Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

when it became   (cuando se convirtió)

It remained a bank until 1963, when it became Dr. J.M.

1 Black [chart] album than I was when it became the No.

That was when it became ridiculously easy to make films...

when it comes   (cuando se trata de)

The book fails when it comes to the text, though."

Mortalities are not uncommon when it comes to floods.

She is very observant when it comes to human emotions.

made it possible   (lo hizo posible)

This made it possible to fold the scroll as an accordion.

These points made it possible for him to go to the Paralympics.

The MOSFET made it possible to build high-density integrated circuits.

made it clear   (fue aclarado)

He made it clear that his autocracy would not be limited.

But recent scholarship has made it clear that more was involved.

Anne turned to Paul when Nick made it clear he wanted a divorce.

when it came   (cuando llegó)

And when it came down to it I realised the band was the most important."

Coolidge was frugal, and when it came to securing a home, he insisted upon renting.

I guess the seeds were there for me to nourish when it came to the seismic charges."

made it difficult   (lo hizo difícil)

This made it difficult for his galiots to manoeuvre.

Sometimes the security made it difficult for them, you know.

This made it difficult to change the code to work with EBCDIC.

make it more   (hazlo más)

Such conflicts may cause wrongdoing and make it more likely.

An update to the GB to make it more suitable for war time production.

These factors make it more difficult and dangerous to diagnose problems.

found it difficult

He initially found it difficult to compose.

He found it difficult to keep himself upright without stays.

Petrov found it difficult to respond to Axis attacks quickly.

make it easier   (Hazlo más fácil)

Some scordatura make it easier to play in unusual keys.

A low occupancy level was expected "to make it easier to sell".

Terry advises Del Boy to tell Slater and make it easier on himself.

makes it possible

This makes it possible to describe very general operations.

This makes it possible to study dynamics of entire functions.

However, torrefaction makes it possible for biomass to replace coal.

until it reaches   (hasta que llegue)

It continues to descend until it reaches Midland station.

Anne and continues east until it reaches PR 210 at Giroux.

Beryllium does not form oxides until it reaches very high temperatures.

making it difficult

Paris was now blockaded, making it difficult to supply the city by river or elsewhere.

Ratings were still decent, but demographics were making it difficult to sell advertising.

She did not commonly date her works, therefore making it difficult to track her progression.

when it opened   (cuando se abrio)

It replaced a local volunteer fire department when it opened.

It became an instant classic when it opened in 1927 on Broadway.

Thunderbird had rotating walls and open concept classrooms when it opened.

what it means

What it means to me may be different than what it means to you."

Social media has substantially changed what it means to be a celebrity.

Historically, the term "bioinformatics" did not mean what it means today.

turned it down   (Lo rechazó)

The money was great but we turned it down."

Nehru however turned it down.

Bacall said at the time: I turned it down because it's just not a part.

made it impossible   (lo hizo imposible)

The two large holds made it impossible to use deckbeams alone.

The gopher holes made it impossible to use the fields to play sports.

Between 1991 and 2013, political disagreements made it impossible to organize a census.

making it more

In 1869 he received more bones and corrected its stance, making it more upright.

The two developed a plan to modernize the state government, making it more efficient.

Many have been unemployed for extensive periods, making it more difficult to regain employment.

when it moved   (cuando se movió)

That government sat here until 1863, when it moved to Alexandria.

Guest continued with the production when it moved to Broadway in 1972.

Olver remained with the team when it moved from the WCHL to the ECHL in 2003.

makes it difficult

This makes it difficult to apply to the elderly.

This makes it difficult to use the absolute magnitude for a size estimate.

This loss of trust makes it difficult to return to the cooperative relationship.

makes it clear   (deja en claro)

The film makes it clear this wasn't always an easy mix."

Mac makes it clear that everyone dies if King does the same.

The text makes it clear to the reader why the argument or claim is as such.

making it possible

One cabin has a glass floor, making it possible to view the 400 metre drop from a different angle.

The merged pelvic lumbar spine was present, making it possible to support the floating movement of the tail.

The monster throws a rock at the man, knocking him out of the circle and making it possible for it to kill him.

make it possible   (hazlo posible)

Modular vehicles make it possible to use different types of bodies, e.g.

Other semantics for Reo make it possible to model timed or probabilistic behavior.

An arcology is designed to make it possible to supply those items for a large population.

although it did   (aunque lo hizo)

4, although it did not have any singles on it.

SDI research went ahead, although it did not achieve the hoped-for result.

It was primarily a Christian missionary organ, although it did include some news.

until it closed

It operated for 7 years until it closed in 2013.

The station was in use from 1910 until it closed in 1973.

The depot served passengers until it closed in about 1948.

make it difficult   (Hazlo difícil)

This would make it difficult to race and get a medal.

Removing too much dura will also make it difficult to close the tear.

Such clauses make it difficult to put on a show and/or limit production quality.

because it does   (porque lo hace)

Magnesium was chosen because it does not act as a tamper.

This pathway is anaerobic because it does not require oxygen to synthesize or use ATP.

This diagram is called a "vacuum bubble", because it does not link up to any external lines.

making it easier   (haciéndolo más fácil)

Ignition Banbury focused on making it easier and less linear.

The arms and forearms shortened relative to the legs making it easier to run.

The airflare is ultimately a more technical move, making it easier to do them continuously.

when it began   (cuando empezó)

This was a weekly until 1864, when it began publishing daily.

The AC format stayed on AM 1310 until 1997, when it began simulcasting 107.5.

The squadron moved to France in September, when it began operations from Maupertuis Airfield.

followed it up

They followed it up by working on 1984's "Splash".

He followed it up with another goal in the home fixture.

Said Peterson, "Somebody told me about it and I followed it up.

when it merged   (cuando se fusionó)

Both passed to the Midland Railway when it merged the LT&SR in 1912.

There were 38 White Drug Stores when it merged with Thrifty Drug in 1985.

Deepgreen ceased to be listed when it merged with Cambrian Mining in 2004.

because it did   (porque lo hizo)

It had not previously qualified for the record because it did not have a full postal address.

Capra cut two reels off "Lost Horizon" because it didn't work and then someone tried to put it back.

Despite a certain appeal, it was finally discontinued because it did not provide sufficient resolution.

time it takes

Doubling time The doubling time is time it takes for a population to double in size/value.

The player is scored based on time it takes to complete a good routine and quality of the routine.

Temperature is an important factor in the time it takes for an adhesive to form the green strength.

made it through

His trading house made it through the crisis years 1807–14.

Only thirty-eight made it through their first year in the New World.

Boatwright, Jr. how such a lousy golfer had made it through qualifying.

made it easier

The extra height made it easier for Davis to race low to the ice.

HB 3179 made it easier for biofuel producers to lease state lands.

Gold letters were replaced with black ink which made it easier to read.

before it became

However, the bill lapsed before it became a law.

Udvada means the 'grazing ground of camels', which it was before it became a fishing village.

The business started as part of Bölkow, later Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) before it became DASA.

until it became

This was repeated until it became a pilgrimage.

KCB relied on second hand purchases until it became profitable.

Early colonizers may have shortened it to Malay-ay, until it became Majayjay.

although it does   (aunque lo hace)

A few programs use this as an "exit" feature, although it does not clear memory.

I-77 sees the least traffic of the three interstates, although it does connect Cleveland to Akron.

In this sense, it is a traditional doubleheader, although it does not technically meet the definition.

make it look   (haz que se vea)

in the middle of 'H' to make it look like two 1s or Is).

We didn't even try to make it look like we were really waterskiing."

The area around the elevator was painted white to make it look like ice.

making it impossible   (haciéndolo imposible)

When they arrived, Makuta destroyed the entrance, making it impossible to leave.

This proved fruitless, as Facebook memorialised the account, making it impossible to log on.

"Waterloo" drew a million, eventually crashing the servers and making it impossible to view.

though it did

After that, menstrual extraction was practiced much less, though it did not disappear.

He worked hard for the Fine Arts Copyright Act 1862, though it did not do all he desired.

On his second season, he duplicated his performance though it didn't translate to wins for Coca-Cola.

makes it easier

It simply makes it easier to console oneself with."

This makes it easier to read turbid samples.

This makes it easier for people to see patterns in the data.

make it clear   (acláralo)

Brian added parentheses on his album to make it clear.

and however, make it clear that John was the spiritual successor to Elijah.

In these cases, users are required make it clear that their intention is to educate others.

made it more

This made it more difficult to train and compete for the 2018 Games.

The paper shortage often made it more difficult than usual for authors to get work published.

In winter, adverse weather such as snow and blizzards made it more difficult to locate and hunt bison.

reform it became   (reforma se convirtió)

At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Pukë.

At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Fier.

At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Kukës.

made it back   (regresó)

Fewer than a dozen made it back to the American lines.

"Spitfire" survived and made it back to port.

However the Qin cavalry ensured that no one made it back.

when it first   (cuando es primero)

Hélène Darroze at The Connaught was panned by restaurant critics when it first opened.

It is unknown if the Pago Pago created a drink named after itself when it first opened.

The car created quite a stir when it first appeared, and outwardly seemed ahead of its time.

though it does

It is located inside Bilyayivka Raion, though it does not belong to the raion.

Gan is written with Chinese characters, though it does not have a strong written tradition.

It's designed to be a stand up motorcycle, though it does have a seat and lights for road use.

makes it more

Experiencing something makes it more memorable.

This makes it more difficult to control the size of the fragments in the marker.

The sleek shape of the Sandeq makes it more agile and faster than other sailboats.

took it upon   (lo asumió)

Organizations from across the area took it upon themselves to relieve this lack.

They took it upon themselves to document societies, such as Tibet's, from their perspective.

So they took it upon themselves to use new technology and research how women in the past lived.

found it hard

Initially there she found it hard to find work.

They sold shares "en masse", meaning meant companies found it hard to get finance.

There, he still found it hard at first to take wickets, though he did score a couple of fifties.

find it difficult   (encontrarlo dificil)

Students can find it difficult to make friends with random people.

Even journalists find it difficult to access celebrities for interviews.

The aliens find it difficult to understand what is happening on the planet.

make it through   (hacerlo a través de)

Singleton did not make it through training camp and was cut after the first few workouts.

But most of the cavalry managed to make it through the defense into the Manchukuoan base.

His fiancé Jessica auditioned for the show but did not make it through to the bootcamp round.

until it reached

The Egyptian artillery pursued the withdrawing Israeli force until it reached Hill 69.

Δ"T" continued to decrease until it reached a plateau of +11 ± 6 s between 1680 and 1866.

Calvi designed a wall that ran west–east in a straight line from the coast for about until it reached a precipice.

when it won   (cuando ganó)

when it won the National Challenge Cup.

Then when it won all the prizes, I sort of shamefacedly put my name back on it.

The show initially debuted in 2010 but its re-staging in 2015/16 is when it won widest acclaim.

when it reached   (cuando llegó)

The corps was 215 strong when it reached the battle.

It became their biggest hit, when it reached No.

It peaked in 1851 when it reached 103.

make it appear   (haz que parezca)

""Fake"" is used to indicate the alteration of a genuine stamp to make it appear as something else.

Kimberly delivers the baby, then fills out the paperwork to make it appear Jo's child was stillborn.

For this reason, the Black Monks attempted to make it appear that the rules of the new order were impracticable.

when it took   (cuando tomó)

The drillers would smoke when it took their fancy.

It was handed to Amtrak when it took over intercity rail service in 1971.

The committees were disbanded by the Union Army when it took control in 1862.

before it reaches

The famous River Achankovil Aar pass by Pallipad before it reaches veeyapuram.

Cullen relents, making Doc promise to get off the train before it reaches Chicago.

Borjomi does not cool down before it reaches the surface and comes out at a temperature of .

when it closed   (cuando cerró)

There were 5 pupils in the school when it closed.

It replaced the Chisholm trail when it closed.

Blaikie was still with the paper in October 1950 when it closed.

found it necessary   (lo encontré necesario)

In order to counter this, Mr. Arnold found it necessary to publicly denounce several Chinese people.

Both Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra VII found it necessary to debase Ptolemaic coinage due to financial troubles.

During the later part of 2008 the police found it necessary to guard the refugees with shotgun armed officers.

because it allows   (porque permite)

This is an important property because it allows the use of a "flipping" technique.

The surface area is important because it allows atmospheric oxygen to dissolve and sunlight radiation to penetrate the water.

formula_332 is characterized as structure-neutral because it allows formula_26 existing in whatever partition level of formula_38.

make it back   (regresar)

Another D3A got lost and failed to make it back to the carrier.

In other cases divers will not make it back to the shot-line and have to surface independently.

The Dream would once again make it back to the finals Finals, this time against the Minnesota Lynx.

picked it up

Baschnagel picked it up and ran into the end zone.

He saw the performance and quickly picked it up.

KBS World then picked it up as , including English subtitles.

when it appeared   (cuando apareció)

During February 2010 it was still traveling with Wade Shows when it appeared at the Florida State Fair.

The difficulty of writing objectively about living people was one of the criticisms of the Dictionary when it appeared.

It became a hit during the 1955 Christmas season when it appeared in "Billboard"’s pop charts by five different artists.

what it takes

I feel quietly confident I have what it takes to build something."

That's what it takes to win.

We've got what it takes.

when it went   (cuando fue)

He worked as musical director of the bufo company of Arquímedes Pous when it went to New York City.

The Bute Bty left 27th Division on 8 September when it went to XVI Corps, returning on 23 September.

In February 1987, the 20-year-old Aldred was a passenger in a friend's car when it went out of control.

made it all

In 2013, Sherry Middaugh's team made it all the way to the final.

They made it all the way together at an ATP event for the first time this season.

In 2002, Brockport made it all the way to the NCAA quarterfinals before losing to John Carroll in overtime.

pick it up

He was sort of pissed off that I didn't pick it up."

then sends a trusted man of his to pick it up.

His new agents brought the show to ABC, which decided to pick it up.

because it contains   (porque contiene)

was eventually chosen because it contains no abbreviations.

It is viscous because it contains large proteins known as mucins.

The transitional ER gets its name because it contains ER exit sites.

bring it back   (tráelo de vuelta)

Murray broke in the 5th game to bring it back to serve.

Browne said at the time: "We are trying to bring it back to its original state.

You must bring it back again and again and apply it to the meditation on the Lord.

made it very

This has made it very difficult to care for these refugees.

This made it very difficult to understand the history of the show.

Murcia is mainly a warm region which has made it very suitable for agriculture.

makes it easy

This practice makes it easy to trace female families.

This makes it easy for neighbours to get to know each other.

The fact that it lives in shallower waters makes it easy to be caught by fisheries.

time it took

Every other time it took years and years."

For the first time it took place in Bühl on April 12, 2003.

The time it took to cross one beam and then the other revealed the shell's speed.

when it passed   (cuando pasó)

This line lasted until April, 1871, when it passed into receivership.

Oakley remained in the Brundenell family until 1648, when it passed to the Mordaunts.

Although a strong storm when it passed over Okinawa, damage was less than initially feared.

when it received   (cuando recibió)

The battery was modernized in 1895, when it received new guns.

Karaikal Port became operational in April 2009 when it received its first vessel.

He presided over the institution when it received its initial accreditation in 2012.

what it called

The government of Iceland issued a protest against what it called a "flagrant violation" of Icelandic neutrality.

In the same issue, the "AJM" editorial board issued an apology for what it called "incautions" in the Cao–Zhu paper.

In 2012, the PYD launched what it called the "Social Economy Plan", later renamed the "People's Economy Plan" (PEP).

made it illegal

This made it illegal to possess, sell, or distribute shark fins in Hawaii.

At the time, the Betting Houses Act of 1853 made it illegal to take cash for a bet except at a racecourse.

The Medical Act 1858 made it illegal for anyone not qualified in medicine to use a title that implied they were.

made it necessary   (lo hizo necesario)

This made it necessary to raise large amounts of money, including from outside groups.

That made it necessary to build another section of the fortress on the same side, to the East.

Hanson says the terror was not inherent in the ideology of the Revolution, but that circumstances made it necessary.

when it acquired   (cuando adquirió)

Premier took possession of the ship when it acquired Dolphin in 1997.

A further expansion was announced in June 2007 when it acquired the Hull-based bakery, Skeltons.

Later in 1984, Citibank Thailand obtained a full banking licence when it acquired the Mercantile Bank.

made it onto

Some copies made it onto the market before being recalled.

After that, I made it onto the shortlist, which to me was an achievement in itself.

Several of the crew jumped into the water while others made it onto the "Marquette".

century it became   (siglo se convirtió)

In the mid-4th century it became a bishopric seat.

In the 20th century it became a center for coal mining.

In the late 19th century it became the central street of the city.

make it impossible   (hacerlo imposible)

Worthy had the engineers dig trenches to make it impossible for vehicles to get through.

These manipulations can mitigate the threat of exploitation, but may not make it impossible.

The weight and size of the weapons make it impossible or impractical to load them on conventional bombers.

when it becomes   (cuando se convierte)

It is very hardy, largely evergreen to -10 °C, when it becomes deciduous.

Lizzie quickly moves on when it becomes apparent George isn't that into her.

The microgametocyte, when it becomes spherical, gives rise to numerous, elongate microgametes.

when it started   (cuando empezó)

That's "officially" when it started."

The rivalry goes back over 40 years when it started in the 80's.

The third edition was not held until 1935–36 when it started being scheduled annually.

makes it very

This makes it very difficult for people in Romania to go to the Games.

This makes it very hard to create a break, which leads to more interactive play.

This makes it very hard for people to acknowledge America's status as an empire.

think it

I think it’s been turned into apartment buildings now.

It’s my favorite song on the record — I think it’s a great song."

I think it’s always better to have more material and whittle it down.

when it launched   (cuando se lanzó)

Before that, he worked at the Sunday Business when it launched.

US for the first three months when it launched September 10, 2012.

Triple J was formerly known as "Double Jay" when it launched in Sydney on 19 January 1975.

hit it off

L and Cheryl hit it off, and soon meet for a date.

The two groups immediately hit it off.

The two hit it off and fall in love.

make it easy   (hazlo facil)

The pucker can make it easy to use to open an aperture.

I make it easy for myself and always say the first five Sabbath albums."

The teams must wear uniforms that make it easy to distinguish the two teams.

when it returned   (cuando volvio)

The 65th Infantry was deactivated when it returned to Puerto Rico in 1956.

This detachment remained on duty there until August 13, when it returned to St. Louis.

In May 2008 it moved to Sunday mornings until August 2008 when it returned to Saturdays.

time it became

He was 17 at the time of its recording, and 18 at the time it became a hit.

Two wings were added between 1865 and 1872, at which time it became the city hall.

Eventually, Nadine turned south-southwestward, at which time it became nearly stationary.

makes it impossible

In the rainy season, water flow makes it impossible to pass through to the village.

Likewise, W255CJ makes it impossible to hear those stations in metro Atlanta anymore.

Saint Gregory's narrative makes it impossible to suppose him younger than 20 at the time.

shut it down   (apágalo)

In 1954, the federal government shut it down.

Not interested in pursuing FM, they shut it down a year later.

The newspaper was published for a year until the Octavian Goga government shut it down.

until it meets

The "Trá Bheag", meaning "small beach", runs along the beach until it meets the sea.

The remaining 35 km of the N31, until it meets exit 30 of the A7, is once again an expressway.

I-77 heads northeast along the river until it meets the southern terminus of I-79 near Yeager Airport.

making it clear   (dejando en claro)

After making it clear he would not resign, Monk was sacked on 18 June.

The revolutionaries won this battle decisively, making it clear that Díaz could no longer retain power.

The supplier is reluctant to give it to him, making it clear that if he doesn't pay the next day there will be consequences.

making it easy

The construction also attracts the attention of motorists, making it easy to find the rest area.

Granite pavers have high integral strength and density making it easy to maintain and hard-wearing in outdoor use.

Sugarcane was grown and refined in India before 500 BC and was crystallized, making it easy to transport, by AD 500.

because it supports   (porque es compatible)

It is also classified as an Important Bird and Plant Area, because it supports numerous bird and plant species.

The island, with the adjacent islet of Quille Rock, has been identified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International because it supports several breeding seabirds.

The island has been identified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International because it supports a large and diverse population of breeding seabirds and other waterbirds.

when it does   (cuando lo hace)

And when it does, it's more so due to lack of creative placement than effort."

It does please; or when it doesn't, it stirs things up, which is just as good."

The eyelight fish uses a black lid to cover the organs when it does not want to emit light.

make it work   (hazlo funcionar)

With the economy the way it is and only a handful of sponsors we could not make it work financially.

He further wrote it shows the singer's "impeccable street side... with enough attitude to make it work".

Classical music, jazz, or anything else might be played, as long as the skillful DJs could make it work.

make it past   (hazlo pasado)

However he failed to make it past the Grand National first round.

Brooklyn starter Leon Cadore didn't make it past the first inning.

Under Sipe, however, the Browns did not make it past the first round of the playoffs.