İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

social issues   (sosyal konular)

They also did not adequately address social issues.

Its content deals with political and social issues.

Gaullists held divergent views on social issues.

issues such   (böyle konular)

Later revisions also addressed issues such as moral rights.

This contrast is brought out in issues such as voluntary euthanasia.

to model environmental issues such as emissions and exposure to air pollution.

health issues   (sağlık sorunları)

writer noted that it addresses mental health issues.

Both are major health issues in the developed world.

Nutan Naidu Walked out due to health issues.

environmental issues   (Çevre sorunları)

She is strongly concerned with environmental issues.

The paper also contains news on environmental issues.

There are many environmental issues in Bihar.

issues related   (ilgili konular)

A few provisions address issues related to military service.

There were censorship issues related to Buzzy as a black stereotype.

He is the author of various articles raising issues related to music.

political issues   (politik meseleler)

His work also evolves around social and political issues.

Celebrities have used their actions to highlight political issues.

Steigerwald posts about political issues and Pittsburgh on his blog.

other issues   (diğer sorunlar)

Several other issues are briefly discussed in the book.

Humans, however, tend to have trouble with other issues.

It does not address other issues, such as the dutch book.

legal issues   (Yasal sorunlar)

The company closed in 2013 due to legal issues.

There were several technical and legal issues.

Bernard has written articles on gender and legal issues.

policy issues   (politika sorunları)

He was again mainly involved in colonial and foreign policy issues.

There is a raft of NGOs in Germany that engage foreign policy issues.

It is a contributor to policy issues at a national and international level.

issues relating   (ilgili konular)

He published regularly on issues relating to liability law.

Nearly 8,000 to 10,000 delegates discussed issues relating to bio-diversity and bio-safety.

Wai Wai Nu educates women on issues relating to abuse, such as domestic violence and sexual harassment.

rights issues

She has written on a number of human rights issues.

The EU also promoted human rights issues in the wider world.

Cameron also expressed concern about human rights issues in the country.

economic issues

In 2010, Melchior involved himself in economic issues.

Due to economic issues, the team was dissolved in 2001.

His campaign focused on economic issues.

financial issues   (finansal konular)

It addresses financial issues and the budget.

Its sister newspaper on financial issues is the "Daily FT".

Due to financial issues the prize was not awarded after 2015.

security issues   (güvenlik sorunları)

There are, however, security issues involving Tor onion services.

Since 2013, member states have established consultations on security issues.

BIND 9 was a complete rewrite, in part to mitigate these ongoing security issues.

issues including

The conferences discussed a number of issues including the filioque controversy.

The hospital provides treatment for a variety of mental health issues including bipolar disorder.

He spent most of his time on colonial issues including finance, economy and tariff administration.

technical issues   (teknik sorunlar)

His interests in Parliament were industrial and technical issues.

If a provider has technical issues, the money might not be accessible when a user needs it.

It plays a key role in making recommendations to the COP on scientific and technical issues.

issues surrounding   (çevreleyen konular)

The movie touched on the issues surrounding honour killings.

Adams continues to work with issues surrounding the Boldt Decision to this day.

and nothing else, due to legal issues surrounding the use of the Bachman surname.

issues concerning   (ilgili konular)

It covers issues concerning management and business.

Epistemic communities usually aid in issues concerning a technical nature.

These provinces meet regularly to discuss issues concerning its individual chapters.

issues affecting   (etkileyen konular)

Eight out of nine articles that were censored were on issues affecting the LGBT communities.

The duty to bargain in good faith extends to managerial issues affecting employment conditions.

The purpose of the convention is to discuss and vote on a wide range of issues affecting the fraternity.

several issues   (birkaç sorun)

He nevertheless had to deal with several issues.

As the secretary, Suri takes up several issues and answers them.

Shrimp are marketed and commercialized with several issues in mind.

many issues   (birçok sorun)

The Germania stamp has many issues and variations.

Modern scholarship has raised many issues with the Bible.

Researchers disagree about many issues.

various issues   (çeşitli sorunlar)

It addresses various issues that had arisen in the Christian community at Corinth.

Admired by some, he alienated others with his inflexible stands on various issues.

It also explored various issues faced by other baby boomers in similar circumstance.

issues facing   (Karşılaşılan sorunlar)

ACRA is the industry voice on public policy issues facing the car rental industry.

The issues facing the early World Cup tournaments were the difficulties of intercontinental travel, and war.

It addressed political and social issues facing women in India as well as the achievements of women worldwide.

issues regarding   (ile ilgili konular)

CAAN is concerned about several issues regarding consenting adults:

The 2005 evaluation found issues regarding access to some walkways and ramps.

As such, a host of issues regarding sexual orientation and gender roles are associated with the topic.

local issues   (yerel sorunlar)

As a result, she turned her intellect and interest toward local issues.

's flagship local issues programme "Communities Live" broadcast weekdays 12 pm.

Gibraltar has a number of political parties which have developed to address local issues.

safety issues   (güvenlik sorunları)

There are safety issues involved in kite-flying.

Demianiuk engaged in nuclear and radiation safety issues.

The school safety issues are not new.

important issues   (önemli konular)

These also became important issues for the Farmers' Party.

All of these games bring awareness to important issues and events.

In discussing and resolving important issues elders agreed in a general meeting.

related issues   (ilgili konular)

She has also been active in mental health related issues.

She is her party's spokesperson for health related issues.

She became her party's spokeswoman for Business related issues.

mental health issues   (Zihinsel sağlık sorunları)

writer noted that it addresses mental health issues.

Hrefna retired from football in 2012 due to mental health issues.

Heat indirectly causes mental health issues through physical health issues.

such issues   (böyle konular)

With such issues, a final decision is possible only in the form of a compromise.

Some such issues are natural while others are the direct result of human development.

If such issues are not addressed properly, concurrent design may not work effectively.

key issues   (Anahtar konular)

This was one of the key issues of the Nootka Crisis.

Copyright is one of the key issues for E-LIS.

The candidates do differ, however, on several key issues.

major issues   (büyük sorunlar)

The major issues here concern conflict of interest.

They also have major issues with obesity and cholesterol.

Impeachment was one of the major issues in those elections.

address issues   (adres meselesi)

A few provisions address issues related to military service.

She wanders about to address issues left unresolved by her father.

CTC uses a coalition approach to address issues at the community level.

number of issues   (sorun sayısı)

However, there are a number of issues.

A number of issues have been archived.

The conferences discussed a number of issues including the filioque controversy.

range of issues   (bir dizi sorun)

Also, exclusive stories are presented daily that cover large range of issues concerning Tamil Nadu.

The purpose of the convention is to discuss and vote on a wide range of issues affecting the fraternity.

The APF had fairly detailed positions on a wide range of issues, and was self-described as 'anti-capitalist.'

personal issues

Several of the women have personal issues.

Cecil Gordon quit the race on lap 123 due to personal issues.

However, after some personal issues and moving countries the album was delayed.

issues raised   (sorunlar ortaya çıktı)

The focus was on clearing up issues raised by re-examination of the old German data.

The issues raised have included access to healthcare, transportation and agriculture.

GiveWell followed up with a blog post discussing some of the issues raised in the discussion.

issues between   (arasındaki sorunlar)

The comic published nine issues between 1982 and 1994.

It was not a success, only surviving for four issues between January and April 1850.

Unofficially, the tribunal chastises both men for failing to resolve the issues between them.

current issues

International co-operation can facilitate debate on current issues.

There was also coverage of news and current issues relevant to children.

The program focuses on the current issues in the Australian Football League.

human rights issues

She has written on a number of human rights issues.

The EU also promoted human rights issues in the wider world.

Cameron also expressed concern about human rights issues in the country.

ethical issues   (etik konular)

Some of the ethical issues associated with the use of information technology include:

It emphasizes detachment from the material world, and addresses many moral and ethical issues.

He was an unusually sentimental and somehow ecstatic nature, intensely sensitive to ethical issues.

issues within   (içindeki sorunlar)

Member states are cooperating on different issues within the Working Groups.

This program is taught by solving real world issues within and across the disciplines.

It is a registered charity and works to promote environmental issues within the community.

cultural issues

Each Agency may vary due to specific social and cultural issues unique to that location.

The show takes "a satirical look at social and cultural issues from Cenac's unique perspective.

Each issue is themed and contains critical commentary about the city and broader cultural issues.

special issues

It also publishes reviews and special issues dedicated to relevant topics.

He also published special issues of his magazine "Tadarthya" in book form.

"Osomatsu-kun" has appeared in numerous special issues of "Shōnen Sunday".

due to issues

Hill died on May 14, 2017 due to issues with esophageal cancer.

The other three were retired due to issues arising to their storage.

Lindsey Vogt departed the band in mid-2007 due to issues with management.

contemporary issues

The exhibition showcases young artists’ exploration of contemporary issues.

Scholars have increasingly explored Ruth in ways which allow it to address contemporary issues.

meetings and give lectures or lead group discussions on a variety of historical and contemporary issues.

controversial issues   (tartışmalı konular)

The society addresses controversial issues.

In his talk show, he explores numerous controversial issues.

One such story took place in the controversial issues #96–98 (May–July 1971).

main issues   (ana konular)

This institute tackles three main issues.

His main issues were that he had no control over his works.

One of her main issues in the campaign was national reconciliation.

issues involving

Shaffer worked on issues involving women and art for many years.

There are, however, security issues involving Tor onion services.

Review under Article 62 is limited to issues involving alleged legal errors.

variety of issues   (çeşitli konular)

Goldman spoke and wrote extensively on a wide variety of issues.

Hardy was active locally and nationally on a variety of issues in the 1970s.

The blessings cover a variety of issues and ethics such as Jerusalem, crops, and prayer.

global issues   (küresel Sorunlar)

MPOWER belongs to 1776, a D.C. organization working to solve local and global issues.

A veteran diplomat in the Nepalese foreign service, he worked on various global issues.

Audiences could keep up with the latest news, especially with global issues, through CRHK.

all issues   (tüm sorunlar)

However, not all issues are so difficult as to require an ecumenical council to resolve.

It's responsible for all issues related to salaries and benefits, job classifications, and training.

Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the life sentence holding that all issues raised were without merit.

discuss issues   (sorunları tartış)

Council is also a forum for members to discuss issues relevant to CSC.

Here physicists meet to discuss issues pertaining to the many areas of physics.

Commonwealth HIPC Ministers meet twice a year to discuss issues of common interest.

gender issues

The project educates the group on gender issues and violence.

Race, gender issues, and racial identity often feature in Lee's works.

She is also a development practitioner with a particular interest in gender issues.

family issues   (aile sorunları)

He returned to India in 1909 due to family issues.

Lonsberry also discusses life and family issues.

Business and family issues are sorted out during these evening meetings.

issues during

There was a number of scheduling issues during the 2012 AFL finals series:

In February 2018, Tommie ran into legal issues during filming after allegedly attacking a jewelry store employee.

Main issues during his tenure as President of the Chamber were of secularism and the creation of schools for girls.

justice issues

summer seminar" of youth facing social justice issues for the Bahá'í Faith.

on contemporary politics and constitutional and social justice issues of Nepal.

Kahlo stood up for many social justice issues both physically and through her art.

international issues   (uluslararası sorunlar)

Ecuador has often placed great emphasis on multilateral approaches to international issues.

Bradley is a frequent media commentator on local, provincial, national and international issues.

She has covered the Bosnian War, the Arab–Israeli conflict, and many other major international issues.

issues through

Heat indirectly causes mental health issues through physical health issues.

Both of these bring a focus to relevant and important current issues through gaming.

These elected members resolves organizational issues through regular monthly meetings.

issues associated

Some of the ethical issues associated with the use of information technology include:

Some of the issues associated with his previous political activities also reappeared in public.

However, convergence issues associated with the infinite sum necessitate a more careful definition.

development issues   (geliştirme sorunları)

The SDGs cover a broad range of social and economic development issues.

In this role, Steil focused on business development issues throughout Wisconsin.

She has also been a volunteer engaged in development issues and women's organizations.

medical issues   (Tıbbi Konular)

Salazar decided to retire from boxing after the fight citing medical issues.

Ron had numerous medical issues while walking the marathon and finished at about 13 hours.

Though best known for his reporting on space issues, Bergman also filed many reports on medical issues for ABC.

issues before

"Strange Tales" ran 19 issues before Marvel decided to split Cloak and Dagger and Dr.

As NASDVA President, he testified on behalf of Veterans issues before the U.S. Congress.

After the battle with Unicron, the comic ran for only five issues before being cancelled.

specific issues

Digital records, however, raise specific issues.

Community organizing can focus on more than just resolving specific issues.

The Global Fund for Women also publishes "Impact Reports" which focus on specific issues impacting women and girls.

copyright issues   (telif hakkı sorunları)

However, its release was pushed back to April 13 due to copyright issues.

This feature was omitted from the American version due to copyright issues.

In June 2016, Xkeeper said that the website has largely avoided copyright issues.

issues around   (etraftaki konular)

Turtle is Vincent's driver and takes care of issues around the house.

They have also helped in telecommunications agreements and economy issues around the world.

She became a respected voice on issues around metastatic breast cancer, opioids, and the power of nature.

issues pertaining   (ilgili konular)

Here physicists meet to discuss issues pertaining to the many areas of physics.

The helpline also provides assistance with issues pertaining to foodborne illness.

It provides training on key issues pertaining to sustainable industrial development.

management issues

He struggled through school, frequently getting into trouble and had anger management issues.

Many corporations resolved their data management issues by standardizing and automating processes.

The crash leaves Chris with lasting mental impairments, including anterograde amnesia and anger management issues.

serious issues   (ciddi sorunlar)

It seems to have been a response to criticism that he was not writing about serious issues.

Works by Shimizu address a range of serious issues including sex, race, and cultural identity, but also can be light and whimsical.

This was a ballet that was clearly parodying itself, something traditional ballet patrons would obviously have serious issues with.

national issues   (ulusal konular)

receipt of national magazine and voting on national issues).

Without any striking national issues, the Republicans were able to remain in control.

In the post-Civil War era, the Senate dealt with great national issues such as Reconstruction and monetary policy.

issues faced

One of the main issues faced by the community today is urban sprawl.

It deals with some of the issues faced by paraplegic wheelchair users.

Abhimani also aims to educate all communities on daily issues faced by LGBT people.

issues were published

A total of 12 issues were published in nine volumes.

These earliest issues were published bimonthly.

Five issues were published between January–June 1935.

issues per

Since then there have been several new issues per year.

Since 2009 it has been published weekly, with 48 issues per year.

The journal currently publishes two issues per year, Winter and Summer.

issues involved   (ilgili sorunlar)

There are safety issues involved in kite-flying.

We badly need work on these problems that will clarify the issues involved.

She has put a strong emphasis on the health issues involved with the U.S.-Mexico border.

critical issues   (kritik meseleler)

These do not take the form of critical issues at the code level.

IBO also regularly produces fiscal briefs on critical issues confronting the city.

It allows for the organisation to identify critical issues, implications and opportunities.

racial issues   (ırk sorunları)

In "Shortcomings", Tomine explored racial issues directly.

In the video, Lupe tackles social, political, and racial issues.

He believed that to flourish, Atlanta must address its racial issues.

moral issues

Such topics are ones that involve the mind and are relevant to moral issues.

Not a film where moral issues are forgotten in the excitement of an action climax.

That happens occasionally on topics where moral issues and equal-treatment issues intersect."

issues include

Other issues include dark spots on leaves, and wood rot.

Recent issues include "Translation as Metamorphosis" in 2005 (Vol.

Other issues include the Martian dust, low temperatures, and radiation.

issues as well   (sorunlar da)

Ries has explained how Resistbot faces classic scaling issues as well.

Each episode they discussed sex and relationship issues as well as apples.

This has led to some apparent immunocompetency issues as well as reproduction problems.

religious issues

The campaign downplayed religious issues, and emphasized environmental questions.

Walker's wife and sons disagree with him on certain political and religious issues.

The party emphasizes the values of many social democratic parties, except on religious issues.

addressing issues   (sorunları ele almak)

Perkins was working on the dynamic addressing issues.

Carbide.c++ has made steady progress in addressing issues brought up by the developer community.

While addressing issues of child abuse, Katz continued in her efforts to address child disabilities.

similar issues   (benzer sorunlar)

EVM is meant to address such and similar issues.

Other leagues have experienced similar issues.

No similar issues arose on the Canadian side.

early issues

Created by Leo Baxendale, in its early issues "Wham!"

Booth was its first editor, and drew the covers of the early issues.

", before taking on "Queen of the Seas" in the early issues of "Smash!"

few issues   (birkaç sorun)

They were often cheaply photocopied and many never survived beyond a few issues.

A few issues arise due to the long-standing one-party dominance in Singapore's political system.

Joe Kraus - 1985-86 was Editor for a few issues until he was replaced by Herman Darvick - 1986-87.

focused on issues

Her legislative work focused on issues that were vital to her district.

They focused on issues such as education, roads, city planning and council housing.

AWARE publicly focused on issues they called "women's rights" and "gender inequality".

constitutional issues

Hume was considered a Tory historian, and emphasised religious differences more than constitutional issues.

Decisions are made based on a majority vote if more than half of the Chamber is present, except in cases of constitutional issues.

He has been described as "the United Kingdom's greatest living expert on Parliament" and "a world authority on constitutional issues".

certain issues   (belli konular)

Second, there is a department to encourage political awareness of certain issues.

Sample content from certain issues is also available to view on the "Albedo One" website and is periodically updated.

The law also offers principle norms on certain issues that are not immediately urgent, but are of long-term importance.

issues that affect   (etkileyen konular)

He also lectures at various universities on issues that affect the environment.

The Student Life Committee is responsible for advocating on issues that affect students.

They want to improve the legal, social, and economical issues that affect people with disabilities.

social justice issues   (sosyal adalet sorunları)

summer seminar" of youth facing social justice issues for the Bahá'í Faith.

on contemporary politics and constitutional and social justice issues of Nepal.

Kahlo stood up for many social justice issues both physically and through her art.

reliability issues   (güvenilirlik sorunları)

Due to reliability issues, FMG units 910 to 917 are stored and deemed not be used.

The extensively modified 1974 TX750A model does not suffer from reliability issues.

However, due to the added complexity and reliability issues, the propellers were never installed.

first issues

The first issues of Marvel Comics' "X-Force, X-Men" vol.

The first issues of coins were silver pieces of 6, 12, and 25 centimes.

Ellen Diffin Wangner edited the first issues, October 1928 to March 1929.

funding issues   (finansman sorunları)

Due to state funding issues, the ticket office has since closed.

The league suspended operations in October due to funding issues,

However, the tour was cancelled due to funding issues from Zimbabwe Cricket.

address the issues   (sorunları çözmek)

But the point of concern would be to address the issues which have limit their wide spread use so far.

The new movement aims to address the issues that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke against in his original campaign.

The International Olympic Committee has urged Vargas to meet with the board to address the issues raised against him.

deal with issues

Her works deal with issues of feminism, gender, identity and memory.

Courts below the Sala IV deal with issues involving legal and criminal disputes.

The expert groups deal with issues of technical importance to all aspects of "Bluetooth" development.

address these issues   (bu sorunları ele al)

The department is working to address these issues.

The programme has since attempted to address these issues.

A number of upgraded Sparrow designs were developed to address these issues.

issues per year

Since then there have been several new issues per year.

Since 2009 it has been published weekly, with 48 issues per year.

The journal currently publishes two issues per year, Winter and Summer.

new issues

It ceased publication of new issues in Fall 2016.

Since then there have been several new issues per year.

The new issues were printed on white paper with clear gum.

licensing issues   (lisans sorunları)

By May 1, 2008, 3D graphics and application support had also been removed because of licensing issues with Mesa 3D.

They could conceivably copy it from another web page, but then they could run into copyright and software licensing issues.

To do so, the team needed to unravel licensing issues for defunct developers or negotiate with publishers for distribution rights.

complex issues

After numerous complaints the Star apologized for the cartoon's insensitivity to the complex issues at play in gun violence.

ZAMM is an interdisciplinary conference where art, science and medicine come together with the aim of solving complex issues.

For example, simple issues like asking for directions or more complex issues like an organization hiring a financial consultant will fall into this category.

quality issues

He is also a specialist and expert witness on service quality issues.

This approach further mitigates risks and increases visibility of quality issues.

This target was not fully achieved and water quality issues were frequently in the media.