Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

then joined   (luego se unió)

She then joined City of Southampton Swimming Club.

He then joined the BBC as a foreign correspondent.

Reyes then joined Alianza Atlético in January 2009.

later joined   (luego se unió)

The band was later joined by guitarist Steve Moni.

She later joined regional airline Wien Air Alaska.

Leos later joined the San Diego Police Department.

joined the cast   (se unió al elenco)

Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa again joined the cast.

In February 2019, Sophia La Porta joined the cast.

On February 6, 2015, Aisha Hinds joined the cast.

joined the band

In July 1994, bassist Garry Lowe joined the band.

In 2012, Imelda May bassist Al Gare joined the band.

In 2019, Kendal Lantz joined the band on drums.

joined forces

Following this Yang joined forces with Daniel Randell.

Zhang Peiyuan then defected joined forces with Ma Zhongying.

Arsinoe IV joined forces with Achillas and was declared queen.

when he joined   (cuando se unió)

He remained there until summer 2012 when he joined S.P.

He remained with Devonport until 1997, when he joined Frankston.

Kucka returned to Italy on 14 January 2019, when he joined Parma.

joined the faculty   (se unió a la facultad)

He joined the faculty of Brown University in 1996.

Slocum joined the faculty at Goucher College in 1992.

She joined the faculty at SUNY Potsdam in 1989.

joined together

They joined together for religious activities.

Neighbors joined together to stop crime and gang violence.

Dimensions are strictly joined together in sub dimensions.

joined the staff   (se unió al personal)

In 2001, he joined the staff of "Neftyanik" (Ufa).

Before ending his career, joined the staff of Ñublense.

In 1977 she joined the staff of the Siempre!

soon joined

This initial team was soon joined by two Korean monks.

They were soon joined by Burroughs and others.

He soon joined his company back at Camp Douglas, Utah.

joined the group

Patty Bello joined the group as a new fourth member.

Many joined the group, influenced by his fervor.

A state police official joined the group to mediate.

joined the team   (se unió al equipo)

Russian prospect Pavel Datsyuk also joined the team.

In May 2015, Satsuki Fujisawa joined the team.

Tyson Jost joined the team on 30 April 2018.

subsequently joined   (posteriormente se unió)

He subsequently joined the railway workers union.

He subsequently joined the police force in Detroit.

He subsequently joined non-league Merthyr Tydfil.

joined the company   (se unió a la empresa)

Within a year, Jacques Verger joined the company.

George Scangos joined the company as CEO in 1996.

Ena and Gordon Baxter joined the company in 1952.

joined up

He instead joined up with League Two side Barnet.

Smith made a comeback and joined up with Merle Travis.

Martin joined up as head of a&r and creative services.

joined the club

He said, "I joined the club who wanted me the most.

Teammate Claudio Marchisio also joined the club.

He joined the club permanently on 27 April 2018.

joined the newly

He joined the newly founded club Pas Hamedan in 2007.

In September 2015, he joined the newly formed Social Democrats.

Kringen joined the newly formed party, the Social Democratic Labour Party.

joined the army   (Unido al ejército)

After completion of his M.B.B.S, He joined the army.

Later he joined the army of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Roman's elder brother joined the army and did not return.

first joined

Abu-Sabbah first joined the Jordan U-17 team in 2015.

Pitts first joined the newly-formed Fox Sports in 1994.

In that period he first joined the Graham Collier Sextet.

eventually joined

Many of them eventually joined Hromadske.TV.

Adler left the band and eventually joined up with Guns N' Roses.

He eventually joined Toei, where he also served on the board of directors.

joined the new

In 1931 he joined the new United Australia Party.

In 1912, he joined the new Toronto Tecumsehs of the NHA.

In 2012 they joined the new BeNe League.

joined fellow   (compañero unido)

For 2013–14, he joined fellow league side Moreirense F.C.

In the 2007 summer, Valdomiro joined fellow league team C.D.

In 2013, Márquez joined fellow Torneo Argentino B side Once Tigres.

joined the board

In 1958 they joined the board of British Lion.

He also joined the board of the Public Investment Fund.

In 1998 he joined the board of the Solar Electric Light Fund.

joined his father

Stotz joined his father's architectural firm in 1923.

As a teenager Johnson joined his father in the group.

Robert Kahn joined his father's firm 1945.

joined other   (se unió a otro)

The anarchist migrators joined other leftists like Bernardo Vega.

In 1927, the comune took its present size, when Treviolo joined other fractions.

A "dual" member is someone who has also joined other bases as their interests dictate.

officially joined

On 1 July 2018, Goretzka officially joined Bayern.

Leto and Espinosa officially joined in June 2018.

He officially joined their organization on June 28.

having joined

He currently rides for the Redcar Bears having joined them in 2018.

Franklin Hooper was already an editor there, having joined the staff in 1899.

Subsequently, he played several seasons with Hertha BSC, having joined in 2010.

joined the firm   (se unió a la firma)

Harvey and Voss joined the firm full-time in 2014.

Jenkins joined the firm in 1996 as head of Asian Equities.

In 1918, Crockett died and Chester P. Kidd joined the firm.

when she joined   (cuando ella se unió)

His mother went from a good to a bad person when she joined the Pungsan Dog Cult.

Tyler's career began when she joined the cast of "Les Misérables" at the age of 20.

She became active in politics, when she joined the Glasgow Anarchist Group by 1914.

joined the league

Yeoju-Sejong FC and Chungju Citizen newly joined the league in 2018.

Two new clubs joined the league:

The Shellharbour Sharks are known to have joined the league at this time.

club joined

The club joined the Yorkshire League in 1970.

The club joined the Yorkshire League in 1921.

He at once became a regular as the club joined the Football League in 1893.

before he joined

Mir played for CD Terrassa before he joined Club de Campo.

He was married to his second cousin Surriya before he joined the Film industry.

He had performed in night clubs for years before he joined Kansas as a touring member.

members joined

The band members joined or formed other bands.

Most of its members joined the Federal Democratic Union.

The commune prospered for a time and 29 new members joined.

briefly joined

Osusa returned to Kenya in 1977 and briefly joined the band "Les Kinois".

Kasab briefly joined his brother in Lahore and then returned to Faridkot.

After graduating "cum laude," from Notre Dame he briefly joined Standard Oil.

joined a group

Instead, he joined a group of dealers that bought it.

Queen Rania joined a group of travel bloggers in 2017 for a short hike.

After Markova left home, he joined a group of six cross-dressing performers.

joined another   (se unió a otro)

He then joined another Conference club on trial, Alfreton Town.

She left "Freiheit" and joined another publication, "Die Autonomie".

In 2010, he joined another edition of "Ice Age", teaming up with Zara.

year he joined

In November the same year he joined Burnley.

That same year he joined the Nazi Party (registration no.

Later that same year he joined Keane on tour as a roadie.

joined the party

A total of 132 people joined the party that day.

In June 2008 Viktor Baloha joined the party United Centre.

He also joined the party in the same time.

team joined   (equipo unido)

In 1890 the team joined the American Association.

The PRLA Australian team joined the competition in 2005.

The team joined the Elite League in the 2010/2011 season.

joined the family   (se unió a la familia)

N A Haris later joined the family business in 1997.

He joined the family business in 1963.

Latsis joined the family business initially in the banking arm.

again joined

Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa again joined the cast.

Elton John again joined in a pink mohican.

Later he again joined the Congress.

joined the ranks

In 2001, the first enlisted women joined the ranks of the brigade.

On 1 March 1924, he finally joined the ranks of the French Foreign Legion.

The band joined the ranks of the 2nd Canadian Division Support Group in 2006.

joined the show   (se unió al espectáculo)

Nick Rutherford joined the show as a writer in 2014.

In 1996, Guillermo de Endaya joined the show.

In 2002 he joined the show "Rak BeYsrael" (Channel 2) (, lit.

joined the youth

In summer 1994, he joined the youth rank of Palermo.

In 1971, he joined the youth team CR Belouizdad.

He later joined the youth system of Partizan.

joined the military

When Lubbock's term ended in 1863, he joined the military.

He joined the military revolt of 17 July which began the Spanish Civil War.

Many undergraduate members joined the military, and 13 chapters were closed.

immediately joined

They immediately joined the Greater Poland Uprising of 1848.

He immediately joined the Gordon Michaels Band on A&M Records.

He immediately joined the British Army to serve in World War II.

joined the local

In 1926, Peng joined the local farmers association.

Born in Rehovot, she joined the local Hapoel sports club.

He joined the local swim team and worked as a junior lifeguard.

joined by other   (unido por otro)

They were joined by other troops, and began to fire at the head of the French column.

Pigs were resident for nearly 250 years and in later times, were joined by other tenants of low repute.

Baddega and his son Krishna III arrived at Vemulavada, where they were probably joined by other enemies of Govinda.

instead joined

He instead joined up with League Two side Barnet.

In 1906 Ross resigned from the bank, and instead joined the Wheat City Flour Mills Company.

They instead joined the Canterbury Rugby League and Devine followed, converting to rugby league.

joined his brother

In 1834, he joined his brother James in practice in Halifax.

Kasab briefly joined his brother in Lahore and then returned to Faridkot.

He joined his brother Cody, who was selected in the second round of the draft.

now joined

The building is now joined to the adjacent elementary school building.

They now joined with decisive effect in the attack on the left of the royal infantry.

Haddad and Faulkner are now joined by Kathy's brother and Lebanese mercenaries Joseph and Jamil.

initially joined

Stevenson initially joined Ayr United on a 28-day loan in October 2006.

Street initially joined Television New Zealand (TVNZ) in 2006 on a six-month internship.

He initially joined with the company in order to learn more about his passion, collecting.

joined the coaching

He later joined the coaching bench of Nchanga Rangers in 1989.

In September 2016 he joined the coaching staff of EHC's U-19 team.

Steckel then joined the coaching staff at Rutgers for five seasons.

joined the main   (se unió a la principal)

Later that month, Timothy Hutton joined the main cast.

On January 28, 2019, it was reported that Noah Jupe had joined the main cast.

On July 25, 2018, it was reported that Alicia Coppola had joined the main cast.

joined the law

He joined the law firm of Jonas Castrén and worked as an assistant from 1913 to 1914.

He moved to Florida in 1988, and joined the law firm Trinkle, Redman, Moody, Swanson and Byrd.

In 1923, he joined the law firm of Davis & Company where he practiced corporate and taxation law.

joined the project

Since then, several contributors have joined the project.

Over 1,000 volunteers joined the project.

By April 2017, Schwarzenegger had joined the project to reprise his role.

joined the first

Remmer joined the first team squad at F.C.

In 1902 he joined the first Fianna Éireann under Bulmer Hobson.

Drchal then joined the first team on a winter training camp in Spain.

joined with other   (unido con otro)

2-4 Family also joined with other vocalists to release a cover version of Wham!

In East Bengal, He joined with other Kerala Players Ubaid CK, Suhair V P, Jobi Justin who were also part the squad.

In 1916 the school joined with other branches of the Technical College in taking returned soldiers as part of a repatriation program.

joined newly

In summer 2012 he joined newly promoted, Paykan.

In June 2017, Heidinger joined newly promoted 2.

Bundesliga, he joined newly promoted fellow 3.

joined to form

They are joined to form the "bonnet" shape.

Later, his brothers Larry and Zachary joined to form Fisher Brothers.

There are 5 sepals which are joined at their bases and 5 petals joined to form a tube.

later he joined

Five years later he joined his family in New York.

Two years later he joined In Flames.

A year later he joined the Board of Boeing Airplane Company as corporate counsel.

party joined

In 1983 the party joined the Lebanese National Salvation Front.

The party joined the Sher Bahadur Deuba led government on 10 September 2017.

On October 30, 2004, the party joined the coalition of the Patriotic Party of Russia.

joined hands

And they had joined hands to save me from falling.

Later, Apollo was also joined hands in building the walls.

Vira Pandya may have joined hands with Ravivarman in the midst his effort.

joined several

During the war, Smith joined several left-wing organisations.

Fort Wayne joined several other cities reeling economically within the Rust Belt.

He joined several master classes amongst others with Ack van Rooyen and Till Brönner.

clubs joined

Four clubs joined the division: <onlyinclude></onlyinclude>

Two new clubs joined the league:

The league was increased from 21 clubs to 23 after two new clubs joined:

until he joined

As a youngster, Ramadan played for Kvarnby IK until he joined Helsingborgs IF in July 2010.

He spent 12 years on staff at the "Herald" until he joined the "Los Angeles Times" in September 1998.

He was raised at the Henderson House in Dumfries, Virginia until he joined the Marine Corps at the age of 18.

never joined

Justice never joined the Nation of Islam in 1994.

He claimed he never joined the Communist Party.

Ashok Kumar's son Aroop Kumar Ganguly never joined the film industry.

teams joined

In 1991, all teams joined the association.

Eleven teams joined the tournament.

At the end of the qualification phase, seven teams joined the hosts Niger.

joined the film   (se unió a la película)

In December 2011, Cruise officially joined the film.

Shaam joined the film while he was filming for "Girivalam".

Annabeth Gish joined the film in April.

formally joined

He formally joined Estée Lauder in 1958 when he was 25.

By 1914, Coates had formally joined Reform.

Savoy formally joined the League of Augsburg against France.

recently joined

She recently joined the supervisory board of Groninger Museum in Groningen.

He had only recently joined the training team at the UDR's Ballykinlar Training Camp.

Bryssling states "Two very talented and competent musicians has recently joined Spawn of Possession.

joined local

Born in Lisbon, Silva joined local C.F.

In 1978, Tshuva joined local politics by founding the "Manof" party.

Halfway through a four-year contract, he joined local rivals Aston Villa.

joined the school   (se unió a la escuela)

Fifteen Hindu boys joined the school immediately.

In 2002, 3 officers also joined the school for a 2-years training period.

He attended Wachirawit School, where he joined the school's football team.

joined later

Bassist and occasional guitarist Josh Lugo joined later.

Heads and tails were assembled separately and joined later.

Drummer Mikael Jacobsson joined later.

both joined

They also both joined NATO on 12 March 1999.

In 1971, they both joined a local group, Phoenix Express.

After graduating, they both joined the Juilliard faculty.

joined the crew

He joined the crew of the frigate which sailed to Brazil.

He took another course and joined the crew of a destroyer.

Faye Valentine, Edward Wong, and Ein joined the crew in later episodes.

people joined

A total of 132 people joined the party that day.

The local people joined the movement in large numbers.

Soon, students and young people joined their protests.

joined the senior

He joined the senior team for the 1998 championship.

He joined the senior panel during the 1993-94 league.

Stack joined the senior national team in 1988.

when they joined   (cuando se unieron)

Kazakhstan were affiliated with the AFC from 1994 until 2002, when they joined UEFA.

Clay was a member of the Great Lakes League until 2003 when they joined the Toledo City League.

He was the first general manager of the San Diego Padres when they joined Major League Baseball, serving from late 1968 until 1972.

joined the series

Consuelos joined the series in the second season.

These were re-introduced by new producer Bill Podmore who joined the series in 1976.

That month, it was also revealed that Andy Walken and Santino Barnard had also joined the series.

joined the government   (se unió al gobierno)

In 1580 he joined the government service as a lawyer.

The PDP joined the government coalition of Democrat Chuan Leekpai.

He joined the government sector as expert in the Oromiya Water bureau.

joined the war

With this attack, the bulk of the Ngqika joined the war.

Bulgaria had joined the war against Serbia.

joined the national   (se unió al nacional)

Eventually, she joined the national Party leadership.

Soon after, the CNT also joined the national government.

Rivera also joined the national team.

joined former

On 31 January 2011, Amauri joined former club Parma on loan until 30 June 2011.

In July 2011 he joined former Boston United player Shane Clancy at Boston Town.

Upon graduating, he joined former "yokozuna" Chiyonofuji's stable on January 24, 2011.

joined on stage

He was joined on stage by three female backing singers.

Van Zandt is joined on stage by slide guitarist Kelly Joe Phelps.

Mikhail Puntov was joined on stage by dancers from band "Volshebniki Dvora".

when it joined   (cuando se unió)

The last country to join was Lithuania, when it joined the eurozone on 1 January 2015.

During World War II, Turkey remained neutral until February 1945, when it joined the Allies.

Nine years later the church formally became known as the Greenville Presbyterian Church when it joined the Synod of Albany.

joined the other   (se unió al otro)

Andorra, Belgium and Netherlands joined the other eight teams from the previous edition.

By 3 August, 2/1 FS joined the other Hungarian fighter unit, that had moved to Ilvoskoje airfield.

It must be noted though that adherence was not clear cut, and men from both sides of the divide joined the other.

joined the fleet   (se unió a la flota)

and joined the fleet in 1965, followed by in 1967.

The DC-3 and the Beechcraft Model 18 joined the fleet in 1946.

In the 1960s, a number of Baku-built BTL-62 vehicles joined the fleet.

finally joined   (finalmente se unió)

Bolick finally joined the Red Lions' lineup in 2016.

On 1 March 1924, he finally joined the ranks of the French Foreign Legion.

He finally joined Maltese club Valletta until the end of the 2009–10 season.

season he joined

Midway through the 2010 season he joined Sheffield.

By the end of 2007/2008 season he joined to Mes Kerman.

Ahead of the 2008 season he joined Kongsvinger permanently.

joined by another   (acompañado por otro)

It was later joined by another petrol-powered bus.

In this round 2 winners of the First Round were joined by another 30 clubs.

Huber was joined by another female employee because two keys were needed to unlock it.

not joined

Abu Ismail himself has, however, not joined the party itself.

Algeria has not joined the WTO, despite several years of negotiations.

Owners and claimants who have not joined the alliance include Wi-LAN and Qualcomm.

quickly joined

He quickly joined the Norwegian Resistance forces in Østlandet.

WGFL quickly joined CBS to keep the network available in Gainesville.

The student protest movement quickly joined with labor and mass strikes erupted.

originally joined

Bellarmine originally joined the GLVC in 1978.

She had originally joined the team in August 2018 but visa complications prevented her from being signed.

Lewis also designed the sandstone Conservatory which was originally joined to the house by a glass passageway.

joined a local

In 1971, they both joined a local group, Phoenix Express.

He joined a local social democratic club in Uman in 1913.

Eventually, she joined a local cover band before it disbanded a year later.

joined the business   (se unió al negocio)

Stuart’s son Sam joined the business in 2017.

His brother William joined the business some time later.

In January 2011, Jonathon Hart joined the business as CEO.

joined newly promoted

In summer 2012 he joined newly promoted, Paykan.

In June 2017, Heidinger joined newly promoted 2.

Bundesliga, he joined newly promoted fellow 3.

all joined

Gareth Thomas also left the club along with nine other players, but Rob Appleyard, Matt Allen and Craig Hudson all joined.

The trio then all joined Red-E-Lewis and the Redcaps, who became the Redcaps, backing Cuddly Dudley, when Reddy Lewis left.

The "Daily Racing Form", the Thoroughbred Racing Associations, and the National Turf Writers Association all joined forces in 1971 to create the Eclipse Award.

time he joined

At around the same time he joined the "Orquesta Sinfónica de la Habana", founded by Gonzalo Roig.

At the time he joined, the team was coached by Uladzimir Zhuravel, with whom Kojašević worked well and got playing time.

He received a master's degree from the Yale University School of Drama in 1955, at which time he joined a CBS training program.

joined the editorial

In 2013, she joined the editorial board of the Jane Austen Society of North America.

In 1997 he joined the editorial board of the Access Research Network's "Origins & Design Journal".

Later he returned to Saurashtra and joined the editorial board of the weekly "Saurashtra" at Rajkot in 1922.