issued a statement   (声明を出した)

The company issued a statement in response to the issue.

In February, Yow issued a statement of support for Williams.

The Romney campaign subsequently issued a statement saying, "Gov.

first issued   (最初に発行された)

Postage stamps were first issued in the colony in 1892.

Tibetan banknotes were first issued in 1913.

The new central bank first issued bank-notes during 1926.

issued an order   (注文を出しました)

On the Kerensky's ministry issued an order of political amnesty.

On January 1, he issued an order to establish the Special Section.

On 27 December, Smith issued an order authorizing recruitment in Britain.

issued a decree   (法令を発行しました)

On May 14, 1676 the Court issued a decree approving a reduction.

In June 1995, President Lushenko issued a decree on the Mobile Forces.

In 323, he issued a decree banning Christians from participating in state sacrifices.

government issued   (政府発行)

Then the Dutch East Indian government issued State Gazette no.

The Qing government issued it as the Shíxiàn (seasonal) calendar.

The government issued gold certificates in 1897 for 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 colones.

issued a press

Then we issued a press release saying that an unnamed rider had been found positive in the Tour.

Project soon issued a press statement, stating that the singer had been "suspended indefinitely".

In response, the MDDEFP issued a press release soliciting the port's assistance with its investigation.

issued a report   (報告書を発行した)

The panel issued a report in December 2015, that suggested that it was time the song was retired.

The FAA later issued a report that the "bio-data" was not a reliable test for future performance.

Beeching issued a report in 1962, recommending that a large number of stations and lines be closed.

later issued

Gazmey later issued an apology for the song.

He was later issued a refund and went public with his story.

The two men later issued an apology.

not issued

In the future, coins without par value were not issued.

50 centavo coins were minted but not issued (see below).

Bread, the most important item, was not issued regularly.

issued a new   (新しいを発行しました)

In 1983, the Church issued a new code of canon law.

In November 2009, the band issued a new long-play, "Boy Do Dyr".

In 2000, on Valentine's Day, the band issued a new single, "Sixty Second Love Affair".

issued orders

Well, I then issued orders at that meeting, "Go clean up the spacecraft.

The police issued orders to all the leaders who attended this Bombay session.

Government has issued orders to take apt measures to conserve the Panamaram Heronry.

issued a proclamation   (宣言を発行した)

King James issued a proclamation of a reward of £500 for Sanquhar alive, and £300 dead.

On November 30, 1986, Kucera issued a proclamation announcing the 150th anniversary of the archdiocese's founding.

The huntsman confessed that he had not killed him, and so the king issued a proclamation that he could freely return.

issued an apology   (謝罪した)

Jaejoong issued an apology for lashing out at fans.

Gazmey later issued an apology for the song.

She explained she had been misinformed and issued an apology.

warrant was issued   (令状が発行された)

On 13 December an arrest warrant was issued.

A warrant was issued for Anderson for killing McCluskie.

A warrant was issued in Bathurst for Fodi Osmanu's arrest.

then issued

In 1997, Re-Constriction then issued the full-length album "Tactiq".

NPR then issued a correction.

Well, I then issued orders at that meeting, "Go clean up the spacecraft.

issued during

No prophecies were issued during this time.

"Way Down", Presley's last single issued during his career, was released on June 6.

The Diveagar inscription issued during Mangalarasa's reign is dated to 727-728 (Shaka 649).

album was issued

In 1988, the album was issued on vinyl by Melodiya.

This album was issued on RCA's custom label – Phantom.

This album was issued in mono and stereo.

issued an edict

In 296, Diocletian issued an edict reforming census procedures.

The Shunzhi Emperor agreed with Wei and issued an edict against Infanticide.

The same year Nicholas II of Russia issued an edict prohibiting the Ukrainian press.

issued a public   (公開した)

The ACLU issued a public condemnation of the "Dennis" decision, and resolved to fight it.

Li Zhaoxing, Chinese Foreign Minister at the time, issued a public apology to Russia due to the incident.

NBC issued a public apology that acknowledged that the contestant had not run the entire distance as aired on their show.

statement issued

A statement issued by Ahrar al-Sham thanked Turkey and Qatar for their help.

Queen Elizabeth II expressed condolences on his death through a statement issued by her Chief Clerk, Gill Middleburgh.

A statement issued by the band described him as, "A warm-hearted, funny and talented man, who was a valuable member of Crowded House."

originally issued

It was originally issued on June 24, 1997.

It was originally issued as the b-side of the single 2 + 2 = ?.

Note: all of these were originally issued by Epic within the U.S. on vinyl LP.

issued a joint

In 1959, the US Navy and US Air Force issued a joint request for a new high-speed expendable target.

Network Rail and Southeastern issued a joint statement following the release of the RAIB's final report.

On 8 February 2007, Walker and Syvret issued a joint statement that Syvret would be remaining a minister.

stamps were issued

In 1898 stamps were issued with a diagonal overprint reading "China".

All stamps were issued in German and French, with the French versions substituting "cts."

Only 600 stamps were issued making this provisional stamp one of the rarer stamps in German philately.

issued the following

The band issued the following statement: "We will be doing all upcoming tours and fests!

Her debut album, "My Love", was issued the following year on the independent Libre Records label.

In reference to Smith's work, Carlton issued the following: "This is one of my favorite songs period.

report issued   (発行された報告書)

Their findings are documented in a 90-page report issued in October 2018.

A report issued on December 14, 2018 suggested the existing buildings be demolished and rebuilt.

Additional findings of the Voting Village were published in a report issued by DEFCON in October 2017.

issued new

He issued new rules to establish the position of the SS.

Trans Polar issued new shares worth NOK 825,000 on 25 November 1970.

In the same year NISCO also issued new shares via private placement.

subsequently issued

KBS News subsequently issued an apology for not being cautious.

The Romney campaign subsequently issued a statement saying, "Gov.

The Commission subsequently issued the Trust with a Section 29 (A) warning notice.

issued against   (に対して発行)

It sparked controversy, and death threats were issued against Horde.

A number of Papal pronouncements have been issued against Freemasonry.

Meanwhile an arrest warrant is issued against Murray for inciting the riots.

document issued   (発行された文書)

According to tradition, Karma Tseten obtained a troop of horsemen by altering a document issued by his master, the Rinpungpa lord.

Indonesian passport is a travel document issued by the Government of Indonesia to Indonesian citizens residing in Indonesia or overseas.

It is a two-year, 24-page document issued to persons permanently resident in Indonesia who cannot obtain travel documents from any other country.

warnings were issued

Tsunami warnings were issued for the region, but later cancelled.

No tropical storm watches or warnings were issued, and the storm was never forecast to strike land.

Storm warnings were issued along the east and west coastlines northward to Cedar Key and Titusville.

issued several

Thomas maintains an extensive discography and has issued several solo CDs.

BIND 9 is actively maintained, with new releases issued several times a year.

The conference issued several documents which together are known as The Chicago Call.

warning was issued

A tsunami warning was issued shortly afterwards, but later cancelled.

After a tornado warning was issued, a school near the warehouse was evacuated.

A hurricane warning was issued from Fort Walton, Florida to Port St. Joe, Florida.

coins were issued

No coins were issued for this currency.

Special commemorative coins were issued in 330 to honor the event.

In 1846 and 1850, 6¼ centimes coins were issued as well as 6 centimes pieces.

order was issued   (注文が発行されました)

The evacuation order was issued at March 14, 1917.

The order was issued March 23, but only a few black companies were raised.

Shortly after, a similar order was issued by the King's Bench to the City and Liberties.

issued its first

Gibraltar issued its first postage stamps in 1886.

The paper issued its first copy on June 2, 2004.

DAW issued its first four titles in April 1972.

order issued   (発行済み)

The Supreme Court denied certiorari in an order issued April 28, 2014.

The Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order issued by Lincoln on 1 January 1863.

stamps issued

The stamps issued by the companies are much sought after by philatelists.

Damsleth also designed nearly all stamps issued in Norway between 1940 and 1945.

The first revenue stamps issued by Uruguay were the 1871 documentary series showing the national arms.

issued a directive   (指令を発行した)

In 1978, the Minister of Home Affairs issued a directive asserting there are only five religions, excluding Confucianism.

Pruitt has issued a directive to stop litigants from pressuring the EPA to regulate, referring to the practice as "sue and settle".

With an Allied victory on the horizon, Adolf Hitler personally issued a directive on 15 February 1945 ordering the holding of Sarajevo.

issued the first

D.C. Thomson issued the first "The Dandy Comic" in December 1937.

Clela Rorex Clela Rorex issued the first same-sex marriage license in the United States.

At the end of 1959, he issued the first samizdat literary magazine "Phoenix", with Yuri Galanskov.

decree issued

The election date was settled following a presidential decree issued in December 2018.

By a Presidential decree issued on December 17 2007, permission stamps were finally abolished.

This happened with a decree issued by King Christian VII of Denmark in 1792, to become fully effective by 1803.

issued a warning

On October 15, the FDA issued a warning that two more drugs may have been contaminated.

During the discussion, Blache asserted his authority as the director of the board and issued a warning to Fetty.

For example, in May 2012 the SCC issued a warning to a Web site on which a user had allegedly insulted President Compaore in an Internet forum.

issued a series

Imitating the spelling of the aircraft's name, McDonnell issued a series of patches.

Like many of his predecessors, Bush issued a series of pardons during his last days in office.

Doja Cat has since issued a series of apologies for her derogatory words and deleted her tweets.

issued between

1 dalasi notes were issued between 1971 and 1987.

An undated "5 srang" note of small size was issued between 1942 and 1946.

The last government issued coins were brass 10 centimos issued between 1936 and 1941.

never issued

A collapsible pike was invented but never issued.

• Issue 8 (1998) Designed, but never issued / released.

• Issue 5 (1995) Lost by contracted printer, never issued.

previously issued   (以前に発行された)

A soundtrack release for the film with original music by Aimee Mann was previously issued in 1999.

"Box" contains some differences between its contents and the previously issued versions of each album.

In some countries prohibition to leave may take the form of revocation of a previously issued passport.

issued another   (別の発行)

In 1926 she issued another class work: The Religion of Love and Beauty.

Ukrainian academics issued another statement in June 2009 in support of open access.

Bishop Marello issued another one on 25 January 1893 regarding the profession of faith.

court issued   (裁判所発行)

On December 5, 2014, the appellate court issued its ruling.

Madras high court issued a notice to BCCI after a PIL was filed seeking stay on IPL.

On January 2014, a New York federal district court issued other criminal charges against the drug lord.

coins issued

His name does not appear on coins issued in the name of Rusudan.

List of large denomination cash coins issued under Emperor Tự Đức:

The effigy of the reigning monarch was also present on the obverse of coins issued there.

issued a letter

On 25 February, Pack issued a letter to Amnesty members and staff.

He was issued a letter of marque on 16 July, i.e., after he had left.

Two days later, Dupont announced that he had issued a letter of accreditation to Reedman for presentation to Nogueira.

edition was issued

A subsequent audiobook edition was issued by Audible.

The first British edition was issued by Sphere Books in 1978.

A second edition was issued in 1728.

issued only   (発行のみ)

Higher denominations exist, but these were issued only as medal-coins.

Still under German occupation, the editor issued only 250 hand-made books.

Work permits for foreigners are issued only for short periods and must be continually renewed.

only issued   (発行のみ)

It failed to secure a release in the UK and was only issued in Japan.

These are only issued to soldiers who are serving outside of the country.

A convention assembled but only issued a mild protest before dissolving itself.

issued an ultimatum

On May 7, York University issued an ultimatum to CUPE3903.

On 1 May, Bolshevik Soviet Russian Foreign Minister Georgy Chicherin issued an ultimatum to the Romanian government.

Following the German invasion of neutral Belgium, Britain issued an ultimatum to Germany on 2 August to withdraw or face war.

issued a formal

They issued a formal condemnation of conscientious objection in October 1986.

On 17 March, the U.S. issued a formal apology to the United Kingdom for the accusation.

After another three hours of fighting, Major Madison issued a formal declaration of surrender.

issued an official

NATO issued an official response to the attack on 14 March.

Overwatch World Cup issued an official warning for the suspension, but he was allowed to play.

He issued an official statement condemning the anonymous attacks on homeless indigenous people.

stamp was issued   (スタンプが発行されました)

In 2016 a stamp was issued on the centenary of her birth.

In 2008, a €0,43 stamp was issued in Spain with his self-portrait.

The postage stamp was issued on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019, in Los Angeles.

issued statements

Some scholarly societies issued statements supporting the strike or its goals.

Senators Clinton and John McCain both issued statements condemning the remarks.

A number of scientific organizations have issued statements that support the consensus view.

stamp issued   (切手発行)

He created the new Kwanzaa stamp issued in 2004.

The house appeared on a stamp issued by Canada Post in 2011.

In 1989, Williamson was honoured, together with Nellie Stewart, on a postage stamp issued by Australia Post.

issued its final

The commission issued its final report on July 1, 2002.

Shortly before landfall, the system weakened due to land interaction, and the JTWC issued its final warning.

Seamans sent Webb weekly status reports of the investigation's progress, and the board issued its final report on April 5, 1967.

issued an arrest

Swedish prosecutors subsequently issued an arrest warrant for Deveaux in response to the incident.

The police issued an arrest warrant for Ando in October 2014 on suspicion of loaning money at illegal interest rates.

The King had issued an arrest warrant on 24 September 1451, drafted by Somerset, to be enforced by Butler and Bonville.

issued a warrant   (令状を発行した)

A judge issued a warrant for his arrest.

They were arrested and Interpol issued a warrant for Sissoko's arrest too.

Charles issued a warrant for Hotham's arrest as a traitor but was powerless to enforce it.

issued an executive   (エグゼクティブを発行しました)

In 2005, Schwarzenegger issued an executive order calling to reduce greenhouse gases to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

Newly elected Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards issued an executive order to accept the expansion, becoming the 32nd state to do so.

Upon Kennedy's death, President Johnson issued an executive order on November 29, 1963, to rename the LOC and Cape Canaveral in honor of Kennedy.

issued a call   (電話をかけた)

On 9 July he issued a call for election of new Members of Congress.

Monroy accepted her counsel and issued a call for a council of war.

In 2002, Thackeray issued a call to form Hindu suicide bomber squads to take on the menace of terrorism.

orders were issued

Evacuation orders were issued not at all or much too late.

New orders were issued, extending the objectives for the attack planned for 18 November.

The EEF became aware of the retreat of the Fourth Army at 23:35 on 22/23 September, when orders were issued for an attack on Shunet Nimrin.

watch was issued

At 0300 UTC on August 3, a tropical storm watch was issued for Grenada.

A hurricane watch was issued for locations in Mississippi and Louisiana.

At 2100 UTC on September 6, a tropical storm watch was issued for Bermuda.

issued their final

Early on the next day, JTWC issued their final warning on Goni.

On September 1, both JMA and JTWC issued their final warning on Krovanh.

On the next day, both JMA and JTWC issued their final warning on Huaning.

group issued

On 21 June, the group issued a fatwa permitting it to display the Syrian independence flag.

In April 1987 the group issued their debut studio album, "Scorn of the Women", which reached No.

The group issued a number of pamphlets and a monthly paper, The Appeal, which ran up to five issues.

issued a declaration   (宣言を発行した)

The Minister of Tourism and Culture has issued a declaration of the Telugu language as a Classical Language.

Those who opposed the Allies in various provinces in Turkey issued a declaration named "Misak-ı Millî" ("National Pact").

In response to the resurgence of tuberculosis, the World Health Organization issued a declaration of a global health emergency in 1993.

issued a tropical

On August 1, officials in Puerto Rico issued a tropical storm warning for the island.

The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) also issued a tropical cyclone formation alert around this time.

Due to uncertainties in Iris' track, the government of Bermuda issued a tropical storm watch on September 1.

issued before

SIM cards issued before June 2002 most likely are COMP128v1 SIM cards, thus clonable.

An earlier release had seen 31 episodes issued before the distributor went out of business.

In fact, the application for WLAV-TV had been one of the last construction permits issued before the freeze.

issued a commemorative

In 2011, the Department of Posts issued a commemorative stamp in his honour.

On August 3, 1995, Blockbuster Video issued a commemorative edition of the film on VHS.

On July 11, 1996, the United States Postal Service issued a commemorative stamp depicting "Mighty Casey."

passports issued

Soviet passports issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Byelorussian SSR (as well as birth certificates) had records in both Belarusian and Russian.

In July 1985, Prieur and Mafart entered New Zealand from Corsica on Swiss passports issued to their aliases Sophie and Alain Turenge, a newlywed couple on honeymoon.

Non-citizens in the two countries are issued special non-citizen passports as opposed to regular passports issued by the Estonian and Latvian authorities to citizens.

bonds issued

On February 8, 1918, the Soviet government repudiated all bonds issued by the Tsarist government.

Enlarging the dam cost $1.1 million, which was again paid by bonds issued by the city of Santa Barbara.

The district usually lasts 20 years, or enough time to pay back the bonds issued to fund the improvements.

issued a ruling

In 1918, he issued a ruling which allowed doctors to prescribe contraception.

As a result, the state Attorney General issued a ruling declaring the drive for a recall unsuccessful.

In 1954, the trial court finally issued a ruling denying the motion to dismiss and in 1955, it found for Lee.

orders issued

Naval operations were governed by standing orders issued to all the ships.

This system was in marked contrast to the conflicting, vague orders issued by the French army.

Following orders issued by Cueva Bartolomé Gallardo led in 1674 an expedition from Chiloé that reaching as far south as the Gulf of Penas (47° S).

band issued

The band issued a live EP on Tortch Records in 1979.

In August 2000 the band issued their self-titled debut album.

In November 2009, the band issued a new long-play, "Boy Do Dyr".

cards issued

SIM cards issued before June 2002 most likely are COMP128v1 SIM cards, thus clonable.

Since 2007, the NBU has been offering credit overdraft cards issued as part of salary projects .

The ruling ČSSD politicians secretly used gas cards issued to name of Chemapol to get gas for free.

ever issued

No stamps were ever issued for it.

She was the owner of one of only two unique brothel licenses ever issued in her country at the time.

The two loans, totalling about $16 million, were the largest and second-largest ever issued by the bank.

issued its own

The state of Lu issued its own Lu calendar().

In 1913, the naval ministry issued its own list of flag days.

It issued its own stamps as well as its currency, the Danzig gulden.

warrant issued   (令状発行)

Vadalà was rearrested on 13 March, this time due to an international warrant issued by the Italian police.

In 2001, he was accused of alleged involvement in the Rwandan genocide and had an arrest warrant issued for him by the Rwandan government.

He left Kota after local administration came to know about the arrest warrant issued against him for his participation in Indian Independence activities.