Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

other items   (otros elementos)

Among other items, Miriam finds a locket.

Various recordings do not stick to the formal suites but include other items.

Yamamoto discovered the Diary of Sora among other items of classical fine arts.

items such

These include items such as plastic grocery bags.

By this means it can catch prey items such as small fish.

The player can purchase in-app items such as a level pack.

food items

Many of these also sell stationery and food items.

The non vegetarian food items can also be used.

Boiling liquid food items can kill any existing microbes.

household items   (artículos para el hogar)

The three girls are then attacked by household items.

On both floors, there are plenty of niches to put household items.

Basic groceries and household items can be purchased from the Co-op.

various items

With his various items, Harry is equipped for almost anything.

They were popular in the jewelry trade, mounted into various items.

Nick has also auctioned various items over the years for charities.

personal items

Tudor proudly indicated that he never carried any personal items.

Students alleged that during the sweep, personal items disappeared.

She wakes up in a cell containing personal items taken from her apartment.

many items

The figure is ubiquitous, appearing on many items associated with the F-4.

Everyone takes turns catching as many items possible using only their mouths.

On July 1, 1862, the United States Congress passed excise taxes on many items including tobacco.

number of items   (número de items)

In each Vision, there are a number of items for Klonoa to collect.

Horns were used to make a large number of items in this time period.

The magic scroll allows the player to pick up an infinite number of items.

prey items   (artículos de presa)

By this means it can catch prey items such as small fish.

The majority of prey items of sand tigers are demersal (i.e.

The prey items are usually swallowed as three or four chunks.

news items

Later issues had less literary content and more illustrated news items.

Her physical resemblance to Sarah Bernhardt was commented upon in news items.

Full commercial reviews are covered as news items listed on the websites main page.

such items

Toothpicks and other such items may be used to keep the rice in place.

When questioned about bananas, many did not believe such items existed.

A few local Hindu craftsmen might provide such items as cooking utensils.

items include   (los artículos incluyen)

Designed items include lamps and furniture.

Other wooden items include masks, cooking utensils, and tools.

These items include telephones, flower pots, cups, and bottles.

new items

The expansion also adds new items for the player to use.

No new items have been added since 2004.

It also includes new items and monsters.

items including

On July 1, 1862, the United States Congress passed excise taxes on many items including tobacco.

It provides over 18,000 items including books, reports, journals, multimedia, and electronic material.

Although it eats mainly insects, this bird can eat a wide variety of items including fruit, grains, meat, manure and garbage.

several items

When buying several items, the rounding is done for the total sum.

STS-135 returned to Earth carrying several items of downmass payload.

Flynn had a break-in at his house in which several items, including guitars, were stolen.

million items

The Network has over 6 million items and over 680,000 cardholders.

With a collection of 3 million items, the system has 22 locations throughout the area.

According to company data, 70 million items are sold through the Allegro platform monthly.

luxury items   (objetos lujosos)

She flirts with a nearby grocery store owner & buys all the ration and luxury items for free.

The two teams competed in Bushtucker Trials for food, and in Celebrity Chests for treats and other luxury items.

Large storage jars kept the provisions, whereas other pottery vessels and luxury items were discovered in the rooms.

all items

A savings of 100% would indicate that all items were still known from the first trial.

Her apartment was ransacked and all items connected with Pasternak were piled up in her presence.

Additional properties known as set bonuses are activated by equipping multiple or all items from the same set.

menu items

The three have begun changing menu items and pushing more advertising.

The buffet is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with menu items changing for each.

The Dixie House was acquired by Black-Eye and the two restaurants shared many menu items.

certain items   (ciertos artículos)

It has therefore a common origin with certain items of academic dress.

Some items are exempted, such as baby formula, books, cameras and certain items are taxed at 5%.

Aside from Zoints, the player must also collect certain items such as Acorns, Fireflies or Snowflakes.

items found

All of these items are related to items found on a real table.

There is an exhibit of items found at the site in the Governor Martin House.

Like the human remains, only a fraction of the items found at Jebel Moya survived.

lexical items

F-marking projects up a given syntactic tree such that both lexical items, i.e.

In Cornish vocabulary, a large number of the lexical items are language and culture specific.

However, comparisons with the Central Igbo language showed only an 80% consistency in lexical items.

items related

Miscellaneous items related to Jerome's past history are also listed.

Some of the menu items related to game backups were removed from the V64's BIOS near the end of its life due to pressure from Nintendo.

Also, a bookstore located on the first floor of the building offers supplies, school themed spirit merchandise, and other items related to the university.

valuable items

The padres relocated inland with the Mission's livestock and valuable items.

In 1790, the last three monks left Valmagne taking the few remaining valuable items and the abbey was confiscated.

Almost all the valuable items were left untouched, but it was later found that the killer only came for the money.

small items

Chicks are fed stomach oil and small items of prey.

Most goods sold in tianguis are small items that customers can carry away.

Their records recount tales of hospitable traders who were not above stealing small items from the visitors.

decorative items

Many of the decorative items and furniture are from

However Raban's most important work focused on embossments for jewelry and other decorative items.

Construction materials, decorative items and furnishings were mostly imported from East Asian countries and Europe.

items used

Highly Original is composed of videos the origin stories about items used today.

The other small room may have been for storage of items used during religious services.

Similar to the "Oro" model, aluminium parts replaced the magnesium items used on the Oro.

related items

The website has online store with motorcycling related items.

In the room there is a shop with "Minna de Spelunker" related items.

Many shops also carry related items such as unicycles and skateboards.

items made

Out of 1000-2500 items made each season, around a third are upcycled.

Its shop sells various items made at the abbey, including CDs of its music.

Antique ironstone wares are collectable, and in particular items made by Mason's.

different items

Activities also include dressing up in different items of French clothing.

Each monster-type is unique, has different spawn points, and drops different items.

The Library of Michigan at 5 stories contains over 3.2 million different items that take up over of shelves.

special items

These are used for purchasing rare seeds and special items.

Some bands even produce special items just for street team members.

Players can also complete events that involve flying special items and people to a designated destination.

items of clothing

Every year the world as a whole consumes more than 80 billion items of clothing.

As the player beats the woman in the game, she proceeds to take off items of clothing as a reward.

Aston Martin has collaborated with the luxury clothing company Hackett London to deliver items of clothing.

following items

The funeral furniture in G 7000X included the following items:

There are seven galleries: Among its collection, the museum holds the following items of significance:

According to the allocation of subjects as per the Business Rules, this Department has been allocated the following items of work:

variety of items

Remote defuzing and refuzing capabilities are available for a variety of items.

Along the way, the player can find a wide variety of items to assist them in survival.

Since only a few products other than petroleum are produced locally, a wide variety of items must be imported.