Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

invited to join   (invitado a unirse)

The Khalkhas were invited to join, but they refused.

All are invited to join their shipmates in "Subvets".

The CCF was invited to join the coalition but refused.

not join   (no unirse)

Curiously, Barley did not join them until 1606.

Ultimately, Serbia did not join the military alliance.

Often, women do not join cults until they are married.

left to join   (a la izquierda para unirse)

Tkuma later also left to join the National Union.

He left to join Bolton Wanderers in August 1936.

At the end of the season, he left to join Limoges CSP.

decided to join   (decidió unirse)

In November 2012, ESA decided to join NASA's Orion programme.

The club decided to join the Northern Ireland Intermediate League.

In 2016, he decided to join Amicale for the 2016 OFC Champions League.

join forces   (unir fuerzas)

The two moths decide to join forces against Godzilla.

The sleuths join forces to solve the overall mystery.

Meanwhile, Kendra and Warren join forces with the Sphinx.

did not join   (no se unió)

Curiously, Barley did not join them until 1606.

Ultimately, Serbia did not join the military alliance.

Even so, she did not join any political party.

agreed to join   (accedió a unirse)

Wang was pleased, and agreed to join him and Tian.

Arce then agreed to join Flandria on 17 June 2019.

asked to join   (pidió unirse)

That year Greg Nagy was asked to join the group.

Later, all the neighbours were asked to join the search.

They are even asked to join the protest around the campus.

join the band   (únete a la banda)

Shizuka's members invited Seven to join the band as its bassist.

Kurt Jeffries won the contest and was flown to Detroit to join the band.

After the concert, Yuri Kasparyan was invited to join the band as a guitarist.

refused to join   (se negó a unirse)

Maverick refused to join, and a fierce battle ensued.

Máxima refused to join her husband, which infuriated him.

Others refused to join either nationality.

allowed to join   (permitido unirse)

Slavic, origin were not allowed to join some guilds.

Since 2017 juice producers are also allowed to join.

After the war he was inspected by NKVD and was allowed to join Dynamo Kyiv.

join up   (Unete)

Alexander now fled to Arabia in order to join up with Zabdiel, but he was killed.

Volunteers from the Commonwealth left the state to join up with whichever side they favored.

Pelicans and cormorants join up with terns and oystercatchers to forage for fish and shellfish on the coast.

join together   (unirse)

When two bones join together, they are said to "articulate".

Ultimately, the five keys join together to form a master key.

Remembering our everlasting friendships, We join together as we sing.

join the team   (Únete al equipo)

The season saw several new faces join the team.

Ann came to join the team and Jackman was chosen for his Test debut.

On 2 May, it was announced that Oliver Bjorkstrand would join the team.

join the new   (únete a la nueva)

He moved to Canada to join the new A.V.

Ma Anliang also agreed to join the new Republic of China government.

Following the season, Creighton left the MVC to join the new Big East Conference.

order to join   (para unirse)

He moved back to Sweden in 2005 in order to join Helsingborgs IF.

He left Faros in order to join Alytus Dzūkija of the Lithuanian Basket League.

Alexander now fled to Arabia in order to join up with Zabdiel, but he was killed.

join the group   (Únete al grupo)

That year Greg Nagy was asked to join the group.

Spider-Woman and even Doctor Octopus join the group.

Strally was invited to join the group as their third member.

join the cast   (únete al elenco)

Billy Murray was confirmed to join the cast on July 4, 2011.

In June, Onew was confirmed to join the cast of JTBC's "Age of Youth 2".

Other groups and tribes would join the cast list as Roman territories expanded.

able to join   (capaz de unirse)

Even Xiao Bai, who had died, is able to join them.

They were able to join Royalist forces at Oxford.

Residents of Chatham Borough were able to join.

later join   (luego únete)

Together, they would later join the Provisional IRA.

He would later join Beefheart's group the Magic Band.

Some of those tribes would later join the Frankish confederation.

join the army   (alistarse en el ejército)

Poverty compelled him to join the army in October 1940.

In Germany, many elite skaters join the army to fund their skating.

She tells him he should join the army, something Ahmad refuses to do.

join the club   (Únete al club)

This rule allowed for Eddie Jordan to join the club.

He will join the club for the 2019-20 season.

In June 2009, Bayern Munich announced Pranjić would join the club.

invitation to join   (invitación a unirse)

Poundcakes later received an invitation to join Superia's Femizons, which she accepted.

The Boston Irish Wolfhounds also accepted the invitation to join the expanded competition.

After this album failed to chart, Lynne accepted Roy Wood's invitation to join fellow Birmingham band the Move.

applied to join   (aplicado para unirse)

In addition 31 grant-aided schools applied to join the scheme.

On the orders of his army superiors, Hitler applied to join the party.

In 1955 the Ballarat Football Club officially applied to join the VFL.

wanted to join   (quería unirse)

She wanted to join the show because the legacy it had created.

He wanted to join the Army, even attending school in a crew cut.

Goldman wanted to join her sister, but their father refused to allow it.

not to join   (no unirse)

Only four counties of more than 90 initially opted not to join the system.

A decision not to join the government would possibly trigger a snap election.

He headed for Hollywood at 19 after his mother encouraged him not to join the Navy.

offer to join   (ofrezca unirse)

In 1955, Mace accepted an offer to join Charles B.

Green received an offer to join the Villanova Wildcats in April 2018.

At the age of 13, Green accepted an offer to join the Giants' academy.

selected to join   (seleccionado para unirse)

Zhang was selected to join the national team in 1997.

Born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Kadam was selected to join the Pune F.C.

In practice only motivated volunteers are selected to join the army in Norway.

decides to join   (decide unirse)

Zimmerman decides to join the Sanctuary.

In order to find out, he decides to join the operation in the field.

Fed up with taking orders, Mel decides to join Jay on his adventure.

join other   (unirse a otro)

The survivors fell back to join other "Volkssturm" units.

Battle Creek Lakeview and Holland left the conference to join other leagues.

During the winter of 1914–15 a number of units left the division to join other formations in the field.

join the newly   (únete a los nuevos)

Anthony of Lisbon was a member of this Order before he left them to join the newly founded Franciscans.

The remaining leadership under Saifuddin Azizi agreed to join the newly founded People's Republic of China.

In 1994, he moved to the United States where he had the ambition to join the newly started Major League Soccer.

decision to join   (decisión de unirse)

Long's decision to join the Air Force was inspired by that of his childhood friend, Wah Kau Kong.

The decision to join CARICOM stirred up a huge amount of debate and speculation among the Bermudian community and politicians.

(The decision to join Sleazy was easier thanks to Sleazy giving them crack cocaine, for which they developed an instant affinity.)

north to join   (norte para unirse)

US 17 turns north to join SR 143 on six-lane Jefferson Avenue.

In 1898 Captain Armstrong went north to join the Klondike Gold Rush, and while he was gone, J.D.

The "Ruisseau de Barive" forms the eastern border of the commune flowing north to join the Arroux.

forced to join   (obligado a unirse)

Other children, some as young as 8, were forced to join.

The teams are forced to join together to survive and descent to safety.

However, in late 189, he was forced to join the civil service and became an official.

chose to join   (eligió unirse)

He chose to join Tamanoi stable when he graduated high school.

She chose to join Michał Szpak team.

Andruff chose to join the Stanley Cup Champion, Montreal Canadiens.

south to join   (sur para unirse)

The River Warleggan rises near Temple and flows south to join the Fowey.

A small stream originates from Upper Defsko Lake and flows south to join with the Radika river.

Born in Glasgow, Martin started his career with Hamilton Academicals before moving south to join Hull City.

leaving to join   (dejando para unirse)

Withers stayed only briefly, leaving to join Dire Straits.

He scored five goals in 16 games that season before leaving to join Clapton Orient.

Bell stayed with the band for only a short time before leaving to join Ronnie Hawkins's band.

join the league   (Únete a la Liga)

Hellingly in 1975 were the tenth team to join the league.

Wanchai was one of 11 clubs to join the league in the first season.

On September 24, WPS officially confirmed that the new team would indeed join the league.

opportunity to join   (oportunidad de unirse)

In addition, they will have the opportunity to join the CAT alumni.

Wilson was offered the opportunity to join the show while visiting his 97-year-old mother in Georgia.

Soccer is popular in the school with all students having the opportunity to join the school Soccer Academy.

then join   (entonces únete)

Theon and Yara then join Daenerys as she sets sail for Westeros.

The drunk girls then join the boys and fell asleep in their beds.

The two men then join with Deputy Sheriff Bull in order to get Harrah sober and cleaned up.

join the party   (Únete a la fiesta)

On the orders of his army superiors, Hitler applied to join the party.

He was not subsequently chosen to join the party's assembly delegation.

To join the party, an applicant must be approved by the communist party.

volunteered to join   (se ofreció a unirse)

In Muhovo over 40 people volunteered to join Benkovski.

Although he volunteered to join the Army, he was assessed as unfit to fight.

He was educated at Birkenhead School and in 1917 volunteered to join the Royal Navy.

club to join   (club para unirse)

This forced the NIVU member club to join PSSI.

He left the club to join Italian club Avezzano Calcio on 11 January 2019.

Njie turned down offers from several club to join newly established club Bombada FC.

join another   (únete a otro)

Permission for a vessel to leave one unit and join another would have to be approved on paper.

She then turns down Andrew Wells and his offer to join the other Slayers, not wanting to join another gang.

In 2008, he would join another historical Colombian side Millonarios where he would score 11 goals in 33 matches.

season to join   (temporada para unirse)

He left at the end of the 1925-26 season to join Wrexham.

He left Mosley after one season to join Cardiff RFC for the 1998-99 season.

English defender John Johnson ended his five years journey with the club at the end of the season to join ATK.

join the faculty   (únete a la facultad)

In 1934, the chairman of Stanford Physics invited Bloch to join the faculty.

Croft was invited to join the faculty at King's College (now University of Toronto) in Toronto, arriving in 1842.

Pundt moved to Seattle in 1968 to join the faculty of the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington.

join the military   (únete al ejército)

Ultimately, Serbia did not join the military alliance.

During 2013, attempts were made by an atheist to join the military as a chaplain.

When women were allowed to join the military in 1971, a female version was introduced.

eventually join   (eventualmente únete)

Cronkite did eventually join CBS in 1950.

Chiozza would eventually join the Wizards for training camp.

It was with Redifon that he met Ray Brown, who would eventually join Calder Cunningham in starting Racal in 1950.

join the war   (únete a la guerra)

6 Squadron RAF who were preparing to join the war in Italy.

Charlie confides to Louis that he plans to join the war in Vietnam.

Franco was initially keen to join the war before the UK was defeated.

attempted to join   (intentó unirse)

Katrina Yeaw attempted to join her twin brother Daniel's Boy Scout Troop No.

A year later, in February 1962, Spain attempted to join the European Communities.

In his mid 30s Gahan attempted to join the Australian Army and defend his country in World War II.

opted to join   (optó por unirse)

When Pakistan was created, he opted to join the Pakistan Army.

Following talks he opted to join the Yeltz, a club closer to his Midlands home.

However, in a reset twist, they opted to join the normal game alongside the other house guests.

ordered to join   (ordenó unirse)

Trenchard was then ordered to join the search for the Confederate cruisers and .

His policy was rejected and his party was ordered to join Russian Communist Party.

On May 13 he was ordered to join General Edward Winslow Hincks' division in City Point, Virginia.

chance to join   (oportunidad de unirse)

The doctor reveals himself to be Duke, and he offers Beach Head a chance to join the team.

When the call came from Bachman, Turner jumped at the chance to join a band that played original material.

His return to Lebanon gave him the chance to join the Champville basketball team under a five-year contract.

join the other   (únete al otro)

The MPL 75 trains currently used on Line B will join the other MPL 75s on Line A to increase the capacity.

She then turns down Andrew Wells and his offer to join the other Slayers, not wanting to join another gang.

The fastest six will join the other ten for Q2, with the other ten already having set their starting positions.

unable to join   (no puede unirse)

Shaggy accepts the offer, while Scooby is unable to join (because he is not human).

Wiseman was unable to join the United States for the 2018 FIBA Under-17 Basketball World Cup because he was injured.

During Hollyoaks Later, Theresa mistakenly takes Carmel's passport so she was unable to join the Myra and Mercedes in Ibiza.

members to join   (miembros para unirse)

After the "Anschluß" of Austria, Hacker called on all BdL members to join SdP.

However, in September 2008, the SAV instructed its East German and Berlin members to join the Left Party.

Later members to join Hartley's fluid lineup included Mick Weaver (aka Wynder K. Frog) organ, Henry Lowther (b.

join the fight   (Únete a la pelea)

They agree to attempt to retrieve the crystal so the Chee can join the fight.

Platt then fired his rifle at Mireles who was running across the street to join the fight.

In another scene, Lou Engle preaches a message urging children to join the fight to end abortion in America.

join his father   (únete a su padre)

He left school at the age of thirteen to join his father's studio and worked there for six years.

He turned down an opportunity to play professional football to join his father in the automobile business.

Madison lends her support and OK to Brady for his decision to leave Titan and join his father at Basic Black.

declined to join   (declinó unirse)

Navarre again declined to join the Basque entity.

The Taliban declined to join the peace process leading towards general elections.

Portugal's Prince Regent John of Braganza had declined to join the Continental System against British trade.

join the main   (únete a la principal)

In June, however, Mortier was called to join the main army.

The route to join the main line near Clack's Farm ran in a shallow cutting as it ran north-east.

With captured cannon and prisoners, Lisowski moved to join the main forces of false Dmitry in Tushino.

expected to join   (espera unirse)

Iceland is expected to join soon, as are the 10 EU accession states.

In second phase Namibia, Angola and Botswana are expected to join the project.

On Sundays, students are expected to join the community for Matins and the Solemn Mass.

join the staff   (únete al personal)

Jules François Archibald was so impressed that he invited Prior to join the staff.

Ultimately, Truitt had hoped to join the staff at Ohio State and conditionally accepted the Otterbein position.

On August 14, 2014, Eckstein left the Angels to join the staff of Gary Henderson at the University of Kentucky.

team to join   (equipo para unirse)

Hellingly in 1975 were the tenth team to join the league.

On September 1, Dowtin re-signed with the team to join the practice squad.

On September 4, 2011, he re-signed with the team to join the practice squad.

sent to join   (enviado a unirse)

At one point, he was sent to join the Danish resistance.

Smith was sent to join Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth's expedition to Constantinople in February 1807.

After commissioning "Stork" was sent to join the Commander-in-Chief, China, and operated in Malayan waters until 1939.

people to join   (personas para unirse)

He was one of the first people to join the Guardia Civica formed in the province.

The site,, encouraged people to join protests against same-sex marriage.

As the Black Magic Club's President, he tries to get people to join his club, though not too successfully.

voted to join   (votó para unirse)

The 8th Texas voted to join the general in Kentucky.

Each member communion voted to join CUIC over the next few years.

The nautical community of City Island voted to join the city in 1896.

women to join   (mujeres para unirse)

Lü was one of the only women to join the BWAF.

He openly allowed women to join the school as a matter of policy.

Robinson inspired many young women to join the protest and to fight.

tried to join   (trató de unirse)

Nayan tried to join forces with Kublai's competitor Kaidu in Central Asia.

The recruitment drive was a success, and hundreds women tried to join Wu's unit.

In 1829, he decided to become a priest and tried to join the Order of Preachers in Manila.

up to join   (para unirse)

While she packs up to join him there, he drives on ahead.

Twenty-nine men signed up to join the all volunteer fire department.

Recently, Denner was called up to join the Brazil U-17 on the left side.

set to join   (listo para unirse)

PSC-ND was set to join venture with the winner to complete the program.

Hendrie was set to join Scottish-side Aberdeen but the deal fell through at the last minute.

He was set to join Huddersfield Town in July 2007 before sustaining a hairline fracture to his shin.