Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

jazz pianist   (pianista de jazz)

Sam Keevers Sam Keevers is an Australian jazz pianist.

Ian Chaplin Ian Chaplin is an Australian jazz pianist.

Bobby Gebert Bobby Gebert is an Australian jazz pianist.

jazz musician   (músico de jazz)

His brother Christopher Royal is also a jazz musician.

Brock is also an accomplished jazz musician.

The track was written about eccentric jazz musician Sun Ra.

jazz musicians   (músicos de jazz)

Many jazz musicians have been attracted to Afrobeat.

The following is a list of South African jazz musicians.

The black family was three generations of jazz musicians.

jazz band   (banda de jazz)

is a Hungarian pop and alternative jazz band.

In 1999, Khan set up the Afro-Cuban funk jazz band Motimba.

He played in a high school jazz band.

jazz music   (musica Jazz)

When Hitler came to power, he banned most jazz music.

Smooth jazz music can be heard on 101.9 HD-2 (HD Radio needed).

At one point, Bat puts on jazz music played by Satoru on saxophone.

jazz saxophonist   (saxofonista de jazz)

Another version was recorded by jazz saxophonist Eddie Harris.

Jamie Oehlers Jamie Oehlers is an Australian jazz saxophonist.

He also released a cross-over album with jazz saxophonist Tommy Smith.

album by jazz

1 is a 1955 jazz album by jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong.

Dreamsville Dreamsville is a studio album by jazz singer Stacey Kent.

Back Hand Back Hand is the thirteenth album by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett.

jazz singer

His second wife was jazz singer Lee Wiley.

Steven Rossitto Steven Rossitto is an Australian jazz singer.

Kristin Berardi Kristin Berardi is an Australian jazz singer.

free jazz   (jazz libre)

The project pays homage to free jazz and psychedelic music.

In some senses its structuring can be likened to free jazz.

1 & 2 is a two volume set by free jazz musician Anthony Braxton.

jazz guitarist   (guitarrista de jazz)

He was voted best German jazz guitarist in 1956.

The album gave Bernard more visibility as a jazz guitarist.

James Muller James Muller is an Australian jazz guitarist.

jazz fusion   (fusión de jazz)

is a jazz fusion band from Chicago, Illinois.

"See Thru to U" incorporates jazz fusion and funk styles.

In 2005, Ponty formed the acoustic jazz fusion supergroup Trio!

jazz trumpeter

1 is a 1955 jazz album by jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong.

Another relative was his great-nephew, the jazz trumpeter Humphrey Lyttelton.

Eugene Ball Eugene Ball (born 12 October 1972) is an Australian jazz trumpeter.

jazz drummer   (baterista de jazz)

Her mother was a classical marimba player and her father was a jazz drummer.

Clarence Acox Jr. Clarence Acox is an American band director and jazz drummer.

Curtis Boyd Curtis Boyd (born June 9, 1940, New York City) is an American jazz drummer.

smooth jazz   (jazz suave)

His style is smooth jazz and straight ahead jazz.

It also received significant airplay on smooth jazz radio stations.

He recorded smooth jazz guitar still played on American airwaves today.

jazz album

1 is a 1955 jazz album by jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong.

It was the first jazz album to sell more than a million copies.

"Close Your Eyes" was the best-selling British jazz album of 1997.

jazz club

in 1950 as a string bass player in a jazz club.

Buddle also performed at the jazz club Klein's.

One of her first major shows was at the famed jazz club Blues Alley.

jazz scene   (escena de jazz)

He is associated with the Californian jazz scene at present.

He was from a number of orchestras and active on the Oslo jazz scene.

He was also active in Los Angeles' live jazz scene on Central Avenue.

jazz group

Gary Crosby formed the post-bop acoustic jazz group in 1991.

Since 1977, Smith has led his own jazz group, Vital Information.

The group received the "jazz group of the year" award from Swedish Radio.

jazz and blues

The song has become a jazz and blues standard.

In the early 1980s, Leighton began recording jazz and blues artist.

They are inspired by the early jazz and blues music of the 1920s and 1930s.

jazz standards

A major influence was the world of jazz standards via the Real Book.

Their albums featured reworked hymns, jazz standards and some original songs.

They play modern acoustic jazz with a mix of original compositions and jazz standards.

jazz standard

"Naima" has since become a jazz standard.

It is now regarded as a jazz standard.

It has become a jazz standard.

jazz bands

He played double bass from ages 13–22 in both orchestras and jazz bands.

Trkulja collaborated with numerous jazz bands and philharmonic orchestras.

After arriving in Los Angeles, Merlino joined the jazz bands of Frankie Carle, then Ray Anthony.

jazz clubs

Scott began playing in small jazz clubs at the age of 16.

He continued to play in Paris jazz clubs and began playing electric guitar.

In the 1950s, many jazz clubs sprang up around the city, fuelled by the young population.

jazz artists

MPS produced and released recordings by American, Canadian, European and Japanese jazz artists.

In addition to exhibitions, he has done work related to the music industry, especially jazz artists.

Pianist and bandleader Herbie Hancock was the first of many big jazz artists who embraced funk during the decade.

modern jazz

The violin is well-represented in modern jazz and improvisational music.

On Six Pack, he joins with six different six-stringers for some decidedly varied modern jazz.

Jon Fält Jon Fält (born 28 August 1979 in Gävle, Sweden) is a Swedish drummer in modern jazz.

jazz ensemble   (conjunto de jazz)

Wizards of Oz Wizards of Oz is an Australian jazz ensemble.

Lancaster also has a jazz ensemble and a successful marching band.

The Catholics The Catholics is an Australian jazz ensemble led by Lloyd Swanton.

jazz bassist   (bajista de jazz)

Sam Anning Sam Anning is an Australian jazz bassist.

Rolf Stube Rolf Stube is an Australian jazz bassist.

Gary Costello (musician) Gary Costello was an Australian jazz bassist.

jazz festival

The site currently hosts an annual outdoor jazz festival.

jazz festival at the Oregon Festival of American Music (OFAM).

A jazz festival called "Time in Jazz" takes place every year in Berchidda since 1988.

jazz festivals

He participates as a clinician in high school and college jazz festivals.

The productions consist of jazz festivals, jazz concerts and documentaries.

In the late 1980s and 1990s numerous weekend jazz festivals were organised.

contemporary jazz

1 on Billboard's contemporary jazz chart.

4 on the contemporary jazz chart.

Jaared tours with a famous British contemporary jazz guitarist Peter White.

traditional jazz

Ruffins founded the Barbecue Swingers in 1992, a traditional jazz quintet.

Band was a concept within Norwegian traditional jazz in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

She taught traditional jazz ensemble workshops for Jane Ira Bloom's class at the New School of Music.

jazz piano

In addition, she taught jazz piano at colleges and gave private lessons.

Jazz poet laureate Ishmael Reed enrolled in 1998 at the age of 60 to learn jazz piano.

Suhor returned to college at University of West Florida (UWF) in 2001 to study jazz piano and music.

blues and jazz

Rey specializes in blues and jazz from 1900 to 1950.

Before World War II, the boundaries between blues and jazz were less clear.

Kanno formed the blues and jazz band Seatbelts to perform the music of the series.

jazz vocalist

Ram John Holder is the cousin of the jazz vocalist Frank Holder.

Chris McNulty Chris McNulty (born 1953) is Australian-born jazz vocalist.

As a jazz vocalist, she excelled in scat, vocal percussion and improvisation.

first jazz

It was the first jazz album to sell more than a million copies.

3 and spawning Groove's first jazz hit, "Chillaxin" (2006), No.

"Douyé's first jazz record is substantial," reviewed "All About Jazz".

jazz and classical

Live jazz and classical music performances are also held there.

Before Bravo, he presented jazz and classical music and theater.

In the 90's, he studied jazz and classical piano with Terry Trotter.

jazz trombonist

1985) is a jazz trombonist.

Andy Martin (American musician) Andy Martin is an American jazz trombonist.

Joseph Bowie Joseph Bowie (born October 17, 1953) is an American jazz trombonist and vocalist.

jazz trio   (trio de jazz)

He began performing aged 13 and recorded with his jazz trio at 16.

"Oofotr II" is the second album from this acclaimed Norwegian jazz trio.

In addition, Lara and Hal also sing together, professionally, in a jazz trio.

music and jazz

From bluegrass to rock, soul music and jazz everything was present.

He mixes African and Middle Eastern music with European classical music and jazz.

In addition to popular music, classical music and jazz are common across the state.

including jazz

It then introduces popular music including jazz and Blues.

It draws influence from many musical genres including jazz and dream pop.

They produce various genres including jazz, soul, funk, and Italian pop music.

jazz and pop

"Backtrack" contains elements of soul, jazz and pop.

He plays several genres, well known with both jazz and pop music.

He mainly plays jazz and pop music and works with music in many context.

classical and jazz

Her flute education included classical and jazz in high school.

Allen makes use of classical and jazz music in many of the film's scenes.

Mark Isaacs Mark Isaacs (born 22 June 1958) is an Australian classical and jazz composer and pianist.

jazz record   (disco de jazz)

"Douyé's first jazz record is substantial," reviewed "All About Jazz".

Lee released her first solo album in 1999, a jazz record titled "Inside the Outside".

Devold contributed to Turid Lisbeth Nygård's children's jazz record "Trollhalen" (Musico, 2001).

rock and jazz

They played a mixture of reggae, pop, rock and jazz.

Sherinian again draws upon some of the greatest talent from the worlds of rock and jazz music.

Ebru Aydın Ebru Aydın (born June 3, 1973) is a Turkish pop, rock and jazz singer and songwriter.

jazz and rock

This configuration is usually common in jazz and rock.

Consequently, the group toured all over Finland in jazz and rock festivals.

The song was made into single as well as remixed in R&B, ballad, jazz and rock.

jazz composer

English jazz composer, saxophonist and clarinetist John Dankworth was an early endorser.

Mark Isaacs Mark Isaacs (born 22 June 1958) is an Australian classical and jazz composer and pianist.

The eldest son of Mursal Garayev, Jahangir Garayev (1951–2013) was a prominent pianist and jazz composer.

jazz guitar

He recorded smooth jazz guitar still played on American airwaves today.

Sundazed also issued vintage jazz guitar albums through their Euphoria label.

She studied jazz guitar at the performing arts high school Nashville School of the Arts.

playing jazz

The musician's race and instrument signifies that he is playing jazz music.

He began taking piano lessons at 7, and started playing jazz when he was 14.

Most of the early electric violinists were musicians playing jazz and popular music.

studied jazz

As a child, he studied jazz and dixieland.

She studied jazz composition at the Berklee College of Music.

In the 90's, he studied jazz and classical piano with Terry Trotter.

acid jazz

"Chuck Rock II" uses an acid jazz soundtrack.

The track has disco and Italo house influences and "chopped up bits of acid jazz".

He started with the jazz fusion band Kafo in 1985, then joined acid jazz band Snowboy.

jazz groups

Franklin began playing trombone and singing in jazz groups after completing high school.

He has also performed with a number of jazz groups and is an adjunct professor at Oberlin College.

Small jazz groups such as jazz quartets or organ trios that are playing in a small bar will often just use acoustic drums.

many jazz

"Cherokee" has been recorded over the years by many jazz musicians and singers.

In the 1950s, many jazz clubs sprang up around the city, fuelled by the young population.

Violins appear in string ensembles or big bands supplying orchestral backgrounds to many jazz recordings.

early jazz

Flutes were rarely used in early jazz.

They are inspired by the early jazz and blues music of the 1920s and 1930s.

The plectrum is also featured in many early jazz recordings and arrangements.

jazz dance

After this Snowboy left to focus on his jazz dance events.

He is trained in ballet, jazz dance, videography and drum-playing.

Gant studied tap and jazz dance with The American Musical Theatre Company in Tampa.

jazz albums

In this period he also recorded several jazz albums for the Jazzland label.

She often lend her voice the collaborative jazz albums, of her son Trilok Gurtu.

Critic Thom Jurek described it as "one of the great live jazz albums of the 1960s".

jazz format

The station went on the air on August 11, 1990, calling itself "The View" and broadcasting a smooth jazz format.

Under original owner Auburn Cablevision, WRCD used a satellite-delivered smooth jazz format from Sony's SW programming service.

At 6:00 p.m. on September 2, 1980 WYRS switched to a jazz format after WRVR in New York City had switched formats from jazz to country music.