Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first job   (primer trabajo)

His first job after graduation was selling Bibles.

His first job was open hearth clerk for a melter.

His first job was a chemist in a toothpaste factory.

took a job   (tomó un trabajo)

She then took a job as a lecturer in the Dr. S.K.

In 1936 he took a job with the Office of Works.

After the war, Evers took a job as an insurance salesman.

got a job   (Conseguí un trabajo)

and got a job at Government College, Udaipur.

He moved to New York when he got a job with United Press.

Tuchlin fled to Gdańsk, got a job as a driver and got married.

new job   (Nuevo trabajo)

Just a few days after, he took up a new job at NK Zelina.

From 1974 new job position was added-director of studies.

Rachel acquires a new job at Ralph Lauren.

coaching job   (trabajo de entrenador)

He ultimately accepted the head coaching job at Wyoming.

For what he has, I think Bobby Johnson does a heck of a coaching job."

She got her first head coaching job in 2007 from Békéscsabai Előre NKSE.

good job

Agar said he thought Nelson "did a very good job".

They are then sent on what Paul calls a "good job."

adding "Jess & Matt to do a really good job."

job opportunities

It has provided the locals with job opportunities.

These are due to open 40,023 direct job opportunities.

Unfortunately there are very few job opportunities within the village.

get a job

Unable to get a job teaching he continued painting oils.

John has been trying for months to get a job, without success.

Madhavan is trying to get a job for his unemployed friend Sethu.

job creation   (creación de empleo)

La Pira often took an even more active role in job creation.

Multiple state audit reports have contradicted job creation claims by proponents.

The community has since seen resurgence in job creation and overall economic growth.

offered a job

Rachel gets offered a job in Sierra Leone.

Soon after, he was offered a job as an assistant at his old school.

In one episode, she is offered a job as a singer on a radio station.

lost his job

US Airways denied his request, and he lost his job.

Jack replied, "I'm the bobby that's just lost his job".

As a result, Andrè Jacob lost his job.

head coaching job   (trabajo de entrenador en jefe)

He ultimately accepted the head coaching job at Wyoming.

She got her first head coaching job in 2007 from Békéscsabai Előre NKSE.

In 1996, Shibest landed his first head coaching job at Butler Community College.

quit his job   (renunciar a su trabajo)

When he was nineteen, he quit his job in a bank.

He quit his job but did not forsake the Brahmo Samaj.

This led him to quit his job and pursue films.

gets a job   (consigue un trabajo)

Rosie gets a job there and she takes Jason with her.

He later gets a job, and life goes smoothly for him.

Sadly, Balu also gets a job where Harry works.

starting job

However, he lost his starting job to rookie DT Corey Peters.

Turnover issues again temporarily cost him his starting job in 1989.

In 1999, Beuerlein beat newly acquired Jeff Lewis for the starting job.

job offer

She hopes to receive a job offer by the Punjab government.

Her father accepted a job offer, settling the family in Slovakia.

Pramas accepted a job offer from Wizards of the Coast in March 1998.

job training

A key one would be a stable labor market with good job training.

She served on the committee specializing in women's job training.

In 1945, she finished her job training as gymnastics coach in Stuttgart.

find a job   (encontrar un trabajo)

Hence, Chandru decides to find a job with full fledge.

Frank's efforts to find a job by six o'clock prove impossible.

In Chennai, Kathir finds the life difficult and could not find a job.

job working

Priya gets a job working behind the bar of The Woolpack.

That same year she went back to her previous job working as a waitress.

He also had a job working for Taco Bell, along with other fast food restaurants.

take a job

Sire left CSN Bay Area in early 2013 to take a job with ESPN.

On April 20, Watanabe left his village to take a job in Tokyo.

Jude becomes angry with Shauna and she decides to take a job in Melbourne.

found a job

He found a job as a clerk with the Sun Fire Office.

In 1996, the couple moved to Genk, where Natalie found a job.

He found a job as a notarial clerk.

day job

Says Haroon "They responded by saying 'stick to your day job.'

His day job is working for in Hermansverk in Leikanger municipality.

now please get back to your day job and continue the sterling work in the community."

better job

We've got to do a better job around him."

Finding this sad, Phos decides to find Cinnabar a better job.

By May 1844 the new model which did a better job of fully separating the grain was working.

teaching job

This first teaching job proves difficult for her.

He regards his teaching job as his most important work.

But money soon ran out and Amtmann took a teaching job.

whose job

The car is driven by the "grip", whose job requires strength, coordination, and balance.

At that stage, the only official was Mr. JF Coertzen, whose job designation was Secretary.

However, Éamon McMahon from South Armagh, whose job it was to cash the orders, paid nothing.

job security

Public workers have other intangible benefits such as increased job security.

Journalists comply with these rules for various reasons, including job security.

The early objective of the Shiv Sena was to ensure their job security competing against South Indians and Gujaratis.

job market   (mercado de trabajo)

Why rush to be in a bad job market?

Layoffs of programmers resulted in a general glut in the job market.

As India’s cities boomed in population, the job market grew to keep pace.

accepted a job

When he was 18 he accepted a job as a paper delivery boy.

Her father accepted a job offer, settling the family in Slovakia.

He eventually accepted a job with the New Brunswick civil service.

great job   (gran trabajo)

"I'd rather be on that end than on, 'Boy, great job.

He did a great job, but he didn't enjoy the process."

"All these guys on this M&Ms Camry team do a great job for me.

given the job

Xuxinha was given the job of protecting another small man, Guto.

She then confronts Patrick and is then given the job but only as a trial.

Shortly after, former Newry player-manager John McDonnell was given the job.

takes a job

When he sacks Kirsty she takes a job as an escort.

Claire takes a job as a waitress at Ruby's.

He takes a job at Underworld so he can be around Izzy more.

left his job

He left his job in 2015 to dedicate himself completely to music.

He left his job and his girlfriend to become active in the organization.

The same month, Dumont left his job as a file clerk at a mortgage company.

job back   (trabajo de vuelta)

He begs for his job back and is hired by Rebecca as a bartender.

He later promises not to report Lynsey who is later given her job back as a nurse.

Due to solving this case, Vijay gets his job back and arrest Tarseem and the businessman.

another job   (otro trabajo)

He vowed never to lose another job.

Go find another job!"

But he does not remain unemployed for long, he is always able to move towards another job.

job performance   (desempeño laboral)

Conscientiousness predicts job performance in general.

The reenlistment included a review of job performance and a full medical examination.

In March 1991, days after the ground war in Kuwait, 90% of polled Americans approved of President Bush's job performance.

job satisfaction   (Satisfacción laboral)

Like Goethe in Frankfurt, he found little or no job satisfaction in everyday legal work.

They found that engagement is distinct from job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and job involvement.

An overall objective is to increase safety, efficiency and job satisfaction in shipping companies and, eventually, in the maritime industry as a whole.

job because   (trabajo porque)

He was offered the job because he was the only applicant.

Martin chose to take the job because his daughter was an Ultravox fan.

At the time, Lanning got the job because Presley loved his style of drumming.

job losses   (Pérdidas de empleo)

It was reported that the deal may result in 1,500 job losses.

And, of course, other risks come from things like job losses.

These closures resulted in total job losses of 600 in Georgia.

job when   (trabajo cuando)

He's done a nice job when he's been in there."

He lost this job when Gro Harlem Brundtland resigned in 1996.

Norell lost his job when the film industry relocated to California.

taking a job

After losing his factory job, Su-min ends up taking a job at a host bar.

In 1979 Patricia relocated back to Boston taking a job at Boston University as an Assistant Professor.

In 1998 he moved to Tampa, taking a job as Media Relations Manager for the inaugural season of the Tampa Bay Rays.

job done   (trabajo hecho)

I know I can get the job done whatever the situation.

Big Elk Crossing was an ideal place to get the job done.

At the same time he also had a nose job done to look less foreign.

get the job   (Obtener el trabajo)

I know I can get the job done whatever the situation.

Furthermore, Smith, not Jones, is going to get the job.

Big Elk Crossing was an ideal place to get the job done.

took the job

Thomas Miller took the job of customs collector seriously.

He was succeeded by Maria Doherty who took the job of principal after Christmas 2008.

He took the job and the family moved to Vancouver where they stayed from 1990 to 1995.

got the job

The Danish architect Arne Jacobsen got the job.

He got the job and left Shrewsbury with great regret.

Gramm traveled to New York to audition and got the job.

job interview

He goes for a job interview which turns into a nightmare.

He even misses a job interview Priya has arranged for him.

But the job interview is on the same date of the tournament.

offered the job

He was offered the job because he was the only applicant.

Wilmeth was offered the job and took it.

Shortly afterward, he was offered the job of writing "Fantastic Four".

up a job

He took up a job in the telegraph workshop at Alipore.

In 2012 she gave up a job at Google to pursue painting.

He officially retired in 2007, taking up a job as a coach.

quit her job   (renunciar a su trabajo)

Later she quit her job for doing Post Graduation.

Dejected, she quit her job and returned to her hometown.

After eight years of teaching, Hart quit her job to pursue screenwriting.

take the job

His older brother said he should not take the job.

Shortly thereafter, it was reported that Izzo would not take the job.

Martin chose to take the job because his daughter was an Ultravox fan.

landed a job

He landed a job as a typist for Criteria's tape library.

Sujit stuns the group by announcing that he has landed a job.

He later landed a job washing dishes to pay for his first bass guitar.

old job

While Keith lost his bid to reclaim his old job, Goodman won his election.

He manages to recover his old job and faces police cases using his "old techniques".

The next day, Cedric Gibbons, supervising art director at MGM, wired Imazu to offer him his old job.

acting job

She did so having never had an acting job before and without head-shots or a résumé.

Rubinstein's first professional acting job was that of the PR in the TV series "Nathan Barley".

As "Home and Away" was her first acting job, Watson's agent booked her into some acting classes.

job growth

Her administration was marked by unprecedented job growth, neighborhood revitalization, public safety improvements and improved government efficiency.

Asked about his legislative priorities in March 2016, Joyce cited terrorist threats, job growth, government spending, the national debt, environmental protection of the Great Lakes, and health care.

Depending on the methodology used, Utah was either the top-ranked state or fourth-ranked state in the nation for job growth during Huntsman's tenure, with a rate of either 5.9% or 4.8% between 2005 and 2009.

getting a job

He goes to Chennai after getting a job as a bank manager there.

However, he ends up getting a job in a restaurant called Greenlands Hotel as a waiter.

He even goes to her office and ends up getting a job there, only to be closer to Sana.

same job

IEBUPDTE uses the same job control statements required by most IEB-type utilities.

These original epigrams did the same job as a short prose text might have done, but in verse.

Trade unions generally seek to reduce wage dispersion, the differences in wages between workers doing the same job.

losing his job

After losing his job, F.P.

When he was informed by Souter that he was losing his job, Engeldinger responded with "Oh, really?"

Upon losing his job, Pannalal curses Kedarnath as being the cause of his family becoming destitute.

loses his job

The second son loses his job as a result of persistent tardiness and poor performance.

Ramanathan and Seetha, a married couple, face difficulties after the former loses his job.

Helene leaves him, he loses his job and is further hassled by the frantic attention of his mother.

job seekers   (solicitantes de empleo)

This resulted in more job seekers than emplacement.

Job creation happens when certain employers' needs are matched with the skills of job seekers.

The centers match job seekers with employers and help laid-off workers learn new skills and find jobs.

job offers

She received several job offers from Hollywood studios.

Fanck received no further job offers and went to work as a lumberjack.

It launched listing only vetted job offers with annual salaries of $100,000 or more.

job placement   (colocación laboral)

The organization assists with mentorships, job placement, workshops, and scholarships.

Chingari serves as a movement to empower educated Indian youth and help them with job placement.

They provide job counseling, job training, job placement and assistance to special needs populations.

paint job

A wave was added to the locomotive's paint job as a memorial.

98 was given a custom "Crash Bandicoot"-themed paint job in promotion of the game.

The last paint job on the tail of the aircraft was a navy blue with an orange palm tree.

job title   (título profesional)

Artificer is a job title and not a rank.

A new term and job title emerged – Strategic sourcing and Sourcing Managers.

The system reports factual information only, such as length of employment and job title.

obtained a job

In 1907 Harrison obtained a job at the United States Post Office.

In 1924 he obtained a job as a bibliographer at the Central Library.

There, he obtained a job as a professional photographer at Barksdale Photography Studio.

finish the job

We just didn't finish the job.

It is time to finish the job."

Bergman doesn't accept the team's departure and forces them to finish the job.

government job   (trabajo gubernamental)

She later gained a government job, but later lost it.

However, the use of the term "cybersecurity" is more prevalent in government job descriptions.

many people engages in agriculture but some people engages in government job like teachers , official job .

summer job

Ralph's summer job ends abruptly when they are fired.

What started as a summer job, became his main occupation for almost thirty years.

The next year, he got a summer job working on the "Jamaica Queen" cruise ship, cleaning the engine room.

accepted the job

He accepted the job but the start date was delayed to 1965.

He accepted the job, and his character proved a hit with viewers of the sitcom.

She worked under a company in Manila before she accepted the job offer in Dubai.

given a job

He is given a job as a farmhand at Home Farm by Frank.

As part of his cover Casey is given a job at the Buy More where he works as a "Green Shirt" selling appliances.

When a television station was established at Ibadan, she was asked to interview and was subsequently given a job at the station.

job description

So my job description was changed.

In the days of ubiquitous plain bearings, oiling was often a job description in and of itself.

The poem, being in the form of a job description, attempts to recruit men into a “"new, tremendous"”.

job due

Ultimately, he left that job due to burdensome overtime hours.

A talented student can not get any job due to corruption and nepotism.

Chandler claims he did not expect to get the job due to conflicts in beliefs.

excellent job

Borland had done an excellent job marketing to those with a highly technical bent.

It is doing excellent job as Border Guarding Force on Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bhutan Border.

Mr Blair has said Lord Levy carried out "a perfectly excellent job as my envoy under very difficult circumstances".

quits his job   (renuncia a su trabajo)

Siddhant quits his job at Reddy Corporation and decides to go solo.

Ajay allows Priya to move back in for Rani's sake and decides to quits his job.

The next day, Jerry quits his job and creates a new identity for himself in another town.

job teaching

Unable to get a job teaching he continued painting oils.

This helped secure him a job teaching at the Paris Conservatory in 1857.

That same year he took a job teaching art at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas.

no job

If no job name is specified, the first job encountered is processed.

Like Goethe in Frankfurt, he found little or no job satisfaction in everyday legal work.

In "Tale of Two Cuties" (1988), Annie finds her husband Anthony lazy because he has no job.