İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

odd jobs   (garip işler)

It later came to refer to someone who did odd jobs.

Few had work experience beyond occasional odd jobs.

This forced him to finance his education with odd jobs and loans.

new jobs   (yeni işler)

Located at 80 Sydenham Road, it created 115 new jobs.

The new jobs required him to move to Lusaka.

This created 400 new jobs at the plant.

various jobs   (çeşitli işler)

Bharat and Vilayati try to look for various jobs.

Lance worked at various jobs over the next few years.

Morant had had various jobs, including inoculating chickens.

other jobs   (diğer işler)

To this he added several other jobs.

Wages in some top men's leagues are significantly higher than other jobs.

Otherwise, small-scale gold mining is the basis for most other jobs in the area.

number of jobs   (iş sayısı)

The number of jobs in the tertiary sector was 294.

The number of jobs in the tertiary sector was 28.

The number of jobs in the tertiary sector was 14.

variety of jobs

Throughout the years Dawson worked a variety of jobs.

A native of Windsor, Paris has worked in a variety of jobs.

Davis initial career path took him into a variety of jobs related to sports.

lost their jobs

120 former "Schneider" employees lost their jobs.

As a consequence many craftsmen became poor or lost their jobs.

In 1969, Dinorwic quarry closed, and over 300 quarrymen lost their jobs.

create jobs

Kim said she wants to create jobs and keep taxes low.

The plan is expected to carry through three years and create jobs.

Parchester Village residents lauded this as a boon to fight crime and create jobs.

many jobs

He helps Annie Shan with many jobs.

Morrone had many jobs in law enforcement, including state trooper.

In the 80s, he worked as a freelance musician, with many jobs for theater.

government jobs   (devlet işleri)

Whereas people are also involved in government jobs.

Many people work in government jobs like banking, UP police, and teaching.

Stone then went back to Mexico, where he worked in various government jobs.

several jobs

He joins Paris Aéroport group in 2002 where he performs several jobs.

To make his way through college he lived a simple life and had several jobs to pay his studies.

His father held several jobs simultaneously, including journalist, jazz musician and racetrack announcer.

more jobs   (daha fazla iş)

This could mean more jobs in both cities.

DeSantis also believes the act will bring more jobs to America.

Part of becoming a rail hub entailed more jobs based on the rail industry.

jobs such

They accomplish this by taking menial jobs such as busboys, waiters and dog groomers.

There are also public service jobs such as at the Council, as well as the roadhouses and a mechanic shop.

Starting with menial jobs such as delivering milk, he found skilled work at the Stratford marshalling yards.

find jobs   (iş bul)

Township youths were unable to find jobs easily.

Many inhabitants also find jobs in nearby Frankfurt am Main. ""

Unemployment was high; many university graduates could not find jobs.

jobs including

He worked at different jobs including acting and rodeo cowboy.

He also worked at various jobs including salesman, tan bark buyer, cowboy, and construction foreman.

After failing in a few different jobs including teaching, she turned to poker to support herself financially.

different jobs   (farklı işler)

Nikulin stayed in Moscow and worked in different jobs.

After trying different jobs (such as a driving instructor!

He worked at different jobs including acting and rodeo cowboy.

jobs before

He had various blue collar jobs before receiving welfare at age 22.

He dropped out of Rutgers in 1926, moved back with his parents, and worked at various jobs before starting in radio.

During that period, he worked in a series of menial jobs before becoming a copy editor for the "Corriere di Milano".

menial jobs   (menial iş ilanları)

Over the years, he held a number of menial jobs but was mostly homeless.

They accomplish this by taking menial jobs such as busboys, waiters and dog groomers.

French Acadians probably worked menial jobs on William Allan's large farm for little pay.

manufacturing jobs

There were no manufacturing jobs in 1831.

More than 100,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost since the 1970s.

U.S. manufacturing jobs have decreased by almost five million since 2000.

jobs during   (sırasındaki işler)

Lindsley performed a variety of jobs during her time as a ranger and a ranger-naturalist.

Baird graduated from the University of Iowa and later took various jobs during the Great Depression.

Donald - Worked many different jobs during his adolescent years, but was unable to keep any of them for very long.

first jobs

One of her very first jobs was Givenchy and a Prada campaign in 2012.

LeSueur's first jobs out of college were at Macy's and "Women's Wear Daily".

One of Mackenzie's first jobs was working for the Secret Intelligence Service.

lose their jobs

In that event, the existing Liberal Cabinet would lose their jobs.

However, the workers are fearful that if they complain they will lose their jobs.

Those who were found to have subversive ideas had to renounce them or lose their jobs.

creating jobs

The new businesses helped the economy of the port of Gibraltar by creating jobs.

They’re an integral part of Athens, not only in what they’re producing, but in creating jobs.

In Alaska, the Pebble Mine proposal was opposed for endangering commercial fishing, and supported for creating jobs.

million jobs   (milyon iş)

This amounts to 11 million jobs, and 4.4 percent of all private sector output.

A study by the Center for Automotive Research found that the GM bailout saved 1.2 million jobs and preserved $34.9 billion in tax revenue.

Including indirect and induced impacts, the industry contributes 4.5% of German GDP and supports 2 million jobs (4.8% of total employment).

day jobs

At that time, they went back to working regular day jobs to pay the bills.

Despite busy schedules and day jobs, the band still found time to focus on their music.

In May 2002, the band members gave up their day jobs in order to dedicate more time to the band and touring.