambit.

The magazine's second issue featured comedian Jessica Williams on the cover.

The main editorial of the issue featured those three models plus Marquita Pring.

first issue appeared

The first issue appeared on November 7, 1914.

Its first issue appeared on 21 March 1999.

The first issue appeared in October 1986.

new issue

The first notes of this new issue were dated T.E.

The new issue was the Osborne judgment.

In order to resume publication, "L'Express" had to print a new issue without the incriminated article.

significant issue   (cuestión importante)

Compositionality is a significant issue and consideration in the design of ITL.

There were several problems with this; one significant issue was that they used different co-ordinate systems.

The entry into electoral politics of Sinn Féin (SF) became a significant issue in the run up to the elections.

issue of slavery

The issue of slavery was finally confronted by the constitution which the state adopted in 1864.

During the last phase of the monarchy, internal political debate centered on the issue of slavery.

Most large denominations experienced a North–South split in the prewar era on the issue of slavery.

chart issue dated

After staying out for a week, the song re-entered at number 60 on the chart issue dated October 27, 2012.

On the chart issue dated November 10, 2012, the song rose to number 25, becoming the "Greatest Gainer" of the week.

In Australia, "Soon We'll Be Found" debuted at number 89 on the ARIA Singles Chart on the chart issue dated 4 May 2009.

particular issue   (problema particular)

This is a particular issue when rebreather equipment is involved.

The consumers still seem unable to grasp the risks associated with this particular issue.

A particular issue was previously pending legislation to pardon those involved in the 2000 coup.

issue was not

The issue was not discovered until many years later.

The recording of debate on the Ahmadi issue was not released.

A final decision over this issue was not made until the occurrence of the "Turner v. Safley" case.

up the issue

This act cleared up the issue of contraband slaves.

Feminists took up the issue throughout the 1970s.

Columbanus agreed to take up the issue on behalf of the king.

inaugural issue

The inaugural issue appeared in the fall of 1969.

The name of the paper on its inaugural issue was the "Alexandria Daily Town Talk".

The book was called a "magnum opus" in the inaugural issue of "(Cult)ure Magazine".

began to issue

He began to issue collections of his work once more in the 1970s.

In 1927, it became an American College and began to issue high school diplomas.

The Society began to issue "Certificates of efficiency" in 1927 to its graduates.

another issue   (otro problema)

The lack of howitzers was another issue.

Filming in December raised another issue in that there was much more rain.

The rift between Angelica Panganiban and Cristine Reyes arose as another issue, resulting in Reyes' departure.

issue between

The stamp was the first joint issue between Gibraltar and the Vatican.

In September 2008, it was reported that the issue between Apple and NBC had been resolved.

Due to these arguments this has been the unsolved issue between the two states in the recent times.

refused to issue

Dudley Bradstreet was accused of witchcraft after he refused to issue warrants for accused witches.

Tetiana Chornovol, who has political ambitions, refused to issue an apology or acknowledge any wrongdoing.

Burma withdrew and the Indonesian government refused to issue visas for the Israeli and Taiwanese delegations.

power to issue

This income, derived from the power to issue currency, is referred to as seigniorage, and usually belongs to the national government.

As of September 2019, this system of parallel regulation will be abolished, and CPANS will be granted the power to issue public accounting licences.

In a December 2011 debate on London Local Authorities Bill, he said that council officials with the power to issue on-the-spot fines should be made to wear bowler hats.

issue was resolved

This issue was resolved only by the end of the year.

The issue was resolved within three hours.

This issue was resolved by the film's end, and he no longer suffers these glitches.

authority to issue   (autoridad para emitir)

The institution is a full-fledged university, with the authority to issue graduate degrees, although it continues to word the term "college" in its name.

The person who has authority to issue dimissorial letters is obliged to make sure that the testimonials and documents required by canon law have first been obtained.

Some forces are also conferred the authority to issue traffic summonses (that are paid to the Federal Government, not the issuing organization) for offences committed on their area of jurisdiction.

issue became

In 1933, the Lusiad issue became standard, followed by the Empire issue in 1938.

As the number of formats ("N") multiplied, the translator issue became an "N"-squared problem.

The issue became a major intellectual and religious concern for European civilization at the time.

only issue   (solo problema)

In 1996, "The Planet" published its first and only issue.

However, her religious denomination was not the only issue.

In its first and only issue, Mladen contributed several poems and an essay.

issue because   (problema porque)

This, however, causes an issue because these translations are not always helpful in context.

Aeroplan spokeswoman JoAnne Hayes declined to comment on the issue because it is now before the courts.

Editor-in-chief of the magazine, Stephen Gan, revealed that Spears was selected for the "V100" issue because of her status as an icon in the industry.

issue included

The issue included a sharply different variation of Hyperbubble's "U.F.O.

The vinyl issue included a 7" featuring alternate versions of "The Leanover" and "New Town".

The first issue included a 36-page city-state campaign installment, "The Black Ring" by Dan Hauffe.

raise the issue   (plantear la cuestión)

Hickey continues to raise the issue publicly, including attending the February 2019 Vatican sexual abuse summit in Rome.

This dependence froze the revisionist hopes in Bratislava and Budapest as Berlin refused to raise the issue of border changes until the end of the war.

However, he insisted that although France did not set a precondition for European Union entry regarding the matter, he stated that France would raise the issue during negotiations.

legal issue

Burjanadze is considering to file a legal issue against Imedi.

Rifled barrels for shotguns are an unusual legal issue in the United States of America.

However, the album's release dated was delayed until March 10, 2009, due to a legal issue.

without male issue

Louis Günther II died in 1681, without male issue.

He died on 4 October 1928 at age 76, without male issue.

He died at age 64, without male issue.

fourth issue

Afternoon" magazine's fourth issue of 2018 on March 7.

The fourth issue introduced Jamie Madrox, a character who later became part of the X-Men.

It was first published in 1836 in the fourth issue of the literary journal "Sovremennik".

until issue

This publishing format lasted until issue No.

The Three Dimwits appeared in "All-Flash" until issue #29 (1947).

Ditko left after the 38th issue, while Lee remained as writer until issue 100.

appeared in issue

Jazz appeared in issue #2 of "Megatron Origin".

All works listed here appeared in issue three.

Jazz appeared in issue #6 of the Titan Transformers magazine.